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PM Netanyahu in New York, addressing Jewish leaders.

I’m going to make this short and simple.

Disagreements are one thing, but vulgar and crass language is a something else.


The AlephBet soup of American Jewish organizations had better stand up and show some self respect and prove they’re worth all the donations they receive and accolades they claim, by demanding an apology and retraction from the Obama Administration to the Jewish People for this crass and vulgar insult to the leader of the Jewish People.

It’s that simple.



  1. Are you kidding? There is SO much more for the Obama administration to apologize for than this. It goes way beyond its attitude toward Netanyahu. I get that he represents the Obama administrations actions and attitude toward Israel in microcosm. The problem with calling for an apology for grievances regarding the PM is that he is one person. What is far more compelling, and the better argument, is demanding an apology from Obama and his people and ACTION from the myriad of "aleph bet" groups (almost all on the left) that have deserted Israel (and our people) each time they have supported, even tacitly, this travesty of an administration. But more importantly, where are the leaders of these organizations? The answer is that they are where they always are: living in the past. They cannot seem to understand that it is no longer 1967 and that the insular world of the (mostly) wealthy liberal Jewish institutions is no longer remotely related to the reality of today's world. We need to stop being so passive. The days of planting trees, learning Israeli folk dances and discussing Israel at the chavurah are over as an effective means to combat the massive antipathy toward Israel. I can go on in FAR more depth about this, but I think that people get the general idea. Am Yisrael Chai. We will prevail as we always prevail. It's just a shame that we have to drag so many of the mishpacha along with us, instead of charging forward as a people united in the knowledge that we are our own best friends.

  2. See Joshua Namn's comments below: This almost completely wraps up the feelings of most Israelis and well informed American Jews… but you have to understand that there is no one Leader of the Jewish understanding of his comments. A movement needs a leader. We don't have one. The 30 – 35% of American Jews who do-not support the State Dept.'s John Kerry and his often quoted sidekick-Jen Passick? – need a leader to gather and exploit these 35%. If they did, you would find that another 35% would roll over and support the Prime Minister and his party…. and Joshua's thinking.

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