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Gaza City, November 19 – Human rights groups continued today to decry the deteriorating humanitarian situation in this coastal territory, especially the northern segment of it now surrounded by Israeli forces, where the Islamist terrorist organization that officially governs the area has nearly run out of gear to make its fighters look like people who have immunity on the battlefield, such as journalists or medical workers.

Médecins Sans Frontières, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and a handful of United Nations agencies and other organizations issued warnings Sunday that the supply of vests with “PRESS” printed on them has run dangerously low in the Gaza Strip, and the inventory of uniforms for medical personnel of all types – doctors, nurses, paramedics, and the like – is at critical levels, with dozens of Hamas fighters already having to go into confrontations with IDF troops without those essential layers of protection.


“Hamas is in dire need of more gear to give their personnel the appearance of hors do combat status,” read an MSF statement this morning. “We have a much harder time accusing Israel of targeting journalists and medical personnel when the people targeted are not dressed as journalists or medical personnel, and that is an intolerable situation. Israel must allow unimpeded supply of scrubs, PRESS vests, lab coats, reflective “RESCUE” vests, and other essential garments for Hamas and allied groups.”

The Committee for the Protection of Journalists denounced Israel for depriving Hamas members of the resources to enjoy “protected” status even as they engage in military activity and celebrate war crimes. “Israel must facilitate ready access for NY Times, Associated Press, and other stringers and fixers in Gaza,” the group stated. “Our members are out of bounds for targeting even when they film themselves holding hand grenades to be thrown at Israeli teenagers.”

The organizations emphasized that they will also pay lip service to the protection of Israeli journalists, emergency workers, and medical personnel, but will not go beyond that if doing so conflicts with support for violent Palestinian action against Israel, such as when Hamas terrorists massacred paramedics along with everyone else on October 7.

“Just from a usefulness standpoint, the Israeli reporters, cameramen, producers, et cetera, should probably just donate their PRESS vests to Hamas,” suggested a Reuters journalist. “Let’s not pretend the humanitarian and journalism groups will actually defend their Israeli members. The least the Israelis can do is give the vests to those for whom it might matter.”

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