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    Effort To Drive Jews Into Sea Refocuses On Hacking Waze To Point Toward Mediterranean

    Waze began as an Israeli startup; the poetry of the history is not lost on the proposal's proponents.

    Unsold Purim Costumes Repackaged As Passover ‘Cereal’

    The complete lack of food ingredients makes Rabbinate certification as kosher-for-Passover a formality.

    Corrupt Elite Fears Losing Control Of Courts To Different Corrupt Elite

    “Ours is the noble kind of corruption. The democratic kind. Theirs is the fascist kind.” Jerusalem, February 9 – A proposed ...

    Court-Ordered to Fire Minister Deri, Bibi to Nominate Him as Supreme Court Justice

    "Aryeh, I see you on the court, bringing to bear a sensibility that those cloistered, wealthy 'intellectuals' could never muster."

    You Zionists Are Trying To Kidnap What We Arabs Have Rightfully Stolen

    Florin from the Princess Bride visits (in words) the Kingdom of the Jews

    Only Possible Conclusion From Unpopularity Of Party’s Ideas: Voters Stupid

    “Essentially, the people are wrong for thinking Palestinians trying to kill us means we shouldn’t give Palestinians greater capacity to kill us,” explained Chairwoman Zahava Gal-On.

    Lapid Worried He Bombed Gaza Too Long Before Election To Affect Vote

    The silence of his left-wing partners and the sympathetic media challenges his efforts to link himself to the operation in the minds of potential voters.

    Amusement Park Admits: Overbooked Group Visits Just To Ruin Your Family’s Trip

    “Frustration for a family that has to wade through throngs of misbehaving day-campers just to miss a shot at a bad stuffed imitation of a popular animated character… that’s what it’s all about.”

    Family Makes Aliyah Just To Escape All-Pervasive Christmas Music

    While acknowledging Zionism in their upbringings, they talked mainly of getting the hell out of the discordant dystopia.

    My New Job: Running Nursing Homes And Girls’ Schools For The NY Jewish Community

    Every man needs purpose, and I believe I have found a purpose that will propel me to my next pursuit: management of eldercare facilities and hands-on administration of female educational institutions for the Jews of this great state.

    Gov’t Runs Out Of Ways To Explain Ban On Temple Mount Jewish Prayer Without...

    “If we do our jobs and have to face the violent mob, people might get killed and we might lose our jobs, which would be the biggest tragedy of all.”

    Islamic Leaders Worried They May Have Missed A Jewish Shrine To Appropriate

    A development that threatens the absolute nature of Islam’s inevitable dominance in Islamist theology.

    Police Suggest Jews Wear Special Yellow Stars For Protection

    Spotting Jews will become a matter of seconds, rather than having to ask around, which can waste precious minutes during an altercation in which a Jew might defend himself.

    Everything You Don’t Like Now Called Apartheid

    Following HRW expansion of the term’s application, things that are Apartheid now include lawn maintenance and jelly-filled donuts.

    Gaza Mourns 6′ Tall, Bearded Kindergartener Killed By Israel

    He met his end in a tunnel that IAF jets pounded with bombs the Thursday night before last, along with six other Palestinian toddlers in their twenties

    Police Assure Lod Jews Pogrom Anti-Zionist, NOT Antisemitic

    "All the unrest you have experienced this week is merely anti-Zionist, and you may therefore unburden yourselves of the anxiety over antisemitism.”

    Ahashverosh Enlists J-Street To Oppose Temple Reconstruction

    In honor of SHushan Purim: Ben-Ami’s organization rose to combat the common misperception that the Jews give monolithic support to their own redemption and restoration.

    God Fails To Get J Street’s Approval Before Promising Land To Jacob

    Ben-Ami insisted that American Jewry in general, but especially his organization, must have a say in what happens from "the River of Egypt to the River Euphrates."

    Palestinians Hoping Biden Will Remind Jews Not To Be So Goddamn Sovereign

    “If the Jews of Israel want to live a normal existence, they have to forfeit the security that everyone needs in order to live a normal existence.”


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