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Protesting against Yom Kippur in Tel Aviv. Sept. 24, 2023.

Do you know that of the over 100+ secular Kibbutzim across Israel, most of them have prayer services on Yom Kippur, with religious people from outside the kibbutzim invited to come help them with the holiday prayers?

That is the real Israel!


A majority of Jews in Israel, of all religious and secular levels, want to be unified and want a connection to their ancestral Jewish identity and traditions.

So, let’s go back and understand what is really going on with the protest movement that disrupted some of the Yom Kippur prayers in Tel Aviv.

Allow me to give a totally different take than all the other opinions.

First of all, everyone must understand the following basic underlying fact.

These anti-Jewish, very much antisemitic, acts were inevitable, in reality, totally unavoidable.

Some people are blaming the Yom Kippur prayer protests on the Rosh Yehudi religious organization in Tel Aviv that organized one of the public prayer services, and is active in Tel Aviv in bringing religious and secular closer together. One of the people running for Mayor of Tel Aviv is even threatening to end the presence of the Rosh Yehudi organization and all religious people in Tel Aviv who don’t hold up to her “standards”. Not very liberal of a politician that supposedly stands up for “liberal” values in Tel Aviv.

Other people are blaming the placing of the mechitza/divider, even though the police have officially said that no divider was placed and that the Rosh Yehudi prayer service had all the proper municipal permits.

These protests also had nothing to do with protesting the government and nothing to do with protesting the judicial reform, the other reasons the political left have been protesting the past half a year plus.


Believe it or not, this anti-Jewish backlash was always in the wings waiting to unleash on the Israeli public. There has always been an anti-Jewish entity within the Jewish people, forever, and in Israel from even before the State of Israel was established.

Without getting into the theology of it, this entity is called the Erev Rav.

The only reason this anti-Jewish sentiment was never unleashed in Israel like it is today, is because we had an enemy, the Arabs, that unified us.  So long as we were united in understanding that we had to be unified to defend ourselves against an enemy, the anti-Jewish agenda kept its head low. We were all unified in standing strong against our enemies, so that we could survive as a country.

The judicial-reform protest movement today has changed all that, with IDF reserve soldiers and the brothers in arms representatives explicitly saying clearly that “ this government is more dangerous than our enemies”, hence they announced that they would refuse to serve against our actual enemies. No longer is our real enemy a good enough reason to remain unified.

Hence, we are seeing the undercurrent anti-Jewish agenda finally being unleashed by a tiny minority of the population. It is a tiny minority with support in the media, with politicians, in academia and the justice system.

How do we know this was always in the background just waiting to be unleashed?

And how in the world can I say that this is all good, part of a necessary process?

Well, first of all, Ron Pundak, who was one of the architects of the disastrous Oslo accords, admitted straight out at a presentation a number of years ago that the “Oslo peace process wasn’t about peace. It was about Israelizing Israel and ending Israel being a Jewish state ”. The exact quote is documented in this Mida article in Hebrew.

I want to make sure you understand that. The Oslo peace process, that whitewashed Yassar Arafat and his gang of terrorists, giving them guns and land in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, was never actually about making peace, but about trying to make Israel “normal” by whitewashing a real enemy and turning it into a “peace partner”, to then de-Judaize the State ofIsrael!

That’s not all.

Shimon Peres, the chief architect of the disastrous Oslo peace process, Ron Pundak’s boss and the visionary of “a New Middle East”, said basically the same thing when he lost the elections to Bibi Netanyahu in 1996.

When Peres was asked about the loss he said: “The Israelis lost and the Jews won”. His quote is documented in this article:

Then we have Yair Lapid writing an op-Ed in 2005 saying the disengagement was about “placing the national-religious public back in its place”.

As I said, this anti-Jewish agenda, to erase the Jewish character of the Jewish state, has been waiting to burst for years.

But, again, please understand. It’s all good.

All these years too many of us have ignored the existence of this anti-Jewish attitude that exists in the political system, the justice system, academia and the media.

The despicable, antisemitic, protests at the Jewish prayers on Yom Kippur have now exposed this reality for more of us to wake up and recognize, in order to deal with properly.

Yes, it looks bad, very bad, and very depressing…

But it will be good!

Only by truly understanding the reality of our situation can we fix it.

Until now we have all deluded ourselves, now the delusional period is over.

As I have said from the beginning of the judicial reform protest movement, we will overcome this division, stronger and more unified than before, because most of Am Yisrael, even with our vast & passionate differences, wants to be United in a strong, proudly Jewish state of Israel.

With the pain of seeing what’s transpiring, and it will get worse, I’m holding on to the optimism that this is actually the catalyst for positive change. It will be a slow process, but it will happen. And the posts I shared earlier show that it is already happening!

The tiny minority of Jew-haters in our midst think they are winning, and in truth, they are winning the battle today, but they will lose the war.

Ultimately, it must be understood that an agenda exists by a tiny, yet powerful, minority, to neuter Israel of its Jewish character, and they won’t be satiated with cosmetic changes, so no compromises will end their protest.

Even if all ultra-orthodox Jews would draft to the IDF tomorrow, or if all religious Jews would leave Tel Aviv, this anti-Jewish protest would still not stop.

Ultimately, this tiny minority wants to use the justice system and the value of “equality” to erase the Jewish ‘right to return’ law, which allows Jews, under certain conditions, to automatically become citizens of Israel, and they want to change Israel’s national anthem to erase all references to Israel being a Jewish state. That is the end goal.

What will ultimately end their insanity today is more and more people waking up and realizing that they don’t actually care about democracy, or judicial reform, causing them to lose the public’s support for their protests.

More Israeli Jews are today seeing this true, anti-Jewish, face of the “democracy” protest movement, and they don’t like it at all. The process of them losing the public support has begun.

So, what’s the continuation of the good news?

As I have mentioned before, Rav Kook clearly wrote, around 100 years ago Igrot Raeya 144, that the day will come when some secular Jews will become so distanced from the Torah that they will hate the Torah and Judaism, and he clearly said that it is part of the geulah/redemption process!

Rav Kook said this around 100 years ago. For those who don’t know, Rav Kook did not want division, he worked day and night to create unity between all Jews during his time!

These antisemitic Jews today are a tiny minority, but they have the support of the justice system, academia and the media, so they are perceived to be a larger group than they actually are.

So, don’t be discouraged! This is all a sign that we are in the right direction! The geulah/redemption is happening!

Keep on celebrating the wonderful values of the Torah, and keep on showing love to every Jew, no matter how brainwashed they are with lies.

And if you are a Jew not living in Israel yet, then start making your plans to come home.

We are not supposed to live here in Israel because Israel is perfect. We are supposed to live here in order to make Israel be a light unto the nations. And we need all good, committed, proud Jews to live here with us to take an active part in bringing the geula/redemption.

So, do not be discouraged by the news. Internalize the greater wake-up process we are experiencing, and come home to Israel, if you are not here yet.

Good things are happening, and amazing things are coming, even though we still have many bumps along the road. Those are geulah times, baby.

Am Yisrael Chai!


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