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    The Only Indigenous People

    It's time to shed light on a politically incorrect truth that has been swept under the rug for far too long: Jews are indigenous to the Land of Israel and are, in fact, the ONLY people indigenous to the land.

    Waking Up and Asking Questions

    Oct. 7 didn't happen because of bad decisions, but a bad ideology that led that thinking. Now, Am Yisrael is waking up and asking the right questions.

    Israel Will Overcome the Biden Administration’s Backstabbing

    Appeasing terrorists for the sake of political expediency endangers not just Israel but America itself.

    The Only Moral and Just Solution

    Syrians, Ukrainian... just not Gazans...

    What Happens in Tel Aviv, Stays in Tel Aviv

    Do you know that of the over 100+ secular Kibbutzim across Israel, most of them have prayer services on Yom Kippur, with religious people from outside the kibbutzim invited to come help them with the holiday prayers?

    The Judicial Reform Protest Movement is Doomed to Failure

    This fight is about whether Israel remains a Jewish state or not.

    The One Thing We Haven’t Tried

    We have the most right-wing, proudly Jewish, sovereignty-in-Judea & Samaria-supportive government we ever will have, and even this government can't do anything to stop the terror war against us and the illegal Palestinian Authority land grab in Area C of Judea & Samaria.

    He / Her / What?!

    A synagogue I used to pray in now lets you choose bathroom and prayer sections based on how you identify.

    The Left Are Never Right

    Time after time, the left are repeatedly wrong. It's an historical fact.

    Dave Rubin in Jerusalem

    Avi Abelow interviews Dave Rubin during his visit in Jerusalem.

    Rabbis Efrem Goldberg and Shay Shachter on the Israel-Diaspora Connection

    The rabbis discussed how to strengthen the connection to Israel for Jews still in Galut.

    The Hypocrisy of the Leaders of the Anti-Democracy Coup

    They have brainwashed people to believe that the judicial reform would destroy Israeli democracy, the IDF and the economy.

    Interview with MK Simcha Rothman of the Religious Zionist party

    With Israeli elections upon us, I had the opportunity to speak with Israeli MK Simcha Rothman of the Religious Zionist party, to hear from him why people should support his party in the upcoming election.

    Avi Abelow Interviews Miriam Fuld

    An interview with Miriam Fuld on Ari's 4th Yahrzeit.

    Context is King – A Response to JPost’s Yaakov Katz

    After seeing the JPost editor-in-chief's opinion piece libeling Israeli society as racist, I then called upon my followers to stop reading the Jerusalem Post.

    Ari Fuld, Homesh and Amona with Avi Abelow

    Last week the Israeli government destroyed some buildings in the Jewish community of Homesh in the hills of Samaria. Do not miss this special broadcast to understand it all.

    Deep Dive with Bennett Advisor Jeremy Saltan

    Avi Abelow speaks with Jeremy Saltan about the current government.

    Lord Balfour Declared, President Trump Implemented

    On November 2, 1917, the Balfour Declaration appeared on the world stage.

    Historic Peace Agreements Signed Without Israel Paying a Price

    Did Israel really pay a price regarding F-35s, Sovereignty, or a Palestinian State?

    Biden & Clinton Setting up Dangerous Contested Election Scenario

    Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden stating that the US army will “escort [President Trump] from the White House with great dispatch”

    Black Lives Matter Activists Celebrate Cop Killing

    Police officers were shot, and this was the reaction.

    Iran Executes Wrestling Champion as Trump Strengthens Anti-Iran Coalition

    Navid Afkari is a wrestling champion. Executing him makes the Iranian Islamic regime look horrible, but they don’t care.


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