Photo Credit: Nati Shohat / Flash 90
President Trump prays at the Kotel. May 22, 2017

Today in shul (before davening) someone said, “Baruch Hashem we are rid of Trump”.

I was startled.


I laughed aloud and asked him if he lived in China, Russia, Cuba,Venezuela, Korea or Iran
At least the leaders in those countries are super relieved and saying the same blessing in their language and partying .

I said, “hello! You live in Israel, the one country that has been the greatest beneficiary of Trump and team’s policies!”

I began to list the unimaginable ,breakthrough gifts he gave Israel despite all the push back to him.

He responded to my list rather sheepishly , “we will let history judge. We will see how it turns out in ten years.”
What? I did not understand.

Did he mean that recognizing Jerusalem as our capital and the Golan as ours and seven hundred thousand Jews as legal residents in their own homes and land is a bad thing, or may be seen as such in ten years?

Perhaps he thought it was a bad idea for his UN delegation to defend Israel as never before against the whole world and refuse to fund anti Israel activities there?
Maybe he felt it was preferred to allow the PA to continue to reward terrorists for killing Jews and not withdraw funding for that?
That really might not look too good in ten years; who knows?

I know that the man thanking God for Trump’s exit reads “Haaretz” newspaper daily.
I received that paper for free for a month a while ago..
If it was delivered with the name “Syrian Times” and not “Haaretz” I would hardly know the difference except for the sport and weather pages..

“Haaretz” naturally does not allow God’s mention into their paper but if they did , they would splash Baruch Hashem on the front page!

Shul going Leftists say Baruch Hashem.

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