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    Pintile Yid

    What I would like to understand is why Western Jews who made Israel their home, will vote for the post Jewish camp.

    Turning the Other Cheek

    There was a time when the humiliation of an Israeli soldier was not something that would dare enter the mind of our enemies.

    My Date with the Druze

    A small group, they don't have national aspirations and are happy to serve the country they happen to live in. In Israel they serve with distinction in the Israeli army

    Problem Solved

    There is a growing problem in Israel and especially in Jerusalem lately: Arabs are increasing a spiral of attacks on people identified as religious Jews.


    Is the truth about the enemies amongst us so unpleasant and unwelcome that we rather continue the charade than face it honestly?

    It Happened this Morning

    In Israel Arab MKs have determined the path of the Jewish state at some of its most vital junctures like Oslo and the expulsions of Gush Katif and Shomron. Arab votes decided.

    Baruch HaShem

    I began to list the unimaginable ,breakthrough gifts Trump gave Israel despite all the push back to him.

    David HaMelekh May have been a Warrior, but he was NO PC Warrior

    David was NOT PC. He was not as sensitive or sophisticated as some of our "progressive"  teachers today.  If King David lived in our generation with those same outmoded ideas, he would be shunned and mocked by "sophisticated" Jews.

    Explosive Thinking

    So do I shed a tear when my enemy falls? No, I read the Psalms with joy that praise God for just that.

    The March Goes On

    Remember the recent passionate demonstrations of remorse and solidarity by Blacks in the wake of anti-Semitic Black murders of Jews a few months ago? No? Neither do I.

    The News ‘NOT FIT TO PRINT” in Mainstream Media

    In my opinion, the only occupied lands in the land of Israel are those in which Arabs live.

    Current Political Observations and Thoughts

    The Arabs are openly courted by the Left today which leverages their power many times. Can this alliance actually result in a government;one in which the anti Israel Arabs call the shots either from within or by simply supporting a minority government from with out? It is clearly counter initiative and indeed suicidal to allow the future of the Jewish state to be decided by Arabs.

    Face It

    Every country has its problems. The US does and so does Israel. The question is, which problems do you feel you should try to solve?

    Learning on the Job

    So here I was guiding Germans and working for Arabs--Interesting position to be in for a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn.

    At Any Price

    Well. well, well; then it's decided. All peace-loving people in Israel simply must vote the current government out and replace it with one that Ms. Omar will be much happier with. She did not say exactly which party she does embrace and endorse.

    Thank You, Mr. President

    It took an American president to stiffen the backbone of Israel's leader.


    How is a proud Jew and Israeli more than OK with her son choosing to forfeit it all for a foreign land and life?

    Zachary Baumel Has Returned Home to Israel

    Gantz said, "I prefer to endanger my troops rather than the lives of enemy civilians. That is the moral choice" This insanity must change and I believe it will. The days of the Gantz' and the very non-Jewish thinking elites are numbered.

    Gaza Solution

    Bring back the brave, productive Jewish residents to Gaza and encourage others to join them in making this part of our land great again - and forever Israel.

    I Can Fix Birthright’s IfNotNow Problem, Ask Me How

    What is the solution? Extreme vetting? Refund demands? A PR campaign explaining how Birthright is non-partisan? Extreme surveillance of the group? Or something else....

    Damn Balloons!

    The brains and resources of the vaunted IDF are working night and day to create a defense against this latest innovative threat: Kites and Balloons

    So What?

    So now this "Palestinian" teen is a hero and an example for millions like her who view the Youtube clip and will now dare if they did hesitate before.

    Straight Talk

    It is no coincidence that the same people who pounced on Hotovely in the latest political tempest do not generally share her values as a fierce patriot and a woman of Jewish faith with traditional Jewish values.

    Two Leaders

    Israelis are not stupid. I believe that the Left, in any disguise it chooses, will never govern in this land again--The question is, will the "Right" govern as the "Right" is expected to by its voters?

    Yad Vashem and PC

    Something happened on the way to the expansion and redesigning of Yad Vashem over a decade ago: the powerful and yet simple juxtaposition of the roles the Arabs and Jews played in the war vanished.

    IDF Morality

    The soldier who finished off the snake in Hevron has more Jewish morality in his little trigger finger than all the IDF manuals based on anything but Jewish morality and law combined


    The Arabs are not the main problem. It is the Jew bashing Jews. It is the Jews who coddle and encourage those who would kill us.

    Happy Birthday Little Miracle!

    The world is witness and beneficiary to the fact a handful of Jews have fulfilled the Biblical promise that the Jews will indeed be a blessing for the world.


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