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Malachi Rosenfeld HY"D

Don’t blame it on the Tisha B’Av fasting. I’d be upset enough about all this even on a full stomach and a morning drinking coffee!

The last straw today was when I read that the Arab terrorist murderer who had murdered Malachi Rosenfeld, HaYa”D, a few weeks ago was an American citizen. Wasn’t it enough that he had a long history of terrorist acts and he had been released from Israeli summer camp aka prison in exchange for Gilad Schalit?

Just four of seven terrorists in the cell were arrested by Israel, Olam Katan revealed – among them the murderer, named as Ma’ad Hamad.
Moreover, it revealed, not only did terror cell leader Ahmad Najar kill before – he was responsible for the deaths of no fewer than six Israelis during the Second Intifada, when he was the head of a terror cell busted in 2003.
Najar, 39, led the Silwad terror cell responsible for a string of shooting and other attacks against Israelis in Samaria (Shomron). In less than a year, Najar orchestrated attacks concentrated in the Binyamin area which killed six Israelis and injured dozens.
Among his victims:

  • Esther Galia, from Kohav HaShahar, a mother of seven who was shot dead in her vehicle after a terrorist ambushed her car in the nearby town of Rimonim in 2002;
  • and Shalom (Shuli) Har-Melech, 25, from Homesh, who was murderedas he and his pregnant wife and child were driving along the Alon highway in August 2003.

Three of his victims were killed in an attack on soldiers patrolling a highway in Binyamin in October 2003:

  • Sgt. Erez Idan, 20, of Rishon LeTzion;
  • Sgt. Ro’i Yaakov Solomon, 21, of Tel Aviv; and
  • Sgt. Elad Pollack, 19, of Kiryat Motzkin.

Wasn’t it enough that he had murdered more than once? Why isn’t one attempt at murder enough to get the death penalty. Isn’t it enough to be executed when one attempts to murder a Jew? Why do we give them enough chances to succeed and murder yet again?

ENOUGH with this revolving door terrorism!!


And if that isn’t enough? Today, davka, today the 10th of Av when we are fasting in commemoration of the destruction of our Holy Temple, the Arabs attack us on the Temple Mount and a Jew is arrested for saying a prayer.


And it’s more than enough that Arabs are allowed to pray on the Temple Mount when they have holidays, but we Jews can’t.


It’s more than enough that we have given the Arabs virtual autonomy and sovereignty on Har Habayit, the Holiest spot in the World for the Jewish People. It it time to take it back. That is the only way we will have peace. It is up to us.

Let us clean the Temple Mount of Muslim terrorists and begin building our Third Holy Temple. That is the first step to begin Redemption and bring the Moshiach. I’ve had enough of living by non-Jewish values and priorities.

ENOUGH!! Dayenu! I’ve Had Enough!!


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