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Police standing near the body of the dead terrorist in the October 4, 2015 attack in Jerusalem.

There has been a lot of anger, especially concerning terror attacks in the past when police and security only “shot to stop” the Arab terrorists caught in the act of murder or attempted murder. Most Israelis couldn’t understand why the various security forces didn’t just kill/execute them and save us the expense and manpower for medical care and after that housing them in jail and then all the expenses of trials which give the terrorists chances to promote their anti-Israel agenda.

And by killing them they can’t be used in “trades.” Too many deadly Arab terrorists now walk free after getting world class medical treatment, well-publicized trials and then since even when convicted there’s no death penalty in Israel, the convicted Arab terrorists are then traded for hapless Israelis, civilians and soldiers captured by other terrorists. Quite a few of those terrorist just rejoin the terror against Israelis.


At some of the more recent terror attacks, the terrorists were executed on the spot, which at least guarantees that they won’t be able to kill or attempt to kill again. And that’s besides all of the other things I just wrote.

Jewish morality comes from the Bible, and in the Bible it says that a murder must be killed.

There are those calling the killing of a terrorist in action a “lynch.” And there have been recent attacks in which the police have ended up protecting the terrorist. I’m not saying that a man down should be beaten to death. What I’m saying is that there is nothing wrong in shooting a terrorist to kill him.

The reason I don’t like the use of the word lynch here is because we have been using to to describe when Arabs have attacked and/or murdered Jews who inadvertently entered Arab areas/neighborhoods/towns.

As I’ve written many times, there is a war going on. The Arabs want us dead and gone, and we must fight it and defeat our enemies. This is no game, and the Arabs have made their goal very clear. We must take appropriate action!

When someone goes out to war, they expect that they can die, so when an Arab terrorist goes out to kill/murder Jews, they expect to die, and there is nothing wrong in executing them.



  1. I see only sadness. Sad they were brainwashed into forcing an Israeli to defend themselves or others by neutralizing them. Israel is at war, they are under attack, it is escalating. Should they fill their prisons with these sad people or just defend their country on the spot. I choose the latter. I stand with Israel.

  2. My own feelings about killing or imprisoning terrorists is a little different then main stream. When you kill them they become a martyr if you imprison them they become more radical and they get paid to be in jail. My solution shoot them but do not kill them immediately take them to a hospital and fix the gunshot and remove his balls. Give them hormonal treatments and deport them.

  3. Kill them where they stand. That's what they intend to do to Jews and everyone else not Muslims. Regardless of age. There is nothing more chilling than a child willing to commit murder against another child, and Arab children have shown that willingness. The world now pays attention and does not dismiss Israel as a nonentity.

  4. Excellent blog post, Batya! These terrorists should definitely be killed. The only reason NOT to kill them on the spot is perhaps the Shabak can 'squeeze' important lifesaving information out of them. We should definitely have capital punishment here but sadly, Bagatz will never agree to that. And they more or less truly run the country. **sigh**

  5. Excellent blog post, Batya! These terrorists should definitely be killed. The only reason NOT to kill them on the spot is perhaps the Shabak can ‘squeeze’ important lifesaving information out of them. We should definitely have capital punishment here but sadly, Bagatz will never agree to that. And they more or less truly run the country. **sigh**

  6. The only viable solution.They want to die as quickly as possible. Don’t you people know, there are 72 VIRGINS waiting for his lust. Please DO NOT deny his heartfelt wish. SHOOT the SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Take the terrorists to the hospital but don't give them world class treatment. It's okay if they live with pain or disfigurement for life. But, if you kill them, and give the family back the body, you do two things wrong. First, you make them a martyr, and their funerals are celebrated. This is what they want.The secod thing is that body parts could be harvested. While they go to kill, their body parts could save the lives of many waiting for transplants. Of course, this violates principles, but so does murder. Which is better? Saving lives, or making heroes out of young people who deserve death. I would be happy with a transplant if I needed one, and if it came from a young killer, it would not change the way I felt. And, you don't have to have a body to return to family, and therefore, no parade. No candy in the streets. Maybe a bit of outrage, but that can be laughed at.

  8. Be bloody careful about shooting people on the spot. Identification and evaluation is sometimes very difficult. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time doesn’t constitute receiving a bullet in the head. Not every “armed forces person” interprets every situation exactly the same. Only robots can do that….

  9. We had a young muslim terrorist in Australia on video who had killed someone (Curtis Cheng) and he was just shot dead by Police outside the Parramatta Police Station in Sydney. It seemed convincing the muslim was recorded going into the Parramatta mosque and getting the gun and going straight to kill someone, yet the mosque was STILL denying it was anything to do with islam. Duuuh!!! But the clincher was the killers muslim schoolmate was openly filmed saying he would do the same thing in effect. If it weren't for the video, showing these things, people would not have believed it possible. Keep up with the video with audio, and reveal more of the links between the Nazi party and Jihad.

  10. I'm from the US, where various states have the death penalty, and there are Federal statutes that allow it for various crimes. First, police should shoot for "center of mass"-not just to incapacitate. A wounded perp can still kill someone. I'm OK with executing the terrorist on the spot. Unfortunately, people of this ilk believe that he would have died a martyr. But keeping him in prison is expensive. With luck, an ambulance won't arrive for an hour or two. If he has a business in Israel, confiscate all of his assets to distribute to the victims. If he is not a citizen, deport/expulse every one of his family members.

  11. Your outlook is astounding, and to which I totally agree. I first read this and it was easy to get off subject, but after you consider the many variables, and you have, how can a person (any person) possibly feel any different . I thank you for this information.

  12. When they get sent to prison, they start recruiting, and are often very successful. I don't know if it happens in Israeli prisons, but I'm sure they try.
    If they die, they probably become martyrs. If they live, they probably recruit, and kill again. Which is the lesser evil?

  13. Here's my take: During WWII, enemy combatants caught out of uniform were considered spies and executed on the spot, from what I recall. Terrrosts are combatants who fight without a uniform. They should be considered terrorists and summarily executed. Their families should be expelled from Israel and their homes destroyed. The entire building whether they live in an apartment building or a house. Why should Muslims be treated better than Germans during WWII. We bombed dozens of German cities.

  14. Until I read an article yesterday, I would have agreed. Unfortunately, it is coming to light that the yeshiva boy at Devar Yerushalyim who was shot to death by a security guard last week was NOT deranged, did not yell " I am ISIS" in hebrew. He was wrongly suspected on a bus of being a terrorist because passengers saw his rumpled shirt and pasty, perhaps nervous appearance and AFTER he got off the bus the bus driver tazered him 3 times and called a soldier who shot him in the foot. It seems he might have yelled :what am I, ISIS? He never grabbed a soldiers gun as initial reports flying around the web said. He happened to have also been a combat soldier! Do you think they'd let a kook stay in service? The next thing that happens, a security guard hearing all the commotion and people yelling terrorist, comes over and pumps 3 bullets into the guy killing him instantly. So, yes, there could be a problem with all the jumpiness in Israel at the moment. It's a little late for this kid and his widowed mother, recent immigrants from Ukraine.

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