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With all the money, the billions and billions of Euros and dollars that have been poured into Gaza over the years, the people should have the best hospitals, parks, schools, streets, playgrounds and country clubs for all of their citizens/residents. But we all know from the pictures and the fact that as much as they hate us, those Gazans would give almost anything to go to Israeli hospitals when sick or injured.

Nu, so what have they done with all that money?  Besides the cushy generous off-shore bank accounts their leaders have hidden for a “rainy-day” they have been developing a very efficient and sophisticated military infrastructure. The IDF was aware of tunnels used for smuggling arms and terrorists, but they didn’t realize that the big deep digging was to build an underground military complex. Yes, that’s what the Gazan Arab terrorists have been doing during the ceasefires along with improving their missile launching systems.


The worst news for Israel is that thirteen 13 IDF soldiers have been killed today, Baruch Day Ha’Emet.

And refuah shleimah to the injured.



  1. Keep dreaming. Mushtaq Malik. If the Arab National Armies couldn’t destroy Israel, Whay makes you think Hamas can? Besides if Israel goes away, what reason will there be for fools to contribute to line the Palestinian leaders pockets?

  2. You’ve got THAT right! They are as guilty as Hamas for the horrid situation that ISRAEL finds itself in. And will they never admit to it. NEVER! Instead it is the same blame game. It’s like when a women is raped and they blame her. Shame on the UN, shame on the EU, shame on the US. You can’t keep asking the victim to ease up so the enemy can rearm. Israel has given and given and given. Maybe the rest of the world needs to stop aiding and abetting terrorists! ‘Bout time!!!!

  3. Just like Arafat! Paid for suicide bombers, wages to terrorists in prison, etc and kept the rest of the money for himself and his cronies. He kept most of the Arabs poor, with no infrastructure, hospitals, public facilities, absolutely nothing! Today when I drive in the Shomron (West Bank) I see plenty of Mercedes, BMW’s and other fancy cars as well as some very fancy mansions. Hmmm I wonder who paid for all of that?

  4. The UN and all their other divisions have been out to rid the world of Israel almost since it was made a State, so it is time for the UN to fold its tents and disappear like the League of Nations which also was useless. Am Yisrael Chai!

  5. All the money has gone into weaponry and a lot of it has been chanelled into the pockets of Hamas big men to fund their lifestyles. They are gangmasters and rule by fear. Gaza is a mess because their money should have been spent in the infrstructure but wasn’t.

  6. We know it’s not going to the people of Gaza. No education, no medical supplies, no electricity…..
    All that will come from Israel after the UN crys that the Palestinians have suffered too much Bla Bla Bla. Israel should Not stop until there is no more Hamas. God bless the IDF & Israel. Making the world a safer place for humanity.

  7. Hey maybe we should start assisting North Korea, too 🙂 Why, I’m even starting to regret we took out Bin Laden, what ever were we thinking, we lost a great friend. GEE, OBAMA YOU SURE BROUGHT SOME CHANGE TO THE WORLD.
    -G-d Bless Israel!!!

  8. God is on the side of the Israelis!!! Hamas has sent over 1,705 rockets with the intent of murdering children by the 1,000s. They are just poor shots. Israel protects itself with precision firing of missles at those firing these rockets making sure they hit their target and not kill civilians! FACT! The only problem is, these Hamas cowards strap children onto their backs and place their rockets in the homes of children for the exact purpose for liberals to blame Israel for killing babies! FACT! Israel is saving children by wiping Hamas off the face of the earth!!!!!!!!!!! ISRAEL, GOD CHOSEN PEOPLE!!

  9. They spent it on building underground tunnels and buying weapons to kill innocents with the excuse that they want a land that never belonged to them, since it was taken from the Jews by force!!!! And the land they that they left was a desert , now it’s a paradise since Jews took care of it!

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