Hamas Orders General Mobilization to Confront Gaza Strip Demonstrations

Hamas militias raided early Sunday morning the homes of PLO activists in the Gaza Strip and detained dozens of people involved in the popular movement against high prices and tax hikes.

IDF Reveals Images of 100 Bombed Hamas Sites Where 2 Arabs Were Injured

Imagine if the retaliations had come immediately upon the launch with Hamas terrorists caught by surprise...

Day 3 of Anti-Gov’t Riots in Gaza: Hamas Arrests 4 Human Rights Workers Plus...

The unrest comes in response to recent tax hikes as Gaza residents took to the streets in the enclave on Saturday to protest the high cost of living.

IDF: Hamas Rockets Launched at Tel Aviv Likely a Mistake

It is possible that the political echelon felt they could not ignore the launch against Israel's most dense population area, regardless of the enemy's intent.

IDF Attacks 100 Targets in Gaza Strip in Response to Rockets Shot at Tel...

Two Arabs were wounded in the attack at the al-Shashin outpost in Rafah.

Decision Made: IDF to Strike Gaza Hard Tonight

PM & DM Netanyahu met with his security chiefs.

Egypt Evacuating its Mission to Gaza

Everyone expects a major IDF retaliation strike this evening.

Watch: Security Forces in Gaza Forcibly Disperse Demonstrator Against High Cost of Living

According to eyewitnesses, police officers attacked hundreds of demonstrators, beat and arrested several of them.

Leah Goldin on Memorial Day for IDF Soldiers Whose Burial Place is Unknown: My...

Hamas, which rules Gaza, is believed to be holding Lt. Hadar Goldin's remains, as well as those of Oron Shaul, another IDF soldier killed during the 2014 Gaza war .

Qatar Resumes Delivery of Funds to Hamas in Gaza

Qatari envoy to Gaza Mohammad al-Emadi is reportedly planning to hand out cash to needy Arab families in Gaza again, according to reports late...

Gaza Balloon Carried RPG Warhead into Israel

Sappers arrived at the scene, removed the visitors and disarmed the warhead without injuries or damage.

IAF Attacks Hamas Positions following Rocket Attack on Israel

Two Arabs crossed the Gaza Strip border fence and were caught inside a hot-house belonging to one of the kibbutzim after a manhunt. They were armed with a grenade and a knife.

IDF Artillery Shells Hamas Posts in Southern Gaza Strip

Israel has announced it would continue to attack targets in Gaza with the aim of halting the firing of explosive balloons from across the border at nearby Israeli settlements.

IDF Strikes Hamas Post in Gaza to Retaliate for Attacks at Border

The attack came in response to violence by terrorists at Israel's border with northern Gaza several hours earlier.

Gazans Set Forth on Umrah Pilgrimage to Mecca

Nearly 1,100 Gazans will board planes to Saudi Arabia from Cairo for the minor pilgrimage to Mecca known as “Umrah.”

Labor Party’s Former General: Expulsion of Jews from Gaza Strip Was ‘Brilliant Move’

There is little doubt that Russo, once known as known as the Disengagement Commander, would happily apply his lessons from the Gaza evacuation to the settlers of Judea and Samaria – if he were allowed.

Watch: 8,000 Rioters, 49th Week of Hamas Violence at Gaza Border

This is the 49th week since the start of the so-called “March of Return” led by the Iranian proxy, Hamas.

UN Commission: Israel’s Crackdown on Gaza Rioters ‘Crime Against Humanity’

The commission announced it would hand over information about individual IDF soldiers and officers allegedly responsible for human rights violations to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

IAF Targets Hamas in Gaza to Retaliate for IED Terror Balloon Attack

Members of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad evacuated from their headquarters and outposts in anticipation of Israeli air strikes.

Gaza Tunnel Collapse Kills Hamas Terrorist

There's no word on what caused the tunnel to collapse.

Islamic Jihad Introduces New Long-Range Rocket on Iranian TV

PIJ claimed the new rocket was the same as the precision rocket that last November hit an apartment building in Ashkelon, killing one Arab.

IDF Fighter Pilots Attack Hamas Position in Gaza

The attack came in response to the flurry of explosive balloon attacks aimed at Israeli territory by the terrorist group in recent days.

Hamas Explosive Balloons Return to the Skies of Southern Israel

Security personnel in the district searched the area and continued to monitor for aerial explosives headed their way from Gaza.

Qatar to Gazans: Sit in the Dark

The problem is that Hamas is not interested in diverting its efforts to positive channels, such as working to provide services to its population.


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