HBO Releases Trailer of ‘Our Boys’ on the Kidnappings that Preceded the 2014 Gaza...

Filmed in Israel, "Our Boys" is based on the true events which led to the outbreak of war in Gaza.

Egypt Pushes to Finalize Agreement between Israel and Hamas

Egyptian pressure on Hamas is meant to soften the terror group’s stance vis-à-vis Israel and the PA while detaching it from Qatari influence.

Hamas-led Gaza Border Violence: 6,000 Rioters, 0 Deaths

Some 6,000 of those Hamas-led rioters were gathered at the border hurling rocks, flaming Molotov cocktails and other improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at IDF soldiers.

Netanyahu Promises Surprise Campaign in Gaza

Earlier, a Hamas man was killed on the Gaza Strip border by IDF fire and the terrorist organization threatened retaliation.

Israel Almost Doubles Work Permits to Gaza Arabs

Until 1991, near the end of the first Intifada, the Israeli economy provided jobs to tens of thousands of workers from the Gaza Strip.

IDF Discovers Yet Another Hamas Terror Tunnel

The tunnel was discovered while building the underground Gaza barrier wall.

IDF Shoots Down Gazan Drone

The IDF is inspecting the remains of the drone to determine its payload and origin.

Hamas’ Weapons Tests Set Off Alarm in Israel

Hamas has been working to accelerate the rockets’ flight speed, the pace of fire and extend their range with the intent of overcoming Israel’s Iron Dome Defense system.

Netanyahu Approves Project to Build Hospital for Gazans Near Erez Crossing

The prime minister has thus far approved the measurement stage of building the hospital, to be funded by a private American organization.

Hamas, Israel, Sign Agreement to Stop Incendiary Balloons, Renew Fuel Shipments

In recent days, the balloon terrorism from Gaza has resumed in full force and on Thursday ignited at least 25 fires in Gaza vicinity communities.

PA, Gaza Declare Comprehensive Strike Over Bahrain Conference

The protest activities are orchestrated by the Gaza and PA governments and will continue in coordination and partnership with national action groups and trade unions through Wednesday.

Islamic Jihad Prevents Salafists from Firing Rockets at Israel

Islamic Jihad was not looking out for Israel’s interests, but was rather upset that Jaysh al-Islam has attempted to steal its assets.

Report: Hamas Shoots Terrorists Who Prepared to Launch Rockets at Israel

The two were reportedly members of an Islamic State (ISIS) affiliated group.

Qatar Ready to Pay Israel $11 Million a Month for New Power Line to...

A month ago, al-EAmadi arrived in Gaza with $15 million in cash. Qatar recently also pledged to grant Gaza $180 million.

WATCH: IDF Strikes Hamas in Gaza for Rocket Attacks, 2.0

More strikes were expected as Israeli combat aircraft maintained an “intensive” presence in the skies over Gaza.

Israel Seizes Hundreds of Terror-Related Items en Route to Gaza

Gazans ordered items from Ali Express and Amazon that can be used for terror.

IDF Retaliates Against Hamas for Gaza Rocket Attack

Local sources in Gaza said Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists were evacuating “all resistance sites and security sites.”

Israel Shrinks Gaza Fishing Zone Again Over More Bad Terrorist Behavior

Short of a military response there doesn’t seem to be much else that Israel is able to do in response to the arson terror.

IDF to Issue Anti-Drone Guns to Troops Near Gaza Border

Recently a drone dropped its charge next to an IDF tank by the border fence.

Private Donations and Bitcoin: Hamas Devises Ways to Survive Financially

The financial sanctions on Iran are taking their toll on Tehran’s terror proxies, including the Hamas terror organization in the Gaza Strip.

EXPOSED: Senior PA Ministers Caught Laundering Money for Hamas in Malaysia

An intricate affair of fraud, corruption, and money laundering by senior Palestinian Authority (PA) officials who transferred the funds to Hamas terrorists training in Malaysia has been exposed.

Gaza Terrorists Replenish Rocket Stock While Saudis Launch War on Hamas

The rearming is part of a Hamas pressure campaign to relax the tight Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Jihadi Forces in Gaza Threaten Participants of Bahrain Economic Summit

The summit is to serve as a major step towards the unveiling of President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” peace plan.

Israel Expands the Gaza Fishing Zone

“The implementation of the move is conditional on the fishermen in Gaza honoring the agreements."

IDF Shrinks Gaza Fishing Zone – Again – After Arson Attacks on Israel

This is not the first dance of the fishing zone between COGAT and Hamas, nor the second, third or fourth.

IDF Safely Returns 2 Children Abandoned by Gazan Parents

The Gazan parents tried to stay in Israel, and abandoned their children at the Erez checkpoint,

Israel Police Intercept Hundreds of Terror-Related Items en Route to Gaza

The confiscated objects included electronic components, military flashlights, lights used for diving, an engraving machine, binoculars, security cameras, routers, a remote-controlled air balloon, a digital microscope, goggles, and biometric equipment.

IDF Debunks Lie About ‘Gazan Child Who Died Alone’

The girl's parents refused to accompany her to the hospital. The PA falsely blames Israel.

Estimate: Migration from Gaza at 35,000 in 2018, Officials Collect Millions to ‘Expedite’

Suicides have decreased in the Gaza Strip, presumably because Hamas has guaranteed that anyone who is killed by the IDF at border riots would be rewarded with pensions to their families.

Gaza Fence Riots Cancelled on Account of Heat, Ramadan Fast

The Friday riots were supposed to be an extension of the "Nakba Day" commemorations of the defeat of the Arabs in Israel's War of Independence.


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