Suicide Rate in Gaza Spikes Under Hamas’ Rule

In April this year, eight such cases occurred; in March there were 35 cases and in February, 11 cases occurred.

Hamas Fires Missiles at Sea to Prepare for War on Israeli Sovereignty

While Hamas was firing its rockets into the sea, however, Israel had already decided not to go ahead with its scheduled sovereignty plan.

IAF Strikes Gaza After Friday Night Rocket Attack

"We hold Hamas responsible for all acts of terror emanating from Gaza."

Hamas: Israeli Sovereignty Move Will Be Declaration of War

"We will make the enemy bite his fingers in remorse for this sinful decision.”

Survey: Most ‘Palestinians’ Anticipate Israeli Sovereignty, No Retaliation by Arab States

A large majority of 73% expects the new Israeli government to deepen the normalization steps with some of the Arab Gulf countries

Knesset Committee Approves 17% Discount to UN Group Supplying Fuel to Gaza

“The straw that broke the camel's back was in the beginning of 2018, when the Palestinian Authority decided to impose sanctions on Gaza."

Gaza Youth Infiltrates Israel, Caught and Returned Home

A youth from the Gaza Strip infiltrated into Israel on Wednesday night, was captured by Israeli forces and was returned home shortly after. The IDF...

Watch: Israel Foils Hamas Attempt to Smuggle Weapons via Northern Sinai, Mediterranean Sea

This is not the first attempt by Hamas to smuggle weapons from Sinai into Gaza via the Mediterranean Sea.

Qatari Source: Delay in Funds Transfer to Gaza Not Israel’s Fault

Israeli officials believe Qatar is delaying the funds transfer for fear of being accused by the international community of supporting a terrorist organization and facing subsequent sanctions.

IDF Firing on Gaza Target Following Rocket Attack

At least one rocket was launched at Israel from Gaza.

Report: Israel Permits Qatar to Deliver $50 Million to Gaza in Return for Curbing...

On Sunday, a bundle of balloons with an attached suspicious package was discovered in Moshav Tidhar near Ofakim in southern Israel.

Report: UN, WHO Coronavirus Relief Funds Used for Terror-Linked NGOs

“Funds are being used for activities that do not appear to involve vital, lifesaving resources and supplies to implement the most urgent and critical activities,” said Becca Wertman, managing editor at NGO Monitor.

First COVID-19 Death in Gaza

To date, 39 people in Gaza have been diagnosed with the virus.

Israel Busts Massive ‘Terrorist Drug’ Shipment on Way to Gaza

Captagon is an amphetamine which numbs pain and fear and has become popular in Middle East conflict zones as it significantly ups fighters’ short-term combat capabilities.

After 4 Weeks of Shameful Silence, Amnesty Concedes: Gaza Peace Activist Is ‘Prisoner of...

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority condemned UN Watch for calling out the pernicious role of former Amnesty researcher Hind Khoudary in reporting Aman to Hamas.

PA is Hiding its Payments to Terrorists from Donor Countries, Watchdog Shows

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has been trying to hide its payment of salaries to terrorists imprisoned in Israel, from donor countries that support it, an Israeli watchdog has exposed.

IDF Drone Crashes in Gaza

The IDF noted that the reason for the crash was a technical malfunction.

Hand Grenade, Military Vest Found at UNRWA School in Gaza

We're Shocked! Once again weapons were found stored in an UNRWA school.

Sources: Hamas Involved in Embezzlement of Donations Meant for Gaza’s Residents

Residents of the Gaza Strip are complaining that donations collected on their behalf in Arab countries are not reaching them, and even as the economic hardship in the Strip intensifies Hamas is not transferring budgets from its funds to deal with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Amnesty Intl Asked to Boot Gaza Informant Who Led Hamas to Arrest of Arab...

"It is disgusting that a so-called ‘journalist’ got an activist for dialogue arrested by Hamas."

Hamas Admits: Gazan Doctors Were Trained by Israel to Deal with Coronavirus

The Arab media has published articles about the training of dozens of doctors, nurses and medical personnel from Gaza at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon and at the Erez Crossing.

IDF Delivers Advanced Coronavirus Testing Machine to Gaza Strip

The machine was brought from an unnamed Muslim country through Jordan.

Gazan Peace Activist Disappeared by Hamas

Rami Aman, 38 has not been heard from since he surrendered last Thursday morning to the Hamas Internal Security headquarters.

Kuwaiti Newspaper: Hamas-Israel Prisoner Exchange Deal Nearing Conclusion

Many fear that the humanitarian crisis in the Strip would become much worse should the coronavirus begin to spread there.

IfNotNow Demands Israel Let Gazans In to Relieve Coronavirus ‘Catastrophe’

There isn't even one singular word of sympathy for their fellow Jews in Israel who are engaged in a battle for their lives even as we speak – nothing.

Shabbat Overview: Gaza Rocket; NY, NJ, CT May Be Quarantined; Land Day Riots Cancelled

In Israel, 425 new patients have been identified by Shabbat morning, bringing the total number of infected Israelis to 3,460, with 12 dead and 89 recovered.

945 Coronavirus Patients in Israel, 20 in Serious Condition, Only 2 Identified in Gaza

37 of the patients have recovered and were released from quarantine conditions.

Israel Transfers Corona Testing Kits to Gaza Strip

COGAT and the Israeli Ministry of Health will continue their efforts to assist the PA in curbing the spread of the virus.


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