IfNotNow Demands Israel Let Gazans In to Relieve Coronavirus ‘Catastrophe’

There isn't even one singular word of sympathy for their fellow Jews in Israel who are engaged in a battle for their lives even as we speak – nothing.

Shabbat Overview: Gaza Rocket; NY, NJ, CT May Be Quarantined; Land Day Riots Cancelled

In Israel, 425 new patients have been identified by Shabbat morning, bringing the total number of infected Israelis to 3,460, with 12 dead and 89 recovered.

945 Coronavirus Patients in Israel, 20 in Serious Condition, Only 2 Identified in Gaza

37 of the patients have recovered and were released from quarantine conditions.

Israel Transfers Corona Testing Kits to Gaza Strip

COGAT and the Israeli Ministry of Health will continue their efforts to assist the PA in curbing the spread of the virus.

US Army Rejects Iron Dome: ‘Exceptionally Difficult to Integrate’

"Everyone also knew going in that it was tailor-made for Israel, and so it is not going to be optimized for the United States."

DC Attorney Suing Trump, Netanyahu, Kushner, Cuomo, AIPAC, Miriam Adelson, on Behalf of ‘Palestinians’

In less than a year, people who believe in this toxic stuff, including many young Jews, could take over the White House.

Israel Seizes $4 M. of Terror Funding En Route from Iran to Hamas

Iran has spent nearly one billion dollars a year to support terrorist groups that serve as its proxies and expand its malign influence across the globe.

IAF Downs ‘Abnormal’ Drone Off Gaza Strip

On Wednesday, the Coordinator of Government Operations in the Territories reinstated some of the relief gestures for the residents of the Gaza Strip.

Tense Quiet on Gaza Border following Islamic Jihad Ceasefire Declaration

The Jihad told the mediators that they had no interest in a new war in Gaza, not before the elections in Israel and not after.

Gaza Shooting Resumed: Heavy Barrage on Gaza Border Communities

Six rockets were fired, five of which were intercepted.

WATCH: IDF Kills Terrorists Planting a Bomb Along Gaza Border

WARNING: The photos and videos in this article are graphic, and not suitable for all viewers.

Report: Egypt Dissuades Israel from Targeting Hamas Leaders Opposing Ceasefire

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar apparently avoided meeting with members of an Egyptian delegation out of fear that Israel would assassinate him.

Israeli Child Finds Gazan Balloon Bomb in Her Backyard

The bomb, which was found attached to balloons in Moshav Shuva in southern Israel, is believed to be one of hundreds of such devices launched from the Hamas-controlled territory since 2018.

Israeli Air Force Attacks Hamas After Rocket Fire Again Sends Israelis to Bomb Shelters

“Hamas is responsible for everything that is happening in and out of Gaza. Unless the peace is maintained, the State of Israel will act accordingly."

2 Rockets Launched from Gaza

The rockets landed in an open space.

Israeli Water Tech Deployed in Gaza to Ease Water Crisis

The pilot is a cooperative effort between Watergen, Israel’s Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, the Damour NGO and Abasan al-Kabira.

Bennett: Don’t Stand Over Me with a Stopwatch on Ending Gaza Terrorism

"I don't want to be dragged into a round of violence. If and when we do it, it will be at our convenience, in a manner and location which suit us, and it will be very painful."

Mortar Fire from Gaza, Shell Landed in Open Area

The open area alert was the only warning that was triggered.

Report: Fearing Assassination, Hamas Leader Skips Gaza Meet & Greet with Egyptian Delegation

The Egyptians warned Hamas that the US will support a major Israeli action against Hamas, if quiet isn't restored.

Balloon Bomb Attacks Continue Despite Reports of Hamas, Islamic Jihad Ceasing Strikes

On Monday, 35 Balloon bombs were sent over to Israel from Gaza. These attacks continued into Tuesday.

Israel Bans Import of Communications Equipment into Gaza After Hamas Robs Telecom Company

The stolen equipment, including copper cables, routers and hubs, is estimated to be worth some NIS 15 million.

IDF Strikes Hamas Targets in Gaza Responding to Rocket Attack in Shaar HaNegev

The Israel Defense Forces attacked a Hamas drill site and military structure overnight Sunday night.

IDF Attacks Hamas in Response to ‘Harmless’ Rocket Fire, Balloon Bombs from Gaza

IDF tanks opened fire at two Hamas observation posts in response to the ongoing terror attacks against southern Israel.

Yamina MK: Bennett and Kochavi Planning Significant Gaza Operation

Kahane's remarks come against the background of an escalation in terrorist activities in Gaza and Judea and Samaria.

Hamas Steals Communication Equipment to Restore Network Damaged by Israel

Hamas Izz al-Din al-Qassam broke into the warehouses five days ago, stealing communications equipment worth NIS 15 million.

Gaza Fishing Boundaries Reduced as Punishment for Rocket Fire, Explosive Balloons

"I saw in the sky a bunch of colorful and beautiful balloons and I told the aides to help get the children into the kindergarten."

Violent Protest in Gaza as Hamas Evacuates Hospital in Preparation for Coronavirus

Residents of the area launched a violent protest against the closure of the hospital, they broke into the facility, sabotaged and destroyed equipment.

Israel’s South Flooded with Booby-Trapped Balloon Bombs Launched from Gaza

Dozens of bomb balloons landed on roads, near homes, and some even exploded in midair.

Watch: Israel’s Navy Foiled Hamas’ Weapons Smuggling in Northern Sinai

Following a chase, the vessel with two terrorists onboard were arrested and taken for interrogation.


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