Attack in Ashdod: This Is How It Looks When a Rocket Hits

The injuries followed a rocket that landed in the city center while the peace signing ceremony was in progress in Washington, DC.

Shin Bet Thwarted Bomb Attack near Kaplan Hospital

Family members assisted in obtaining components needed for assembling the explosive charge and provided other weapons.

Once Again, Israel Orders Halt in Release of Terrorists’ Bodies

Hamas is currently holding captive the bodies of two IDF soldiers, and two (live) Israeli citizens.

Arson Terrorism from Gaza Ignites 21 Fires in Israel’s South

Police sappers were also alerted to several scenes to dismantle suspected explosive charges tied to balloons.

IDF Attacks Hamas Posts, Both Sides at Stalemate over Incendiary Balloons, Blockade

On Saturday, Hamas officially protested UN mediator Nickolay Mladenov statement that launching rockets and incendiary balloons at population centers was a violation of international law.

No Terrorist Harmed in Performance of IDF Retaliation for Volley of Hamas Rockets

If only Israel had a strong army that could protect it from gangs of Arab thugs. It really should have started one.

Israel’s ‘Light Blade’ Laser System said to have Near-Perfect Interception Rate

Currently it's being tested in one small section along the Gaza border.

Retaliation for Balloon Terrorism: IDF Attacks Hamas Underground Infrastructure

In 2018–2019, the Air Force attacked several squads directly with proven results: 100% of the killed terrorists suspended their balloon launches.

Hamas Declares Gaza Lockdown over COVID-19

It is the first case of community spread of the virus in the terrorist-run enclave.

4 Dead, More Injured in Gaza ‘Work Accident’

“Contrary to reports, the IDF did not attack anyone in Gaza.”

Gaza Balloon Explodes over Kibbutz in Eshkol Regional Council

In total so far at least five fires have been caused as a result of incendiary balloons on Sunday.

Code Red in Sderot, 35 Balloon Fires in Gaza Strip Envelope

We now have a continuous chain of retaliations and counter-retaliations, with both sides invested in not missing a beat lest they appear weak and conciliatory. This will probably go on for a while.

Stressful Night: Rocket Fire from Gaza, Home Hit, 3 IDF Retaliation Attacks

Say what you will about Defense Minister Benny Gantz, this week he appeared to have a backbone.

IDF Attacks in Gaza in Retaliation for Incendiary Balloon Terrorism

It was the ninth night in a row of IDF retaliation attacks in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas Threatens: Bombings will be Met with Bombings

In response to ongoing Hamas terror attacks, Israel has bombed Gaza for 8 nights in a row.

Code Red Sirens in Askelon and Zikim; Netanyahu Considers Possibility of War

"I regret that we are also preparing, to the extent necessary, for the possibility of a round or rounds," PM Netanyahu said.

Gaza’s Only Power Plant Shuts Down as Fuel Runs Out

Now, remember, all they have to do to get their electricity back is stop trying to burn down Israeli fields and kill Israeli civilians.

President Rivlin Visits Incendiary Balloon-Plagued Settlements Near Gaza

“Hamas should know that this is not a game. The time will come when they have to decide, and if they want war they will get war.”

IDF Attacks Hamas Targets in Gaza over Terror Balloon Bombs, ‘Night Terror Squads’

One of the Gaza balloon bombs on Monday landed outside a kindergarten in the southern Israeli border city of Sderot.

Gaza Will Lose Almost All Power on Tuesday

Israel banned the entry of fuel into the Gaza Strip last Thursday due to the ongoing terror balloon attacks on the south from the Strip.

Israel Blows Up Hamas Rocket Warehouse, Shuts Gaza Fishing, in Response to Attack on...

In response to the rocket launches, IAF fighter jets attacked Hamas terrorist targets in the southern Gaza Strip, among them a military rocket storage compound.

Israel Reduces Gaza Fishing Zone to 8 Nautical Miles, Attacks Terror Targets as Arson...

Israeli military forces also struck Hamas terrorist targets in Gaza in the early hours of Wednesday morning in response to the ongoing arson balloon bombing.

Israeli Authorities Seize Tens of Thousands of Balloons on Way to Gaza as Arson...

The balloons were exposed during activity carried out by the Ashdod customs house to prevent the smuggling of weapons and dual-use goods into the Gaza Strip.

IDF Attacks Targets in Gaza in Response to 60 Incendiary Balloon Fires

To date, only one Israeli defense minister—Naftali Bennett—has found a solution to this problem, by targeting and killing the members of balloon launching squads.

With 30 Fires Raging on Monday, DM Gantz Unable to Stop Hamas Incendiary Balloon...

This week it's pretty clear that Gantz is not interested in going back to that war, which is really the only way to stop the balloons, the rockets, and the terrorist tunnels.

Ten Years Later, Shin Bet Arrests Gaza Terrorist Involved in Killing Two IDF Fighters

On Sunday, the Southern District Attorney's Office filed a severe indictment against him in the Be'er Sheva District Court, alleging that Abdullah Da'ma participated in the murder of IDF soldiers.

Gazan Terrorists Fire on Israelis at Border

The terrorists fired on construction workers, and then on an IDF unit.

Gaza Patients Die as PA Continues Boycott of Israel

Major Inbal Maman at COGAT said that despite the termination of coordination on the PA’s side, thousands of requests by PA Arabs to receive medical treatment in Israel have been approved during the Corona crisis.


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