Red Alert as Islamic Jihad Test-Launches Rockets from Gaza

While the rockets did not cross the border into Israel, they came close enough to set off the red alert.

Israel Reopens Gaza Border Despite Ongoing Violence, Arson Attacks

Some 17,000 Gazans with permits have been unable to enter Israel and go to their jobs over the past two weeks, due to the violence and Jewish holiday closures.

IDF Hits Hamas Targets in Gaza, 3 Times in 3 Days

The IDF used a remotely unmanned aircraft (drone/UAV) to attack a Hamas terrorist military position in the Rafah area, in southern Gaza.

IDF Attacks Gaza Terror Positions on Yom Kippur

Israeli soldiers were kept busy on the southern border over the Yom Kippur holiday.

Watch: IDF Strikes Hamas Military Posts After Return of Terror Balloons, Border Violence

Gaza terrorists also launched multiple incendiary balloons across the border on Friday; at least two started fires in Israeli territory.

Qatar Refuses to Renew Aid as Tensions Rise in Gaza

Hamas’s collaboration with Iran and Hezbollah has angered Qatar, which supports Syrian rebel groups and opposes Syria’s return to the Arab League.

Israel Foils Smuggling of 16 Tons of Rocket-Making Material to Gaza

Ammonium chloride is a dual-use substance known to be used by the terrorist organizations in Gaza.

Gazans Die in Violence on Israel’s Southern Border

During the chaos, the attackers attempted to launch an explosive device over the border into Israeli territory. The bomb exploded in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas to Restart Weekly Gaza Border Riots

The Gazan's terrorist leadership is not happy with Israel's threat to start targeting them.

US Citizens in Gaza Still to Need Visas to Cross Border at Erez, per...

The U.S. State Department released a fact sheet about the memorandum of understanding that Washington and Jerusalem signed on July 19.

Gaza Farmers Suffer as Grape Harvest Hit by Climate Change

Because grapes are particularly sensitive to shifting temperatures and weather patterns, this year’s harvest was seriously affected.

Hamas Raises Alert Level in Gaza, Terror Chiefs Head for Bunkers

A Lebanese news outlet cited Israeli media reports saying Israel is about to carry out a “major operational activity” in response to the escalation of terror in Judea and Samaria.

Several Gazans Injured During Violent Rampage along Border

Hundreds of Gazans descended on the security fence, launching explosive devices toward Israeli territory.

Another Day, Another Gaza Drone Shot Down

As with Sunday's incident, it's not yet clear which terrorist organization was responsible for the launch.

Iron Dome Intercepts Gaza Terror Drone

"The UAV did not pose a threat to residents of southern Israel, and no alerts were activated according to protocol," the IDF said.

Gaza Strip Young Man Dies Defending Mother Russia Against Ukraine

Rami al-Farra died "in Russia during a missile attack."

Defense Ministry Inspectors Foil Smugglers Bringing Drones to Gaza

Israeli inspectors have foiled numerous attempts to smuggle weapons and military equipment into Gaza since the Hamas terrorist organization seized control over the enclave.

7 Gazans Sentenced to Death for ‘Collaboration’ with Israel

Those who were condemned to die allegedly were paid by Israel to provide names, phone numbers, addresses and sites of weapon caches belonging to Gaza terrorists.

Protests Rage Across Gaza, Hamas Repressing the Masses with Violence

In a procession in Nuseirat, the participants chanted, "Shame, shame, the people are the victims."

Hamas and Islamic Jihad Struggle for Influence Over Gaza Mosques

This week dozens of Hamas’s “Restraint Police,” stormed Rafah’s Al Awda mosque, which is considered one of the centers of power for the Islamic Jihad and a meeting place for its operatives.

Netanyahu’s Permit to Develop Gaza’s Natural Gas Field Starts Clashes bet. Hamas & PA

Hamas is demanding a share of the revenues before they are transferred to Ramallah.

Israel Green-Lights Gaza Offshore Gas Field

Tzachi HaNegbi said the plan will only be implemented if Hamas releases its Israeli hostages.

Top Israeli Security Expert Releases New Gaza Victory Plan

The author attempts for the first time to examine and challenge the assumptions behind accepting an Islamist statelet committed to its destruction on its southern border.

Egypt Working on ‘Long-Term’ Plan for Gaza Strip

Cairo would take a broader role in the economy and Israel would get "quiet."

Israel Releases Brother of Commander Whose Terror Squad Snatched Hadar Goldin’s Body

Yosef Masoud is a member of the Izz a-Din Al-Qassam battalion -- the military wing of Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist organization.

Israel Suspends Qatari Payments to Gaza Families

Israel is reportedly suspending the payments to keep the money from reaching the hands of Hamas, which is backed by Iran.

Qatari Envoy Arrives in Gaza via Erez Crossing

For years, Qatar has been providing local Gaza families with stipends of $100 per month.

How the Gaza Ceasefire Unfolded With Iran’s Consent

No one came to Islamic Jihad's aid, so they were forced to concede.


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