Report: NGOs Aiding Terrorists in the Gaza Strip

The NGOs have been helping Hamas claim that their dead terrorists were innocent civilians, or that civilians killed by Hamas were killed by Israel.

IDF Attacks in Gaza in Retaliation for Incendiary Balloon Fires

The Israeli government continues to resist the renewal of cash payments from Qatar to the tune of some $30 million a month.

Dozens Quit CUNY Faculty Union over Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel Resolution

Eugene M. Chudnovsky, Distinguished Professor of Physics at Lehman College and the Graduate School of CUNY, took offense at calling Israel “a settler-colonial state.”

Gantz Orders Israeli Defense Officials to Develop Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism

The mechanism will somehow closely supervise building projects in the coastal enclave and analyze the activities of border crossings.

Palestinian Authority Blocking UN-Qatar Aid to Gaza

Under the plan, "Qatari grant funds will be transferred through the United Nations to be distributed to poor families in the Gaza Strip."

No More Cash Suitcases: Israel, Egypt, Want Hamas to Approve Qatari Money Transfers Via...

The Lapid-Bennett government must be challenged to show that it's not just code for cash to pay Hamas employees.

Lapid, Shukri Discuss Humanitarian Aid to Gaza, Hamas Terrorism & Israeli Captives

The two men also discussed ways to strengthen the security of the State of Israel in the face of terrorist threats.

UN Condemns Use of Human Shields, a Win for Israel Against Hamas

"Terrorists must not be allowed to use schools, homes, and hospitals to shield their murderous activities."

Hamas Demands Its Members be Added to List of Families Supported by Qatari Grants

The PA has no way to determine who in Gaza actually receives the Qatari money.

IDF Attacks Hamas Terror Sites in Gaza, Retaliation for Arson Terror

"In response to the arson balloon fire towards Israeli territory today IDF fighter jets struck a weapons manufacturing site belonging to Hamas."

Lapid-Bennett Government Decides: No More Qatari Cash Suitcases to Gaza

Perhaps Israel should set some of those cash suitcases on fire right outside the border fence.

Bennett to New IDF Officers: Next Time We’ll Be ‘More Lethal’

Hamas has warned that should it receive a negative response from Israel, it plans to "put pressure on Israel." Here's hoping Bennett would respond "more lethally."

IDF Retaliates for Incendiary Balloons, Bombs Hamas Weapons Manufacturing Facility

Is no one going to ask how blowing up some Hamas building is going to stop the next arson?

Hamas Tests the Limits With More Incendiary Balloons Across Border

“A fire investigator … determined that all fires were caused by incendiary balloons.”

Hamas and Israeli Teams in Cairo for Negotiations on Long-Term Ceasefire

Hamas’s arrival in Cairo occurred as an Israeli delegation arrived in the Egyptian capital, for the second time in a week.

COGAT: Okay to Resume Fuel Deliveries to Gaza — and More

“The decision was made following a security assessment . . . and is conditional upon the preservation of security stability,”

Left-Wingers Grieving over Adams’ Projected Win Because He Loves Israel

There's no doubt Mondoweiss and the American left are angry. They were sure AOC's choice for Mayor, Wiley, would win the race.

Israel Increases Gaza Fishing Zone, OKs Import of Raw Materials

Relaxation of civilian restrictions is conditioned upon the continued stability of the security environment.

Nearly Half of Gaza Casualties Linked to Terror Groups

The center said at least 48 percent of those killed in Gaza were associated with terrorist organizations.

Hamas Leader in Gaza Demands Immediate Transfer of Qatari Cash

A delay in receiving money would lead to a security escalation, said Yahya Sinwar during a meeting with the U.N.’s envoy to the Middle East.

Hamas’ Sinwar Threatens New Escalation Unless Qatari Cash Delivered to Gaza

DM Gantz: "What was, will not be. If Hamas has not yet understood this, we will make sure they do understand."

Bennett-Lapid-Gantz Are Losing the New Gaza War to Hamas

If Bennett-Ganz-Lapid had killed a squad or two of balloon-fliers, the nightmare would have ended.

Hamas: ‘There Will Be a Response’ to Israeli Air Strikes in Gaza

“The resistance will not allow Israel to impose new rules of war."

‘Heavy’ IDF Retaliation in Gaza for Hamas Arson Balloon Attacks on Israel

At least 48 fires were ignited in southern Israel by Hamas arson/explosive balloons over the past three days.

Israel Warns Hamas: ‘Operation Guardian of the Walls 2.0 Approaches’

Israel’s new political-security cabinet will convene Sunday for the first time under Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

PA Minister Held Up by Hamas for 3 Hours at Gaza Border

It is not clear why Hamas detailed the Ramallah government minister.

Fruit Orchards, Wheat Fields, Forests Burn After Gaza Arson Attacks

Also Tuesday, a bomb attached to a terror balloon exploded in mid-air above a kindergarten in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council district.


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