A Hearty Good Riddance: Trevor Noah Leaves the Daily Show

I stopped watching Trevor Noah on May 12, 2021, because of this monologue.

After Hezbollah, Hamas Demanding Rights to Offshore Gas Fields

Hamas is demanding “rights to Palestine’s natural resources.”

Hamas Executes 5 Gazans for Treason and Murder

The executions required the signature of Abu Mazen, but Hamas didn't wait for it.

IDF Exposes Which Gazans Helped Islamic Jihad Fire Rockets Which Killed Gazans

These Gazans let Islamic Jihad launch rockets from their homes and property which killed and injured multiple Gazans.

Gaza Child Killed When Explosives Improperly Stored in Residential Home Detonate

The home in Khan Younis belonged to a member of a Gazan terrorist group, according to the Israeli military.

Gaza Child Killed in Explosion at Terrorist’s Home

A nine-year-old girl was killed in the blast, caused by improperly stored weapons at the home of a terrorist, the IDF said.

Israel Grants Another 1,500 Work Permits to Gazan Arabs

This new move comes just weeks after the ending of Operation Breaking Dawn against the Islamic Jihad in the Strip.

Israel Thwarts Smuggling of 13 Tons of Fish and Seafood from Gaza

The goods from the Gaza Strip were on their way to distribution inside Israel.

IDF Neutralizes Hamas Terror Tunnel

It was revealed for publication that the IDF discovered a Hamas terror tunnel in northern Gaza, during Operation Breaking Shield.

NYT said to Cut Gaza Stringer Loose for Urging Murder of Israelis

The paper reportedly severed ties with Fady Hanona after a pro-Israel advocacy and media watchdog uncovered his anti-Semitic social media posts.

Smuggling of 13 Tons of Sea Food from Gaza Thwarted

The Ministry of Agriculture emphasizes that in order to protect public health, and according to law, it is prohibited to sell animal products from Gaza in Israel because it is not possible to monitor the entire breeding and production chain there.

Gazan Exports to Israel to Increase by 500% Over 2020 Totals

After a brief stoppage of trade during Operation Breaking Dawn, it’s back to business as usual.

Israel Returns to Helping Gaza After Operation Breaking Dawn

Exports from the enclave to Palestinian Authority citizens living in Judea and Samaria are expected to rise by 27 percent this year.

Watch: IDF Halts Tank Fire When Child Enters Terror Target Zone

During Operation Breaking Dawn, an IDF tank was about to destroy an Islamic Jihad terrorist lookout position, when...

Iran Pushing the Violence from Gaza, Israeli Defense Minister Warns

The Islamic Jihad terror organization “has an open tab in Iran.”

In Spat with Hamas, PA Refusing to Pay Medical Bill for Gazans Wounded in...

The Palestinian Authority wants Hamas to pay for its citizens' medical treatment.

The Day After: 15 Gazans Killed by Failed Terrorist Rockets, 35 by IDF Fire

Israel was unafraid to squeeze the Gazans when it came to halting humanitarian support during the clashes.

Lapid: Goals Achieved, No Point in Continuing Operation; Rocket Fire Continues Past Ceasefire Deadline

A ceasefire agreement was reportedly set to take place at 8 pm local time, but there was no PIJ confirmation and the terror group kept firing rockets at Israeli civilians.

Third Time’s a Charm? Palestinian Islamic Jihad Says Ceasefire to Start 11:30 PM

Israel has rejected PIJ's demands to release Bassam al-Saadi, the group's commander in Jenin, taken into custody last week.

Gazans Angered by Islamic Jihad Rockets Misfiring and Exploding Inside Strip

Gazan's are being pressured to not post photos and videos from the deaths caused by Islamic Jihad.

Over 100 Israeli Properties Damaged in Islamic Jihad Bombings

The Israeli Tax Authority is responsible for compensating the owners.

Report: Islamic Jihad Rocket Kills Another 2 Gazans

Between six to nine Gazans have been killed by rockets fired by Islamic Jihad since Friday.

Operation Breaking Dawn Day 3: PIJ Rocket Barrages, Ceasefire Proposals, Terror Echelon Eliminated

IDF fighter pilots struck more than 140 PIJ terror targets in Gaza, killing about 30 people, including the entire PIJ security echelon.

Israel Confirms Comprehensive Ceasefire Negotiations via Egypt

Israel Police sources say current intelligence indicates that riots are not expected to break out in Israel’s mixed cities.

UN Official Expresses ‘Deep Concern’ Over Elimination of Senior Islamic Jihad Terrorist

Within the first 180 seconds of the operation, fighter jets and drones targeted and killed 15 Islamic Jihad operatives, including Taysir al-Jabari, commander of the Islamic Jihad’s northern division.

What is Operation Breaking Dawn About?

Islamic Jihad threatened war after their chief in Jenin was arrested.

Operation ‘Breaking Dawn’: IDF Takes Out Islamic Jihad Leadership in Gaza

The IDF took out the two highest-ranking Islamic Jihad commanders in Gaza.

Rockets Intercepted Over Jerusalem

The Red Alert sirens went off in Jerusalem, just around 8:14 AM on Sunday.

PIJ’s Southern Gaza Terror Chief Killed in IAF Air Strike

The Israel Air Force killed multiple senior PIJ commanders since the start of Operation Breaking Dawn on Friday.


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