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Moshe Feiglin and Benjamin Netanyahu

OK, about the results of the Likud Primaries. I was right about one thing. Feiglin hadn’t a chance. His supporters kept trying to convince me that he was increasing his power in the Likud, but the truth is as shown in election results, that he’s just a postscript in Israeli politics.

Naftali Bennett’s success in changing the NRP and remaking it proves that Feiglin was barking up the wrong tree, trying to remake the wrong party. If you know anything about sewing or fabrics, it would be like trying to make a formal tuxedo out of chiffon. Chiffon just doesn’t hold its shape, and the Likud isn’t going to be the ideological party that Feiglin claimed it could be. And to be honest I think that Bennett may be  opening up his NRP aka Bayit Yehudi, Jewish Home too much. I’m not quite sure what it stands for. It reminds me, lehavdil–to differentiate– how Tzachi Hanegbi campaigned for Kadima, calling it a “Supermarket,” where you can find all sorts of opinions.


It’s late at night, and I just came home from work and must work again tomorrow, so…

I think that Bibi Netanyahu must be pretty pleased with the results of the primaries. He’s the undisputed leader and many of his more reliable followers got high placements. That’s the good news for him. The bad news for him is that the pro-Feiglin voters will look for another party, either NRP or further Right or Chareidi. He and his team must find replacement voters. It’s going to get harder and harder to present themselves as Right, because after so many years of Center-Left policies, even many die-hard Likudniks (and the Feiglin supporters) realize they’ve been had!



  1. Batya, you are obviously correct that Feiglin didn't take over the Likud. This was not a hard prediction to make.
    However, you then contradicted yourself. On one hand, you said that Bennett has shown Feiglin to be incorrect, as he has built up Bayit Yehudi. You then point out correctly that you're 'not sure about Bennett". You're not sure about Bennett? He is literally to the left of Rabin's positions! He supports giving 40% of J&S to the Arabs for an indefinite period, while at the same time giving them millions of dollars for them to build up their governmental institutions so that they can be ready to be a state, and so that we can have that Peresian "economic peace" with them. Bennett is a complete sellout. If he were to have stayed loyal to Eretz Yisrael and still gained such traction, then you could compare him to Feiglin. However, Bennett is simply Bibi with a kippah.
    Why do you go out of your way to criticize everything Feiglin does and almost give a complete pass to Bennett who ordered his entire Knesset list to abstain on a bill which would have ended Oslo (according to Livni), whereas the only MK in the coalition who voted for this bill was Feiglin.
    Now that he's out of Likud you can stop your irrational Feiglin-bashing.

  2. If the powers that be in Likud, Netanyahu and his lackeys, conspire to minimize Feiglin's influence in then party so that he is no longer in Knesset, then it is Likud's loss and Netanyahu's loss. The Jewish leadership Israel needs will never come from Netanyahu and his corps of secular centrists and center-leftists masquerading as nationalists.

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