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Ze’ev Jabotinsky the founder of Betar and Revisionist Zionism was a great writer and speaker and multi-linguist. If he was alive today, he’s probably adore the possibilities of the internet and social media. No doubt he’d blog in a multitude of languages. Jabo would also have a busy youtube account.

Jabotinsky would have been right next to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Paris urging all the Jews there to make aliyah. And Livni-Herzog and the other Leftist Israelis would be telling everyone not to listen to him, just like David Ben-Gurion said way back when… Someone I know came back from Paris recently, horrified that the rabbis were telling their congregants “not to make aliyah to Israel, since the Jewish education in France is better.” And I guess the cemeteries are prettier, too….


I guess it’s time for Jabotinsky’s Betar to come back to life, 21st Century style. And that is davka the plan: BETAR

Betar is the world-wide Zionist youth movement that refuses to be silent, and as our founder Ze’ev Jabotinsky wrote: “Silence is despicable.” Now, almost 100 years after its creation in 1923, Betar USA is taking our tradition of standing up and speaking out to a whole new level. Introducing Betar News!

Our students are putting together informational videos plus a weekly newscast by students and for students, but for adults as well. We will not just present news, but also promote Israel tourism and fight the Israel boycotters by promoting great Israeli products and technology you can use.

Thanks to one of our supports, Betar can borrow 80% of the equipment needed, including the professional camera, professional lights, a professional video editing computer and more. We do, however, need a few things to produce a quality newscast. While we are borrowing more than $20,000 in equipment, we need $3,856 of our own equipment to properly launch, and we will implement the improvements as money is donated. Right now we are using a drop-cloth as a backdrop, so our first need is a workable backdrop and stand. We also need, in order, good light stands so we don’t trip and fall over flimsy lightweight stands with hot bulbs (a safety issue); a pair of matching wireless microphones so two people can be on the set at the same time; a microphone we can use overhead to ensure sound quality; microphone storage cases to protect the investment when not in use, two lighting wall mounts and two small lights to fill in shadows.

By our calculations, we need $3,856 to reach our goal getting us properly started, and that includes all shipping charges. If we are blessed by exceeding that goal, we will buy a desk for our news anchors to sit behind, build a better set than our starter hanging banner as a backdrop, buy our own camera and cables, plus a few other items so we can stand on our own. Right now though, we need your help to make the basic newscasts a reality. This new project is not yet tax deductible because we don’t even have the money for the IRS paperwork, but we need to start somewhere. Please help restart Betar ( USA.

Please support our campaign here:


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