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I’d say double wrong.

  • Wrong #1 is to label the Likud and Prime Minister Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu as promoting Right wing policies.
  • Wrong #2 are their policies.
At times, like when campaigning or for the right media effect, they talk the talk. But push comes to shove, once the cameras are down and it comes to real policy, not theoretical, they don’t walk the walk. In old cowboy and indian movies, they’d be described as having “forked tongues.”
After just too many years of Likud-led coalition, I’d say that all the Likud MKs and ministers are the same. None have quit in disgust; their obvious ambition overrides their supposed principles. Coalition partner Yvette-Avigdor Lieberman may try to give the impression of being a tough fighter, but the only thing he really fights for is his own personal power. Some of his policy statements/proposals are even worse than Bibi’s.
Unfortunately, the Jewish Home, formerly NRP, is proving itself more Yosef Burg, than the principled patriotic pro-Jewish Rights and Sovereignty in the Land of Israel that most of its voters had been hoping for.
The wily Bibi Netanyahu made his coalition partners sign a contract that was more reminiscent of Dorian Gray than what their voters had voted for.
The backtracking on security cameras for Arab Muslims is outrageously embarrassing. Simple logic, where’s the common sense? The previous policy which policed and inspected everyone but Arab Muslims entering and wandering around the Temple Mount was inexcusable. I’m sure that all of the police and soldiers and their loved ones stationed  on the Temple Mount were relieved once those metal detectors were in use. But within a couple of days, Bibi folded, melted showed the world and the Arab terrorists that he does not care about the security of the State of Israel. Each time something like this has happened, many of us expect, or pray, that the coalition will break up and that we’ll see politicians with principles.
I guess that “politicians with principles” is an oxymoron.
What a way to enter Tisha b’Av…
  • Gd willing, there will be a miracle, and we’ll finally have a true, reliable Jewish Leader who fears nobody but Gd Almighty.
  • Gd willing, there will be a miracle, and we’ll finally have a leader who will impose fully Israeli Sovereignty over the Entire Land of Israel.
That is the only way we will achieve PEACE.
Tzom Kal
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