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Everyone is so quick to condemn Jews, apologize for alleged “price tag” attacks and even for totally legitimate defensive actions. After the 1967 Six Days War, there was a brilliant book of satire with a title that is as applicable now as it was then, “So Sorry We Won,” By Ephraim Kishon and illustrated by Dosh Kariel Gardosh. There’s something so dangerously fokokt in the Israeli and Jewish psyche, that we can’t properly defend ourselves. We’re embarrassed when we win and sabotage our own security and good name.

Not long ago there was a fire in a mosque, and of course it was… blamed on Jews– “Price tag” the Arabs, the Israeli media, politicians, religious leaders and all sorts of foreigners were so quick to condemn Jews for the fire. And here in Israel, there were also apologies for the despicable act.

The wave of incitement and violence made clear that the Palestinians were the aggressors, and the Israelis were the victims. No wonder Israel’s critics in the international news media seemed almost gleeful when they heard the news of a fire-bombing at a West Bank mosque. Here was the ammunition they needed to construct a new narrative — a chance to “prove” that the Palestinians weren’t the only violent aggressors. A major article in the international news section of The New York Times on Nov. 12 announced: “Further charging the atmosphere at a time of heightened Israeli-Palestinian tensions and religious friction, a mosque in a village in the West Bank was damaged overnight in what was said to be an arson attack, and a firebomb was thrown at an old synagogue in an Arab town in northern Israel, the police said.” “Said to be an arson attack?” Said by whom? Well, actually it was the mayor of Ramallah, Faraj al-Naassaneh, whose sole basis for calling it arson was that “only Jewish settlers would do this.”


Jews and Israelis all over were so quick to apologize and condemn, but no surprise the guilty party was a heater that malfunctioned and caused the fire.

Have you heard any apologies?

More foreign leaders condemned the fire in the mosque than have condemned the attack, the burning firebomb aka Molotov cocktail thrown on the car of the Jewish father and daughter the other night that has the eleven year old fighting for her life. And G-d willing she’ll survive and then have to deal with complicated plastic surgery. Even here in Israel there have been fewer condemnations of the Arabs who attacked Ayala Shapiro, please pray for Ayelet bat Rut, than there were condemnations of the so-called “price tag terrorists” sic.

Thank G-d, at least the terrorists have been captured, arrested and already confessed their crime.

According to their statements, the two, armed with Molotov cocktails, walked along a road leading from Ma’ale Shomron to Matan with the intention of firebombing Israeli vehicles.
They waited on the side of the road, and lit a Molotov cocktail after seeing Israeli vehicles pass through. One car caught fire, and the suspects then fled back to Azoun, the Shin Bet said.

We shouldn’t hold Arab terrorists in jail, feed them, educate them and then end up releasing them. IMHO all Arab terrorists should get the death penalty.


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