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Yitzchak Herzog and Tzipi Livni of the Zionist Union

Not for the first time, the Labor Party, recently renamed as “Zionist sic Camp,” is using the services of an American Democratic Party campaign expert.

According to media reports, one of the prime architects of President Bill Clinton’s political victories, Paul Begala, is arriving in Israel to consult for the campaign of the Zionist Camp party led by Yitzhak Herzog. By all accounts, they can use that help.  (Newsweek)

You may remember that the dangerous and embarrassing fleeing that the IDF did from Southern Lebanon was the result of Ehud Barak’s American Democratic Party campaign expert. Barak did manage to become Prime Minister after pledging to flee withdraw from Southern Lebanon, but the actual results and pictures of our soldiers running scared and abandoning valuable equipment as a parting gift to the terrorists there turned the stomachs and opinions of many Israelis against Barak.


There seems to be is a lot of American money and know-how being used in the anti-Netanyahu campaign. The V15 Campaign is American funded and aims to get Herzog-Livni in the Prime Minister’s office anyway they can.

I’m sticking with the simplest and most moralistic take on all this.


That’s my take in the most benign words I can think of.

The election polls on Jeremy’s site show a pretty steady 70 vs 50, Right Center vs Left for coalition possibilities, but that only hold true if Kahlon and the Chareidim stick with “Bibi only” as Prime Minister. Labor-Livni is counting on finding the price to convince them to crown Herzog-Livni. That’s their aim. The only problem there is that there is very bad blood between the chareidim and Lapid. I doubt if Herzog-Livni has the political skills to achieve such a coalition.

We still have over a month until elections. Just like the last five minutes in sports, almost anything can happen!

J Street’s anti-Netanyahu ad, “No, Mr. Netanyahu, You Do Not Speak For Me.” Carefully gauged to hit the hot button of American Jews who resent anyone pre-empting their right self-determination in the political arena. The manipulation is slick and subtle, missed by many.



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  1. Please my Jewish friends do not let yourselves be deceived by Obama and the demons he has sent to do his bidding. He is a liar and can not tell the truth. He calls himself the Maideam that is to come and kill all jews. He has desrotyed this country and want’s the same for Israel. Mr. Bibi is a good man and is doing what is best for Israel. If Obama is against you then you know you are on the right path. Keep Bibi in as PM. Shalom

  2. You’re all a pack of woosey stupid wankers.
    Obama received the vote of 4.6 million Jews (5 times more than Likud) making him the authorative voice of global Jews.
    All you Zionists WILL LEAVE Judaism and take your BS away from us forever.
    Go and Masada yourselves out of our planet.
    You’re an unwanted pest

  3. BH – Or should we call you Mohamed or Achbar? You do not represent Jewry. And most Jews are now regretting voting for Odumber (I didn’t vote for him either time). I’m a Zionist and an Orthodox Jew and you haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about.

  4. Obama wants to destory Israel like he does America he is a muslim that is why he want call muslims terrorist,Obama should be able to be brought up on charges 4 interfering in another countrys election ,it should be againest the law , Obama wants Netanyahu beat and a puppet put in Israel so he can tell them what to do , He cann’t make Netanyahu do what he wants ,Obama has sold Israel down the river 4 murdering Muslims Iran he is letting them get nuclear that why he donn’t want Netanyahu to come and speak to USA congress he doesn’t want congress to find out every thing.God will punish Obama and america 4 turning againest Israel. GOD SAID I WILL BLESS THOSE THAT BLESS ISRAEL AND CURSE THOSE THAT CURSE ISRAEL SO AMERICA U BETTER LOOK OUT .GOD ALSO PUNISH EUROPE 4 TURNING AGAINEST ISRAEL ALSO 4 THEIR MURDERING MUSLIMS.

  5. But President Obama calls foul on Bibi’s speech to Congress, claiming that it demonstrates an implied American approval of Bibi’s candidacy for Prime Minister, while sending funded political campaign advisors to assist his opposition doesn’t constitute interference?

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