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The color burgundy reminds us that our life experiences are full of precious moments that deserve to be noticed and savored.

Has someone given you a smile? Then enjoy the moment to its maximum and smile back!


Have you received a promotion? Again, live the moment and really concentrate on the happiness you’re feeling right then and there.

Did you see something beautiful today? Perhaps you heard that song you like so much or saw an interesting bird or maybe a beautiful piece of art? If so, live the moment. You deserve the best.

Give yourself permission to enjoy the best life can offer.

If you’re reading these lines, it means you can see, and that alone is already a great miracle which deserves appreciation and a feeling of joy.

If for no other reason, surround yourself with the color burgundy in order to remember how valuable and unique your life actually is.


Purple is a color that unites two contradictory colors: red and blue, as in bravery and calm.

Purple is the harmonious link between these two concepts. It makes us stop for a moment and really think whether all our daily rushes are all that necessary.

Perhaps that’s a reason why the lavender plant is light purple. Lavender has many soothing properties related to aiding sleep and relaxation.

Nobody can stop his or her active mind and body all at once, the calmness has to come slowly and in a harmonious way. That’s where the color purple, similar to the lavender plant, comes in. It soothes the mind, calms the body and even relaxes the soul.

Add some light purple elements to your home or office environment, as it will help you slow down when necessary, and maybe think twice before taking that risky attitude you were just contemplating.

Hope you enjoyed our blog today!

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