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    Fall 2013 Trends

    Do we have the patience to listen and acknowledge others?

    Notes from the Shmata Gang

    Who is considered a fashion designer? Can you be a designer? Remember that designers do not need to know how to sew, draw, cut…

    The Beautiful Pear

    If your hip measurement is larger than your bustline, you’re probably a pear shaped woman.

    Fashion in the Town of Chelm

    Have you never bought the wrong clothing just because it was on sale?

    Looking in the Hourglass

    Your upper and lower bodice measurements are well balanced, but you still have to pay attention…

    Rectangles Have all the Fun

    The waist is usually straight and the silhouette is athletic.

    Wearing Colors Can Really Change our Lives

    I love wearing black! There, I said it! It’s practical, fast and it matches everything. In fact, my wardrobe was once a paradise for the...

    The Glitzy World of Inverted Triangles

    It’s always inspiring to see a woman dressing well, it makes us all feel respected.

    Wearing Colors to Change our Lives

    You can use color knowledge to your advantage. It’s a very pleasant experience.

    Happiness Is Knowing your Body Type

    Lise Watier, Canada's authority on cosmetics, said in a recent interview: “I was sure of myself inside and insecure outside.”

    If You Knew your Body Type, You’d Be a Happy Dresser

    Experienced and professional Fashion Styling is the art that could help.


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