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Arieh King in a newly reclaimed home in Nachalat Shimon . Sept. 12, 2017

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Arieh King of the Israel Land Fund gave us a tour of Nachalat Shimon neighborhood, and the Jewish homes and land in that neighborhood that are being reclaimed by and for their Jewish owners.


It’s possible to reclaim them, as the ownership of these homes and lands are uncontested. They are listed in black and white in the Tabu, the official land registry.

The house that we were shown was originally purchased in 1926 by a Yemenite family. They were forced to run away in 1948.

On Thursday, a 93-year-old woman, currently living in Jerusalem, will be visiting this home. It’s a special moment for her, as she was born in this house and grew up there.

King who has purchased the surrounding land from the Jewish owners plans to tear down the old structures and build hundreds of apartments for Jewish families.