Arab Suspect Indicted for Torching Rabbanit Lior’s Car

The original indictment charged Abu Ghanam with arson, two counts of attempted arson, manufacturing weapons, and racially motivated malicious vehicular vandalism.

Watch: Waqf Truck Unloads Garbage inside the Temple mount

Needless to say, pouring heaps of garbage openly, in broad daylight, is the least of the damage and desecration caused by this inherently antisemitic group.

Hebrew U Study: Desert Regions Best Predictors of Climate Change in Wet Areas

These results can be incorporated into models to simulate how nature will function under drier or hotter conditions.

Terrorist Killed, 19 Arrested in Mista’arvim Raid in Eastern Jerusalem

The terrorist received medical treatment on the spot by the unit's paramedic, was then evacuated to a military hospital, and later pronounced dead.

Eastern Jerusalem Arabs Celebrate the Mt. Zion Attack

In the Shuafat neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem, fireworks were set off as a sign of support for the terrorist.

Tzitzit Saved Life of Bus Crash Victim

"I was in the right place at the right time to help. I used what I had on me and I improvised just like we are taught in training. Today that lesson saved a life.”

Old City Terrorist Surrenders at Police Station

Police held a massive manhunt all night for the terrorist.

Terror Victim Undergoes Emergency Birth to Save Baby, Visiting NY Family Shot

A Satmar Chassid from the US is in a coma. His wife and children were wounded.

Mother and 2 Daughters Killed after Bus Plows through the Crowd on Busy Jerusalem...

It appears that the driver was Jewish and the event was not a terrorist attack.

Eastern Jerusalem Land Purchased by Jews in Early 20th Century Reverts to State Ownership

Seeking more affordable housing, a group of Jewish residents of Jerusalem bought land near Abu Dis in 1924. However, the 1929 riots quashed their plans, and only recently have researchers discovered proof of purchase.

Archaeologists Identify Location of Roman Ballista that Penetrated Jerusalem’s Wall in 70 CE

The exposed Roman arsenal includes hundreds of ballista stones that were launched using sophisticated machines to a distance of 100–400 yards.

Rockets Intercepted Over Jerusalem

The Red Alert sirens went off in Jerusalem, just around 8:14 AM on Sunday.

Hamas Warns Jews not to Ascend to Temple Mount on 9 B’Av, Calls on...

The Muslims understand full well the value of the Temple Mount.

Technical Glitch Gives Dozens a Free Vacation in Jerusalem

Ibis Hotel CEO: "I am happy for the dozens of joyous people who won a room in a great hotel in Jerusalem, almost free, during the most-requested time of the year. "

Rockland County Polio Connected to Jerusalem Samples

There is no cure for polio, but it is preventable through safe and effective vaccination.

First Responders Rescue Man Who Collapsed in Kfar HaShiloah

"It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I haven’t found anywhere else.”

Jared Kushner’s Book: Bibi Was So Cheerless About Jerusalem Declaration, Trump Almost Nixed It

If Netanyahu was less than enthusiastic about the Jerusalem declaration, he had one profound reason: Jared Kushner.

Israeli Soldier Injured in Counterterrorism Op Near Jerusalem

Terrorists threw Molotov cocktails, stones, marble slabs, and heavy objects, and poured gallons of oil on the security forces from the roof of a mosque,

Report: Rabbi Eliezer Melamed Met with Conservative Leaders to Avoid Kotel Violence on 9...

Rabbi Melamed said that if more people wish to pray in a mixed group, “the authorities will increase and expand the Ezrat Israel section for them as needed."

Shaked Defies Lapid, Authorizes Committee Hearing on Building 2,000 Housing Units in Eastern Jerusalem

As an interim head of a caretaker government, Lapid can’t fire any of his ministers.

Independent Arab List Sponsored by Fatah Running in Jerusalem Municipality Elections

Nearly 20,000 residents of eastern Jerusalem have Israeli citizenship.

Ben Shapiro Ascends Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

Ben Shapiro has visited the Temple Mount during past visits. "You can't come to Israel and not visit the Temple Mount," he said.

Women Scholars Gather in Jerusalem for First Seminar on Leadership in Torah and Halakha

We were treated to a range of master classes with some of the greatest women Torah scholars of our generation.

25 Injured in Bus Crash on Jerusalem Highway

"Firefighters were active at the scene and extracted 38 people from the bus,."

David Friedman and Mike Pompeo Travel Through Original Bible Belt for New Documentary

“It’s not just about winning military battles. It’s about having moral footings that come with being a believer in following a religious path,” said former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.


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