Democratic Republic of Congo President Felix Tshisekedi Announces Embassy Move to Jerusalem

President Tshisekedi said Israel will open an embassy in Kinshasa, Congo’s capitol.

WATCH: Erev Yom Kippur Selichot Ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

"These prayers unite the entire spectrum of the Jewish people in this emotional month, at the place that unifies us."

Muslims Irate after Jews Blow Shofar on Temple Mount on Rosh Hashanah

All of which stands to show you that the Arabs already know the Jews are coming. Now, someone must tell the Jews.

Terrorist Neutralized in Jerusalem-Gush Etzion’s Mizmoriya Checkpoint

The terrorist attempted to stab the Border Police at the checkpoint.

Autonomous Helicopter Taxi Makes First Test Flight over Jerusalem

The trial was made possible by a 60 million shekel ($15.7 million) project known as the Israel National Drone Initiative.

Jerusalem Synagogues to Get Extra Protection for Holidays

There have been 19 terrorist attacks in Jerusalem alone since the beginning of the year. Most of the terrorists were younger than 20.

US, EU Condemn Israeli Plans for Jewish Neighborhood in Abu Dis

The district planning committee met to advance the project into the final stages.

Using Gloves and Wooden Tools, Staff Remove Thousands of Notes from Western Wall Ahead...

"May this year and its curses end and may the new year and its blessings begin - grant peace to the land, peace and unity is our common request.”

Smotrich to Court President Hayut at the Freedom Rally: You Can End the Crisis

The coalition is packing two effective weapons against an unprecedented power grab by the court.

Israeli Arab School Set on Fire in Eastern Jerusalem

The school, which was recently targeted by Arab gunmen, is one of four new institutions that will prepare Arab students for Israeli high school matriculation.

Terror Stabbing at Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate

Two people have been wounded in the terror attack.

Papua New Guinea Opens Jerusalem Embassy

“I was very moved when I heard your (the Papua New Guinea) anthem,” Netanyahu said addressing the delegation from that nation. “I heard the words ‘prayer’ and ‘hope’.

Watch: Female Terrorist Arrested in Attack Near Lion’s Gate, No Injuries

There has been an upswing in the number of terrorist attacks against Israelis in recent months.

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor’s Family Attacked by Terrorists in Jerusalem

Aryeh King's family was driving home when they came under a rock barrage.

PA Terrorists Open Fire on Arab School Using Israeli Curriculum

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed “militia” of P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction, claimed responsibility for the shooting.

Archaeologists Stymied by King Jehoash and Amaziah’s Mysterious Jerusalem Canals

"The mystery only thickened when we found the second facility to the south."

Longest Section of Jerusalem’s Upper Aqueduct Revealed at Givat HaMatos

The length of the section is about 300 meters, and it was uncovered in the excavations ahead of the neighborhood’s expansion.

Papua New Guinea Opening Jerusalem Embassy Next Week

The decision was made back in February of this year, after a phone call between Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and his Papua New Guinean counterpart, Justin Tkatchenko.

Sierra Leone to Open Embassy in Jerusalem

The legation is set to be the seventh in the Israeli capital.

Watch: Police Tackle Armed Man in Old City of Jerusalem

With cameras and guns waving, a policeman tackled the armed man.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Calls for an Action Plan Against Hate at Jerusalem Interfaith...

Adams met a group of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian religious leaders representing a diverse range of communities that comprise Israel's vibrant social fabric.

Israel’s Cabinet Approves NIS 3.2 Billion Budget for Eastern Jerusalem

"United Jerusalem is not a slogan, it is a responsibility," said Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich.

Uruguay to Open Diplomatic Office in Jerusalem

The new office will work to promote cooperation in the field of innovation, according to the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Paraguay to Return Embassy to Jerusalem

Paraguayan President Santiago Peña is to attend the official reopening ceremony in Jerusalem, scheduled to take place by the end of the year.

Watch: Bus Driver Brutally Pushes Haredi Passenger to the Curb

It makes you wonder how many pogroms could have been prevented if people in 1930s Europe had smartphones.

Saudis Seek to Reboot Temple Mount’s Status Quo With Peace Deal

The timing was not accidental when Saudi Arabia announced its ambassador to Jordan will also take on the roles of ambassador to the Palestinian Authority and consul general in eastern Jerusalem.


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