Senator Asks Biden to Clarify if US Sees Jerusalem as Part of ‘West Bank’

"It’s a simple question that I hope the administration can answer clearly and promptly," Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) wrote.

Second Temple Era Mysterious Stone Box Going on Display at Israel Museum

Archaeologist Nachman Avigad jokingly called the object 50 years ago a "nuts and seeds bowl," and the name stuck.

Israeli Injured in Terror Attack at Damascus Gate

There were no casualties in a second attack that took place near the Palestinian Authority village of Husan, near Bethlehem.

Released Hamas-Affiliated Arab Terrorist with Misappropriated Israeli ID Arrested in Jerusalem

The woman had been released from prison as part of the ceasefire deal with Hamas in exchange for Israeli hostages.

Tens of Thousands to Gather at Western Wall for Unity Prayer

During the prayer assembly, Psalms will be recited, along with the afternoon Mincha prayer and Selichot penitential prayers.

Argentina’s President Arrives in Israel, Reiterates Vow to Move Embassy to Jerusalem

"Thank you for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and for now announcing the transfer of the Argentine embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish people and the State of Israel!"

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor at Rally: Kick UNRWA Out of Israel

When UNRWA leaves Jerusalem, the municipality could take over the services currently provided by the UN agency.

Gaza Arab Caught in Central Israel Riding Stolen Motorcycle

It is not clear how the Gazan entered Israel and reached the central region. Nor is it clear whether the suspect has any terrorist ties.

Thousands, including Ministers & MKs, Gather to Declare Oslo and the Gush Katif Expulsion...

“Part of the fixing of the mistake, the recognition of the sin of the conceptzia that led to the expulsion and to October 7, is to return home!”

Israel Lands Authority Demands UNRWA Vacate Illegally Occupied Plot in Jerusalem Area

Among the structures built on the UNRWA site are a school and a memorial honoring Jerusalem-area terrorists.

Terrorist Ordered to Pay NIS 245,000 After Bombing Jewish Home in Jerusalem’s Abu Tor...

The terrorist and his friends hurled a large number of Molotov cocktails at a residential complex of Jewish families in the Abu Tor neighborhood of Jerusalem.

ISIS-Inspired Terrorists Arrested in Jerusalem for Second Time in Month

The two suspects, ages 19 and 20, purchased chemicals to produce explosive devices to use against civilians and security forces in the Jerusalem area.

National Library Receives World’s Largest Collection of Yemenite Jewish Manuscripts

The collection consists of some 45,000 manuscripts and legible fragments.

Join: Yom Kippur Katan Prayer Vigil for the Hostages at the Kotel

The gathered honor the families of the abducted and the injured, and plead for the success of our soldiers to our Heavenly Father.

Jerusalem Approves Enhanced Rehabilitation Village for Disabled IDF Veterans

"At this time, we at the IDF Disabled Organization are preparing to receive an unprecedented amount of IDF wounded."

More Jews Ascended to the Temple Mount During the Gaza War

“So, how has the war, Swords of Iron, affected the ascension to the Temple Mount?”

Here’s Why Homefront Command Says NOT to Touch Rocket Fragments

Sometimes people forget, or their curiosity overcomes their common sense.

Yair Lapid, Hamas, PA and Jordan Call to Prevent Jerusalem Hanukkah March

MK Yair Lapid join the Jordanians, the PA and Hamas in condemning the march.

‘March of the Maccabees’ Thursday 7:30 PM Steps Off at Jerusalem’s IDF Square

Marchers are demanding that the entirety of the Israel's capital city, Jerusalem -- including the Temple Mount compound -- be placed under Jewish control.

Ancient Roof Tiles Associated with King Antiochus’s Rule Discovered in City of David

During a military expedition to Jerusalem in 168 BCE, Antiochus IV erected the Acra fortress either on or just outside the Temple Mount.

Fourth Victim Dies from Jerusalem Terror Attack

The man, a civilian, was one of the people who neutralized the terrorists in the attack.

Multiple Dead, Wounded in Jerusalem Terror Attack

Two terrorists opened fire near a bus stop at the entrance to Jerusalem.

Ben-Gvir to Police: Prevent Terrorist Release Celebrations

"Victory celebrations give backing to those human scum, for those Nazis," the national security minister said.

Jerusalem Arabs Preparing Celebrations for Freed Terrorists

Many of the terrorist were convicted of attempted murder, others said they will try again.

Israeli Arabs Arrested in Turkey on Terror Charges Wanted to ‘Liberate’ Temple Mount

During their stay in Turkey, Janid and Bichon underwent physical and military training, including instruction in the use of firearms, as they prepared to “liberate” the Al-Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem.

Israeli Police Chief: Terrorists ‘Planned to Carry Out a Massacre’

In the vehicle were two M-16 weapons, two guns, hundreds of bullets in bulk, as well as two axes and clothing resembling an Israeli army uniform.

US Envoy Jack Lew Lights Candle at Western Wall for Hamas Victims

Lew expressed his support and solidarity with the groups of soldiers and families who had been evacuated from combat zones and were present at the Western Wall at that time.

1,400 Memorial Candles Lit at Western Wall Marking 30 Days Since Oct. 7 Slaughter

Following the ceremony, worshipers were provided the opportunity to recite their own personal chapters of Psalms next to the lit candles in the memory of their loved ones.


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