Israeli Senior Political Source: Trump Just Gave Us Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria

The source thus created a never-before used (at least not in diplomatic circles) comparison between the Golan Heights and Judea and Samaria, which were also captured in the Six-Day War.

AIPAC 2019: Honduras Announces Plan to ‘Extend’ Embassy to Jerusalem

“Honduras will immediately open our official diplomatic mission – and this will extend our embassy to the capital of Israel, Jerusalem."

Romania Announces Embassy Move to Jerusalem at 2019 AIPAC Policy Conference

“I can promise you this. Romania will remain the same loyal friend and the strongest European voice in support of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.”

In Time for Purim: Persian Period Clay Fragment Depicting Human Face Discovered in Jerusalem

Bes usually appears as a bearded dwarf wearing a feather hat, with a large face, protruding eyes, with his tongue sticking out.

Cheetah Escapes from Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo

Seeing as a cheetah can reach the speed of 120 KPH (75 MPH), it's not difficult to imagine what might have happened then to the visitors' demographics at the zoo.

Court Orders Temporary Closure of Golden Gate on Temple Mount in Jerusalem

The most violent and serious attack took place last Thursday when a terrorist set the Israel Police station afire by throwing a firebomb at a police officer.

Tens of Thousands Set to Race Through Jerusalem in Winner’s Marathon

The route is described as a “challenging, thrilling and unforgettable experience for all runners.”

Israeli Forces Take Down Jerusalem-Area Terror Cell

Six of the terrorists have been indicted in the Ofer Military Court in recent weeks for terrorist acts.

Temple Mount to Reopen Wednesday Morning Following Completion of Search for Weapons

Two Arab youths were arrested and linked to Tuesday’s firebombing attack on the Israel Police station in the central part of the Temple Mount compound.

Search of Temple Mount Reveals Flammables Ready for Use

This is not the first time terrorist weapons have been stockpiled in the mosque for use on the Temple Mount against police and Jews visiting the holy site.

Riots Again on Temple Mount, Israel Police Attacked by Muslim ‘Worshiper’

An Arab attacker hurled a flaming firebomb (Molotov cocktail) at a police station in the compound, injuring one police officer and damaging the police station.

Torture Doesn’t Pay: Court Acquits Defendants in Dormition Abbey Arson

Only last week, the enemies of democracy challenged the candidacy of the Jewish Power Party. Will anyone now disqualify the Blue and White party's Moshe Ya'alon, for trampling democracy with his military boots?Lock him up.

Netanyahu Meets Norwegian FM He Rebuked for Countless Anti-Israel Nuisance Lawsuits

"As many cases as possible are registered and as many cases as possible are appealed to increase the workload of the courts and the High Court to such an extent that there will be a blockage.”

Myriad Haredim Clash with Reform, Women of the Wall, on Rosh Chodesh Adar

WOW demanded the use of the PA system. Needless to say, the request – which was tantamount to asking firefighters for a light – was rejected by Rabbi Rabinovitch.

Hebrew U Reveals 110 New Einstein Manuscript Pages

Einstein’s cousin Karen Cortell Reisman flew in from Texas to attend the arrival of the new manuscripts. She shared personal experiences of growing up in a house imbibed by the famous cousin.

Republicans Overseas Israel to Hold International Convention in Jerusalem

GOP representatives living in 62 countries outside the United States are expected to attend the convention.

2 Israeli Families Attacked After Entering New Home in Old City of Jerusalem

Shortly after the families moved in, dozens of Arabs surrounded the house and attempted to break in hurling rocks at the home and rioting.

Erekat: Consulate-Embassy Merge ‘Final Nail in the Coffin’ of US Role in Peace Talks

The move brings all the Palestinian Authority affairs directly under the supervision of Ambassador David Friedman, a well known supporter of the settlement enterprise.

Jerusalem Municipality Ends Corrupt Procedure that Handed Arabs Illegal Construction Permits

A remnant of the pre-1948 British Mandate, the Mukhtar Procedure recognizes an affidavit by a local Arab village leader on behalf of a local resident, verifying of the latter's land ownership.

US Embassy Completes Merger with Consulate in Jerusalem

In place of the U.S. Consulate which acted as a mission to the Palestinian Authority, a new “Palestinian Affairs Unit” is to be created in the embassy instead.

Firebombing Attacks South of Jerusalem

The terrorists attacked the vehicles as they traveled the road south towards Gush Etzion.

Jerusalem City Council Approves Plan to Build 23,000 Housing Units

The Jerusalem municipality is also to receive some NIS 600 million in funding from the Israel Lands Authority for development of the city.

Watch: Israeli Security Forces Arrest 24 Terrorists in Issawiya

The forces arrested 24 suspects for alleged involvement in terrorist activities, including stoning attacks and firebombing with Molotov cocktails.

Israeli Vehicle Damaged in Stoning Attack Near Jerusalem

The attack took place in the area near the Arab village of Hizma, close to the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Pizgat Ze’ev.


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