Police Arrest 22 Jerusalem Arabs Involved in Weapons and Drug Trafficking

The arrests were the culmination of a five-month operation by an undercover agent who was successful in penetrating the gangs and purchasing weapons and drugs worth hundreds of thousands of shekels.

Trump Tells Orthodox Jewish Fundraiser: If Impeached, I’d Become Prime Minister of Israel

"What kind of a system is it over there, right?" Trump said. "They're all fighting and fighting. [...] They have two elections and nobody is elected."

Works Everywhere Except Jerusalem: Holy City Shabbat Bus Service Goes Out of Business

The service has known better days, when other Israeli cities copied their initiative.

US Rejects Jordan’s Refusal to Extradite Wanted Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi

A report could lead to increased pressure by the White House on Jordan to extradite Ahlam Tamimi to the US. Tamimi played a major role in the 2001 Sbarro pizzeria bombing in Jerusalem that caused the deaths of 15 people, including two Americans, .

Apartheid on Temple Mount: Police Block Jews from Using Drinking Fountains

Zionist watchdog group Im Tirtzu on Wednesday released a video showing Israeli police officers physically blocking Jewish visitors on the Temple Mount from using...

Report: Abbas to Call for February Legislative Elections, Followed by Presidential Vote

The last time the PA held legislative elections, in 2006, a Hamas proxy party won 44.45% of the vote and 74 seats, and the PLO won 41.43% of the vote and 45 seats.

Jerusalem’s Malha Mall to Triple in Size; Area Residents Unhappy

"We are furious about and object to this disproportionate plan that will finish off the quality of life for the residents of Malha."

Russia Tells UNSC Israel Must Stop Judea, Samaria Construction

"Both Palestinians and Israelis must refrain from violence, and aggressive and provocative rhetoric."

Bernie Sanders Promises to Break US Law by Diverting Aid to Gaza

"United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018" ensures that presidents would not be able to suspend US aid as a means of pressuring Israel.

Netanyahu, Mnuchin Discuss Iranian Weapons Aimed at Middle Eastern Neighbors

Iran wants to convert Lebanon’s arsenal of 130,000 statistical rockets to precision-guided munitions.

Terror Attack Foiled in Jerusalem, Attacker Arrested

Miraculously, there were no casualties reported in the incident.

Israel Welcomes Ukraine’s Decision to Open Diplomatic Office in Jerusalem

Ukraine is the latest country to establish a diplomatic presence in Israel’s capital.

Secretary of State Pompeo Enjoys the Holiday Atmosphere at Jerusalem’s Inbal Hotel

The Inbal Hotel is defined as “a secure hotel”, of which there are only 4 such hotels in Jerusalem.

2.5M Visitors to Western Wall in Jerusalem During Tishrei

The Rabbi of the Western Wall, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, said it is hard not to be amazed by the sight of so many people visiting the Wall.

Molotov Cocktail Thrown at Police Seriously Injures Isawiya Resident

A Molotov cocktail thrown at the police during today's early morning raid apparently struck the vehicle of Salem Darvish, 26, a resident of Isawiya.

Israelis Protest in Solidarity with Kurds of Northern Syria

The demonstrators held picket signs that referred to the Holocaust, with some of the signs reading, “Never Again.”

Israel Publishes Tender for Innovative Waste-to-Energy Facility

Once built, the new facility will serve as the main waste-to-energy treatment plant in metro Jerusalem and surrounds.

President Rivlin Hosts Diplomatic Corps in Festive Reception Honoring Rosh Hashanah

12-year-old Roi Mori, who has perfect pitch and is diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, played two of his compositions on the piano during the event.

Erdogan: ‘Jerusalem Issue is Muslim, not Palestinian’

Rivlin: "There is no doubt Jerusalem is a microcosm of our ability to live together. And we will continue to ensure freedom of religion for all faiths.”

‘Shake Hands Together,’ President Rivlin Said . . .

In addition to the two party leaders, negotiating teams from both parties were at the residence as well.

Honey Board Names New Product After First Lady Nechama Rivlin, z’l

"With all the rain we had this year, we can only pray for another year like it. A happy and sweet new year to you, to all of us and to all of Israel.”

Rivlin Meeting Behind Closed Doors with Retiring US Envoy Greenblatt

The president thanked Greenblatt for all his efforts to promote understanding and trust in the region

Hebrew U Researchers Unveil Long-Lost Human Relative

The researchers came to these conclusions after three years of intense work studying DNA methylation maps.

Rivlin Begins Process of Choosing Next Prime Minister on Sunday

The president plans to hold meetings with each of the parties who received enough votes to enter the Knesset to hear their recommendations on the matter.

Knife Carrying Arab Woman Killed at Eastern Jerusalem Checkpoint

"A woman with gunshot wounds was evacuated to the emergency room this morning, where doctors determined her death."

Israeli Voter Turnout Higher This Time Around

At 6 pm, 53.5 percent of eligible voters had already cast their ballots – 1.5 percent more than in the previous election.

Hebrew U Hosting Conference on Harvesting Gene-Editing Technology to Feed Future Generations

New gene-editing technology circumvents natural selection to create new crops to feed growing populations and provide food security for future generations.

AP: Israeli Homes Surging in Eastern Jerusalem

The AP cites Hagit Ofran, head of the Peace Now Settlement Monitoring Team who complained that “when you build illegally ... there’s always a chance your house will be demolished.”

Mayor Lion: Jerusalem to See 40,000 New Apartments by 2030

Lion cited an increase in urban renewal plans and high land values as important signs of healthy growth in the capital.

Stone-Throwing Muslims Attack Visitors to Archaeological Garden after Prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Stone-throwing is one of the preferred methods of attack by rioting Arab mobs, especially at the Temple Mount.


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