So Long, Ambassador David Friedman, and Thanks for All the Fish*

"...over the years I have met many ambassadors from many countries, including from the US, our great ally, but I can say that there was never a better ambassador than David Friedman..."

Bar-Ilan U, UAE’s Gulf Medical U Sign Collaboration Agreement

The agreement calls for the exchange of researchers and students at the graduate and undergraduate level.

United Hatzalah Team Carries Covid-19 Infected Olim through Loved One’s Death, Funeral, Burial and...

Both being Covid-19 patients, the mother and her daughter were confined to quarantine and forbidden to attend the funeral.

Hebrew U Research Offering Hope for Future Anti-Autism Drugs

Hebrew University identifies genetic mutation associated with autism, offering hope for effective therapeutics.

Nikki Haley Laments Damage to Trump’s Legacy Following Jan. 6 Riots

Haley commented: "An embarrassment in the eyes of the world and total sadness for our country. Wake up America."

Memorial Held for Victim of 1939 Arab Riots Marks Jewish Redemption of Eastern Jerusalem...

When Rabbi Madmoni's son, Shlomo, went back to collect the few precious objects from the Shiloah synagogue, he was murdered by his former Arab neighbors.

Thousands in Fierce Rally Against Whitewashing Ahuvia Sandak’s Killing, 25 Arrested, 15 Cops Injured

Ben-Gvir warned that a DIP to let the offending cops go without criminal indictments "would increase the rift and polarization in Israeli society."

Community Volunteers Cooperate to Transport Elderly and Disabled to their Vaccinations During Lockdown

The project has already received a high volume of requests, and hundreds of individuals are expected to use the service in the next two weeks, while the lockdown is on.

Police Brutality Against Thousands Protesting Officers’ Killing of Hilltop Youth, 26 Arrested

MK Smotrich demanded the closing down of the "morally corrupt" Judea and Samaria police station which "treats the Jewish youth in Judea and Samaria like terrorists."

Watch: Security Footage of Jerusalem Terror Attack

Predictably, Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist organization welcomed the attack.

Israeli Cop Hurt in Jerusalem Shooting Attack, 1 Terrorist Dead, 1 Arrested

One terrorist was shot and later died of his wounds. A second terrorist was captured.

Initial Hebrew U Clinical Data Support Fenofibrate’s Effectiveness in Preventing Lung Damage in Corona...

Patients who were taking the drugs to speed up the breakdown of fats were recovering from the Corona-caused lung infections in a matter of days.

Gantz: There Is Room in Jerusalem for a Palestinian Capital

In an interview with Sharq Al-Awsat, Gantz said he is willing to compromise on parts of Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley, he opposes sovereignty and is against legalizing new settlements, while echoing the peace sentiments of the good old Oslo years.

Bahraini, UAE Delegation Attends Hanukkah Candle-Lighting Ceremony at Kotel

“Who would have believed that peace would come to our home in such a glorious way? It is a Hanukkah miracle,” says Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch.

IDF Intelligence: Daily Covid-19 Cases Will Soon Exceed 2,500, the Threshold for ‘Tight Restraints’

"About 30% of the people don't want to be vaccinated, or are afraid of the vaccine. Our success depends on the number of those being vaccinated."

Activists Attempt to Light Menorah on Temple Mount, Like Maccabees of Old

"We will continue to struggle until the menorah is lit in its original place on the Temple Mount."

2000-Year-Old Oil Lamp Discovered in the City of David

An intact oil lamp was discovered in the City of David's Pilgrimage Road.

Listen: John Lennon Sings ‘Oath to Jerusalem’ in Hebrew

Plant a tree in Eretz Israel for John Lennon (for Yoko make it a lemon tree?), we insist.

UAE Sheikh Purchases Half of Beitar Jerusalem Soccer Team

The sheikh has committed to investing some NIS 300 million over the next 10 years in the team.

GOP Congress Members Move to Ensure US Embassy in Jerusalem Stays Put

A group of 43 Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives has called for related language in a must-pass appropriations bill.

Western Wall Prepares for Tourists from UAE, Bahrain

The new Kotel brochures in Arabic were produced in honor of the Abraham Accords signed with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and countries which will hopefully follow in their footsteps.

Thousands of Haredim Rally Against Light Rail Line in their Neighborhoods, 25 Arrested

The Haredi community is claiming that the light rail would lead to sexual promiscuity in the Haredi neighborhoods.

Suspected Terrorist Neutralized at Qalandiya Crossing

The suspect kept approaching the guards despite being told to stop.

Jerusalem Church, PA, Jordan, Use Madman’s Arson Attempt in All Out Attack on Religious...

A-Shtayyeh, like so many Jew-haters before him, is right. Any stupid or crazy thing any one of us pulls goes on the rest of us. Class dismissed.

PA Angry at Czech Republic’s Plan to Open Diplomatic Office in Jerusalem

Opening the diplomatic mission in Jerusalem fulfills a promise made by Czech President Milos Zaman some two years ago.

Czech Republic to Open Diplomatic Office in Jerusalem

Tthe opening of the diplomatic is the fulfillment of a promise made by Czech President Milos Zaman about two years ago.

Preparations Begin for Reopening of American Consulate in Eastern Jerusalem

Heading back to that again. The PA says the Biden Administration will make the change at the beginning of his tenure.

Sifting Project Yields Rare Gold Bead from First Temple Period

Various types of jewelry are mentioned in the Bible, and different suggestions have been made in the research of their identification, but the identity of most of the terms has yet to be settled.


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