Support for Israel Grows: Argentine Senator Pledges to Back Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Argentine Senator pledges support for moving embassy to Jerusalem, echoing new President's commitment.

Early 20th Century British Coats-of-Arms Discovered on Jerusalem Building Walls

There’s also the shield of Jewish aristocrat Sir Edward Stern (1854-1933), uncle of philanthropist Vera Salomons.

1,500 Jews Visit Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day

The holiday marks the anniversary of the liberation of the Temple Mount, Western Wall and eastern side of the city, as well as Judea and Samaria.

On Jerusalem Day Labor Chairman Yair Golan Calls for a Divided Jerusalem

Man, I’d hate to spend quality time inside this man’s head.

Most Popular Video on Arab Social Networks: Jerusalem Day Multitudes at the Kotel

Tthe Arabs understand that the key to Jewish life on God's Little Acre is the Temple Mount. Now it’s time for the Jews to get the message.

Israel’s National Archives Releases 10,000 Files of City Census by Jerusalem’s Civil Guard

The Israel State Archives invites the public to search the site according to names and addresses.

Jerusalem Day 2024: Tefillin and Prayers on the Temple Mount

Beyadenu: "Ascenders are not afraid to wave the Israeli flag, sing Hallel, dance and rejoice at the liberation of Jerusalem."

Ahead of Jerusalem Day, Population Tops 1 Million

Housing construction in Israel's capital hit a new high in 2023.

UNRWA Ordered to Vacate Jerusalem Offices Over Lease Violations

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Arieh King noted,"They’re building illegal buildings, they have petrol stations in places they’re not allowed to have."

It’s Like 1452 in Jerusalem and this Time It’s the Jews Punishing the Spaniards

The ban on Judea and Samaria Arabs setting foot in the Jerusalem consulate will come into effect as of July 6, 2024.

2300-Year-Old Gold Ring Discovered in City of David

The gold ring find and other discoveries show the city’s healthy economy and even its elite status.

Forest Fire Threatens Homes, Kindergartens in Jerusalem’s Har Homa Neighborhood

Due to the weather, Fire and Rescue Commissioner Rabbi Tafser Eyal Caspi signed an order this weekend prohibiting bonfires anywhere except in specially designated locations.

Committed to Studying 5 Religions in 6 Months, Content Creator Nas Daily Loves Judaism

In his latest video, Nuseir, who has upwards of 60 million followers around the globe, talks about Judaism.

Netherlands to Examine ‘Appropriate Time’ to Move Embassy to Jerusalem

The plan was approved by lawmakers of the four political parties seeking for form a Dutch governing coalition.

WATCH: Ambulance Driver Caught with Eight Illegal PA Arab Workers

The incident occurred on Route 44 at the Ofer checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

Jerusalem College Offers Safe Haven Programs for US Students Fearing Antisemitism

JCT is offering accelerated enrollment for transfer students completing the current semester and those applying for admission in the Fall, as well as staff opportunities for faculty members.

Czech Republic to Move its Embassy to Jerusalem

This move is contrary to EU policy, which refuses to recognize the Holy City as Israel’s capital.

Turkish National’s Attack in Jerusalem Draws Attention to ‘Jihad Tourism’ Trend

There is a surge in reports of Turks participating in disturbances on the Temple Mount. It is widely believed that these individuals are backed by the Turkish government and institutions.

500 Jews to Wave Israeli Flags on the Temple Mount on Independence Day

Former MK Aryeh Eldad and Rabbi Aryeh Cohen were detained by the police on the Mount after refusing to comply with illegal orders.

Radiocarbon Study Determines Dates of City of David Buildings, Matching Them to Biblical Events

The researchers accurately dated the walls built in Jerusalem during the First Temple period and identified areas of extensive construction during the reign of the kings of Judah.

Policeman Injured in Jerusalem Stabbing Attack, Terrorist Neutralized

The police suspect that the terrorist is a tourist residing in Turkey.

Ben-Gvir Visits Temple Mount During Birkat Cohanim Ceremony

Tens of thousands of Jewish worshippers participated in the semi-annual Birkat Kohanim at the Western Wall.

Terrorist Ramming in Jerusalem during Chametz Burning, 3 Lightly Injured

Two terrorists fled the scene on foot and an improvised Carlo gun was found on their escape route.

Western Wall Prayer Notes Cleared Out Ahead of Passover

Despite a decrease in the number of tourists since the Sukkot holiday, the number of notes placed by Israelis and sent from various locations around the country has increased.

Rabbi Dov Lior Ascended Temple Mount to Celebrate his Grandson’s Nuptials

Rabbi Lior was excited to meet a religious Jewish police officer on the Temple Mount and gave him his blessing.

Israeli Protesters Demand IDF Victory at Jerusalem Rally

The rally was called in the wake of the IDF's decision to withdraw most of its ground forces from Gaza.

New Electricity Infrastructure Project Planned for Jerusalem

An infrastructure plan to place new power lines connecting to the capital Jerusalem which it said will “strengthen the reliability of the electricity supply” has been approved.

Sane Israelis to Rally for Victory Thursday in Front of Bibi’s Residence

The Rally for Victory, with its message: "Only military pressure on Hamas will return the hostages, we must bring absolute victory!" will gather in...

Outrage After Jerusalem Hospital Admits Hamas Nukhba Terrorist for Treatment

Dozens swarmed the halls of Hadassah Medical Center after news got out that the hospital was treating a member of the terror group's Nukhba force.

Insurrection: Thousands of Anarchists Attack Netanyahu’s Residence with Torches

Ronen Bar who failed to foresee the Hamas attack on October 7, 2023, is failing to see the coming violent coup in the streets of Israel.


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