Former Jerusalem Mufti Issues Fatwa Against Arabs Who Sold Real Estate to Jews in...

The ban was originally issued in 1935 by Haj Amin al-Husseini, the pro-Nazi Jerusalem Grand Mufti.

15 Families Enter New Jewish Homes in Kfar HaShiloach on Yom HaShoah

The Ateret Cohanim Association is the one that purchased the four new housing complexes in the village.

Hebrew U Researchers Find Holocaust Survivors Suffer Higher Death Rates from Heart Disease, Cancer

Decades-long study provides basis for close monitoring of people who have experienced trauma early in life and the impact it can have on long-term health.

Watch: AOC, Liberal Jews, Reach Harmony on 2-State Solution

As long as US liberal Jews and AOC are getting along, we won't make a fuss.

Jordan Regains Control over Temple Mount Waqf, Sacks PA Members

The Waqf council has been challenging the Jordanian crown, which preferred a more peaceful management of the Temple Mount sanctuary.

Attorney Aviad Visoli: We Held Mincha Prayer with a Minyan on Temple Mount Tuesday

Presumably, the change in police attitude regarding open Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount has to do with the man who runs the police these days, Minister of Public Security Amir Ohana (Likud).

Hebrew U-Yale Study Shows Monkeys Have Conscious and Non-Conscious Minds

Joint Hebrew U-Yale University study provides new glimpse into animal cognition.

World-Renowned Israeli Chef Shalom Kadosh in Critical Condition After Assault

Kadosh, 74, sustained a head injury during the mugging, which occurred while he stopped to put air in his tires at a Jerusalem gas station—mere hours before his daughter’s wedding.

Prevented a Year Ago by Corona, Priestly Blessing Returns to the Kotel

The idea for a mass ceremony of the Birkat Cohanim at the Western Wall was initiated by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Geffner in the summer of 1970.

Major Repairs Safeguard King Herod’s Tower for Future Generations of Passover Pilgrims

Major cracks in King Herod’s Phasael Tower being repaired to lessen risk of collapse.

Getting Ready for Pesach in Haredi Jerusalem

Enlisting fire and water to remove the chametz and bring in the cleanliness of freedom.

Choosing Life: EMTs Perform Successful CPR in Jerusalem on Election Day

“I’ve been doing this for more than eight years and every time I help someone, it is a gift."

Cost of Hitting Jews: Arab Who Attacked Yehuda Glick to Serve 5 Months, Pay...

The assailant encouraged others to hit him, and the gang was beating him and yelling out that the complainant was a Jew who broke into the Al-Aqsa mosque.

Michigan Imam Calls to ‘Join Hands’ with Jews that Wish Jerusalem be Retaken by...

Imam Mustapha Elturk: “Not all Jews are bad; some Jews and Christians are doing our work for us, as a matter of fact.”

Hundreds Ascend Temple Mount on Rosh Chodesh Nisan

"The People of Israel are beginning to wake up and ascend the Temple Mount after a year of the Coronavirus plague."

Kosovo to Open Embassy in Jerusalem as Czech Republic Institutes New Office

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised both countries for acting to open official entities in Jerusalem, saying Israel appreciates “them helping us on the international stage, as true friends do.”

Jerusalem Kashrut Supervisors Force ‘Crave’ Restaurant to Rename Lamb Bacon Dish

Ah, if only Yoni Van Leeuwen could SMS Yalta, she'd teach that kashrut inspector a thing or two.

Hebrew U Researchers Say Understanding Constipation Would Help Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease

Hebrew University researchers unveil a chain of physiological events that may help provide new methods for disease diagnosis.

Life Returns to Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market

Flash90's Olivier Fitoussi on Wednesday went out to discover groups of Jerusalemites with and without facemasks shopping and enjoying the restaurants, cafes, and stalls of the Mahane Yehuda Market.

Regavim: Jerusalem Municipality Concealed Illegal Secret Tunnel Dug by the Abbey of the Dormition

The abbey later erected a massive gate that prevents access to the area above ground between the abbey and Beit Yosef, even though it is zoned as a public use area.

Hebrew U Bionic Chips Replace Animal Testing in Developing Cancer-Fighting Drugs

This application represented the first time that the bionic chip was used to develop a drug protocol while avoiding the traditional dependence on animal testing. 

Israel’s Corona Cityscapes

Almost everyone on the busy streets is wearing a facemask, but who can maintain a 6 ft. distance in those busy crowds?

Shunning Pro-PA Critics, Leaders of Denmark, Austria, Come to Talk Vaccine Plant in Jerusalem

PM Frederiksen told reporters in Copenhagen on Tuesday that partnering on a vaccine plant with Israel “isn’t an unrealistic scenario.”

Jerusalem Police Officer Attacked, Wounded in Arab Neighborhood

The officer sustained a head injury. He was taken to a Jerusalem hospital for treatment.

Zionist NGO Sues for Data on Extent of Israeli Power Company’s Support for Illegal...

"Beyond the safety hazards that accompany unauthorized electrical connections without any supervision, this move constitutes making permanent the illegal construction in the area."

Israeli Man Critically Injured After Gruesome Accident in Jerusalem

The driver fled the scene but was subsequently picked up and arrested by police. He is being held for questioning.

Stone Throwers Injure Police Officers Who Enforce Purim Night Curfew in Jerusalem

In order to prevent Purim gatherings in Jerusalem, bus and train traffic to and from the city has been blocked starting Saturday night.

Everything You Didn’t Know about Purim that Falls on Friday – You’ll Be Amazed...

The significant changes in the practice of Purim apply mainly to the surrounded cities, out of which we know for certain only about Jerusalem and Jericho.

Haaretz Disproves NY Times’ Libel that Israel Withholds Vaccines from PA Arabs

How lucky we are to have Nir Hasson report on Wednesday in "Israel's NY Times," a.k.a Haaretz: "Israel Opens Vaccination Center at Checkpoint to Reach Palestinian East Jerusalem Residents."


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