Jerusalem Anglos Lament Closure of Iconic Brooklyn Bakery

The last baked goods will be sold this Friday at the Mea Shearim bakery, and the Givat Shaul-based baked goods factory will close as well.

Smotrich Calls to Not Stop the Reforms, Come Out and Protest

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich in a call to right-wing voters: "Come to Jerusalem, you must not surrender to violence."

Jews Looking for Arabs to Hide their Lambs for Temple Mount Paschal Sacrifice

If you’re Arab and read the Jewish Press, and happen to live in close proximity to the Temple Mount – this could be a nice payday for you.

Israel Thwarts Arab Terror Cell Planning Jerusalem Shooting

Terror operatives in the Gaza Strip were working to recruit and train young Arabs in Judea and Samaria to carry out terror attacks.

Jerusalem on TIME’s 2023 List of World’s Greatest Places

“Jerusalem has something for everyone; from religious and historical sites to amazing restaurants, markets and museums.”

175 Runners Race to Save Lives in Jerusalem Marathon

Combined, Team Avraham and Team United Hatzalah raised more than $100K in support of lifesaving efforts.

US Lawmakers Question Debilitating Staff Shortages at Jerusalem Embassy

"With upwards of 500,000 Americans in Israel, should the State Department reassess staffing levels?"

France, Jerusalem College of Technology, Host Conference on Artificial Intelligence

“Over the past few decades, France has participated in the funding of many research studies in Israel."

Police Arrest Arabs, Anarchists, at Shimon HaTzadik Riot

During the clashes, one of the protesters was recorded hitting and pushing a policeman to the ground.

Viktor Orban Moving Hungary’s Embassy to Jerusalem Next Month

Hungary has been talking for a while about the idea of moving their embassy to Jerusalem.

1 Dead in Jerusalem Gas Explosion

One person was seriously injured and two others were moderately injured in the accident, which took place at a five-story building on Rehov Chaim Toran.

Papua New Guinea to Open Embassy in Jerusalem

The two countries have had diplomatic relations since 1978 but never established embassies.

IDF to Demolish Home of Terrorist from Deadly Twin Bombings in Jerusalem

The terrorist’s family has been notified, and now has the option of petitioning the High Court of Justice against the move, according to the Israeli military.

Retaliation: Moscow Court Deliberating Future of Jewish Agency following Israeli FM’s Visit to Ukraine

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen promised President Zelensky $200 million in loan guarantees.

Police Remove Arab Barricades in Eastern Jerusalem

Fights broke out between Arab rioters and local Arab residents who wanted to go to work.

20,329 Jews Ascended the Temple Mount Since Rosh Hashanah

The highest number of Jews ascended on the first day of Chol HaMoed Sukkot – 1,388 Jews in one day.

OurCrowd StartUps are Not Flying Away

While some leftwing startups claim they are pulling their money out of Israel (and trying to convince others to do the same), at the very impressive OurCrowd summit in Jerusalem...

Major Fire in Central Jerusalem, Cause Unclear

The fire broke out in a factory near the hospital and completely destroyed the building.

Jerusalem Hospitality Tent to Debut in Historic Kidron Valley

The valley houses the earliest tombs in the most ancient Jewish cemetery in the world, including Zechariah’s Tomb, the Tomb of the Sons of Hezir and Absalom’s Tomb.

PMO, Jerusalem Municipality Team Up to Reinforce Hundreds of Bus Stops, Add Police Units

"The work to reinforce the bus stops in the city will begin immediately."

Arab Teens Arrested for Incitement to Violence in Jerusalem

Four Arab teens in eastern Jerusalem were arrested for inciting and calling openly in front of media cameras for the murder of Jews.

Olmert Calls for ‘Hand to Hand’ War Over Judicial Reforms

Ehud Olmert: "What is needed is to move to the next stage – the stage of war," to stop the Netanyahu government's planned judicial reforms.

Israeli Arab Teens Openly Express Support for Murdering Israeli Jews

The Arab teen laughed and said it would have been "better" if the Neve Yaakov terrorist had murdered more Israelis.

Jewish Man Stabbed by Arab Terrorist in Jerusalem

According to Israel Police, the stabber was a 14-year-old boy. He was arrested while trying to hide in the Temple Mount compound.

Woman Strips Down at the Kotel in Protest

The rabbi of the Western Wall released a statement expressing shock at the woman's actions.

Ignoring Netanyahu’s Reluctance, Ben Gvir to Inflict ‘Deep Damage on Terror Infrastructure’

“The purpose of the operation is to ... stop terrorism before it gets to carrying out attacks.”

Join Monday’s ‘Enough with the Tyranny of the Minority’ Rally Outside the Supreme Court

Let’s celebrate our clear majority in front of the Supreme Court. Let’s make it our court again.

8-Year-Old Boy Succumbs to Wounds After Jerusalem Terror Attack; Death Toll Rises to 3

Prime Minister Netanyahu decided to take immediate action to seal and demolish the home of the terrorist following the attack.


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