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23 Tishri 5782 -
? Wednesday, September 29, 2021

3 Hurt in Mea Shearim Sukkah Collapse in Jerusalem

A 6-year-old boy was among those injured in the collapse.

Watch: Priestly Blessing at the Kotel, Sukkot 5782

Attendance is possible for the entire public from around the country without a green tag.

In Accreditation Ceremony for Ambassadors, Herzog Praises Bahraini King’s ‘Vision and Power’ in Signing...

The growing partnership between Israel and Bahrain is "a model for the whole Middle East," says President Isaac Herzog.

HU’s Largest ‘Lazy Eye’ Study Reveals Olim, Haredi Men at Greatest Risk

Socio-demographic disparities in amblyopia prevalence among 1.5 million adolescents.

2 Wounded in Terror Stabbing Near Jerusalem Central Bus Station

The two stabbing victims were moderately wounded. They were treated on site prior to being evacuated to a medical center for further care.

Man Attacks Haredi MK, Tries to Cut his Beard, Flees on Scooter

UTJ MK Israel Eichler called on all the Haredi leaders to strongly condemn Monday morning's violent attack.

Woman Saved from Near-Fatal Allergic Reaction to Pomegranates and Honey on Rosh Hashanah

Pnina and Shimon arrived within three minutes of when they had received the emergency alert.

Soldiers Fired Upon During Ongoing Arab Riots

In Jerusalem, Arabs attacked a bus driving near Damascus Gate.

US Senate Delegation Visits Israel, Stresses Reopening of Jerusalem Consulate

The Democratic senators met with Herzog, Bennett and Lapid to push their message.

Second Temple Period Quarry Uncovered in Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s ancient quarries were the main source of building stones for monumental construction projects in the city, such as the Temple Mount.

Lapid Says Eastern Jerusalem US Consulate Is ‘Bad Idea’ – How Soon Will He...

"The State of Israel already is in a political process with the Palestinians. For now, it's being conducted behind closed doors, which is suspicious in itself."

Special Slichot Held at Old Synagogue of Yemenite Village, Kfar Shiloach in Jerusalem

The blowing of the Yemenite shofar in Kfar HaShiloach was depicted in the book 'The Novel of Kfar Hashiloach' published in 1948.

Israeli Cabinet Approves $21 Million Assistance Plan for Jerusalem Hills Fire Damage

The fires led to the evacuation of the communities of Beit Meir, Shoresh, Shoeva, Kisalon, Givat Yearim, Ramat Raziel, Tzuba and the medical facility at Eitanim, and caused extensive damage in the area.

Western Wall Authority Begins Work on At-Risk Mughrabi Bridge

Warnings by experts on the tenuous state of the bridge prompt the Western Wall Heritage Foundation to begin partial renovations of the temporary structure.

Hebrew U Study: Stock Markets Tumble When Working Moms Take Junior to First Day...

The team surveyed 607 participants from 32 countries regarding their gender, education level, parental status, and whether they accompanied their child on the first day of school.

Special Funds Approved to Repair Jerusalem Hills Wildfire Damage

“The terrible fire in the Jerusalem hills is behind us, but the residents of the area and nature still remain."

Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Vindicates Shmita Land Sale Permits, Contradicting Religious Zionist Rabbis

Both methods were devised as legal fictions to go around the literal wording of the mitzvah of shmita.

Jerusalem Hills Fires Reignited

The suspect is being investigated in connection with last week’s huge fires.

Israeli Flag Flies Over Newly Purchased Home in Kfar HaShiloach

The new building is situated near four housing complexes in the village that 15 Israeli families entered in April.

Say It Ain’t So, Bezalel: Smotrich Blocks IDF Visit to Temple Mount

Does MK Smotrich doubt the ability of IDF soldiers to walk in a straight line?

Dani Dayan’s Daughter Sings Hatikvah (Quietly) on Temple Mount

"Singing the national anthem on the Temple Mount is a right, some would say a duty, for the citizens of Israel."

Meretz Environment Minister Plans Killing Vital Artery to Jerusalem

During a Wednesday meeting between Minister of Environmental Protection Tamar Zandberg (Meretz) and the head of the Mateh Yehuda Regional Council Niv Wiesel, the...

Satellite Photo Strongly Hints at Arson in Jerusalem Blaze

Fire officials has already suspected the fire was man made.

Historic Agreement: Hebrew U of Jerusalem and Morocco’s Mohammed VI Polytechnic U

Both universities are committed to “innovation on a global scale” and will collaborate on areas of mutual interest.

Jerusalem Hills Fire ‘Mostly Contained’ – Intl Aid Request Cancelled

Fire investigators said Sunday it is believed the blaze was deliberately set -- an act of arson terror.


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