978 Jews Ascended the Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av

"We will soon be privileged to raise the House of Hashem and turn Tisha B'Av into a day of rejoicing."

Teen Shot with Bullet Near Kotel

The young man stepped out onto the roof-porch after hearing fireworks (and gunfire).

EXPOSED: Network of Jerusalem Cultural Orgs Run by PFLP Operatives is Funded by Europeans

The PFLP is not the largest of the terror organizations, but it has been more active in Jerusalem than Hamas and Fatah.

Administrative Storage Center Dated to Kings Hezekiah and Menashe Era Uncovered in Jerusalem

"The archaeological discoveries at Arnona identify the site as the most important in the history of the final days of the Kingdom of Judah and of the return to Zion."

The Left Took Over Protests in Jerusalem, 34 Arrested in Clashes with Police

"There was a good and dignified atmosphere, but it later became clear that during the demonstration young people who took part in it smoked drugs and drank alcohol and apparently this also had an effect on their behavior."

Likud Coalition Chair: ‘Absurd’ to Allow Mass Protests, But Shut Down Businesses

Likud faction leader MK Miki Zohar rails against the health hazard posed by the demonstrations, in view of renewed coronavirus restrictions.

Israel Arrests PA’s ‘Governor of Jerusalem’ for 17th Time (At Least)

The Palestinian Authority official has been arrested by Israel at least 17 times since he assumed his bizarrely titled office.

Thousands of Israelis Demonstrate & Riot In Front of Netanyahu’s House, Demand PM’s Resignation...

Protesters demanded Netanyahu's resignation in connection with the government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Israel.

Jerusalem Highway Construction Aims to Modernize Traffic Flow Around Historic City

Dubbed “The American Road,” the new highway is being hailed as one of the biggest infrastructure projects undertaken by Jerusalem in the last several years.

Hundreds of Haredim Protested Unfair Closures, Police Brutality in Jerusalem

The demonstrators protested at the spot where, on Saturday night, a policeman punched a Haredi man who asked him why he was not wearing a facemask.

Jerusalem Police Arrest 38 Arabs for Massive Fireworks Launch

At least 15 Arabs were injured from fireworks and gunfire on Saturday.

Hebrew U Study’s New Tracking System Shows Sophisticated Navigation of Fruit Bats

The results present the most comprehensive evidence for a cognitive map from any wild animal studied.

Legal Battle Over Jerusalem City of David Property Highlights Attempts by EU to Undermine...

After a 30-year legal battle, a Jerusalem court has ruled that the Sumarin family must vacate a property located in eastern Jerusalem and return it to its rightful owners. The family has been supported by some 30 left-wing organizations with many funded by the European Union.

Canadian Lawmaker Running for Prime Minister Would Move Embassy to Jerusalem

Canadian lawmaker Erin O’Toole, a member of Canada’s Conservative Party, also said he would expand relations with Israel.

Nefesh B’Nefesh Lands Permanent Center in Jerusalem for New Olim to Israel

The permanent space will provide support to new immigrants in the areas of employment, education and housing, and offer Hebrew classes, exhibits and performances.

Archaeological Evidence Confirms Jerusalem’s Restoration Under Ezra and Nehemiah

Despite the city's dire situation after the destruction, efforts were made to restore the administrative authorities to normal.

Court Again Rules that Israeli Purchase of Greek Orthodox Church Property in Jerusalem is...

After a 16-year-long battle, the court on Wednesday ruled again that the Greek Orthodox Church must honor a 99-year lease of three church properties it signed with the Ateret Cohanim organization in 2004.

1967 Jordanian Ammo Stash Discovered at the Kotel

The IAA directors of the excavation reported finding “about ten full magazines of a Bren light machine gun, full clip chargers, and two bayonets for a British Lee Enfield rifle."

Terrorist Killed was Nephew of PA’s Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat

In December 2015, another relative of Erekat also committed a terror attack, and was killed.

Hadassah Hospital First with Tested COVID-19 Vaccine

Two months ago, Hadassah Medical Center started collecting plasma rich with antibodies from recovered Coronavirus patients, with the aim of producing a treatment for severely ill patients.

Man Bites Dog: Jerusalem Police Bans Islamic Guard for Praising Terrorist

"While we are pleased that this radical member of the Waqf will not be able to spew his anti-Israel venom on the Temple Mount for the next five months, he should be banned permanently.

Jerusalem: Police Arrest 21 Arabs Operating on PA’s Behalf in Capital

The Palestinian Authority is attempting to assert its sovereignty in Jerusalem.

Ori Ansbacher’s Murderer Admits the Charges But Won’t Say So in Court

“That murder was the best and most important thing I have ever done,” Irafaiya said.

Former MK Yehuda Glick Attacked by Arabs After Leaving al-Halak Mourning Tent

Glick was listed in good condition at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Turkey Opens New Islamic Center Near Western Wall

The center, reportedly known as the “Khan Abu Khadija,” was renovated by the Turkish government aid organization TIKA, which has been investing heavily in eastern Jerusalem in recent years.

Jerusalem’s Chief Rabbi Visits Parents of Special Needs Arab Man Mistakenly Killed by Police

The rabbi said he was coming with a message of peace and reconciliation and expressed his pain over the loss of Iyad’s life.

Jerusalem Hopes ‘Silicon Wadi’ will Create 10,000 Arab-Sector Jobs

Mayor Moshe Lion heralds “true revolution” for eastern Jerusalem.


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