PA Prevented Compromise between Israel and Arab Residents on Illegal Jerusalem Construction

Fatah operatives pressured the residents not to cooperate with the lawyer and promised them compensation from the PA.

Israel Demolishes 70+ Housing Units in Jerusalem Arab Neighborhood

Unlike other buildings in Tsur Baher, these designated structures were built in Area A and are under the total official control of the Palestinian Authority.

US Energy Secy Rick Perry Recites Psalms with Rabbi Rabinowitz at Western Wall in...

The Rabbi noted there was great symbolism to the Secretary's visit, falling on the Fast of 17 Tammuz; a time when the Jewish Nation ... "remembers its past while praying for its future."

BREAKING: Arabs Graffiti “Slaughter the Jews” on the Kotel HaKatan (Little Western Wall)

The sanctity of the “small Western Wall” equals that of the regular Western Wall.

WATCH: Wild Fire in Malcha Parking Lot Burned 10 Vehicles, Cause Under Investigation

The Israel Fire and Rescue Services Dept. has declared an emergency situation, canceling all firefighter vacations. All firefighters were asked to report for duty.

Enormous Prehistoric Settlement Exposed in Roadwork near Jerusalem

In the past it was believed that the Judea area was empty the Neolithic Period (New Stone Age).

Archaeologists Find Fabled Crusader Moat Outside Jerusalem’s Old City Walls

The discovery, made by the Mount Zion Archaeological Project, confirms accounts of the fall of the Fatimid city in 1099 C.E. to the forces of the First Crusade.

Magnificent Gold Jewelry Excavated in Mount Zion National Park

The efforts to plug the moat were successful, but the Muslims and the Jews set the siege tower on fire.

Greek Church Leased Petra Hotel to Jews in 1903, Sold It to Jews in...

From 1903 to 1931, the building was leased by Yerachmiel Amdursky, son of the owner of a kosher restaurant in Jerusalem, who named it the Amdursky Hotel.

Jerusalem Police Remove Monument Erected in Honor of Terrorist

Jerusalem’s Police and Municipality workers removed a monument erected in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiyeh in honor of Arab terrorist Mohammed Abid.

25 years After Purchase, Israelis Enter Home in Eastern Jerusalem

The court ruled the home was legally purchased from its original Arab owner.

Police Arrest 4 Arabs for Illegal Activities on the Temple Mount

The Waqf is continuing its illegal takeover of Sha’ar HaRachamim on the Temple Mount.

Netanyahu, Rivlin Mark America’s 243rd Independence Day in Jerusalem at Event Hosted by US...

It's wonderful to have the greatest power on earth not opposing the Jewish State, but supporting the Jewish State."

Israel Invested NIS100 M. in Eastern Jerusalem Arab Neighborhoods, with a Focus on Education

It is part of a five-year plan to develop the Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem through a massive investment of billions.

Jerusalem Police Make Arrests in Attacks on Light Rail

Covert and overt police operations are continuing at all areas in which there have been attacks.

UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid, First Sr. Minister to Visit Western Wall in 19...

“Your visit here is evidence that it is possible for Jews and Muslims to live together in this small place without harming one another.”

Watch: Opening the City of David’s Pilgrimage Road

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman had the honor of opening the path to the rediscovered City of David's Pilgrimage Road.

Terrorists Attack Home of Jerusalem’s Aryeh King

King is an observant Jew who lives in the neighborhood of Ma’ale Zeitim, in Arabic, Ras al-Amud.

Arab Rioters in Issawiya Attack Israeli Security Forces, One Shot

"In light of the mortal danger to the lives of the force due to the weapons aimed at them . . . one of the soldiers fired targeted shots at the attacker."

Governor Cuomo Meets President Rivlin, Offers Condolences

“You are a true friend,” the president said. “Welcome back to Israel and to Jerusalem, our capital! It is good to see you, as always."

Chilean President Causes Earthquake After All – On Temple Mount

Well, President Piñera did cause an earthquake, but not at the Kotel. He did it a few yards up, at the Temple Mount.

Patrushev at Jerusalem Summit: We Want Threats Against Israel Eliminated

Patrushev told the summit participants that Russia is combating terrorism jointly with Iran—which probably did not convince them.

350 Participants from 30 Countries Join Hands in Jerusalem to Fight BDS

There is nothing progressive about hate. There is nothing progressive about anti-Semitism.

Kremlin Joins Netanyahu, Says Next Week’s Trilateral Talks With US in Jerusalem ‘Very Important’

"The sides will have a vital exchange of views on the situation in the region, namely the Middle East settlement, the settlement process in Syria and other issues, which they consider necessary to discuss.”

Report: 60 Armenian-Church Students Attempted Lynching of 2 Jews on Eve of Shavuot

According to Honenu attorney Chaim Bleicher, representing the victims, the vicious beatings continued "until the priests who led the students began to instruct them to stop the lynching."

Netanyahu Asking for 6th Delay in Evacuation of Illegal PA Shantytown

Please remove the Bedouin shantytown as you promised, Mr. Netanyahu.

PA Operating in Jerusalem: Minister Held Official Tour in Jerusalem

A Palestinian Authority minister was joined by local Fatah representatives as well as Sheikh Assem Amira, a leader of the extreme Tahrir movement who espouses Islamic State (ISIS) like ideas and whose illegally built home is slated for demolition.


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