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Supreme Court Judge Yoram Danziger

For all those who think it’s ridiculous to claim the Supreme Court is passing judgement based on their own political leanings rather than actual law, read this! MUST BE SHARED!

The Supreme Court ordered the destruction of Jewish homes due to an Arab claim of ownership even though the Arab never brought proof to that claim.


Then the Israeli Supreme Courts deemed the #Amona compromise unacceptable, because of another Arab claim of ownership, even though once again, no proof of ownership was ever brought to the court.

Now imagine the Supreme Court judge’s name was Yoram Danziger.

Now imagine there was a case of an Arab living illegally on Jewish land and the Jewish owner appealed to the court to get his land back and imagine that Jew actually had ownership papers.

Now imagine the State courts ordered the immediate eviction and destruction of the Arab home that was built on Jewish land.

Now imagine the Arab who built his home on Jewish land appealed to the Supreme Court to have pity on him and imagine the case was brought in front of an imaginary Judge named Yoram Danziger.

Now imagine that this judge ordered NOT to destroy the Arab house built illegally on Jewish land.

Now try to imagine that this Supreme Court judge named Yoram Danziger explained his decision by saying “the eviction of the Arab would be irreversible and cause great damage to the family that is currently living in the house”.

Now imagine that judge also refused the proven Jewish owner to receive any money from the Arab people living illegally on his land. You imagining this?

OK you can now stop imagining!

A day before a Supreme Court Judge named Yoram Danziger deemed the #Amona compromise illegal due to an Arab unproven claim of ownership, he ordered the immediate halt of the destruction of an illegally Arab built home on proven Jewish land because the Arab family would suffer damages!

For those who still don’t get it, Yoram Danziger passed judgement in favor of the illegal Arab home built on PROVEN Jewish land just a day before he called the Amona compromise illegal because of an UNPROVEN claim of ownership by an Arab.

What’s it is called again when someone has special laws against Jews?



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