{Originally posted to The Lid website}

Ladies and Gentlemen, the PC Police are attacking cookies! Specifically, gingerbread man cookies. You know— cookies made of gingerbread, usually in the shape of a stylized human. They are generally baked around the Christmas holiday. I must confess that although I am Jewish, I too enjoy those tasty cookies (please don’t accuse me of cultural appropriation).


Now apparently the Scottish Parliament has banned gingerbread men (on their premises) as part of a new drive to “stamp out sexism.” Stamp out sexism? Cookies? Perhaps that why some Scottish men wear skirts (kilts), to display equality of sexes (as well as their hairy legs).

It’s not all bad the cookies are still being baked, but the name gingerbread men have been replaced by gingerbread persons in case the traditional name might cause someone offense.


Now that the Scottish PC Police have gotten their way, it won’t be long before it crosses the Atlantic and the American PC police demand a name change!


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