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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: From The Jews To The Gentiles About The High Holidays

Dear Gentiles, Please read the following memo and remember, when we say "Happy New Year" we don't mean the end of 2018

Now, The World Recognizes Palestinian Hatred….But For How Long?

In a rare moment, Mahmoud Abbas was criticized by the U.S. and the E.U. nations...Despite the criticism, Abbas will never change

Biden’s 5 Biggest Family Business Lies

Just the 5 BIGGEST, not all the lies. Not by a longshot

“The Street Was Covered with Blood and Bodies,” The Sbarro Bombing

22 years after the Sbarro bombing and 9/11, terrorism is still suckling at the teat of political correctness and Western World appeasement.

July 2nd Is Independence Day, Just Ask John Adams

The United States is 244 years old. Celebrate! Happy 2nd of July!!

OMG! Those Socialist SOBs Are Slicing into My Pizza!!!

You Can Have My Pizza When You Pry It Out Of My Cold Dead Hands

Which Pres. Didn’t Get Credit For Creating A Strong US/Israel Alliance?

Many U.S. presidents have reputations as particularly good friends of the Jewish State, Truman, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump, for example. but who has history forgotten?

36 Years Ago Reagan Uttered His Most Powerfull Words: ‘Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This...

Just two years after Pres. Reagan made his famous speech, the Wall was down, communism in Eastern Europe was dead, and the Cold War was over, and Jews were leaving the Soviet Union in record numbers.

The Spy Who Changed The Face Of The Middle East

  Eli Cohen was a true hero. May his memory always be for a blessing. 

On Yom HaShoah Remember “Silence Is Despicable”

“Silence is despicable; it leads to a loss of flesh and blood.” Ze’ev Jabotinsky

Woman’s Worm Delayed Iran’s Nukes for 2 Years

Note: by Supreme leader, we mean the Ayatollah, NOT Diana Ross.

President’s Day: A Woke Homogenized Celebration Of Nothing

Respecting the Office is one thing, honoring some of them is another

Why Ilhan Omar was BOUNCED?

Why does it make sense for a woman who hates Jews to influence the way the House treats the Jewish state?

Daniel Pearl, Brutally Murdered 21 Years Ago: The Key Lesson Wasn’t Learned

Pearl wasn't murdered because he was an American. He was killed because he was a Jew and a Zionist

Motivation Behind BDS Is Antisemitism

BDS is political warfare used against Jews. It is a “polite” way of spreading hatred of  Jews.

Biden’s Rejects MLK’s Legacy

NO Pres. should display acceptance of Sharpton’s actions by supporting one of his events.

Latest Woke Lunacy

Don’t Say 'Aloha' Or 'Hola' Or 'Shalom'

When Two Prophets Built A Bridge

The alliance between Blacks And Jews forged by Reverend King and Rabbi Heschel

Soros’ Next Target: Supreme Court

As the US questions Israel's judicial reform, perhaps it should look in the mirror.

Temple Mount Controversy: Don’t Blame Ben Gvir

Turn your eye to Moshe Dayan-He is still considered a hero bus should go down in history as the man who gave away the Temple Mount and gave the world opportunity to make the Temple Mount an issue.

Iran Has A Hissy Fit At World Cup

When your reaction to a protest is to attack the protesters and not address the issue that incited the protest, you’ve lost all credibility with the international community.


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