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Motivation Behind BDS Is Antisemitism

BDS is political warfare used against Jews. It is a “polite” way of spreading hatred of  Jews.

Biden’s Rejects MLK’s Legacy

NO Pres. should display acceptance of Sharpton’s actions by supporting one of his events.

Latest Woke Lunacy

Don’t Say 'Aloha' Or 'Hola' Or 'Shalom'

When Two Prophets Built A Bridge

The alliance between Blacks And Jews forged by Reverend King and Rabbi Heschel

Soros’ Next Target: Supreme Court

As the US questions Israel's judicial reform, perhaps it should look in the mirror.

Temple Mount Controversy: Don’t Blame Ben Gvir

Turn your eye to Moshe Dayan-He is still considered a hero bus should go down in history as the man who gave away the Temple Mount and gave the world opportunity to make the Temple Mount an issue.

Iran Has A Hissy Fit At World Cup

When your reaction to a protest is to attack the protesters and not address the issue that incited the protest, you’ve lost all credibility with the international community.

Biden’s Best BS as POTUS

If the nose grows just a bit more, he will tip over.

U.S. Constitution: The Counter-Revolution That Changed The World

As we celebrate 2022 Constitution Day, “We the People” are in danger of losing the protections outlined in that counter-revolutionary document


Americans Who Need To Work Second Job Hits 30-Year High

Pres. Biden, How Dare You Compare Me To Hitler

MAGA pushes personal freedom and keeps the government out of the lives of Americans. That’s the opposite of Fascism.

Disney Dementia: Theme Parks Go for Woke

I don’t mind inclusiveness in naming NEW characters but changing the names of existing characters to sound inclusive is plain stupid.

Biden Blew it on Mid-East Peace

Biden's Debasement Of The Abraham Accords

Biden: Bottom of the Barrel

Biden Has Lowest POTUS Confidence Level In Half-Century

AOC And Pocahontas: Use Federal Lands for Abortion

A colossal paradox will be created if the Post Fffice makes deliveries while preventing a different kind of delivery.

Jewish Orgs Ignore Jewish Law; Trash SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

The Christian view is that life begins at conception. The Jewish view is that life begins when the kids move out of the house and the goldfish dies-Unknown -a Jewish Humorist.

Moses: E-GYPT Out Of Passover Praise

No matter your faith or how you celebrate, may you be blessed, and may you have a blessed holy season, Chag Pesach Samayach-Happy Passover .

How Joe Biden Created The Ukraine Crisis

Joe Biden Is The Best President That Russia Has Ever Had

President’s Day: A Liberal Homogenized Celebration Of Nothing

The problem with President’s Day is that it homogenizes all the great deeds done by individual presidents into a meaningless amalgamation.

More Whoopi Antisemitism: Jewish Princess Recipe

The latest news proves that Whoopi Goldberg of the View is an anti-Semite and should be labeled. However, as a critic of cancel culture, I still don’t believe she should be fired.


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