Post MLK: Black-Jewish Alliance Replaced By Black Leader’s Antisemitism

The die was cast. The love affair between Jewish and Black Leadership, fomented by two great men, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, was fractured by the Jew-hatred of Dr. King’s successors.

Kwanzaa: A Fake Holiday

Kwanzaa essence is racist, its creator a criminal madman. Happy Holidays

A Gentile’s And Secular Jew’s Guide To Hanukkah

Despite what you may have been told, the meaning of Chanukah is not “let’s come up with a holiday around Christmas time

Kristallnacht: Nov. 9-10, 1938; The Night The Holocaust Began

Do Not Stand Idly By While Your Neighbor Bleeds~ Vayikra (Leviticus) 19:16  

Christian, Muslim, And Jewish Faiths Recognize Jerusalem Is Jewish-Why Won’t Biden?

Any Muslim, Christian, or Jew who denies that Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people is denying the scripture of their own faith.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Spent $419.5 MILLION To Sway 2020 Election

2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen —It Was Bought And Paid For By Zuckerberg.

Yitzhak Rabin’s Vision Of Peace Wasn’t What The Liberals Claim

Truth be told, nobody really knows what would have happened if a crazy zealot didn’t strike him down 26 years ago? Oslo might have been over long before the intifada, and Arafat might have been sent back to his hiding place under a rock in Tripoli where he belonged.

Yes He’s Running: But…

Trump Was Talked Out Of Announcing ’24 Till After MidTerms

Jewish Nose Jokes Aren’t Funny–They’re Dangerous.

Perpetuating stereotypes such as the “Jewish nose” is not just offensive. It can have real-life consequences.

I Always Walked To Shul With My Father

How Walking With My Dad On The High Holidays Kept Me From Walking Away From My Faith

What Every Gentile And Secular Jew Needs To Know: A Yom Kippur Primer

May you be sealed in the book (or iPod) of life for a happy and healthy New Year.

Obama Warned America, ‘Don’t Underestimate Joe’s Ability To **** Things Up.’

Obama is rarely correct, but that statement was a true prediction of Joe Biden’s first seven months in the Oval Office. Since inauguration Day on January 20, everything Joe Biden has touched has turned to manure.

“The Street Was Covered with Blood and Bodies,” The Sbarro Bombing

20 years after the Sbarro bombing and 9/11, terrorism is still suckling at the teat of political correctness and Western World appeasement.

The Truth About Ben And Jerry’s Anti-Semitic Act

While the Jewish community should not be punishing Unilever which is a big supporter of the Jewish State, we can and should do much to fight Ben & Jerry’s.

When God Said “I’ll Give You Something To Cry About”

Tisha B’Av is the saddest day of our year because we didn’t trust God' promise to give us the land of Israel. In a way, our collective egos were too big then and 3500 years later we are still weighted down by our large egos

74 Years Ago The Exodus 1947 Became Israel’s First Ship Of State

In an open sea ceremony, the Zionist blue-white flag with the Star of David was hoisted and “Hatikvah,” which became the Israeli national anthem, was sung over and over. The Exodus 1947 became Israel’s first ship of state.

The Systemic Antisemitism Of Woke Culture/Leftism

To put it more succinctly, tying Islamophobia to Antisemitism is just bull.

July 2nd Is Independence Day, Just Ask John Adams

The United States is 244 years old. Celebrate! Happy 2nd of July!!

June 6, 1944, D-Day: The Invasion That Saved The World

We remember the D-Day invasion more than three-quarters of a century ago and thank those heroes who saved the world from tyranny,

Moshe Dayan: Hero AND VILLAIN of Jerusalem Day

Thanks to Moshe Dayan, the most sacred site in all of Judaism is off-limits.

Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Jerusalem

ANY Muslim, Christian, or Jew who denies that Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people is denying the scripture of their own faith.

HOLY COW It’s True! Liberalism IS A Mental Disorder

Study Shows Young White Liberals Are More Likely To Suffer From Mental Health Issues

Is Lloyd Austin A Liar Or Is Biden Deceiving Him About Israel?

The Defense Secretary Claimed Biden's Commitment To Israel Is Ironclad Has He Noticed What The President Has Done In Only Three Months?

Trump’s Net Worth Dropped Over A $Billion During His 4-Years In Office

{Reposted from The Lid} What’s a billion dollars to a multi-billionaire? Probably nothing. But what’s a billion dollars to a man with an ego the...

Biden Spending $60 Million/Week Just On Illegal Children Caught At Border

It's Long Past Time For Biden To Put On His Big Boy Pants And Restore The Trump Programs He Cancelled


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