Biden’s Putting That Old Anti-Israel Band Back Together

[Reposted from The Lid} Joe Biden’s been saying he will appoint a staff representing diversity, and in a way, he has.  Some of his appointees...

73 Years Ago The UN Partitioned British-Ruled Palestine

David Ben Gurion: “In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.”

American Colleges Throw Hate At Thanksgiving

On the fourth Thursday of November, I will be talking about all the blessings I’ve had in my life, and that includes living in the best damn country in the world

But is HE a HERO?

JONATHAN POLLARD was Jailed Way Too Long, Deserves His Freedom but  Jonathan Pollard is...

J Street’s Latest Anti-Israel Slander-They Use A Pro-Terrorist EU Bureaucrat To Malign Jewish Neighborhoods

As a central theme of its propaganda, J Street maintains that Jews do not have a right to live wherever they choose and must be transferred out of their homes and neighborhoods in Judea-Samaria, where Israeli citizens have lived for nearly 50 years and before the Roman exile for nearly one thousand years

Democrats Never Conceded 2016 Election.

Why Should Trump Concede Before Court Challenges Are Over?

Kristallnacht: Nov. 9-10, 1938; The Night The Holocaust Began

Do Not Stand Idly By While Your Neighbor Bleeds~ Vayikra (Leviticus) 19:16  

People Of Faith Get Out And Vote For Trump! Reject Socialism, Democrats, And Joe...

In Socialism, everybody gets the same outcome no matter what they get done, contrary to religious teachings.

If You Support Israel And Oppose Anti-Semitism, You Must Vote For Trump

Considering what he did before and after he was elected to the White House, there is only one good choice for Jews in the 2020 election — re-elect Donald J. Trump.

Hate Antisemitism And Support Israel? You MUST Vote Trump!

Joe Biden has never been a big supporter of Israel. As V.P. never fought against Barack Obama’s blatant Antisemitism or the anti-semites in his party that have come out of the closet in recent years. As his party’s base consists of extreme leftists and socialists, if (God-forbid) he is elected, the wind will blow Biden even further against the Jews and Israel.

What Every Gentile NEEDS To Know About Yom Kippur

Dear Goyim, If you happen to see one of your Jewish friends walking to shul on Yom Kippur there's no need to hide. Thankfully the caffeine withdrawal headaches we get on Yom Kippur are NOT contagious.

Criticizing Soros Is NOT Anti-Semitic, Soros Is A Bad, Anti-Semitic Dude

Not all of the conspiracy theories about Soros are true. But his support of anti-Semitic causes have been proven`1

The Jewish High Holidays Are Anti-Socialism

In its purest essence, the Jewish High Holiday period is the antithesis of the various forms of liberal, progressive, and socialist governments.

Trump Does It Again: Mediates Peace Between Bahrain And Israel UPDATED

There will be more countries to join the Peace with Israel process, and quickly, I would not yet believe the rumor that Saudi will be next. Qatar and Oman are more likely.

Dems Are Scared: Pelosi Begs Biden Not to Debate Or ‘Legitimize’ President Trump

The Democrats are afraid, not because of any of their fake attacks, but because Trump has been a good President who has done everything he promised, and the American people are beginning to listen.

Obama’s Written Promise Made Iran Sanctions Snapback Provision Useless

The promise made to Russia, China, and Europe in writing said that if sanctions were re-imposed –their companies would be “grandfathered.”

‘Black Linguistic Justice’: Profs. Demand Ending English As we Know it

A subcommittee with the Conference on College Composition and Communication, which is part of the National Council of Teachers of English, demands American teachers “abolish standard English. They call it ‘white mainstream English.”

Oprah Winfrey-RACIST?

Get ready for your eyes to roll all the way back into your head with this one. RACIST Oprah Winfrey

2020 Democratic Platform Continues Anti-Israel Themes First Pushed By Obama in 2012

According to the former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren…  The Biden/Obama administration deliberately damaged the relationship between the United States and Israel. Biden never renounced that goal. 

The Exodus, While Under Attack By Britain’s Navy, Became Israel’s First Ship Of State

Despite the Exodus 1947 not delivering a single Jew to the Holy Land the events of the Exodus voyage convinced the US that the British mandate of Palestine was incapable of handling the Jewish refugee problem and that a UN-brokered solution needed to be found.

AOC’s Asinine Reasoning

Cites Fake Statistics for spike in NYC violent crimes. If it walks like an ass and talks like an ass, it's asinine.

July 2nd Is Independence Day, Just Ask John Adams

The United States is 244 years old. Celebrate! Happy 2nd of July!!

June 6, 1944, D-Day: The Invasion That Saved The World

We remember the D-Day invasion more than three-quarters of a century ago and thank those heroes who saved the world from tyranny,


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