Teva Pharmaceuticals Donating Potential COVID-19 Treatment To US Hospitals

Sometimes people wonder what Israel does for the United States. There are tons of examples including sharing technology, intelligence, counterterrorism training and methods, advances in medicine and so much more. The Teva donation is just the latest.

The Ultimate Holiday for Political Junkies

Twenty-four hundred years later, politicians and world leaders are masking the truth the same way “politicians” did in ancient Persia.

200+ Native Americans Demand Faux-Cohantas Retract False Ancestry Claims

Sounds like the Cherokee nation considers Elizabeth Warren to be an illegal immigrant.

UN Publishes Anti-Semitic, Pro-BDS Blacklist

While the publishing of this list is a disgusting example of the UN’s hatred of Jews and Israel, sadly it is not surprising. During her term at the UN, US Ambassador to the Nikky Haley called the UNHRC the United Nation’s “greatest failure” and condemned it as a “cesspool of political bias.”

Trump’s Impeachment Legal Team

While part of the team is on the Senate floor fighting the false impeachment charges, expect to see different parts of the legal team on those news shows next fighting the lies told by Democrats on the Senate Floor, and on those same news shows.

Ilhan Omar: Sanctions On Iran=BAD; Sanctions On Jews=GOOD

She may be part of the US govt, but who does she represent?

Trump Blasts The Three Stooges Of Jew-Hatred

President Trump proved again that he will tell the truth about Antisemitism.

How Did The Black-Jewish Civil Rights Alliance Become African-American Antisemitism ?

Gone Is The Friendship Forged By Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Important and Timely MUST READ Report, ‘The New Anti-Semites’

One of the problems with fighting Antisemitism is that until the President’s executive order, the government had no standard definition of what constitutes Antisemitism. According to “The New Anti-Semites,” report BDS groups exploited this lack of definition to declare their campaign as not being antisemitic.

You Think You Know What Hanukkah Is All About? Think Again

There is no record of Judah ordering Chinese takeout, making potato latkes or going to Dunkin Donuts for jelly-filled donuts, or going to the movies, That didn’t become Jewish practice until much later.

Giuliani Claims He’s ‘More Of A Jew’ Than George Soros: Liberals Freak (But He’s...

Rudy Giuliani has always been a supporter of Israel and a fighter against anti-Semitism. Hence, in that perspective, even though he is a practicing Catholic, Giuliani is more of a Jew than George Soros.
The Gospel according to the Palestinian Authority

The Claim That Jesus Was A Palestinian Is Simply An Anti-Semitic Attempt To Delegitimize...

Anyone who says that Jesus was a Palestinian hasn’t the slightest idea of history and/or is trying to delegitimize the 3.500+ year Jewish heritage in the holy land.

A Detailed Timeline Of Democrats’ 3 Years of Partisan Hatred

From the moment violent riots broke out in leftist strongholds after Donald Trump emerged victoriously, Democrats plotted his forced removal or impeachment.

A Gentile’s Guide To Chanukah, A Jew’s Guide To Christmas

America is supposed to be a “melting pot,” however one sad thing about the end of the year holidays is most Jews do not understand Christmas, and most Christians don’t get Hanukkah.

City Bans Throwing Snowballs: The Wussification Of Our Kids Continues

I get the arrows, stones, missiles, or projectiles, but snowballs? Wausau banned throwing snowballs. Do they really believe that a snowball is in the same category as a missile?

American Colleges Throw Hate At Thanksgiving

On the fourth Thursday of November, I will be talking about all the blessings I’ve had in my life, and that includes living in the best damn country in the world

72 Years Ago The UN Partitioned British-Ruled Palestine

David Ben Gurion: “In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.”

It’s that Stupid Politically Correct Holiday Season Again

Let me suggest that if Matthias and his sons were alive today, they would be fighting every Jew who wanted a nine-foot menorah next to a Christmas tree, a star of David next to a cross, or even the massive multi-holiday Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus and Winter Solstice display.

NY Times’ Pushes Lies About Dems And Israel To Sate Its Anti-Trump Agenda

just by going to a J Street conference, those same Democrats are showing they are not big fans of the Jewish State

As Mayor, Michael Bloomberg Was A Tyrant

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a tyrant who tried to control almost every aspect of people’s lives.

New York Times’ One Track Anti-Trump, Anti-Netanyahu Mind

Trump is too pro-Israel and Trump and Netanyahu are racist, therefore the Democratic candidates for President who spoke at the event want to put the screws to Israel.

Oh My! Now Math Is Racist

There’s a new reason for skipping math. According to the Seattle Public Schools Schools Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee (ESAC) math is racist,

Gentile’s Guide To Sukkot: A Dangerous Jewish Holiday

Why are the five days after Yom Kippur is the most dangerous period in the Jewish calendar? Because Jews all across the world, start building their Sukkahs.

You Don’t Have To Be Jewish–Deneen Borelli: An American, Catholic, Black, Female, Conservative Antisemitism...

{Originally posted to The Lid website} You don’t have to be Jewish……Not everyone who fights against Antisemitism is Jewish. In fact, to legitimize the fight,...

Rosh HaShanah And The High Holidays Are About Conservative Values

In its purest essence, the Jewish High Holiday period is the antithesis of the various forms of liberal and progressive government.

Have You Forgotten 9/11/01 The Day That Changed The World ?

Just about everyone remembers where they were when they found out about the attacks on 9/11/01. But too many Americans including too many of the leaders of the Democratic Party have forgotten the collective national pain, the reasons we were attacked, and desire a return to the appeasement that made the terrorists strong.

How The Mainstream Media Spins Trump’s Words To Make Him Look Racist

{Originally posted to The Lid website} Here’s what President Trump said while answering press questions last Tuesday, “Any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat...


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