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Inna Vernikov at Israel Independence march in Brooklyn.

As the violence continues to rise unabated in the city, so does the number and ferocity of hate crimes. But when communities hardest hit cry out, progressives feign compassion, while avoiding actual solidarity. And they adamantly refuse revisiting the policies they enacted that enable the often racial-motivated, unprovoked violence disproportionately targeting women, the elderly, Jewish, and Asian victims.

Instead of revoking failed policies like Bail Reform, supposedly Jewish progressive leaders like NYC Comptroller Brad Lander warn against “going backwards.”


In order to effectively combat the progressive alliance, moderate and conservative Jews need their own alliance. We cannot do it on our own. And so does the Asian community, as they need us to stand up to the far-Left Jewish leadership the likes of Brad Lander and his allied JFREJ organization that falsely speaks in our name with “The Jewish Vote.”

But to a large degree, despite common interests in crime, hate crimes, gifted and talented programs, taxes, housing, etc., this natural alliance between Jews and Asians has remained implicit, not explicit.

And that is where Councilwoman Inna Vernikov, the Republican minority whip of the City Council, has done something significant in heading a protest at City Hall this past Friday morning against the Asian hate crimes that have included numerous harrowing examples, especially in the subways, even though they are rarely prosecuted as such.

And unlike progressive who falsely blame “white supremacy” for these local attacks, Inna has focused on the policies enabling hate crimes against both the Jewish and Asian communities.

While this is certainly sensible, do not think this is an easy issue to champion. Many (most?) in the progressive community believe that demanding a stop to violence targeting Jews and Asians is inherently “racist,” unless Trump or “white supremacy” is falsely fingered as the assailant. And if you are only willing to offer false witness, how serious can you be about stopping the violence?

But do not think Inna V is bashful about defending Jewish interests specifically. She has been the loudest and most effective Republican voice in the City Council when it comes to defending the community.

Championing the burgeoning alliance with NYC’s Asian community is part of her larger strategy to protect all New Yorkers generally and the Jewish community specifically from the misery that the progressives have unleashed on NYC, and beyond.


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