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There is a dirty little secret the pro-Israel lobby doesn’t want you to know. It’s not really a secret, it’s out there for anyone to see but they distract from the issue, hoping to “maintain the peace.”  Of course, this doesn’t work. Pretending the problem doesn’t exist will not make it go away, in fact, it makes things worse.


There is apartheid in Israel.

Apartheid refers to the system of institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination in South Africa between 1948 and 1991. These laws segregated blacks and whites in public facilities and social events, and dictated different sets of housing and employment opportunities, according to race.

Apartheid laws are a systematic way to separate, dominate and oppress a segment of society, like the laws discriminating against Jews in Nazi Germany.

Not for Jews!

Ironically, Apartheid exists in one place in Israel. The laws of separation and discrimination are blatant in the holiest place on earth for the Jewish people, in the heart of the capital of the Jewish State – the Temple Mount.

And this evil is perpetrated not against Arabs or Muslims as the anti-Israel lobby would have you believe but against JEWS.

I repeat:

  • There is apartheid in Israel.
  • Apartheid is evil.
  • Apartheid in Israel discriminates against JEWS on the Temple Mount.

There are two sets of laws on the Temple Mount: one for Muslims and one for Jews.

The laws deny Jews freedom of worship and freedom of movement on the Temple Mount and they are enforced by the Israeli Police.

While Muslims can ascend to the Temple Mount any time they please, Jews cannot.

Jews are permitted to ascend to the Temple Mount only during the specified times.

Visiting Hours for Monday through Thursday:
Winter: 7:30 am – 10:30 am and 12:30pm – 1:30 pm
Summer: 8:30am – 11:30am and 1:30pm – 2:30pm

The Temple Mount is closed to non-Muslims on Friday and Saturday. Sometimes the entrance to the site is closed without notice, even when it’s scheduled to be open.

The holiest place in the world for Jews is JUDENREIN on Friday and Saturday and can be “cleaned” of Jews without notice.

In order to enter, both men and women need to be dressed modestly. At the entrance Jews must pass through metal detectors and submit to being searched for sacred Jewish objects. Israeli police lecture Jews not to pray, not to be seen doing anything that could be construed as praying, not to rip clothing or show any other signs of mourning for the lost Jewish Temple.

When I went with my family the police instructed the boys to remove the kippot from their heads that they had been wearing to approach the Kotel. All visitors at the Kotel are requested to cover their heads in a sign of respect for the holiness of the site but the Kotel is only holy due to its connection to the Temple Mount. Walking into the holiest place in the world, we were told to REMOVE the kippot that showed respect for the site. I was sternly warned to keep them in my bag and not to take them out at any time.

We complied in silent horror (had we been religious Jews that wore head-coverings at all times we would not have been asked to do so but we would have been watched more closely during our time on the Temple Mount). Our offense at these restrictions paled in comparison to the sickening feeling of seeing the piles of riot gear sitting next to the police checkpoint at the entrance to the Temple Mount.

Most cultures see holy sites as a sanctuary, a place of peace and certainly not a place to carry weapons but due to the frequent rioting against Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount and a few times, attacks on Jews praying below at the Kotel, it is necessary for Israeli police to bear arms within this holy compound.

The Dome of the Rock is the golden domed mosque on the Temple Mount. It is important to understand that this is NOT the Al-Aqsa mosque, that is a second mosque also located on the Temple Mount.

The rock the golden dome covers is the Foundation Stone, the stone which, according to Jewish tradition God used as the foundation for creating the universe. This is where the holy of holies of the ancient Jewish Temple was, the place where the Ark of the Covenant stood. This is the source of the holiness of Jerusalem, the reason why Jerusalem is sometimes called “the navel of the world”.

And Jews are not allowed to enter. No non-Muslim is.

While Jews are subjected to multiple restrictions on the Temple Mount, Muslims are free to come and go as they please. Until yesterday they entered the Temple Mount with no security check at all.

This is the dirty little secret the pro-Israel lobby pretends doesn’t exist – the State of Israel is not sovereign in the heart of her own capital. The Jewish State applies apartheid laws on the Jewish people in the holiest site in Judaism. Like a pitiful, cowering slave, the State oppresses its own in hopes of appeasing all those who wish the State of Israel would disappear.

On July 14th the absurdity of this situation was blown open for everyone to see. Three Israeli Arabs attacked Israel in her most sensitive and weakest point – the Temple Mount – murdering two Israeli policemen and wounding others.

It is no surprise that the terrorists had guns on the Temple Mount. They did not have to submit to security checks to enter.

One must question their concept of holiness and sanctity as they obviously had no issue with spilling blood in this holy site.

Ironically the policemen murdered were not Jewish but Israeli Arab Druze.

Hail Stawi with his newborn baby and Kaamil Shanan

One of the wounded policemen is a Muslim. This underscores the fact that the lines of good and bad, righteous and evil do not divide according to race or religion. They do divide according to content of character.

These Israeli Druze policemen were murdered because they represent the Jewish State. The fact that Druze are Arabs did not matter to the terrorists that murdered them. That doesn’t matter to Israeli society that mourns their death the same as the death of Jews. What matters is that these men, as is traditionally done amongst Israeli Druze, chose to honor and serve their country while the Israeli Arab terrorists made the opposite choice.

Now, under the instigation of the Waqf Authority, many Israeli Muslims are trying to create the optics of religious oppression by the State of Israel. Instead of denouncing the murder on the Temple Mount and applauding the decision to include Muslims in security checks before entry, they are refusing to pass through the newly placed metal detectors. Instead, demonstrating and praying on the streets, as if they are barred from their place of worship. They are also attacking the few Muslims that dared comply with the security guidelines implemented by the State and pass through the metal detectors.

They could declare themselves to be peaceful people with nothing to hide and no intention of committing violence. Instead, they declare Israel the oppressor and cause of all violence.

How many people in Europe, America and other places around the world will fall for this inversion of reality?

The facts are simple:

When Israel manages holy sites, all people are granted access.

When Israel hands over her holy sites to the management of foreign powers, be it the Waqf or the Palestinian Authority, apartheid laws are implemented.

When this happens, it is no surprise that many around the world find it easy to believe that Jews have no connection to their holy and historical sites. What nation in the world gives up that which is most precious to them?

This is what the pro-Israel lobby wants to pretend doesn’t exist – Israel’s extreme weakness in the place that matters most.

This is the source of hope for all those who wish for Israel’s destruction. They believe, if they push hard enough, Israel will just leave.

Now is the time to stand up, to right what is wrong and declare:

Israel is here for eternity.

It is our duty to control our holy sites. It is our duty to ensure that all people enjoy freedom of worship and movement in our land. Apartheid is evil. No appeasement will ever bring peace.

Peace is the desire of our heart and that is why we will stop appeasing and start implementing the conditions that will create real peace.

And the first step is – sovereignty.


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