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Polished diamonds (illustrated)

“We are Israeli. We are here to rescue you!”

Their captors had repeatedly told them that no one was coming for them. That everyone forgot all about them. One man 60 years old, the other 70, they were at the mercy of terrorists who had butchered their neighbors and taken them hostage – for food, water, shelter… at any moment they could choose to put a bullet through their heads.


And then, late at night, they heard explosions and then masked men stormed into the room.

And then they stopped and identified themselves – Israeli commandos: “We are here to rescue you!”

The message the commandos announced on the radio to everyone connected to the mission: “The diamonds are in our hands!”

And then they shielded the men with their own bodies. Standing between them and the terrorists.

And they guided them to the vehicles that would take them out of enemy territory

Reportedly one of the men was barefoot – so one of the commandos picked him up and carried him to the vehicle.

And they gave him shoes. And covered both with warm and protective clothing

And they told the men that they loved them

And that they would look after their every need.

After the horror and dehumanization, the humiliation and the helplessness, the sons of Israel made these two men diamonds.

And that is the meaning of Jews having a Jewish State.

On October 7th thousands of Israelis were shaken to the core when the enemy came and the army did not. But eventually, the army did come. Late and too few. But they came.

During the Holocaust Jews hid hoping the monsters would not find them.

On October 7th Israelis did the same.

The difference is that during the Holocaust there was no one who could come.

Now survivor after survivor can tell of the utter relief of hearing Hebrew, of hearing “it’s the IDF!” of verifying that their rescuers were truly Jewish by asking them to recite the Jewish declaration: “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one.”

They describe angels lifting them out of hell and wrapping them in love. Angels who apologized for not coming sooner, crying at the pain they didn’t succeed in preventing.

THAT is what Israel means.

After thousands of years of victimhood, with nowhere to turn and no one to help, now our brothers and sisters will go to the ends of the earth and place themselves between danger and us, so that we may live.

The monsters still exist but now we are diamonds.

And that is why we must do everything to protect this Land. Why we must attain and maintain Jewish sovereignty. Without victory, we will again be the victims of the world and there will be no going back.


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