Photo Credit: Courtesy, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Chaim Koren presents his credentials to President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014, at the presidential palace in Cairo.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi accidentally showed his dangerous side to Israel.

A few days ago, during his trip to Italy, al-Sisi voiced a radical proposition that showed more of his cards than he probably planned to show off.


He proposed that Egypt could deploy Egyptian military troops into Judea and Samaria, to “temporarily” monitor and act as a guarantor for the peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Egypt has been increasing its troop deployments along the Gaza border, usually in coordination with Israel, in order to fight Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas terrorists who are attacking Egypt. That sounds fair enough, despite the treaty violations.

But his recent proposal shows us that al-Sisi has far bigger visions as to how far he wants to really extend and expand his military might, all the way onto a second Israeli front.

No one in Israel will consider this a serious proposal, but it does give us insight into al-Sisi’s long term thinking, and the next time al-Sisi asks Israel to ignore the Camp David Peace Treaty and let Egypt insert more troops into the Sinai along Israel’s border, Israel should keep in mind that al-Sisi has bigger dreams, and more Egyptian troops along the Israeli southern border is just one them.



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    Mohamed himself did this to the Jews who lived in arabia before any arabs even set foot in Israel.
    Furthermore, if they are related to Jews them they should have no objection to living in Israel (the home of the Jews) with other Jews. The fact that they do have a problem loving with Jews means they are part of the invader now.
    Who dare challenge this????

  3. When tge arabs invaded in the 7th century C.E. Israel had already been established as the Jewish kingdom for over a thousand years and no Cannaanites were left. We didn’t come from Egypt… Abraham came from Mesopatamia but we became a nation in Israel. Papestine is a roman occupation name of Israel…there is no such ethnicity as palestine and there was never a sovereign country called palestine. In fact during the brief islamic caliphate period…the capital wasn’t even Jerusalem and they didnt call it paleatine. They made it part of syria and the capital elwas damascus. Arabs never called themselves palestinian until the Jews srarted to rebuild Israel in order to create a political blockade to the Jews. Arabs weren’t even controlling it then…it was Turkish territory when it was liberated.

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  5. Nope …the exile was much later…and they returned us adterwards and helped to rebuild Israel again. Of course we were in Egypt but we qere not from Egypt. We went there because of drought. Read the history and pay attention to the timeline.
    Abraham was from Mesopatamia.

  6. Never ever trust an Arab not even an Egyptian Arab. The only Egyptian worth dealing with is a Copt. Since every Coptic Christian has been slaughtered and hounded out of Egypt all we have left is Islamic Egyptian. It is the law of Islam to lie in order to gain confidence, then stab you in the back. Islam is dangerous and manipulative, in time and that time is coming they will be damned. Damascus and Iraq are already on the way down, Afghanistan is not doing much better, Lebanon has been taken over by Islam. The prophets foretold this and I for one can hardly believe what was written eons ago is actually coming to pass. Stand tall and free Israel don't deal with Islam. Better to court China and Russia because neither nation will tolerate Islam.

  7. HA! As if Egypt, with its one million square kilometers is keen on fighting a war against one of the biggest powers of the region i.e (the State of Israel) just to get a tiny area full of angry residents (Arabs mainly) who don’t have it in their minds in the least to have allegiance to its military based popular anti-Islamist ruler! come on! be reasonable…. Egypt is satisfied with whatever it has…

  8. Al sisi is not a sisi.
    I've been watching him.
    Unlike pathetic Israeli leaders who jump when washing tells them to, when mchain came to ejypt demand ding he release Muslim brotherhood members or the USA will stop funding them, he said u can take your money and shove it, then kicked mc-noBrain out of the country.
    He has no problems caring about what the world thinks when waging a full out war on Hamas and destroying whatever he thinks he needs to in gaza. And closes the boarder whenever he wants for however long he wants to.
    He would probably wage a war against radical Islam in Israel with more guts and less reservation then Bibi or the other pathetic Israel leaders.
    The only Israeli Jew that can be trusted with Yesha is Mishe Feiglin or Michael Ben Ari

  9. Sissi forcibly evicted people close to the Gazan border. funny the same Leftist media that who cries havoc when israel does this for security have remained silent.

    Of course don't trust Sisi. But right now he's more of an asset than a liability.

  10. Don’t trust El-Sissy a bit. As long as he operates within the framework of the common agreements settled with IL officials he’s tame. But always keep an eye on a predator.


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