Economic Interests Supersede Identity Politics in Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Negotiations

Each party has an incentive to settle the territorial dispute so that international companies exploring waters will invest.

Left-wing Groups Accused of ‘Hijacking’ Israeli-Ethiopian Protests

When the tragic shooting of 19-year-old Solomon Tekah touched off nationwide protests, left-wing groups fanned the flames, activists say, seeking to use grassroots demonstrations for political gain.

The Immigration Crisis in Europe

The truth is that even the most dedicated research on how to deal with the migrants, divide the refugees from economic migrants, and establish a legality connected to a moral stance does not work. At the end of the day, both the nations that have welcomed these migrants and the countries that keep them out are all on the same page

US Mindset on Israel

The US mindset on Israel draws its strength from the religious, ethical, moral and cultural roots of the US society, which were planted in 1620

Is Israel Extending the US Strategic Hand in the Mideast?

Recent events have demonstrated how Israel’s existence bolsters the security of U.S. allies in the Persian Gulf and throughout the Middle East, countering Iran and enhancing the war on Islamic terrorism.

Ambassador Friedman’s NYT Interview Reflects US Interests

Israel’s withdrawal from the mountain ridges would transform the Jewish State from a national security asset of the US to a national security liability/burden upon the US, depriving the US of a unique beachhead, which constitutes the largest US aircraft carrier with no US soldiers on board, and a most productive battle-tested laboratory,

Are BBC Guidelines on ‘Language When Reporting Terrorism’ About to Get Worse?

A senior news source said: ‘It boils down to that phrase, ‘One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’.”

Lubavitcher Chassid Sues New York Over Conversion Therapy Ban

He further notes that some of his patients have succeeded in reducing or eliminating their unwanted attractions, while some have not or have chosen not to continue the process.

Defensible Borders in the Middle East

The most critical feature/test of defensible borders in the Middle East is their capability to fend off realistic (worst-case) scenarios.

First-ever Memorial Day Ceremony Held for Orthodox Jewish soldiers

The Tuesday night ceremony in Jerusalem was attended by some 800 people, including Jerusalem chief rabbis, senior IDF officials and members of the strictly Orthodox Netzach Yehuda Battalion

PA anti-Semitism: Alive and Kicking

While the world is busy discussing ways to uproot and eradicate Antisemitism, the PA is busy cementing and preserving it.

PLO: Mass murder of Christians by Muslims in Sri Lanka= Jewish Presence on Temple...

Notre Dame fire is same as “Zionist invasions that desecrate” the Al-Aqsa Mosque

A Guide To Israel’s Elections – All 41 Parties

41 parties are running for a seat in the Knesset, here's who they are...

Nathan Thrall’s Propaganda Welcomed at the New York Times

Thrall can be counted on to produce, on demand, the usual anti-Israel screed that has long been norm at the Times. But Thrall outdoes himself this time.

In Germany, Odeh’s Out, but Hezbollah’s In

What explains Germany’s inconsistent efforts in rooting out terrorists from its midst?

Israel on the Golan Heights Enhances US Interests

The control of the Golan Heights enables Israel to play a key role in constraining Iran’s expansion into Syria and Lebanon, restraining the flow of lava emitted by the potential Syrian volcano, securing Jordan’s Hashemite regime and removing the anti-US machetes from the throats of every pro-US regime.

On Purim, the Spiking of Iran’s Land Bridge Across Mesopotamia

It has been clear for some time now that Iran has been eyeing the Golan as a gateway to military leverage over Israel. With U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty in the Golan, the vector of geomilitary momentum will shift significantly.

Middle East Reality and the Palestinian Issue

Middle East policy, in general, and peace initiatives, in particular, must adhere to Middle East reality, as violently unpredictable, complicated and frustrating as it is. They must overcome the well-intentioned temptation of oversimplification, wishful-thinking, misperceptions and short-term gratification, which doomed to failure all previous US, European and international peace initiatives.

Syrian Scholar: Al-Aqsa in Koran is not in Jerusalem

Syrian scholar Firas Al-Sawwah: “Al-Aqsa mentioned in the Koran is not in Jerusalem; we should critically examine our past and some of our religious traditions.”

In a First, Hamas Cancels Weekly Border Riots to Avoid Escalation

A Hamas official said that the terrorist organization "has no interest in an escalation" with Israel.

Growing Global Interest in Israel’s Hi-tech

The integration of Israel’s ultra-orthodox community in the hightech sector is expanding (still in the initial stage) and will be a positive influence

Opinion of PA ‘Expert’ is Trump’s Special Envoy Greenblatt “is a Mongoloid”

The 'journalist' stated that it is not only Greenblatt who suffers from Down Syndrome but the entire Trump administration:

Could the Arrest of Senior Fatah Terrorist Signal Future Instability in Judea and Samaria?

In recent years, most of the counter-terrorism arrests by the Shin Bet, the Israel Defense Forces and the counter-terrorism unit of the Israel Police have targeted Hamas, not Fatah-Tanzim members, who have been dormant.

US Peace Initiative – A Reality Test

The attempt to minimize Middle East instability and advance the US interest, on the one hand, and establishing a Palestinian state, on the other hand, constitutes a classic oxymoron, adding fuel – not water – to the Middle East fire.

US-Israel Relations – an American Perspective

In 2019, the US and Israel share identical national and homeland security concerns in the Middle East and beyond.

Apology is NOT Enough: House Democrats must Sanction Ilhan Omar

In America, Ilhan Omar has the right to express anti-Semitic views, using, if she chooses, the same anti-Semitic themes as Nazi propagandists. Her constituents in Minnesota have the right to elect her to Congress. But that doesn’t mean any of them has a right to any committee assignments for Omar in the House of Representatives, much less choice ones like the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Why is the EU Funding NGOs with Ties to BDS?

A recent report detailed the personnel and activities of 10 BDS-affiliated organizations that collectively received about 5 million euros from the European Union in some form in the last year.

Israel’s Red Lines in Lebanon and Syria

The “War Between Wars” is an ongoing Israeli military and intelligence effort to disrupt the force build-up of the Iranian-Shiite axis throughout the Middle East. This campaign, which has evolved into an entire force activation doctrine, has seen the Israeli defense establishment employ an approach that differentiates between Syria and Lebanon.


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