2020 Congressional election– Critical to US-Israel Ties

Will Israel's public diplomacy rise to the challenge posed by the current ideological trends in the US?

13 Ways Israel is Helping Fight Forest Fires Around the World

As wildfires burn more fiercely across the globe, Israeli experts work with other countries to implement prevention, detection, firefighting and rehab strategies.

TikTok: ‘Zero Tolerance’ for anti-Semitism

“These policies are great on paper, but ... social-media companies have to do more than just pay lip service to fighting extremism on their platforms,” said Josh Lipowsky of the Counter Extremism Project.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar on the UAE-Israel Abraham Accords

Yishai Fleisher talks with Dr. Mordechai Kedar about the UAE peace deal.

On the Need for a U.S.-Israel Mutual Defense Pact

The U.S.-Israeli relationship already has many of the characteristics of a formal alliance.

How Serious Is the Israeli-Turkish Rapprochement?

Former close allies. Where does the relationship stand today-Friend or Foe?

Israel Versus Anyone: A Military Net Assessment of the Middle East

Most published Middle Eastern military net assessments are based primarily on lists of units and equipment. Unfortunately, history proved that such lists are all too often incorrect. Even when they were correct, the overall assessments generally ignored the quality of personnel and/or equipment, as well as the extent to which rival defense systems could turn available financial, human, and material resources into actual military power.

US and Israeli Mass Media: Siamese Twins

The left-right divergence of confidence in mass media highlights the political, ideological, social and cultural polarization that has afflicted both countries.

Trump Peace Plan: Aiming Not to Make a Deal, but to Make a Deal...

The plan has some creative elements and some that may not prove realistic, but critics who say that Trump’s plan won’t win acceptance by Mahmoud Abbas are missing its main point, which is that the Palestinians need new leaders.

What is the ACTUAL Cost of Applying Israel Law to Judea & Samaria

A hesitant, appeasing and retreating Israel, which sacrifices its independence of national security action on the altar of overseas' green lights, whets the appetite of terrorists and rogue regimes,

US-Israel Milestones (from liability to unique asset)

Israel’s role as a major force-multiplier for the US, is highlighted against the backdrop of European vacillation, the growing ineffectiveness of NATO (No Action Talk Only?) and the intensifying vulnerabilities of all pro-US Arab regimes.
Rejuvenation: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Partition

NYRB Looks to1947 PARTITION PLAN; Lacks 2020 Vision

New York Review of Books: Book Smart doesn't mean you have seichel

Is the Palestinian ‘Issue’ the Crux of the Arab-Israeli Conflict?

Arab countries have showered Palestinians with a cuddling talk accompanied by a cold/negative walk

Jerusalem’s Changing Demographics: An Overview from the Jerusalem Statistical Yearbook

The Arab population is growing at a faster rate, but since 2012, the birth rate among the Jewish population in Jerusalem is significantly higher than that of the Arab population.

Watch: The U.S. Israel Nexus: Chapter 1 – Early Pilgrims and the Modern Day...

What are the secret bonds that connect America and Israel so strongly? How far back do these bonds go? Why is the Statue of Moses displayed in the U.S. Supreme Court? Take a few minutes. Enrich yourselves...

COVID-19 Crisis Exposes U.S. Weakness to Bioterror

Failings exposed by the COVID-19 crisis have long been known to bioterrorism researchers. The Bush, Obama and Trump administrations all developed detailed bioterror action plans, but this current pandemic shows they were not implemented.

Israel’s Unprecedented N.U.G. (National Unity Government)

Details on the forthcoming new Israeli government, to be formally signed next week after Yom Ha’aztmaut, Israel’s Independence Day. Its first order of business will be to pass legislation to set the Netanyahu-Gantz rotation in motion.

The V-Shaped US-Israel Saga

In the words of Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Commander of NATO: “Our best military partner in the region, by far, is Israel…. It truly is a case of two nations that are unarguably stronger together.”

What Makes the Palestinian Authority Run?

Western democracies experience suspension of disbelief, overlooking the Palestinian walk. They embrace the “screen-saving,” misleading Palestinian talk, and delude themselves that financial benefits might divert the Palestinian leadership from its real goal--eradicating the Jewish State.

Conspiracy Theories in a Time of Virus

Israelis lead in the search for a COVID-19 cure is being twisted to confirm conspiracist suspicions of Israeli profiteering.

Talking to Kids about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By taking deep breaths and managing their emotions, parents can show their children that even scary situations can and should be met with calm, cool, control. Parents should also be prepared to have an ongoing conversation with children about the coronavirus.

End of Building Freezes in the Jerusalem Area

Developing Givat Hamatos and E-1 will save Jerusalem and environs.

1620-2020: the 400th Anniversary of the US-Israel Alliance

The Mayflower passengers were inspired by the Old Testament, referring to their departure from England as the “Modern Day Exodus;” the sailing across the Atlantic Ocean as the “Modern Day Parting of the Sea;” and the New World as the “Modern Day Promised Land” and the “New Israel.” They considered themselves the “Modern Day Chosen People.”

Analysis of the UN’s BDS Blacklist

A major category of listed companies are those providing consumer goods and services (food, telecommunications, transportation, gas, water) to both Palestinians and Israelis.


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