What You WON”T Read in the NY Times about Al-Haq and the Designated NGOs

Al-Haq spearheaded an antisemitic submission (May 31) to the UN’s permanent Commission of Inquiry against Israel, presenting a blatantly false historical account, denying Israel’s right to exist,

The Holocaust As a Moral Choice: Part X: The Toll of ‘Remaining Decent’

Occasionally, particularly at the outset of the murderous campaign, some perpetrators were troubled by “pangs of conscience” or “expressed disquiet.” They got over it or were replaced quickly.

The Holocaust As a Moral Choice: Part IX: Remaining Decent

Responding to the question of the necessity of murdering every Jewish woman and child. “I  did not consider that I had the right to eliminate them—that is to kill them or have them killed--and to let their children grow up to become avengers against our own sons and grandsons. The difficult decision had to be taken to have this people disappear from the face of the earth.”[10]  

The Holocaust As a Moral Choice: Part VIII: Women, Children and the Elderly

The ploy to conceal the slaughtering of Jews with the drive to eliminate Soviet anti-partisan sabotage was confirmed in January 1946

Iran, Terrorist Group Proxies Develop New Roadmap to Stoke Division in Israel

A state media report notes leaders’ intentions to create unity among Arab factions by intensifying tensions in areas like Sheikh Jarrah, Jenin, Tulkarm, Nablus and Ramallah.

Approaching the Holocaust as a Moral Choice: Part VII: Providing Legitimacy for Murdering Civilians 

The advanced education and culture of the Nazi officers proved no impediment to their murdering innocent civilians.

Part VI: Approaching the Holocaust a Moral Choice 

The accusation that Jews posed a threat to the German army was ludicrous.

Part V : Approaching the Holocaust as A Moral Choice

Those who served as executioners compensated themselves with money pilfered from their Jewish victims

Conventional Wisdom vs. Evidenced-Reality

US State Department policy-making has been at odds with Mid East reality (evidence), elevating conventional wisdom (worldview) over the inconvenient truths and frustrating complexities of the jerkily-cyclical Middle Eastern reality.

Part IV Approaching the Holocaust as A Moral Choice (cont.) 

There were no legal, bureaucratic, administrative, or other obstacles and limitations to impede their mission to annihilate the Jews and other perceived enemies of the Third Reich

Israel Supported US Repeatedly Over the Years

The Jewish state has given the United States invaluable intelligence and military expertise, and protects American interests in the Middle East.

Part II: Approaching the Holocaust as A Moral Choice 

The goal of the 'War Against the Jews' was to construct “a utopian society organized in accordance with the principles of race.”

Biden’s Middle East Visit: The Nuts and Bolts

When considering Biden’s demands for Israeli concessions, Israeli Prime Minister Lapid should study the conduct of previous Israeli premiers.

Part I: Approaching the Holocaust as A Moral Choice

The question of how and why the Holocaust occurred in Western civilization remains an issue of concern because it reveals something about the nature of our society and humanity.

“Assassins in White Coats” 

Nazi medicine played a fundamental part in implementing “the racial policy of a powerful, modern state and it enjoyed approval by wide parts of the whole nation.”

Islamic Antisemitism Drives the Arab-Israeli Conflict

To look at the Jews through the frame of the Qur'an is to see them as contemptible, weak, cowardly-yet-warmongering, treacherous losers.

What is the “Status Quo” on the Temple Mount?

NO Israeli government ever ratified Dayan’s agreement. To this day, the “status quo” on the Temple Mount is that the internal part of the site is run by the Waqf and Israel is responsible for the external security and maintaining public order. 

Part VII: CONCLUSION: The Holocaust Has NO Equivalents

Though these comparisons assist us in understanding the Nazi period, they can lead to the wrong conclusion that Nazi's hated all groups equally.all

Pal Mob Attempted Hijack Conversion at Shireen Abu Akleh’s Funeral

Once returned, the body was transported to the church in the hearse under Israeli protection according to plan.

Part V: Did the Germans Treat the Jews and the Gypsies in the Same...

A number of leading Holocaust historians refute the notion the Germans dealt with the Gypsies in the same manner they did with the Jews

Welcome to the Fight, Jonathan: ADL Leader Discovers Left-Wing Antisemitism

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt started talking the talk on left-wing antisemitism.

‘IRGC has Covert Presence in Red Sea,’ says Top Defense Researcher

Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall, a senior analyst at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, discusses Iranian intelligence-gathering and attack vessels active in the region.

EU-funded NGO is Working to Drive a Wedge Between Israeli-Arabs and Jewish State, Report...

Israel is not taking the threat posed by NGOs like Palestinian Vision seriously enough, according to the head of Zionist NGO Im Tirtzu’s Arabic language research department.

This Is How Yahya Sinwar Paved His Way to Center Stage – at the...

Yahya al-Sinwar, who barely won a second term in office, is cementing his control over the Gaza Strip, at the expense of Israeli civilians as well as the Palestinian Authority.

2022 Jewish Demographic Momentum in Israel

The GREAT NEWS: Israeli Jews are not merely good in math, they are VERY GOOD in multiplication!

Inflation 2022: Palestinian Demography

The GOOD NEWS: Official Palestinian demographic numbers are highly-inflated, as documented by a study, which has been conducted since 2004:


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