The Oslo Deception – New Evidence

Arafat: “You will see the Jews fleeing from Palestine like mice fleeing from a sinking ship”

Iran’s ‘Knowledge Bombs’: Reverse-Engineering IEDs in Judea and Samaria

A year and a half ago, Tehran took the strategic decision to significantly step up attacks on Israel using proxies and partners located within and around the Jewish state.

Setting The Record Straight: Part XI: “Palestinian H-bombs” 

The Oslo Accords were viewed by the Palestinian Arabs as the first stage in Israel’s total defeat

Would Judicial Reforms in Israel Open Up the Israeli Military to Charges of War...

The judicial reforms being discussed in Israel do not change or impact the independence and willingness of the Israeli investigative and prosecutorial bodies to investigate and prosecute potential offenders.

Setting The Record Straight: Part X: The Impetus for Creating a Movement of Suicide...

“The importance of the weapon of such martyrs is no less than the importance of nuclear weapons.”

Jerusalem’s Unique Position in the Expanding Proxy Conflict in the Caucasus

The war in Ukraine has shifted the global balance, leading not only to the creation of previously improbable alliances, but also to the mixing and merging of long-standing conflicts in other regions.

The Zionist Left’s 100-Year War Against the Zionist Right

The struggle isn't over issues or even values. It's a century-old rivalry and it's over regime hegemony.

Setting The Record Straight: Part IX: “Culture of Death”

She said she had a medical problem, that's why the soldiers let her in, to check her in private because she is a woman," he said. "That's a very cruel, cynical use of the humanitarian considerations of our soldiers."

Israel ‘One of the World’s Top Cyber Powers’

The IDF trains 10,000 people a year in cyber programs.

Setting The Record Straight: Part VIII: What Motivates Islamic Female Suicide Bombers? 

Terrorist organizations, including ISIS, began using women once they realized they were far better able to evade detection than men.

Setting The Record Straight: Part VII: Defining Elements of Radical Islam 

A defining element of radical Islam today is its extensive use/support of suicide attacks as a weapon in fighting jihad

Iran is Taking Over Key Syrian Defense Industries

The CERS Center is responsible for developing and manufacturing chemical, biological and potentially nuclear weapons.

Setting The Record Straight: Part VI: Introducing a Religious Component to Wafa Idris’ Death

To preserve the terrorist Wafa’s memory and have her continue to serve as a model for other women to emulate, the Palestinian Authority has named places and events after her

US’ banning of Israeli entities in Judea & Samaria – BOOMERANG

State Department’s determination that Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria constitutes “illegal occupation” has been based on mistaken and misleading interpretation of international law.

Hamas’s ‘Multi-Arena’ Strategy Targets Israeli Stability

Hamas aims to put Israel in a state of constant instability and vulnerability to various threats.

The Hidden Danger of the US Visa Waiver Program

How will Israel deal with BDS activists that use the Visa Waiver to enter Israel...

Setting The Record Straight: Part V: Acclaimed as a Role Model

A Joan of Arc? If being the first Palestinian female suicide bomber qualifies for sainthood.

Israel’s Recognition of Morocco’s Western Sahara a Blow to Iran

Israel’s decision also holds immense significance due to its direct impact on the activities of Iran and its proxy Hezbollah in North Africa, disrupting their efforts to establish roots and expand their presence in the region.

A Decade into the Shadow War in Syria, Israel Still Disrupting Tehran’s Takeover Efforts

Despite growing cooperation with Moscow, Iran sees a new opportunity to deepen its hold on Syria due to the reallocation of Russian military forces to Ukraine.

Hezbollah Preparing for Imminent Confrontation with Israel

Hezbollah perceives Israeli social divisions over judicial reform as a sign of weakness.

Setting The Record Straight: Part IV: A Subterfuge to Justify Hatred of Jews? 

Hatred, and loathing of the Jews, and “to a lesser extent of the Americans, is transmitted.

Israel’s Defiance of US Pressure

American officials might not like strong Israeli leaders, but they do respect them.

Hezbollah, Seeing Division in Israel, Launches Calculated Provocation

Every day that passes might be sending the wrong message to Nasrallah, who could be misinterpreting Israeli restraint as a confirmation of his theory that Israel is getting weaker.

Setting The Record Straight: Part III: “‘From The River To The Sea, Palestine Will...

Destroying Israel has been a primary objective of the Palestinian Liberation Movement (PLO) from the outset

Russia May Get its Hands on French Weapons, Supplied to Armenia

Ukraine and Israel are concerned that French-supplied military technology could make its way to Russia or Iran given Armenia’s close ties to the two countries.

Supreme Court Rules for Religious Liberty

“Tolerance, not coercion, is our nation’s answer,” wrote Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Independence Day 2023

Our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

Setting The Record Straight: Part II: The Soviet Role 

Soviets played a critical role in facilitating the use of language as a weapon of demonization and delegitimization against Israel


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