The Two-State Solution

Contrary to US expectations a Palestinian state would add a rogue regime to the stormy region, intensify terrorism and war, inflame regional instability, exacerbate the Israel-Palestinian conflict, undermine the expansion of the Israel-Arab peace process, generate tailwind to rogue entities and cripple US interests. Basically, NOT a good idea

History of the Arab Boycott and Its Resurgence

BDS is one of the weapons employed to destroy the liberal democratic state of Israel. For many BDS supporters, Israel is a proxy for West.

Balance of Power Moves in Iran’s Favor in Gulf & Jordan, as America Pulls...

Partly driving the shift “is the weakness the United States is showing towards Iran in its efforts to reduce its presence in the Middle East and bolster its position in the Far East against the growing Chinese challenge,” said Bar-Ilan Professor Hillel Frisch, a Middle East expert at the BESA Center.

US Anti-BDS Laws May Cause Financial Meltdown for Ben & Jerry’s and Unilever

“By virtue of its wayward subsidiary, Unilever—a massive international conglomerate—risks potentially crushing financial consequences in terms of its ability to receive investments from, or do business with, the majority of U.S. states,” said Brooke Goldstein of the Lawfare Project.

Will Bennett Allow US to Rollback Recognition of Israel’s Capital and Redivide Jerusalem?

A push to reopen a shuttered consulate to the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem is a first major foreign-policy test for Israel’s fragile coalition. Former Mayor Nir Barkat warns that Israel’s prime minister “must not allow a move that will divide Jerusalem, the capital of Israel forever and ever.”

Israel’s Evolution into a US Force Multiplier

If there were an Israel-like entity in the Persian Gulf, the U.S. could terminate its military presence in the region.

Mansour Abbas and the Lebanonization of Israel

The Islamic Movement in Israel is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the ideological hothouse that spawned such organizations as Hamas, al-Qaeda, ISIS, and various other Sunni jihadist groups that reject Israel’s right to exist. Giving the Islamic Movement a kosher stamp of approval sets Israel on the same destructive path trod by Lebanon ever since Hezbollah became part of that country.

Israel, Iran, Hamas, and Why it’s Not 2014 Anymore

Hamas' purpose was to attack the unity of the de facto Middle East coalition – a coalition against radical Iran – forming through the Abraham Accords.  The premise of the attack was that framing the conflict as a response to an outrage against Al Aqsa, and forcing Israel to strike back hard, would peel away the Arab partners to the Abraham Accords.

How did Hamas Grow its Arsenal Under the Blockade?

In latest clashes, Islamist terrorist group has fired over 4,000 rockets at Israel in recent clashes, some hitting deeper in Israeli territory and with greater accuracy than ever before.

The Sheikh Jarrah Property Dispute and the False Claim of Israeli Land Discrimination

The claim that Israeli law permits Jews to reclaim ownership of lands they owned prior to 1948 but denies Palestinians such a right is false in every particular.

The Jihad Within Israel

The explosion of mass violence by Israeli Arabs against their fellow Jewish citizens is nothing short of a religious war and has to be treated as such.

Understanding the Sheikh Jarrah/Shimon Hatzadik Property Dispute

Israel’s critics have distorted the facts, perverted international law and attempted to intimidate courts and law enforcement officials into adopting the critics’ bigotry.

‘Muslim Historians Consistently Confirm Jewish Ties to Jerusalem’

Sure to ruffle a few feathers, “Islam, Jews and the Temple Mount” lays out how the Muslim narrative about the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount has been distorted.

The REAL Source of Jerusalem’s Violence

PA TV broadcast a terror-promoting song and accompanying visuals of violence at least 20 times. Focusing on influencing the youth, PA TV also broadcast the song during the 4:00-5:00 p.m. time slot for children's programming.
Israel Uncensored: Biden Administration Making all the Wrong Moves

Senate Democrats Unlikely to Challenge Biden Administration Over Reentry to Iran Nuclear Deal

“The administration will be questioned or criticized by some Democrats on the Hill, but it will move forward just as in 2015, without regard to their worries," said Elliott Abrams, former U.S. Special Representative for Venezuela and Iran in the Trump administration

Blinken Wrong on Israel’s Demography

Contrary to the academic, political, defense and media establishments’ dogma, there is NO Arabic demographic “time bomb.” There is, however, unprecedented Jewish demographic growth

The Terrorists Vying for Election to the Palestinian Parliament

While the US administration and the EU pushed Abbas to hold elections with the intention of promoting democracy and to give legitimacy to the Palestinian leadership, the PA elections will not be an endorsement of democracy, but rather highlight the terrorist nature of the Palestinian Authority.

Jordan’s Volatility is a Wake-up Call for US

In the Middle East, violent regime change is the rule, not the exception

Hijacking Holocaust Terminology

Perpetuating falsities to demonize Israel

Passover and the US-Israel Bond

A hymn to the relationship between America and its most reliable and potent ally.

Middle East Reality Welcomes Pres. Biden

In view of the impact of the Mideast on U.S. interests—and America’s desire to minimize its military presence in the region—Israel is the most reliable, capable and democratic ally in the region and the world.

Is Israel Proscribed to Annex Judea and Samaria (West Bank)?

Should future Israeli prime ministers sacrifice Israel's existential national security requirements on the altar of past foolhardy non-ratified Israeli proposals?

Weakened Iranian Regime Tests Biden Administration’s Resolve by Demanding Concessions

The Islamic Republic as historically miscalculating its strategic positions, whether in the Iran-Iraq war or the development of its nuclear program—a pattern of strategic miscalculations that have led to sanctions, isolation and economic devastation

A Deeper Look At The Law: Bias In The Skies – Can Passengers Sue...

If the crew asks a passenger to leave a plane or does not let the passenger board, allegedly because of religion or ethnicity or some other identifying category, is an action on that ground preempted by federal aviation laws?

Divide-istan: Straight Talk about Breaking up the USA

The impetus for a break-up depends mostly on how badly "RED" America wants to escape the repressive policy overreach of "BLUE" America.

Living in Israel, Voting in the Palestinian Authority

P.A. chairman Mahmoud Abbas wants to make the first elections in 15 years conditional on the participation of eastern Jerusalem Arab residents. Everyone—from Israel to Hamas to the Biden administration to Saudi Arabia—has an opinion.

The Palestinian Issue: A Land-for-Peace Proposition?

“Cleansing the 1948 land of the Zionist presence,” not peaceful coexistence, is the focal point of the Palestinian ethos.

‘We’re Supposed to be Dead’: Israeli Tank Protection System has Transformed Land Warfare

Rafael’s Trophy system has amassed more than 1 million operational hours and saved countless lives in combat since 2011. It’s now installed on a growing number of armored vehicles, including on four American tank brigades.

The Truth About Financial Aid to the Palestinian Authority

A dramatic letter written by a former terrorist who is running for president of the Palestinian Authority reveals the extent to which the budgets funneled to the PA from Israel and the world fuel death and terror. The time has come for the world to take notice.


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