Growing Global Interest in Israel’s Hi-tech

The integration of Israel’s ultra-orthodox community in the hightech sector is expanding (still in the initial stage) and will be a positive influence

Opinion of PA ‘Expert’ is Trump’s Special Envoy Greenblatt “is a Mongoloid”

The 'journalist' stated that it is not only Greenblatt who suffers from Down Syndrome but the entire Trump administration:

Could the Arrest of Senior Fatah Terrorist Signal Future Instability in Judea and Samaria?

In recent years, most of the counter-terrorism arrests by the Shin Bet, the Israel Defense Forces and the counter-terrorism unit of the Israel Police have targeted Hamas, not Fatah-Tanzim members, who have been dormant.

US Peace Initiative – A Reality Test

The attempt to minimize Middle East instability and advance the US interest, on the one hand, and establishing a Palestinian state, on the other hand, constitutes a classic oxymoron, adding fuel – not water – to the Middle East fire.

US-Israel Relations – an American Perspective

In 2019, the US and Israel share identical national and homeland security concerns in the Middle East and beyond.

Apology is NOT Enough: House Democrats must Sanction Ilhan Omar

In America, Ilhan Omar has the right to express anti-Semitic views, using, if she chooses, the same anti-Semitic themes as Nazi propagandists. Her constituents in Minnesota have the right to elect her to Congress. But that doesn’t mean any of them has a right to any committee assignments for Omar in the House of Representatives, much less choice ones like the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Why is the EU Funding NGOs with Ties to BDS?

A recent report detailed the personnel and activities of 10 BDS-affiliated organizations that collectively received about 5 million euros from the European Union in some form in the last year.

Israel’s Red Lines in Lebanon and Syria

The “War Between Wars” is an ongoing Israeli military and intelligence effort to disrupt the force build-up of the Iranian-Shiite axis throughout the Middle East. This campaign, which has evolved into an entire force activation doctrine, has seen the Israeli defense establishment employ an approach that differentiates between Syria and Lebanon.

The Roots of Evil: Land Theft in Area C is Creating a de-facto Palestinian...

The Palestinian Authority’s Systematic Annexation of Tens of Thousands of Acres in Judea and Samaria

Papers Push anti-Israel Slogan as Journalistic Shorthand

No surprise that Israel’s opening of Route 4370, a strange road that’s half highway and half territorial boundary, was used as an occasion to yet again unholster the apartheid slur. The newly opened road is essentially a pair of parallel highways, one primarily serving Israeli citizens and the other serving residents of the PA

PA: At LEAST 502 MILLION Shekels Paid to Terrorist Prisoners in 2018

Israel is preparing to implement a new law imposing financial sanctions on the PA for its "Pay for Slay" policy, PMW has looked at the PA's financial reports for 2018 which includes its payments to terrorist prisoners and released terrorist prisoners and it is shocking
From the "Irvine Divest" Facebook page: "Historic UC Irvine divestment vote deals stinging defeat to Zionist bullying on campus."

Mixed Reactions After Prosecution Efforts at UCLA and UCI

Thanks to courageous students and others who stepped forward, combined with intense media scrutiny, the rate of acceleration of anti-Semitism on campus and especially at UC colleges, has been temporarily slowed—

Math Equation for PA: $6 for Terrorists=$1 for Palestinian Needy

Abbas attitude: Feed terrorists; let Palestinian poor go hungry

Daylight Strike in Syria; Dangerous Response

Whatever was hit in Syria by Israel may have belonged to a category known as “time-critical targets.” That could mean that imminent plans were in place to move the target to a place where it would be harder to strike.

Analysis: Israel Sent a Strong Message of Deterrence to Iran

Iran is trying to drag Israel into a war of attrition as Hamas has done on the Gaza border.

Is the IDF Ready for All-Out War?

The Israeli military’s state of readiness has dramatically improved, but it has a lot more catching up to do. It has spent years neglecting the ground forces – and those forces will be essential if enemies like Hezbollah are to be decisively defeated.

Abbas Celebrates in NY as Palestinians Helm Major UN Bloc of Nations

While it may appear that the Palestinians are slowly managing to achieve their goal of achieving full U.N. membership, the likelihood of this happening still remains slim.

Anti-Semitism, BDS & European Funding: WCC’s Activists in Israel & West Bank

The NGO Monitor report also stated that WCC has been funded by UNICEF and countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Canada and Japan.

Revoke Medical License of Potential Murderer of Jews, Islamist Dr. Kollab

Dr. Kollab issued a purported “apology” through her attorney. This non-apology was really simply an occasion for her to spread further antisemitic libels against the Jewish people!

The UK and EU build an Illegal road on an IDF Training Ground

The Arab takeover of IDF training grounds in the southern Hebron Hills continues: The British government and the European Union are paving an illegal road through the very same training ground that was the subject of Regavim's recent Supreme Court petition.

Israeli Elections Knesset Insider: Divisions before Unions

Of the 22 parties currently running, 14 parties are currently all polling within one or two seats above or below the electoral threshold, many within a margin of error. Party leaders will be forced to make compromises and political alliances, or risk not making it through to the parliament.

Who Knew? Hebrew May be the Basis for Many English and European Words

Researchers can make inferences based on studying the roots of the words and their meanings, and try to piece together the history of words, though it’s far from an exact science.


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