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Proud Members of Jewish Voice for Peace

The above facts may explain why the Anti-Defamation League has listed JVP as one of the top ten anti-Israel groups, saying that it is “fixated on . . . convincing the American public that Israel is an international villain that deserves to be ostracized and isolated.”

The JVP Role in the BDS Movement


BDS is a movement that relies on libel and slander to delegitimize and attempt to destroy the Jewish state. Alan Dershowitz, in 2014, gave ten reasons that the BDS movement is immoral. One is that it “promotes false views regarding the nation state of the Jewish people, exaggerates its flaws and thereby promotes a new variation on the world’s oldest prejudice, namely anti-Semitism.” Another, he explained, is that it “refuses to acknowledge the historical reality that on at least three occasions, Israel offered to end the occupation [sic] and on all three occasions, the Palestinian leadership, supported by its people, refused to accept these offers.”

Yet, JVP, a group that professes to be a Jewish group (though, notably, one need not be Jewish to be a member) and its purported Rabbinical Council are at the forefront of the BDS movement. In June of 2014, for example, the JVP Rabbinical Council was instrumental in securing passage of the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s resolution to divest holdings from three companies that do business with Israel. Thirteen members of the JVP Rabbinical Council signed their names to a letter to the PC(USA) in support of the resolution. Members of JVP and its Rabbinical Council also attended the PC(USA) General Assembly meeting, at which they reportedly made the following slanderous statements to the Church’s members:

  • Israel subjects Palestinians to “biblical scale enslavement.”
  • Israel is an apartheid state. . . .
  • Israel controls all of Gaza’s borders.
  • Israel forces Palestinians into cattle cages. . . .
  • Israel tortures children as a matter of policy.
  • Israel denies drinking water to Palestinians.
  • Israel destroys the homes of Palestinians simply because they are Palestinian. . . .
  • Israel holds Palestinians in “giant outdoor prisons” in the West Bank and Gaza.

The co-chair of the JVP Rabbinical Council, Brant Rosen, has also worked actively with the Israel Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church. His work included being interviewed for and subsequently defending the group’s book, “Zionism Unsettled: A Congregational Study Guide.” The guide, according to JTA, blames a “pathology inherent in Zionism” for the ongoing regional conflict.

This year, three additional churches have debated measures similar to that of the PC(USA): The United Church of Christ, the Episcopal Church and the Mennonite Church. JVP wrote in support of the BDS proponents in the three churches, “Given the recent election of an extreme right-wing and anti-peace Israeli government, it is more apparent than ever that it will take outside pressure to move towards justice and peace in the region.”

The measure at the United Church of Christ passed – with a JVP staffer and a JVP Board member on hand to support it. As Miriam Elman, writing in the Legal Insurrection blog, explains, just as it did with the PC(USA) vote, “JVP provided critical cover at the [UCC] Synod debate by allowing those with anti-Israel agendas falsely to portray divestment as standing with the Jewish people in the form of JVP.”

JVP works closely on church divestment with a Palestinian Christian group called Sabeel.  According to NGO Monitor, Sabeel promotes “deicide imagery” – that is, the idea that the Jews killed Jesus. Twenty-two members of JVP’s Rabbinical Council – including several claiming to hold Reform or Conservative ordinations – wrote to Sabeel in 2012 to offer “solidarity” to the group.



  1. This episode was quickly pulled from history channel collaborators series After much muslim protest by(cair of muslim brotherhood)
    No to land for Peace
    With This void the new reich
    “palestinians” and Jordans claims on Israel
    hitlers world legacy following
    Share when commenting everywhere
    “palestine” gaza or “west bank” hamas fatah cair muslim brotherhood bds is mentioned
    be well
    abbas is a shia persian name leading fatah
    hamas is sunni arabia lead by meshaal

    humanshields were a myth the children and citizens were and are willing combatants summer training camps arent new nor is their news papers,school books and childrens programs
    Schools,unrwa,hospitals and other public works are occupied by terrorist supporters
    Bring down nation of islam
    Bring down doha emir tamim gcc
    Send mufti to Jordan
    Level dome of the rock mosque of chains al aqsa

    “”These are the things that you shall do speak out the Truth to one another judge with Truth and judgment to Peace in your gates””

    Join together for right
    Dont be with afraid of them
    Strength of Truth was given
    into your hands
    Help the world to see
    end modern islamist nazism

  2. They may have Jewish parents, and they may have a voice, and they may say they want peace, but th!s group is not a Jewish voice for peace. It is an anti- Jewish scream for hate and excludes its own people from the right they give to every other nation…i.e. the right to ts own land where they were and are the original inhabitants. BTW any rabbi who does not underxtand the connetion between Jews and Israel (IF I forget thee or Jerusalem….) has not received proper training or smicha!

  3. It is now. This is directly from their website:

    “Why is JVP moving beyond Occupation-focused Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction campaigns?
    JVP has long participated in the global movement to hold Israel accountable through nonviolent economic pressure, and we’ve done so by focusing on Occupation-specific targets including corporations as well as academic and cultural institutions. Today, the idea that there is a clear economic, political, or social separation between “Israel” and “the occupation,” has been widely discredited.”

  4. RIght, so they support BDS. Nothing in their position about “ending the Jewish state.” You might infer that, but the rest of the shallow slander in the article (internalized anti-semitism?) kind of detracts from any real attempt at analysis.

  5. “The Palestinian BDS call asks international civil society groups and individuals to use boycott, divestment, and sanction tactics until Israel meets its obligations under international law to:

    End the occupation and dismantle the Wall
    End discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel
    Respect, protect and promote the rights of Palestinians to return to their homes
    Supporters of the call include those who support 1 state . . . .”

  6. Selective quoting and using “…” to cover up their statement. Here is what the page says, “Supporters of the call include those who support 1 state, 2 states, a confederation or some other configuration— but we all agree Israel must recognize the fundamental rights listed above.” It does NOT say their position is “ending the Jewish state.”

  7. So far we have established: the group does NOT have an official position of supporting a one state solution. Their official position: “An end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem.” It is therefore NOT a fact that they “openly support ending the Jewish state.”

  8. If BDS harms the economy of Israel, Israel will not be able to afford to continue to defend herself. Twice, surrounding Muslim countries have attacked Israel trying to kill all the Jews there. Do you wish that they will succeed next time? Are you hoping for another 6 million Jewish lives to be destroyed?

  9. I certainly oppose ending the Jewish State, but pray that war mongers be voted out and the voters be smart enough to not ally with evangelical/conservative protestant Christians whose only real goal is elimination of Judaism, do not trust them, so it can survive and prosper 🙂

  10. The only thing worse than Nationalist Socialist Nazis and Islamo-Nazis, are self-loathing Jews who actively support those who actively seek and engage in the demise and destruction of all Jews on earth and the State of Israel- aka KAPOS / Judenrats, and for what, so they can pretend to not be the target of their enemies by embracing the enemy . This is the true meaning of mind boggling asinine stupefying stupidity beyond all belief.

  11. These Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, etc "Rabbis" are already far down the path of destroying Jusaism and the Jewish people. These JVPeepees are just the logical continuation of a tradition of destruction perpertrated by the so called 'liberal' streams of Judaism. Scream and rail against what I have said, but IT us the truth of the matter. Look at Pew and say what you will, it substantiates this destruction.

  12. JVP members are the spiritual offspring of the Jewish Kapos in the concentration camps that brutally attacked and injured other Jewish inmates. No difference , and they're proud of it . HASHEM will still deal with them and their so-called rabbis (rabbits – more likely) – Micha'el Sar'ya Bloch-Israel

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