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Originally published at Rubin Reports. Has it become time that the absurd paradigm governing the Israel-Palestinian and Arab-Israeli conflict as well as the “peace process” be abandoned or challenged? After all, this narrative has become increasingly ridiculous. Here is what is close to being the official version:

The Palestinians desperately want an independent state and are ready to compromise to obtain that goal. They will then live peacefully alongside Israel in a two-state solution. Unfortunately, this is blocked either by: a) misunderstanding on both sides or b) in the recent words of the Huntington Post, “the hard-line opponents who dominate Israel’s ruling coalition.” Israel is behaving foolishly, too, not seeing that, as former President Bill Clinton recently said, Israel needs peace in order to survive. One aspect—perhaps a leading one—why Israel desperately needs peace is because of Arab demographic growth. The main barrier to peace are the Jewish settlements. This interpretation has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with reality. People on both sides know this, even if they rarely say so publicly. For the Palestinian side, the pretense of peacemaking—which every Palestinian leader knows—obtains money, diplomatic support, popular sympathy, and pressure on Israel. Here’s the dirty trick involved. If anyone raises in Israels raises issues about whether a “peace process” can really bring peace, concerns about how it would be implemented, and documented experience about Palestinian behavior in the past, the response is that Israel doesn’t want peace. The actual arguments and evidence about these problems is censored out of the Western mass media and distorted in terms of political stances.


Is the peace process after 40 years (if you count from its origins) or 20 years (if  you count from the time of the “Oslo” agreement) at a dead end? Of course it is. That should be obvious. In reality, the vast majority of Palestinian leaders favor establishing no Palestinian state unless it can continue the work of trying to wipe Israel off the map. They are in no hurry. They do not want to negotiate seriously. And, of course, in the case of Hamas, which controls or has the support of about one-half of the Palestinians, this violent and genocidal intention is completely in the open. You can’t negotiate seriously with those who are not–to recall the old PLO slogan–the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.  I say this with deep regret but it is the truth.

On the Israeli side, the pretense is kept up because there is already enough Western hatred or real and potential hostility to what is required for its own self-defense. Israel offered deep concessions and took great risks continually through the 1990s. The judgment on the year 2000, the reveling year on the “peace process,” was that this Palestinian rejection of a two-state solution proved that they didn’t want one.

Now, every few days Abbas comes up with a new trick. The latest one is that he really desperately wants to meet with Netanyahu BUT the Israeli prime minister must first meet his latest preconditions which keep changing. And every time Israel starts closing in on matching one of his demands he just changes them.

Meanwhile, it is common knowledge that there is a freeze on government permits for construction on settlements but Abbas doesn’t care.Kerry gives Israel no credit for that on the peace issue, though it does help U.S.-Israel relations in other ways. For example, Israel will be the first country allowed to deploy the new F-35 warplane and is getting advanced munitions that could be used to hit Iranian nuclear installations. The only condition on these weapons is, of course, that t hey not be used to hit Iranian nuclear installations.  Still, they might be handy some day. And that is precisely the reason Israelis play along and pretend that he might have a better chance at making peace than he does. Which is about zero,

Speaking of Iran, it contributes to a regional situation that ensures anyone on the Israeli, Palestinian, or other Arab side would have to be crazy to make compromises or concessions for peace right now.

At a time when Iran is proclaimed suddenly moderate and when the genocidally-intended Muslim Brotherhood is now a U.S. ally and when even the Taliban is being declared acceptable, why is it that Israel is being portrayed by many of the same people as intransigent and the source of problems?


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Professor Barry Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal. See the GLORIA/MERIA site at


  1. Barry, you hit it right on the head again. There is no peace process, there's only a surrender process. The Arab/ Moslems desire the annihilation of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people. The Moslem imperialist and supremist scum would much prefer to have Obama and his lackeys hand Israel over to them quickly and quietly. But they are more than willing to violently obliterate the Jewish state.

  2. I have no problem with real peace talks that don’t rest on Israel giving up God’s land. This is God’s land and we’re not allowed to give it away. Iran continues unwavering on it’s march in the development of nuclear weapons and Assad the dictator of Syria is still in power. Current intelligence seems uncertain of when Iran will get the bomb and Israel cannot afford to gamble with this. Assad of Syria has allegedly used chemical weapons against his own people and has targeted Tel-Aviv with his missiles. If this situation does not drastically change soon for the better, I believe the war in Isaiah Chapter 17 will likely take place. Damascus Syria would be destroyed. The worlds economy would likely collapse as a result and could usher in a one world government movement. I wrote a small 6 page book that outlines what I believe the Bible states will take place soon as well as the potential trends I see at this time. I don’t accept donations and it’s free. It’s a short read. I encourage you to have a look:

  3. Exactly. Hamas does NOT want peace. They want to drive the Jews into the sea.
    They always twist demands. There is anti-Semitism in Muslim countries on a daily basis. They teach their children hatred and tell them the Jews are the enemies of the Muslims.
    The children memorize anti Semitic messages, and are encouraged to be racists.
    This is the same ideology as the Holocaust and what my family went through in Poland and all the other countries in Europe.
    The Muslim countries participated with the Grand Mufti an ally of Hitler.
    Wake up Europe and the West, the writing is on the wall for all of us, and stop this madness now.
    Tim you are naïve and waked up your self to the terrorists that caused the Boston bombings, and all other terrorist events in America and worldwide.
    The Arabs fight and kill their own, and we see what is going on in turkey, Egypt and Syria.
    They are incapable of being a peaceful society, and murder small children and so many innocents.

  4. As an American, I look on the decades we wasted with peace talks. It's pretty clear to me we are not serious about two states, and we are quite content to allow Israel to sweep Palestine off the map and export any remaining Palestinians in a massive land grab.

    However, I am curious why the author says "The main barrier to peace are the Jewish settlements. This interpretation has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with reality." yet offers no explanation. To my way of thinking, the US's reticence to come out seriously against this practice is the one reason why I feel we're on board with Palestinian extermination.

  5. Totally wrong. God gave the promised land to the Jews & it rightfully belongs to them. When a peace treaty is forced w/out an agreement there is no peace. Bottom line is this means war. It's was foretold in the Bible this would happen & now it has. This is the beginning of the end times as God said it would be. If you want to know where things are headed for sure, study your Bible. God has always said what would happen from the beginning to the end. God has never been wrong. This world is so overcome w/sin Gods had it. His wrath is upon us. it's just a matter of time now. The elite Christians will be gathered up to safety. Luke warm Christians will be left to suffer the worst this world has ever seen. this is not a book written by man. It was written by God using man. If you don't believe it, your in for the shock of your life if you live to see it and things are moving so fast, my bet is you'll see it. Jesus said one of the signs of his coming would be we wouldn't be able to tell one season from another, sound familiar? Just snowed in NM. All the storms, he said we'd see that too. Never in history has there been such disaster and back to back to back. So much has happened to validate Gods word. If people would only wake up. Well, that is Gods reason behind all this. He's saying, last call return to me. Repent, live as Christlike as you can strive for. Study and pray so you will have the faith you need to get though this & be included when he gathers his church.

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