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The IDF carried out its own internal investigation and concluded soldiers should have only arrested her in the case.

  • Mutaz Ahmad Uweisat, a 16-year old Palestinian shot and killed while attempting to stab an officer near the West Bank settlement of Armon Hanatziv. Anti-Israel conspiracy theorists have baselessly claimed that Israel planted a knife on Uweisat’s body and was shot for no reason.



In these cases, it should be pointed out that there is a threat-to-life to approach and disarm a knife-wielding assailant. I have been taking advanced Krav Maga (Israeli hand-to-hand combat) courses for three years now and somewhat specialize in disarming attackers with knives from many different directions.  I have received far more training in the field of knife attacks than most IDF soldiers and police officers. And yet, even for me, such a feat is fraught with immediate risk to life. As Krav Maga trainees know, it is more dangerous to disarm a knife-wielding attacker than an assailant with a gun.

Meanwhile, what Leahy, Carson, and their comrades conveniently leave out is that, unlike the rest of the Middle East, Israel follows the rule of democratic law; it has its own very active judiciary and independent military investigators and it will take action against any soldier or civilian who commits a crime.


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