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Emma Thompson in 2012 Thomson and three dozen other artists joined the BDS movement by publishing a letter protesting the Habima theater group’s participation in last year’s Shakespeare festival in England.

Are Rabbis then to quote Shakespeare in their Synagogues but never fight against Israelis being banned at the bard’s festivals?

Those who believe that Rabbis should be non-controversial and promote peace and harmony and never fight anti-Semitic bigots are guilty of cowardice. Indeed, this sentiment is more Christian than Jewish. Judaism lives not in the celestial spheres but on terra firma. A rabbi’s objective is not to get his congregants into heaven but to assist them in creating a more righteous earth. How can we ask University students to stand up for Israel during Apartheid week if Rabbis wont’ stand up even in their own congregations?


Saying that Rabbis should not be at the vanguard of fighting anti-Semitism is an invitation for spiritual irrelevance, moral timidity, and ethical retreat.

This past weekend I attended the memorial service in Atlanta for Cary Booker, father of my friend of 22 years, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, one of the finest friends of the American Jewish community and my study partner in Torah. I try never to visit Atlanta without visiting the gravesite of Martin Luther King, Jr. the greatest American of the 20th century and the man who restored this nation to its founding ideals of all men being created equal. What made King a great spiritual leader was not the fact that he was a mesmerizing speaker. Less so was it the fact that he was a talented writer. Rather, what made King the most influential pastor in America was his fight for his people, his fearlessness in standing up to tyranny, his bravery in confronting the evil of segregation and racial hatred and ultimately bringing it to its knees. King’s dreams of racial equality was realized through his soaring rhetoric but through his daring marches, leading children in the face of fire hoses and attack dogs, being bludgeoned by racist cops and corrupt officials. And though he paid with his life, of him it is today written what was said in ancient times of Joseph. On a slab of marble in front of Lorraine Hotel room 306, where he was murdered, the monument so beautifully reads, “Behold here cometh the dreamer. Come let us slay him. And let us see what shall become of his dreams.”


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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, "America's Rabbi," whom The Washington Post calls “the most famous Rabbi in America,” is the international bestselling author of 30 books including his most recent “The Israel Warrior.” Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley.


  1. DO you need help rabbi? One man alone cannot do this battle? I have fought UCI anti Semitism, the MSU and CAIR single handedly for years, but without community support I was just some crazy Jewish housewife.

  2. When you see these talented entertainers in arenas other than their forte, they come across as shallow, and incredibly ignorant. If they were tinkers, tailors, or candlestick makers, no one would care what they think. No one should care what these entertainers think either, acting, singing, are just jobs with no special qualifications except the ability to pretend to be what they aren't, day after day.

  3. Actors should just act, nobody is interested in their opinion. An Anti-Semite is just an anti-Semite. I personally will not see any performance of this low-lives.
    That's where I draw a line as a Holocaust survivor. Where are Jewish"leaders"?
    Bunch of cowards, shande. They should all be fired.
    So many of American Jews want to run away from Judaism, like Judenrath in Europe WWII.
    I despise Europe because their earth is soaked with Jewish blood. I do not travel there for over 40 years.They killed, stole and humiliated us. Why should I care what they think?
    The Germans are the only ones who repented.

  4. I often do not agree with Rabbi Boteach, however in this case I agree strongly.
    I suggest that we form a boycott of all projects that ms. thompson is involved with no matter who else might be in on the project with her. I along with my family will no longer go to any movie that she is in.

  5. What a brilliant woman. Just became even a bigger fan. Hypocritical Israel, and zionists – have no problem shouting for immigration of western countries, but continuously, and violently claim "Isreal is for Jews only." Hypocrites. Despots.

  6. I am shocked to hear Pink Floyd songs being song on Israel radio broadcasts. Don't you need they get a commission when they songs are aired on Israeli radio and yet they curse Israel (for stupidity in not baning their music and use Jewish media members to boycott Pink Floyd.Let the mullas play pink Floyd songs from the mosques and see how much support and income the arabs will give to stink Floyd.

  7. George Harsanyi typo. Doesn't really matter, though. Hahaha in fact, I think "Isreal" is a more proper spelling because "is it real"? It's not even a real country; it's just an imperialist satellite puppet. Without USA, Israel doesn't exist… HAHAHA so thank you for pointing out that typo! Hahaha brilliant. Just brilliant…

  8. why do you lot push immigration on other countries, and scold us for being "racist," yet you implement a vicious and barbarous apartheid system? Why is it ok for "Israel for jews," but not "France for the French," and "Germany for the Germans"? Why do you have the right to dictate policies of other countries regarding your own immigration, but you refuse to do the same for Israel?

  9. Emma Thompson = Vanessa Redgrave's equally stupid, Jew-baiting Fascist sister…

    She wants a boycott? Fine. We can boycott her films and let Disney know our displeasure in hiring anti-Semites the likes of her. She's already a has-been, let's take her out of circulation for good.

  10. Go join your Uncle Adolf sometime soon, Greb. Or better yet, if you hate Israel so much, kindly move to an Islamic entity. They love anal retentives with the name of Greb – and you'd fit in there just fine, Nazi girlieboy…

  11. Harry Greb Zero tolerance for self-hating s. Like you.

    Too bad you're weren't in Benghazi last September…that is whom you deserve to be with, Nazi girlieboy – not Jews because you forfeited your birthright when you chose to Sieg Heil, stupid.

  12. Harry Greb By the way, , if you don't consider Israel (and do learn how to spell as your ignorance comes across loud and clear) a Jewish state, and consider it to be Illegal, then you need to get the hell of that Objiway and Chippewa land you're living on. They deserve THEIR homes back from a self-hating dreck who honestly needs to go home – to Poland, Russia, or whatever stinking dump your family crawled out of to come here.

    If Israel is NOT Jewish land – then Michigan is NOT your home, Greb – stop being a gutless hypocrite and leave.

  13. Amen. And when they open up their big mouths, their art seems to lose its luster…I was a big fan of Pink Floyd until I heard what Waters said. With all the imagery against fascism and bigotry, I thought they knew which way was up. And good for Gil. Nobody ever sings praises of the people who really keep civilization going…sanitation workers should get more respect than celebrities who spew sewage.

  14. Harry Greb gave himself away. At first, you might have thought he was simply empathetic to the plight of the poor Palestinians, but in the end, he showed himself as little more than an anti-Semite who has no empathy for anybody, including the rightful owners of Amerca's lands. How can you laugh at that situation, Harry? To have massacred women and children. To have destroyed their food supplies. To force them into conversion under the threat of violence. You're proud of that victory? You're proud to be the descendant of rapists and butcherers of good people? We came here with the concept of "total war" and had they known our true motives, they would have fought harder and they would have formed more alliances against us. We stole the land through deceit, lies, and genocide….that's something no man should be proud of.

  15. Perhaps people should boycott the current films of those who advocate boycotting Israel. For example, people could boycott the new film of Emma Thomson, “Savings Mr. Banks.” Would she like her own films boycotted because people disagree with her politics?

  16. That "Saving Mister Banks" movie looked good, and I don't usually go to movies…and might have considering going to this one, but NOT with a Jew-hater like Emma Communazi Thompson in it.

  17. Unfortunately stardom does not infer intelligence or even less so wisdom. These people have a ready-made platform for their childish and little thought-out views. They do not hesitate to jump on the bandwagon of any popular and stylish au courant movement. They do not think these things through carefully. They are like the petition signers at the mall. Jews and Judaism are the people and religion everybody loves to hat now and forever.. The "stars" are by definition childish and unthinking automatons. What really causes me dismay is the fact that nobody Jewish, gentile or in between stands up for us. Any truly intelligent person would look at the bds movement, and realize it is flawed, evil and counterproductive.

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