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Dov Shurin

Recognizing reality and knowing how to address it means, for our prime minister, the necessity of making unilateral moves. This week’s Pirkei Avos, the fourth chapter, which always comes before Lag B’Omer, tells us: “Ben Zomah states, ‘Who is wise? He who learns from all men. ’”

From Rabbi Meir Kahane, Netanyahu – who already uses the Kahane term “Never Again” – must borrow the declaration “Not One Inch” while annexing all Jewish settlements.


And, lehavdil, from Yasir Arafat, our great comrade who actually saved our land by starting the Second Intifada, the prime minister should appropriate a great line (I’ve been using it for several months): “Whoever doesn’t like what I’m saying can drink water from the Dead Sea.”

Netanyahu should have an Israeli company manufacture specially shaped bottles labeled “Arafat’s Dead Sea Tonic” with the following warning affixed: “This may cause severe vomiting or even death.”

And he should present a bottle to any world leader who objects to his unilateral moves with the best of wishes: “Here, enjoy our new Arafat blend!”

Good luck, Bibi, and keep the faith.

Wishing everyone a great Shavuos, filled with teshuvah sheleimah, as we receive the Torah anew.


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Dov Shurin is a popular radio personality and the composer and producer of several albums. He lives with his family in Israel and can be contacted at His Jewish Press column appears the third issue of each month.