Photo Credit: Rabbi YY Rubinstein
Rabbi YY Rubinstein

On the morning of November 18, 2014, two Palestinian men from East Jerusalem entered a synagogue in Har Nof and began attacking its congregants with a cleaver, a gun, and knives.

I know some of the victims’ relatives, so I won’t be overly graphic. One of the fiends slashed at adults and children alike. One little boy whose family I am close to watched as his father was hit in the head with a cleaver, and then fell, bleeding like a river. The terrorists killed four worshippers and severely wounded seven others, one who later died from his wounds. They also slaughtered a Druze policeman who tried to save the victims.


The synagogue looked like an abattoir after the attack was over.

Now think of the three Jewish children – Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and Hadas, barely 3 months old – who were murdered in their sleep on a Shabbat night in 2011, along with their parents, Udi and Ruth Fogel, in Itamar. More precisely, their throats were slashed.

I don’t know how you slit a baby’s throat, but, then again, I don’t hate people with the Nazi-like hatred that Palestinians evince. Yes, I know not all Palestinians passionately hate Jews, but enough of them do that killers of Jews are portrayed by Mahmoud Abbas’s administration as heroes and martyrs. Why, the Palestinians have even used pictures of the murdered three-year-old baby in their propaganda, pretending it to be a Palestinian baby killed by Jews. That way, they get to use one dead Jewish baby to justify killing many others.

Let’s fast-forward now to the weeks of confrontation at the fence separating Gaza and Israel that culminated in the deaths of 62 Palestinians.

Gazans aren’t under the control of the “moderate” Abbas who sees baby-slaughterers as heroes and who recently told the world – including the UK Labour Party’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry, who happily sat though his speech – that the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves through their economic activities. Gazans are under the control of the Islamo-Nazi Hamas, which calls for the killing of Jews all over the world – you know, Final Solution Islamist-style.

Its leader, Ismail Haniyeh, in speech after speech, commanded his people to march to the border with Israel, break through, and “tear out” Jewish hearts.

And how did the media react? Well, the media actually played a crucial part in this evil drama since Hamas knew it would faithfully publicize any anti-Israel lie, no matter how obvious and grotesque.

The evidence that the 40,000 Gazans who tried to storm the border on the day the United States Embassy opened in Jerusalem were playing their part in a weeks-long campaign, cynically orchestrated by Hamas, was laughably obvious. But it was completely ignored by the mainstream media.

The media reported on “demonstrations,” not riots. The demonstrators were “innocent” Palestinians driven by desperation, they said. There was not a word about the real agenda of those at the fence. Of the 62 shot and killed, 50 were Hamas members – by Hamas’s own admission. But there was no apology or retraction from the BBC for its false reporting.

Let me share with you the words written on the back of my BBC card:



“TRUST is the foundation of the BBC; we are independent, impartial and honest.”



Barbara Plett Usher is the BBC’s State Department correspondent. She was roundly condemned for a 2004 broadcast during which she said she “cried” watching a frail Yasser Arafat going for medical treatment. But that was nothing compared to her most recent offering. In a piece that appeared on the U.S. and Canada section of the BBC’s website – “Jerusalem Embassy: Why Trump’s move was not about peace” – she explained that the move was made due to “Right wing Orthodox Jews whose view was amplified by Conservative Orthodox Jews dominating Mr Trumps inner circle.”

That article led me to lodge an official complaint with an organization I have been associated with for over two decades. I wanted to ask the BBC – whose values are ostensibly trust, independence, impartiality, and honesty – a few questions about its State Department correspondent. I wrote:

I am a writer and broadcaster for the BBC. I am also an Orthodox Jew. 

Barbara Plett Usher displays the most blatant piece of anti Semitism I have seen for a long time. She writes, that the American Embassy move was motivated because of…. “Right wing Orthodox Jews whose view was amplified by Conservative Orthodox Jews dominating (sic) Mr Trump’s inner circle.״ 

Can Ms Plett Usher, please define the phrase, “Mr Trump’s inner circle” which surely has to include Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Nikki Haley etc. and then supply the mathematical, statistical or other evidence she has for her outrageous claim. 

At what ratio do “Orthodox Jews” dominate an Inner circle? 

Is her definition of the phrase “Inner Circle” completely arbitrary and subjective to create a rational for her claim, or is it objective and scientific? 

In short how many Orthodox Jews is too many and leads to domination and appropriation of a government in her view?


I don’t need the BBC to answer me. I know the basis of Plett-Usher’s and BBC’s views on Israel. I know that she and it are more than happy to proffer selective blindness and deafness when it comes to reporting on Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and 40,000 Gazans who long to become heroes or martyrs and tear out Jewish baby’s hearts and throats.

I know that in this Palestinian conflict with our people, the BBC and all their close comrades across the pond in the U.S. liberal media are not journalists, but activists and propagandists. They are reliable allies and enablers of some truly evil people and, every now and again, some of them, as Plett Usher recently demonstrated, reveal that their views on Jews are totally indistinguishable from those of David Duke.