What’s Good For The Goose Should Be Good For The Gander

There was a news story the other day alleging that a landlord – who was pictured in an accompanying photo wearing a yarmulke – had engaged in various improper conduct toward his tenants.  So we thought it appropriate to make note of two major class action lawsuits recently filed against two NYC agencies:


The NYC Department of Education is being sued for ignoring a state law limiting class size in public schools. Over the years, “Why Johnny can’t read” has been a familiar and oft-invoked mantra when describing  failures in public education. So we wonder why anyone would want yeshivas to emulate the public schools. In any event, we now have a lawsuit aimed at the failure of educational authorities – who were about to lower the boom on yeshivas – to follow a clearly worded law.

And the NYC Housing Authority is being sued by tenants in public housing for failing to provide adequate heat and hot water and for failing to perform federally-required lead paint testing – and lying about it.

Private landlords would likely be sent to jail or fined by the De Blasio administration for this sort of thing. But the teflon De Blasio administration seems to think it is above the law.

So what else is new?