There were few surprises with Hamas’ recent attempts to penetrate Israel’s border with Gaza. Typically, they interspersed dozens of their terrorist members amongst ordinary Palestinians purportedly on a U.S. civil rights style “March of Return” protest and tasked them all to confront and kill as many Jews as possible. Tires were set aflame and tossed over the fence and kites bearing incendiary devices were floated over it.

The organizers sought to draw as much IDF fire as they could which they hoped would result in large numbers of Palestinian deaths and casualties in order to win the sympathy of the usual culprits in the media and the United Nations.


Fully recognizing what was up – that a successful breach of the border fence would likely result in many Israeli deaths and casualties – the IDF did what had to be done to prevent one, using tear gas, rubber bullets, and live ammunition.

As noted, there were few surprises. The breach was prevented. Israel only targeted Hamas operatives but were nonetheless charged by the media with disproportionate use of force and the slaughter of innocent civilian protesters. (Actually, there was a surprise. For some reason Hamas confirmed that the overwhelming number of those killed were Hamas plants.)

A flurry of UN activity soon followed with calls for investigations of Israeli war crimes and condemnations of Israel. All of which were promptly scotched by Ambassador Nikki Haley employing the U.S. veto. What a difference a president can make!

But while Hamas failed in its invasion attempt, it succeeded in turning the media against Israel once again. Yet it also found out, to its probable chagrin, that Israel is prepared to do what it takes to protect its citizens, regardless of public opinion.