Governor Cuomo Cancels Israel Trip

We wonder what was really behind New York Governor Cuomo’s abrupt decision to cancel his planned trip to Israel the day after the U.S. Embassy opened in Jerusalem last week.


The Governor announced had originally announced that he wanted to meet with Israel’s leadership after Iranian missiles were fired at the Golan heights from Syria.

In explaining his decision not to ultimately go, a spokesman said, “Israel is now engaged on multiple fronts, including significant hostility and loss of life on the Gaza border. The governor would like to visit both areas. We will continue to monitor the situation and will visit in the coming weeks when the active on-the-ground conflict abates and Governor Cuomo can visit both the Goal Heights area and the Gaza border.”

Citing a trip to the Gaza border seems like a non sequitur. Why would he want to visit the Gaza border, of all places? To show solidarity with Israel?

Not to put too fine a point on it, we hope that Governor Cuomo isn’t reacting to the far leftist leanings of his opponent in the gubernatorial primary in the increasingly leftist New York. Her crowd takes a decidedly negative view of Israel.


Satmar Bikur Cholim And NYU-Langone Medical Center

Satmar Bikur Cholim is the premier organization providing kosher food and other amenities to hospital patients and visiting family members. There are probably very few in the Jewish community who have not benefited from its chesed work. It is hard to imagine that anyone could have a bad word to say about it.

So we were dismayed to learn that, recently, NYU-Langone Medical Center has barred Satmar Bikur Cholim’s volunteers from continuing to deliver kosher meals to patients’ rooms as has been the custom until now.

The hospital issued a statement citing privacy and safety concerns. But what changed? We are not aware of any untoward incidents. And why couldn’t volunteers be certified by the hospital?

We tried to clarify matters with the hospital but received no response as of press time.