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Obama made headlines by complaining that Republicans are being mean to him over the Iran deal.

“We’ve had a sitting senator call John Kerry ‘Pontius Pilate.’ We’ve had a sitting senator who also happens to be running for president suggest that I’m the leading state sponsor of terrorism,” Obama said, referring to Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Ted Cruz of Texas, respectively. “These are leaders in the Republican Party.”

But, the president said, when he is attacked, the people who were outraged on McCain’s behalf “are pretty quiet.”


Let’s look at the facts. Here’s what Ted Cruz said.

“If this deal goes through the Obama administration becomes the leading financier of terrorism against Americans in the world. I’ve heard this referred to before as the “Jihadist Stimulus Bill.”

Is Iran a state sponsor of terrorism? Obama has admitted that it is.

“Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism,” Obama told Asharq al-Awsat.

Will the billions of dollars that Iran receives be used to sponsor terror? The Supreme Leader of Iran has stated that it will.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei gave a particularly inflammatory speech just days after the deal, stating that the Islamic Republic’s policies toward the US have not changed.

“We will never stop supporting our friends in the region and the people of Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon,” he continued, referring to the Iranian terror axis in the Middle East. “Even after this deal our policy towards the arrogant US will not change.”

Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted that it will.

“Now, with respect to the money, I can’t tell you that some — you know, some amount of money might not find its way to some effort.”

And that’s out of $140 billion. Some money out of that is a whole lot.

1. Obama admitted Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism

2. Kerry admitted that sanctions relief will be used to sponsor terrorism

So in fact Obama’s policies will lead to a huge sum of money flowing into a regime that he has admitted is a state sponsor of terrorism and which his Secretary of State has admitted will be used to sponsor terrorism.

Ted Cruz is clearly correct.

Obama can whine about the “tone” and the “rhetoric”, but it’s hypocritical for a guy whose proxies were accusing Republicans in the Senate of being the #47Traitors of complaining about the tone of the attacks over Iran.




  1. I am loathe to compare the Iran Deal with Munich. To me President Obama and the Iran Deal are more akin to President Wilson and the disastrous collection of agreements known as The Versailles Treaty, right down to Wilson’s inability to convince the American public it was a good deal, or to convince the Senate to ratify said Treaty.

    However, I have found a quote by British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan describing Chamberlain that fits Obama to a “T.” Macmillan was an anti-Appeasement Tory backbencher in Chamberlain’s Parliament.

    “He thought you could do business with Hitler and Mussolini like you do business between businessmen, both of whom trust each other and know the other to be a man of integrity. He didn’t believe people existed [who would] say one thing and do another. It was pathetic, really.”
    Harold Macmillan, “The Past Masters”, October 30, 1975

  2. Yes and yes again! For a sitting American President to push this pact on the American people without normalizing relations with Iran is the opposite of statesmanship! A true leader with solid foreign affairs knowledge would demand a better relationship with Iran before touting such a drastic pact.Instead,Obama ignores Iran’s calls for America’s destruction and the Ayatollah ‘ s commitment to world terrorism. Not only does Kerry appear to work for countries other than the United States, Obama seems to be partnered with terrorism.

  3. my barber’s iranian, he says he went back for the first time in 17 years this year and felt so sad at what had become of his homeland. Obama should at least stand in Israel and make his case before those who may pay for his “peace”, with their lives.

  4. I agree with everything you are saying. You are sensible & accurate. I think he is a deep cover agent for Iran. What a coup for them, getting a spy into your enemies highest political office. I’m sure the Russians were trying to do the same thing. Remember the movie “The Manchurian Candidate”?

  5. 1 question. the u.s. has a government of checks and balances. everything in the above article is true. undeniable facts. yet congress refuses to impeach this man. He may be the biggest terrorist but the silient lack of effort to stop him is a tacit approval of his behavior which makes the american congress complicit in his evil.

  6. Excellent point. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows just before 6 p.m. Tuesday — a day before the House was set to leave town for its five-week summer recess — offered a motion to vacate the chair, an extraordinarily rare procedural move that represents the most serious expression of opposition to Boehner’s speakership. If the motion were to pass — most Republicans say it will be hard to cobble together the votes — Boehner would be stripped of the speaker’s gavel…
    Repubic leadership have treated November's landslide victory like the DemoncRATs were the victors and have rubber stamped all of Obeyme's treason, attacks on America. The Repubic Establishment is just as much to blame for the DemoncRAT Libtard destruction of this country over the last 10 years.
    Any American not voting for people like Ted Cruz and other TEA Party Americans is complicit in destroying this country.

    by Evelyn Haies,
    Post Tisha B’Av, Pre Nachamu
    ©July 28 2015
    Tisha B’Av is a day we remember the decrees of Jewish history
    the korban caused by failings, inconsistency and stupidity.

    We remember the sin of the spies, the golden calf,
    The fears and manipulations that caused the nation to suffer wrath.

    From a people who endured slavery,
    There was victory when they showed bravery.

    Following Moses, they walked on dry land
    In the midst of the sea which only God could have planned

    It was His demands and miracles
    That were a lesson in spirituals

    It was fear and scare tactics that spoiled their antics
    Foolishness, bowing to idols, surrendering and frantic.

    And the world looked on, alarmed by their shame.
    They were the blame for evil to claim.

    No matter freedom, the miracles and manna
    The conquest of Sihon and Og, a banner

    No matter the positive, they bowed to negatives
    Supporting the enemy and their ruthless perogatives

    They bent and wavered and lost site of their rights
    Forgetting destiny, dignity and heavenly delight.

    With His Commandments and Ordinances,
    Righteousness and justice gave them the chances.

    Forgetting, yielding to the fake, complaining over nonsense
    Was their miscalculation and cause of incompetence

    Failing to remember they let themselves be dismembered
    Allowed cruelty and destruction their ugly tempers

    Steadfast with Torah and following their Lord
    Surrender would not be their accord.

    Wisdom was a fact with which they needed to react.
    Comfort was the result of keeping their laws intact.

    History revealed the mystery that came from their ancestry
    It was them or us, choosing Him was their mastery.

    With wisdom of old, recalling the pain
    With oneness renewed so much they could attain.

    Moses, the Torah, love and creation
    Never yielding to hate, pogroms and evacuation.

    The teshuva of the brothers and the comfort of Yosef
    The will to disobey of Shifra and Puah begot Moses

    Repair and recognition of right would wipe out all blight
    Acting with wisdom justice is forthright.

    It is HASHEM that rules the world not the mantra of the many
    But the harmony of One, HASHEM, the father of our destiny

    Foolishness and trusting in idolatry is a failing philosophy
    Wisdom and unity is the answer for longevity, posterity.

    Nachamu. Nachamu. To HASHEM, we must be true
    Comfort, Comfort, it’s a result of being a righteous Jew.

    Consolation. Consolation. It’s a promised destination.
    It’s part of The Book made for our Holy Nation

    Tu B’AV. Tu B’AV. It is a time for blessings and love.
    Unity and Harmony are a gift from the ONE ABOVE

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