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As we must go out to battle again, we are reminded of the chain of succession and success from the time of Moshe Rabbeinu and Yehoshua ben Nun.

A Nation Mobilizes

But of course, despite all these signals that something was very, very, very, wrong, nothing in my wildest imaginations conceived of the full horror that confronted me upon opening the news motzaei Simchat Torah.

Rooted in the Land

LeAdam Maarechei Lev, UMeiHashem Maaneh Lashon – The thoughts of the heart are man’s, but from G-d comes the utterance of the tongue (Mishlei 16:1). I barely know what I am feeling yet I trust Hashem to give me the words.

Who Is Like You, Israel?

As I watch the Western and European news, which at first was so supportive, I knew that it would be only a matter of time before the support for Israel started to be challenged.

What Our Children See

They are scared. They are dealing with emotions adults struggle to deal with. Breathe, I say to my youngest son. Breathe and know we have each other.

Scents of Geula

Our world seemed to shift overnight. Flights canceled, a family bar mitzvah postponed, the resurgence of online school – we were thrust back into a lifestyle reminiscent of the covid era.

The Chesed Bubble

Everyone has a husband/son/brother/nephew/cousin who has been called up, and ten days in, already everyone knows of someone who won’t be coming home.

Our Babies… Our Flag

As the days of this war proceed, possibly well-meaning people ask us to care for those who may be collateral damage. The actions of Hamas have made that quite impossible. The responsibility lies exclusively on their shoulders.

Living in Tears and Hope

The fear and stress are very real and while we are mostly managing now, the questions about how bad it could get are a place where our minds don’t want to go.

The Not Normal Normal

We have all fallen into a sort of lull wherein this is the new normal, but it is not the new normal and it is not any normal, and guess what? Not everything needs to be normal.

We Are All Called Up

We are all being called up. None of us are untouched by this war. It may be different for you or for me, but at the end of the day, as Jewish people, we are all connected.

Siddurim for our Troops

One thing of which we are certain, and something that provides moments of not just comfort, but of hope, is the response of the ordinary people of Israel to the difficult times in which we find ourselves.

War Is Horribly Necessary

We are a resilient people. We have survived thousands of years with a lot of hatred and evil directed at us over the generations. All we can do is trust that as a nation we will get through this. By hook or by crook.

Concentric Circles

Each circle is crucial. Each circle reinforces and enables the others, and each contributes to the extraordinary effort that we must collectively make.

No, We’re Not Okay

I can handle navigating a slew of complicated existential questions from my kids, but when my sweet, caring eight-year-old daughter turned to me one night and asked the simplest question of all, But why? Why do they hate us so much? I have no answer for her.

From The Jewish Press Co-Publisher

Monday we had sirens in Jerusalem. It's very frightening. It's hard for me to rush anywhere, and the only place I can go is into the hallway – and then comes the loud boom, thank G-d.

Torah And Terror: A Tale Of A Resilient Nation

We are in this together and we will win this, no matter how long it takes. We have no choice. As a nation, we’ve gotten through much harder times. They hurt. We lost so many. But we are here and we are not going anywhere.

This Is What It Takes?

He could be hit by a bus in Toronto, or die because he is a Jew in Israel. One death is meaningless; the other has infinite meaning.

A Simchas Torah Like No Other

But we citizens, especially religious citizens, must take this terrible debacle as a severe wake-up call to unite again as a people.

Peace Of Mind

Can there be a better name for this child born on the brink of one of Israel’s worst wars than one that means – Hashem, listen to our hearts!

We Didn’t Understand the Gazans

If there is one thing that I can take comfort in, it is that the Arabs misunderstand us just as badly as we misunderstand them. If they thought that surprising Israel would bring us to our knees, then maybe they should have checked with Nassrallah about that assumption.

A Time For War

I don’t get it. What cruel version of humanity kidnaps a Filipino caretaker and her Alzheimer’s patient? For what purpose?

We Will Prevail

There is hardly a home in Israel that has not been touched. But the People of Israel are the eternal people – and we will prevail.

A Period of Mourning

Hamas will ask for a lot for the hostages. Hamas will rightly believe that there will be intense political pressure to rescue the captives at almost any price. Although we think that no price is too high for the return of Jewish hostages, there may be some prices that are too high.

Our 9/11

There are good people in the world. There were many non-Jews during the Holocaust who risked their lives to save Jews. Evil is real, and we have very real enemies. But not every Muslim, Arab, or Palestinian is our enemy.

Is it Worth the Risk?

I hope you will decide that encouraging your children to experience Israeli solidarity, in the way that we have, is a worthy educational goal.

Scattered Reflections On The Past Two Days

Given the scale of the tragedy and the weight of the fear we all feel, our societal divisions that are normally so acute – the religious secular divide, the huge arguments between right and left – seem to have evaporated completely.

Avinu Malkeinu

There is one difference, though, between 1905 and 2023. We have our land and we have our army, and despite whatever shortcomings were exposed, our army, with Hashem’s help will punish the murders and continue to protect us.

The Agricultural Settlement on the Sand Dunes Near Tel Aviv

I was there! I was in Bnei Brak. Not on Thursday evening, not at the raucous, red-shirted, “progressive” women’s demonstration. I was in Bnei Brak on the Sunday before...

One In A Million

It’s not democracy that’s worrying the opponents of the judicial reform, said Shine, it’s demography – the fact that the religious right is gaining in numbers and strength.


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