I have something to say to Iran’s president: Mr. Ahmadinejad, do not threaten America. Do not threaten Israel by saying it will pass away in a sudden storm. In the Bible, when Pharaoh threatened the Jewish people of Egypt, he became fish food in the Red Sea. When Haman threatened the Jews in Persia – modern-day Iran – he and his sons hung from the gallows that he built for the Jews.

Mr. Ahmadinejad, threats against Israel have a way of becoming self-fulfilling prophecy. You may be well speaking about your own demise when you talk about passing away with a sudden storm, but you are not talking about Israel’s future.


The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is watching you. King David wrote, “[He] that keepeth Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.” The Christians of America are not going to sit by in silence this time and watch you plan a nuclear holocaust. There will never be another Holocaust – not on our watch and never again.

Beyond that threat from Iran, there’s another, more subtle threat that concerns me. I am concerned that in the coming months yet another attempt will be made to parcel out parts of Israel in a futile effort to appease Israel’s enemies in the Middle East. I believe that misguided souls in Europe, I believe that the misguided souls in the political brothel that is now the United Nations, and, sadly, that even our own State Department will try once again to turn Israel into crocodile food.

Winston Churchill said, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile in the futile hope that it will eat him last.” In 1938, Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland was turned into crocodile food for Nazi Germany. The Nazi beast smelled the weakness in the appeasers, ate the food and marched and devoured most of Europe and systematically slaughtered 6,000,000 Jewish people.

We are again hearing calls to appease the enemies of Israel. Once again, those who would appease seek to do so at the expense of Israel. They tell us that if we want the Sunnis and the Shiites to stop massacring each other in Iraq, then Israel must give up land. They tell us that if we want the Syrians to stop murdering the leaders in Lebanon, then Israel must give up land. They tell us if we want the Saudis to permit women to drive and to vote, then Israel must give up land. If we want the sun to rise in the East and set in the West, Israel must give up land.

Let me be clear. Israel is not the problem here. Scapegoating Israel will not solve the problem. The problem is the Arab rejection of Israel’s right to exist. The problem is that Israel has no partner for peace. The problem is radical Islam’s bloodthirsty embrace of a theocratic dictatorship with the belief in a mandate from God to kill Christians and Jews. The problem is the failure of the moderates in the Arab and Muslim world to stand up and rein in these Islamic extremists.

If moderate Arabs believe that murdering Christians and Jews is wrong, then stand up and say so – this is America. We welcome your participation in free speech, but your silence is deadly.

Appeasement is not the answer, my friends. To quote the great evangelical abolitionist William Wilberforce, “Appeasement is nothing more than surrender on the installment plan.” America should not pressure Israel to give up land and America must never pressure Israel to divide the City of Jerusalem.

Dore Gold, in his latest book, The Fight for Jerusalem, wrote, “turning part or all of Jerusalem to the Palestinians would be tantamount to turning it over to the Taliban.” I agree. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people now and forever. Jerusalem is united under Jewish control and must always remain under Jewish control.


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