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Israel's under-12 National Baseball Team

(Guest Columnist Nate Fish is the National Director of the Israel Association of Baseball)

The Under-12 Israel National Team is going to Tuscany, Italy, July 15, 2015 to compete in the Tuscany Series, and represent Israel in a great international baseball competition. Our Under-12 team finished in 2nd place in last years tournament. Help them get to Italy to compete for the championship this year!


The U12 team is made up of the most talented and devoted players and coaches in Israel from that age group. The team has been practicing together since January and will continue until the tournament, including an intensive mini-camp prior to leaving.  Players and coaches travel from all over Israel to practices.  They pay for their own travel, and for the trip to Europe. Needless to say, it is a big commitment. In return, they get the chance to wear the Team Israel uniform and represent their county in international competition and play the game at the highest level.

The cost of the trip for the team is roughly $20,000. We will deduct what we raise here from the total to lighten the financial burden on the players and their families. This is a chance for you to support this group of young players and their coaches.  The money you give will have a real and positive impact. It will allow certain players to participate who could otherwise not afford the trip, and it will motivate them even more knowing you’re out there rooting for them.  In return for your donation, you will receive a gift from Israel Baseball, and our best effort to represent Israel well and make you a proud supporter of Israel Baseball.

To help the Israel Association of Baseball Under 12 National Baseball Team please press here.

On behalf of all the baseball players and coaches in Israel, THANK YOU.

Help the Under-12 Israel National Team get to Tuscany in July and remember to Like them on Facebook

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