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Moshe Arens: Product of a ‘Proud Generation’

In the image of his ideological mentor, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the Latvia-born Israeli became a pillar of professional and political achievement—a voice of reason during the crucial development of the Jewish state.

Ex-Hollywood Screenwriter Uses His Talents For God: An Interview with Author Tzvi Fishman

With each new conquest and success, I felt something was missing. Each new acquisition left me feeling empty.

The Eruv Saga (Part II)

The Tenafly appeal case has now become a textbook classic of Establishement vs. Freedom of Religion.

Will Israel’s Religious Right Unite?

Yishai is an avid defender of the rights of religious soldiers in the IDF and supports the massive bombing of Gaza when Hamas rockets rain down on Israel.

Remembering My Father, Rabbi Sholom Klass, On His 19th Yahrzeit

When The Jewish Press became successful he gave jobs to friends who were out of work, even when he didn’t really need them. They didn’t know that, because he made them feel important.

A Letter To My Parents: Chanukah In The White House

My feet glided effortlessly across the room; my eyes took it all in.

The Eruv Saga (Part I)

A rabbi from the area, although not from Tenafly, was brought in to explain what an eruv is about and to entertain questions. This attempt at enlightenment backfired because, for starters, he was not from Tenafly. But this time instead of ignoring him, he was misunderstood.

Can Israel Annex The West Bank? An Interview with Women In Green Co-Founder...

My parents saw how miserable I was in chutz la'aretz, so they finally gave me their beracha to move to Eretz Yisrael.

Heroine Yvonne Nèvejean

She decided to seek help straight from the top, contacting the Queen Mother, Elisabeth of Belgium herself.

Rescuing The Jews Of Denmark

We were split up among the villagers because the Germans were on the lookout and it was too risky for anyone to hide four of us together.

Meir Kahane, The Knesset, And Pride Parades: An Interview with Chevron Activist Baruch Marzel

We are the only group that never changed its platform. We are loyal to the same exact things we were loyal to 30 and 40 years ago.

Mr. Prime Minister: Enough Jewish Blood Has Been Spilt: Grandfather of the Murdered Baby...

And then - and then everything changed in an instant. A burst of bullets cut short our anticipations and our dreams, and ignited stark fear in our hearts.

They All Need A Hug

Everyone agrees that the most important quality a volunteer needs to have is love.

On Mike Tress, The ‘Amazon Generation,’ And Shidduch Coaching: An Interview with Rabbi Paysach...

I really believe many people need shidduch coaching. One shidduch coach told me, “There are many people who are passing up good opportunities for bad reasons.”

A Night Of Miracles

The surgeon said that if the bullet had gone one millimeter further in, that would have been the end.

On Menorahs, Yarmulkes, And Circumcision Bans: An Interview With Famed Attorney Nathan Lewin

This is the best Supreme Court the Orthodox Jewish community can have because there are two basic constitutional decisions that [can now] be overruled that are of major import to the Orthodox Jewish community.

Mild Mannered Accountant Peretz Teller Serves on Israeli SWAT Team

Teller, you see, doesn’t believe it’s enough to study Torah. He feels that we must defend Eretz Yisrael as soldiers, on the ground, with our warm bodies. He gave up a cushy executive job at a private firm to defend the State of Israel. But after much thought and study, his passionate beliefs left him with no other choice.

Fashionably Late: Former Student Recognized By FIT

You take whatever road you have to take and make the best of it.

Minorities who fight for Israel

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Milton Steinberg: A Scholar for All Times in the Search for Religious Meaning

Steinberg significantly links belief with a capacity that may regarded as intuition, but intuition in an enlightened sense.

Richard Sonnenfeldt: The Jewish Interpreter At Nuremberg

In a pre-trial interview with Rudolf Hoess (SS Commandant of Auschwitz), Sonnenfeldt asked him whether he had exterminated three and a half million Jews? Hoess became angry and replied, "No, only two and a half million!"

Mikva, The Musical

These are true stories by real women, and they are incredible.

Starting From Scratch

How many traditions do we take with us when we leave home?

Manuel L. Quezon, President Of The Philippines, Rescuer Of Jews

During the Battle of Manila, my parents hid with me and several others in a foxhole while the Japanese went on a massacre and burned everything in sight.


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