Florida Rep. Ross Spano on Anti-Semitism: ‘It Has To Be Called Out; There’s Just...

Looking to Israelis, the congressman says “they are fighting and protecting and advocating for the same ideals, concepts that we believe in, such as democracy.”

A Tale Of Two Chaims

Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.

Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Grandson Speaks Out

Over the last decade, the political Right has...totally forgotten about returning to Shechem, Jenin, and Jericho - let alone Gush Katif.

The Abortion Industry – Cold And Heartless – An Interview with Former Planned Parenthood...

Many women do regret their abortions, and it’s very rare for women to just go back to normal after having an abortion.

On Corruption, Media Bias, And Leftist Domination: An Interview with Sara Netanyahu’s Brother

Chevron is the City of our Patriarchs, the cradle of Jewish history. You don’t give it to an enemy to satisfy America.

When Kol Isha Meets The Screen (Part I)

Now the challenge has evolved from being heard, to being seen and heard.

Marriage – An Underappreciated Institution: An Interview with Rabbi Shaya Ostrov

We always are smiling. But because of our life experiences, we lose contact with the innocent beautiful child within us that is connected to Hashem 24/7.

Armin Wegner: The German Writer Who Defended The Jews

In 1933, Wegner chose to risk everything – his home, successful career and his own freedom – by speaking out in protest of Hitler's treatment of the Jews.

‘My Aim Is To Unlock Minds, Not To Win Arguments’: An Interview with Renowned...

I learn a lot and read a lot. When I come across an e-mail, a story, an insight that is transformative, I try to internalize it. I think it's all out there. One just has to notice it.

Singing My Song

My musical performances are interactive. I take my audience with me on a journey to their inner selves.

Moshe Arens: Product of a ‘Proud Generation’

In the image of his ideological mentor, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the Latvia-born Israeli became a pillar of professional and political achievement—a voice of reason during the crucial development of the Jewish state.

Ex-Hollywood Screenwriter Uses His Talents For God: An Interview with Author Tzvi Fishman

With each new conquest and success, I felt something was missing. Each new acquisition left me feeling empty.

The Eruv Saga (Part II)

The Tenafly appeal case has now become a textbook classic of Establishement vs. Freedom of Religion.

Will Israel’s Religious Right Unite?

Yishai is an avid defender of the rights of religious soldiers in the IDF and supports the massive bombing of Gaza when Hamas rockets rain down on Israel.

Remembering My Father, Rabbi Sholom Klass, On His 19th Yahrzeit

When The Jewish Press became successful he gave jobs to friends who were out of work, even when he didn’t really need them. They didn’t know that, because he made them feel important.

Harry Lumish: May His Memory be a Blessing

From Medzhybizh to Brooklyn--a story of a century-long life.

A Letter To My Parents: Chanukah In The White House

My feet glided effortlessly across the room; my eyes took it all in.

The Eruv Saga (Part I)

A rabbi from the area, although not from Tenafly, was brought in to explain what an eruv is about and to entertain questions. This attempt at enlightenment backfired because, for starters, he was not from Tenafly. But this time instead of ignoring him, he was misunderstood.

Can Israel Annex The West Bank? An Interview with Women In Green Co-Founder...

My parents saw how miserable I was in chutz la'aretz, so they finally gave me their beracha to move to Eretz Yisrael.

Heroine Yvonne Nèvejean

She decided to seek help straight from the top, contacting the Queen Mother, Elisabeth of Belgium herself.

Rescuing The Jews Of Denmark

We were split up among the villagers because the Germans were on the lookout and it was too risky for anyone to hide four of us together.


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