Yesha Council CEO Hails West Bank Construction

Overnight, the Arabs and Bedouins erect a few tents and shacks on a piece of deserted land, then claim that their grandparents lived there for hundreds of years.

Iran, Mashiach, And Nachal Charedi: An Interview with Rabbi Yoel Schwartz

The Yalkut Shemoni says that the year Mashiach comes, the Iranians will wreak great havoc in the world.

The Lavi Torah

Hidden away in the storage room, Shmuel Aryeh's Torah school survived the worst pogrom Europe had ever seen.

Can A Robot Write A Sefer Torah? An Interview with Rabbi Menachem Perl, Head...

The writing must be for the sake of the mitzvah, and kavanah is especially required when writing the names of Hashem.

Are Jews Smarter Than Other People? An Interview with Social Scientist Charles Murray

If somebody reads that Ashkenazi Jews have higher IQs than people of Scots-Irish descent – and I speak as a Scots-Irish person – and they feel resentful, that’s their problem.

Is Voting For Netanyahu Halachically Permissible?

The Hague is called the International Court of Justice? It is the International Court of Evil.

Paving A Path Through Song – And A Podcast

Instead of choosing to hide her pain, Franciska took a difficult situation and found a way to shine a light on it to help women seeking to find solace within their hardest moments.

Should We Leave America? An Interview with Activist Shifra Hoffman

A Holocaust doesn’t just happen one, two, three. A Holocaust doesn’t begin with Auschwitz. It ends there!

Mashadi Brides, The Lubavitcher Rebbe, And Shalom Bayis: An Interview with Author and Lecturer...

In Iran, Persian Jews didn’t have the opportunity to learn. When they came here, they actually wanted to celebrate Iranian non-Jewish holidays – because that’s what they knew.

Website Combats Fake News In Israel

After the outburst of yelling, the voice sweetened with promises to give us exclusive scoops in the future if we cooperated. We went ahead and published the story.

Martial Arts Rabbi Trains Jews To Fight Back

Moskowitz, who later became an NYPD office, said the skills he teaches are strictly for defense, not offense, though “sometimes a quick offense is the best defense.”

Modern Zionism: Pinsker, Herzl, Weizmann — and Woodrow Wilson

The conclusion of the interview with Alex Ryvchin on his new book: Zionism As A Reflection of Jewish History

Was Yehudah HaMaccabee A Fanatic? An Interview with Rav Shlomo Aviner

The vast majority of Jews... called Yehudah a fanatic and messianic dreamer, who endangered the security of the nation.

Rabbanut Grants McDonald’s Kashrut Certificate Despite Being Open On Shabbos

Since fast-food hamburgers are pre-cooked before Shabbat, cooking is not a problem. The warming mechanism, though, is not like a regular Shabbat platter.

Searching For Heather Dean

Israel certainly played a pivotal role in allowing her to see herself as part of the Jewish people.

Abraham Joshua Heschel: An Orthodox Thinker?

Many attempts to secularize Judaism describe halachot as utilitarian. They’re useful for certain purposes as opposed to being acts in which you can connect to a personal G-d.

Outspoken Rosh Yeshiva Blasts Netanyahu Indictments

There is no greater wickedness than a rabbi declaring a person guilty before his trial, and the evil is multiplied a thousand-fold when the person in question is the country’s leader.

Boomerang’s Tubi Says What Israel’s Government Won’t

We want to create a boomerang effect, whereby the lies of the world boomerang in its face when confronted with the truth.

Building And Rebuilding Herself

While really experiencing the Land of Israel for the first time at 17, Kowalsky recalls that “Everything about it was wow!”

Reb Shlomo: Singer, Composer, Teacher – And Uncle: A Personal Tribute by His Niece...

I think we kind of understood then - though we now understand completely - that Shlomo could not be our own private uncle. He was, in a sense, everyone's uncle.

What’s Going On In Brooklyn? An Interview with Dov Hikind on the Anti-Jewish Crime...

The first thing we have to do is recognize the problem. How do you solve a problem if you don’t even recognize where it’s coming from?

Spreading Judaism On Television: An Interview with Kiruv Enthusiast, Rabbi Zamir Cohen

Everyone knows a secular person or two. Why not invite them to experience the beauty of a Shabbat?

A ‘Prophet In Our Time’ – Rabbi Meir Kahane On His 29th Yahrzeit

Whenever people called him a racist, he would answer, “I don’t hate Arabs – I love Jews.”

The Judge With Divrei Torah

I was trying to be successful in both roles, as a lawyer and as a mother. Staying at home all day with three very young children also wouldn't have been easy for me!

Shulchan Aruch For Bnei Noach Set To Be Published

The Brit Olam organization is in contact with thousands of Bnei Noach who seek spiritual and halachic guidance.

Alumni of the IDF’s Elite Search and Rescue Unit Share How Their Experiences Resonate...

Unit 669 shows a face of the IDF that many outside of Israel are not familiar with.

Catholic Priest Rushes To Document The ‘Holocaust By Bullets’

Desbois is not just interested in where the Jews were killed. He wants to know exactly how they were killed. No detail is too small for Desbois in documenting what he calls the “Holocaust by Bullets.”

If There Was A Big Bang, What Caused It? An Interview with Bar Illan...

While there are many meaningful aspects to Darwin’s writings, evolutionary biologists don’t accept his theory of gradual change.

‘Israel Is The Greatest Nation Created By G-d’: An Interview with Sebastian Gorka

Believing in man over G-d naturally leads to selfishness, which leads to a society not having children.


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