Who Gets Treated First?

The doctor has precedence. A king does not have precedence over a doctor who can save the lives of many others.

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis: Daring To Care: An Interview With Her Daughter, Rebbetzin Slovie...

My mother believed in the pinteleh Yid that exists in every Jew. And she would never ever, ever allow herself, or anyone else, to give up hope on any neshamah.

How Does A Chevra Kadisha Do Taharah On A Coronavirus Victim?

Interview with Rabbi Yitzhak Gelbstein, head of the General Chevra Kadisha Society in Jerusalem.

Learning To Eat Again

Eating disorders often thrive in secrecy, preventing other people from noticing odd behaviors and challenging them.

Where Is The Aron Today? Three Experts Weigh In

The other ancient, sealed gates of Har HaBayit are composed of thick barricades of mud and stone, but the five-meter-high Wilson’s Gate crumpled into dust after a few hours of ardent sledgehammering.

Ben-Gvir Remains Defiant, Says Netanyahu And Bennett Are To Blame

Bibi and Bennett knew what the outcome would be, and rejected us and our constituents anyway.

A Very Special Siyum

I had the honor to stand beside him as he reached this mountain peak in his life.

Earliest Intervention Yielding Maximum Results

Tzipi spends hours with parents, holding hands and offering both solace and a listening ear.

Ziva Glanz: Israel’s Only Frum Woman Rainmaker

Glanz offers a unique service with zero competition. She helps her clients make Israel's bureaucracy work for them instead of against them.

‘The Left Wants Quiet More Than Eretz Yisrael’: An Interview Knesset Candidate Orit Struk

What Bibi hasn’t done to advance building in Yesha and Jerusalem for the past 10 years, he is frantically doing now before the elections to draw more votes from the Right to Likud.

Is New York Too Soft On Crime? An Interview with Crime Expert and Author...

The cops I talk to see the worst of underclass behavior, but they fervently believe they’re supported by the good people in the community and continue to work on their behalf.

Kosher Locusts, Maimonidean Medicine, And Giraffe Mezuzos: An Interview with Professor Zohar Amar

The swarming type that devour everything in their path are called locusts of the desert. They visited us in Israel a few years ago, which gave us an opportunity to study and eat them.

A Lone Family Protecting The Land

The Kashuela Farm was founded on May 24, 2012. It is named after Yaakov Zarchi, a Palmach fighter whose nickname was Kashuela.

New Soviet Drama Series Aims To Spark Jewish Pride

I’ve always loved stories of Jewish bravery, especially under very difficult conditions. Tales of Jews who guarded the mitzvos, even when it seemed impossible, I’ve always found very inspiring.

More Falash Mura Heading To Israel: Fascinating Details from a Fact-Finding Mission to Ethiopia

Two-hundred years ago, a famine wiped out a third of the community and another third were forced to adopt Christianity.

Anti-Semitic Violence, Orthodox Influence & Childhood Innocence: An Exclusive Interview With Attorney General William...

I think the inability to either charge or hold [someone for] crimes that people might view as petty crimes is going to lead to a deterioration of conditions in neighborhoods.

United Torah Judaism Hopes For A Miracle: An Interview with Degel HaTorah’s Rabbi Uri...

The people who speak about a halachic state don’t know what they’re talking about.

‘They Stuck A Knife In My Back’: An Interview with Otzma Yehudit Leader Itamar...

On a national level, I saw that the settlement movement was put on freeze and that the integrity of the Jewish state and the Torah were being threatened by the spread of liberalism, especially in the Religious Zionist camp.

Yesha Council CEO Hails West Bank Construction

Overnight, the Arabs and Bedouins erect a few tents and shacks on a piece of deserted land, then claim that their grandparents lived there for hundreds of years.

Iran, Mashiach, And Nachal Charedi: An Interview with Rabbi Yoel Schwartz

The Yalkut Shemoni says that the year Mashiach comes, the Iranians will wreak great havoc in the world.

The Lavi Torah

Hidden away in the storage room, Shmuel Aryeh's Torah school survived the worst pogrom Europe had ever seen.

Can A Robot Write A Sefer Torah? An Interview with Rabbi Menachem Perl, Head...

The writing must be for the sake of the mitzvah, and kavanah is especially required when writing the names of Hashem.

Are Jews Smarter Than Other People? An Interview with Social Scientist Charles Murray

If somebody reads that Ashkenazi Jews have higher IQs than people of Scots-Irish descent – and I speak as a Scots-Irish person – and they feel resentful, that’s their problem.

Is Voting For Netanyahu Halachically Permissible?

The Hague is called the International Court of Justice? It is the International Court of Evil.

Paving A Path Through Song – And A Podcast

Instead of choosing to hide her pain, Franciska took a difficult situation and found a way to shine a light on it to help women seeking to find solace within their hardest moments.

Should We Leave America? An Interview with Activist Shifra Hoffman

A Holocaust doesn’t just happen one, two, three. A Holocaust doesn’t begin with Auschwitz. It ends there!

Mashadi Brides, The Lubavitcher Rebbe, And Shalom Bayis: An Interview with Author and Lecturer...

In Iran, Persian Jews didn’t have the opportunity to learn. When they came here, they actually wanted to celebrate Iranian non-Jewish holidays – because that’s what they knew.

Website Combats Fake News In Israel

After the outburst of yelling, the voice sweetened with promises to give us exclusive scoops in the future if we cooperated. We went ahead and published the story.


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