Reb Shlomo: Singer, Composer, Teacher – And Uncle: A Personal Tribute by His Niece...

I think we kind of understood then - though we now understand completely - that Shlomo could not be our own private uncle. He was, in a sense, everyone's uncle.

What’s Going On In Brooklyn? An Interview with Dov Hikind on the Anti-Jewish Crime...

The first thing we have to do is recognize the problem. How do you solve a problem if you don’t even recognize where it’s coming from?

Spreading Judaism On Television: An Interview with Kiruv Enthusiast, Rabbi Zamir Cohen

Everyone knows a secular person or two. Why not invite them to experience the beauty of a Shabbat?

A ‘Prophet In Our Time’ – Rabbi Meir Kahane On His 29th Yahrzeit

Whenever people called him a racist, he would answer, “I don’t hate Arabs – I love Jews.”

The Judge With Divrei Torah

I was trying to be successful in both roles, as a lawyer and as a mother. Staying at home all day with three very young children also wouldn't have been easy for me!

Shulchan Aruch For Bnei Noach Set To Be Published

The Brit Olam organization is in contact with thousands of Bnei Noach who seek spiritual and halachic guidance.

Alumni of the IDF’s Elite Search and Rescue Unit Share How Their Experiences Resonate...

Unit 669 shows a face of the IDF that many outside of Israel are not familiar with.

Catholic Priest Rushes To Document The ‘Holocaust By Bullets’

Desbois is not just interested in where the Jews were killed. He wants to know exactly how they were killed. No detail is too small for Desbois in documenting what he calls the “Holocaust by Bullets.”

If There Was A Big Bang, What Caused It? An Interview with Bar Illan...

While there are many meaningful aspects to Darwin’s writings, evolutionary biologists don’t accept his theory of gradual change.

‘Israel Is The Greatest Nation Created By G-d’: An Interview with Sebastian Gorka

Believing in man over G-d naturally leads to selfishness, which leads to a society not having children.

Selling Esrogim – 300,000 Of Them

The etrog is the only pri hadar that produces fruit five times annually. For Sukkot, we keep only the last three harvests.

A Forgotten Diabolical Nazi – And A Seven-Decade Cover Up: An Interview with Author...

There’s a note in the file from U.S. army intelligence saying: We have no objection to his extradition – and then it’s as if Kammler never existed. There’s no trace of him from that point forward.

‘The Yom Kippur War: Even More Miraculous Than The Six-Day War’: An Interview with...

The tank to my left took a direct blow. Two tankists were killed. Two others made their way wounded to our tank, but we couldn’t stop to help them, so they fled on foot to the base.

A Real Maverick

When he was still in high school in Telshe, Maverick made a list of possible jobs he would like to someday pursue. One of those listed was “radio.”

Can Women Serve In The IDF According To Halacha?

Rav Shlomo Aviner has stated that women are not permitted to serve in the army just like they are not permitted to violate Shabbat.

Fighting Anti-Semitism, Promoting Zionism: An Interview with WZO Vice Chairman Yaakov Hagoel

Our starting point is that every Jew belongs in Eretz Yisrael. Not out of fear, but out of strength and free choice.

Countering The BDS Scourge

Luckily, anti-Israel students do us a favor. They paint such an inaccurate portrait of Israel that when we show students the reality, it almost always changes their minds.

Iraq War Veteran To Challenge Omar In 2020

I believe in the right of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. I believe in the rule of law – first G-d's law, then the government’s.

Dvir Sorek, 19: An Interview with the Murdered Teenager’s Uncle

My father and my sister’s son were both fighters for Jewish independence and freedom. The loss can never be replaced, but we don’t let it break our spirits.

Reuven Bauman: Through Fire and Water

Reuven Bauman’s heroic rescue on a Virginia beach echoes his grandfather’s lifesaving deed 50 years earlier.

Can We Rebuild The Beit Hamikdash Today? An Interview with Temple Institute Director Rabbi...

The location of the Ark is recorded in our sources, and today, there are those who know exactly where it is.

Get Thee Forth To The Land! An Interview with Nefesh B’Nefesh Director Rabbi Yehoshua...

In 2018 Nefesh B'Nefesh helped approximately 3,600 olim from North America and over 500 olim from the UK fulfill their aliyah dreams.

Should A Frum Jew Have A Smartphone? An Interview with Rav Shlomo Aviner

People...stop thinking for themselves. They become lazy and dependent on Professor Google, Dr. Google, and Rabbi Google.

Fountain Of Kindness

Melody and her friends wanted to continue helping other. “What can we do now?” her friends asked. Melody realized that she was being presented with a major opportunity.

Respecting Chanukah And Yom Kippur: Reflections Upon the Death of Justice John Paul Stevens,...

Stevens agreed to call off the arguments...and ever since then, the Supreme Court has not sat to hear oral arguments on Yom Kippur.

Morocco, Italy, & Beyond: The Vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe – On His 25th...

Year the first shliach went out: 1950 – to Casablanca, Morocco. Year the last shliach went out: 2019. Two recent ones went to Purdue University and Takayama, Japan.

Making Men Out Of Boys: An Interview with Rabbi Yitzhak Nissim

Our job is to take groups of these largely undisciplined, apathetic, know-it-all kids and turn them into miniature versions of Yehoshua Bin Nun and Yehuda HaMaccabee.

On My Own… But Not Alone: An Interview With Author Ahava Ehrenpreis

I realized how many women in my shoes craved both validation and guidance.

JOWMA: Supporting A Dream

Dr. Knoll hopes that JOWMA will serve as an unprecedented avenue for Torah-observant female physicians to bring their expertise into the community.


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