Does The Government Have The Right To Micromanage Our Lives? An Interview with Prominent...

There seems to be unlimited power that the judicial branch has completely failed to protect us from.

‘We Need To Investigate And Prosecute Hate Crimes’: An Interview with Manhattan DA Candidate...

I can always imagine…what my life would have been like if we had not left Iran. So, it was natural for me to build my career around wanting to deliver those things for other people.

Interview with Mike Pompeo: ‘Trump Administration Will Continue to be a Force for Good’

“You can see nations all across the world coming to understand that the Palestinians have rejected reasonable offers to negotiate time and time again. And the leadership has simply failed its own people,” says U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Are Claims Of Election Fraud Credible? An Interview with Bruce Abramson, PhD

The folks claiming only a lunatic would inquire about fraud are used-car salesman denigrating a customer who wants to pop the hood.

Mourning After

Bebinyan Yerushalayim nenucham. (In the rebuilding of Jerusalem shall we be comforted.)

‘The Media Hated Him, They Painted Him As A Madman’: A Interview in Honor...

Like many people who’ve heard him speak, I walked out of that room a different person than when I entered.

Is American Greatness Built On Jewish Ideas? An Interview with Rabbi Dr. Mitchell Rocklin

As a chaplain in the army, I have met countless Christians who quote the verse from Lech Lecha to me, “And I [G-d] will bless those who bless you..."

US Amb. to Israel David Friedman: Mideast is ‘Exploding with Good Opportunities’ Under Trump

“We've done more for the cause of peace within this region than any administration in the history of the United States. And, I think those opposing us just are not seeing the situation clearly,” America’s envoy to the Jewish state tells JNS in a wide-ranging interview.

‘Netanyahu Works Virtually Every Waking Minute Of The Day’: An Interview with Aaron Klein,...

If it looks like a witch-hunt, swims like a witch-hunt, and quacks like a witch-hunt, then it’s probably a witch-hunt.

Rav Shmuel Eliyahu: It’s Forbidden For A Rabbi To Remain Silent

Rav Kook called upon all lovers of Judaism to write articles in opposition to the preachers of secularism.

Zoom, Masks, Safe Distances… What About Homeschooling? – An Interview with Mrs. Rebecca Masinter

I don't think you necessarily learn healthy social skills by being thrown into the pack with everybody.

Doctor Says Proper Breathing Can Be Key To Treating Covid-19

The medical team at the hospital reported that his situation was dangerous. Then he began using our Kinor Lev method according to my telephone instructions.

‘We Are Endeavoring To Bring The Bible To Life’: An Interview with the City...

Since 1986, we’ve been working to uncover the ancient site of the City of David via archeological digs in conjunction with the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Did The Vilna Gaon’s Students Pave The Way For Modern Israel?

One of the Gra's students moved to Tzfat where he dressed as a Sefardic Jew and learned Arabic.

Serving Jews – In The United Arab Emirates: An Interview with Rabbi Levi Duchman

We have shuls in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. In addition to the 2,000-3,000 Jews who live here, we now have thousands of Jewish tourists who are already starting to come.

A True Fairy Tale: The Jewish Bahraini Princess

Rivka Abramovitz reads the e-mail, her curiosity intensifying into shock. She looks up at the Hasidic Jewish family seated around her. Should she tell them what the e-mail said? Definitely, no. Her long-lost mother’s sudden e-mail appearance had just told this Jewish woman that she is actually Arab.

Looking For More: A Glimpse At Makor Chaim

In addition, in a symbolic attempt to mirror Rav Adin’s monumental work, hundreds of us joined together to study the entire Tanach, Mishnah, Talmud, Rambam, Zohar, and Tanya in time for the shloshim.

Meet The Rabbi Who Gave The Invocation On Day 3 Of The Republican National...

In Psalms, we say, “Chadeish yameinu ke’kedem – Renew our days as of old.” In other words, revive today with the fire and passion of those early, founding days. “Make America Great Again” can refer to such an endeavor.

The Man Who Refuses To Undergo Sensitivity Training: An Interview With Political Scientist Professor...

Forced to defend Judaism and their Jewish brethren, these rabbis summoned their best arguments and refused to back down – often at the cost of their lives. They were both unfree and free at the same time.

Why Isn’t Israel More Like America?

The American system is unique in that it is federal and bicameral and is predicated on a real separation of powers. Israel is more like the European system, with which the early Zionists were more familiar.

We Can Sue, Too: An Interview with Brooke Goldstein, Founder of The Lawfare Project

If you engage in BDS, you will be held accountable, you will be sued, and eventually - if you're stupid enough to go to court - you will be held liable.

Unashamed To Talk About God: An Interview with Radio Talk Show Host and Bestselling...

God didn't give us this great free republic so that eventually we would just say, Well, it's not going so well, we're going to just let it go.

What If The Virus Comes Back In The Winter?

Shaare Zedek is working on a new 50-bed Corona Department so that we won’t have to requisition beds in our Internal Medicine Department come wintertime.

15 Years: The Evacuation of Gush Katif until the COVID-19 Crisis

An exclusive interview with Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon about ‘JobKatif’ a nonprofit organization to aid the Gush Katif evacuees in finding employment he established 15 years ago, about the employment programs he has developed since, about the unemployment crisis in the wake of the COVID-19, and about what the state must do immediately to solve the employment crisis. Clue: LISTEN

Rav Ahron Soloveichik, Medieval Christianity, And Academic Ignorance” An Interview with Eminent Historian Dr....

“In Rav Yechiel’s disputation, he says the Talmud’s discriminatory laws against non-Jews don’t apply to Christians.”

Rabbi Levi Welton: On A Wing And A Prayer

When you wear a yarmulka or a sheitel, you are wearing a uniform of sorts that represents your service to a higher power. That type of pride carries over perfectly into the pride of being a representative of the Air Force.

The Virus Returns – What Went Wrong? An Interview with Professor Arnon Afek of...

A main reason for this was that all through the initial wave, the public was bombarded with catastrophic scenarios in which tens of thousands would die.

Was Michelangelo A Murderer? An Interview with Rabbi Reuven Fierman on the Potential...

Jean Jacques Rousseau asserted that culture transforms man into an egotistical and lust-filled creature, places him in constant competition with others, and causes him to be a jealous liar.

Educating A Generation Of Radicals – Does The Right Stand A Chance? An...

You got the message either subtly or not so subtly that America was a great country, that its founding made it great and unique in the history of nations, and that we are part of that American project.


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