Mind Games

He has stunned audiences all over the world with his spellbinding show.

MK Moti Yogev: Only Loyalty To Torah Will Lead To Peace

As an army commander and military analyst, it is clear to me that we will eventually have to conquer the Gaza Strip, eliminate the heads of the terror organizations ensconced there, and destroy all their infrastructure.

Eastern Europe: Pro-Israel, But Not Pro-Jewish? – An Interview with Professor David Fishman

Of the 40 people involved in the operation – 20 intellectuals, and 20 technical workers – 33 perished and seven survived.

The Tenth Annual Swim4Sadna Kinneret Swimathon for Women: Surpassing All Expectations

Personal Empowerment, Inclusion for All and Giving to Society--Surpassing expectations

To Reflect And Remember: In Memory Of Rabbi Hillel Lieberman Hy’d

Why was someone so beautiful and so giving taken away with such swiftness and pain?

How Important Is Making Aliyah?

Did the Master of the World bring us out of Egypt to live in Honolulu or Brooklyn?

Israel: The Beginning Of The Redemption? An Interview with HaRav Shmuel Eliyahu

The Talmud states...that the surest sign that the exile is ending is the trees of Eretz Yisrael bringing forth their fruits in abundnance: "Rabbi Aba stated, 'There is no greater revealed end of the exile than this.'"

Indonesia: A Relatively Safe Haven For 3,000 Jews

From the moment a Japanese or Indonesian soldier was spotted by us, we had to bow very low and avoid eye contact; otherwise we would be severely punished.

Free Speech On Campus? Think Again

When you look at Jewish civilization, it seems to me that it is the most superior civilization that has ever existed.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine: ‘We Look Forward’ to Being Part of ‘Beresheet 2’

“This administration has been a very strong supporter of Israel, and they’ve been supportive of our efforts to collaborate with Israel off-space exploration, so it’s been a productive relationship.”

Pyrrhic Victory

I felt a mission to tell the story of Salonika's Jews so it would be known and remembered.

Arielle’s Unusual Bat Mitzvah Project

Through my research, I not only discovered my history, but also what it means to be a Jew.

Losing 10 Brothers, Writing A Haggadah From Memory…

He said that in the Death March toward the end of the war, he drank his urine, again and again, to survive.

On Gilgulim, Dybbuks, And Trees

There is a Midrash that says the Ten Martyrs at the time of Rabbi Akiva were the reincarnation of the 10 brothers who sold Yosef, and their martyrdom was their tikun.

120 Years Of Bias At The New York Times: An Interview with Professor Jerold...

The Times was staunchly opposed to Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon and incredibly uncomfortable with Netanyahu.

Recalling A Historic Seder – Hebron 1968

In moving to Israel from America, I always longed for the idealism of the original pioneers who built the country. Here was the perfect chance, I realized.

A Korban Pesach In 2019?

This is what we’re doing each year in performing the exercises involved in bringing the Korban Pesach. We are learning and preparing.

Extraordinary Mesiras Nefesh

I only began to value her extraordinary behavior years later.

The Incredible Story Of Bris Avrohom (Conclusion) A Million Lights Burning Bright

Bris Avrohom has reached scores of Russian immigrants and their families through their centers in Hillside/Elizabeth, Jersey City, and Fair Lawn.

Finding Jews In Australia’s Outback: An Interview with Rabbi Yossi Rodal, Head of Chabad...

We try to visit them once a year although obviously it is challenging to visit those living in the Outback.

Giants Of The Mountain

We were so privileged to have known and loved them, so enriched by their wisdom and warmth, and so devastated by their respective passing.

From Secular Kibbutz To Religious General: An Interview with Brigadier General Effi Eitam

I felt I had to dig to the roots to know why we had to fight for the Jewish homeland.

The Incredible Story Of Bris Avrohom (Part II): The Wedding of a Lifetime: Making...

No one was interested in hearing about marriage with a chuppah. I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere.

What Can We Do About Gaza Terror?

We have to listen to the Torah. Even if we are attacked on Shabbat, we are commanded to bear arms and defend ourselves against the enemy.


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