Restoring Rav Nachman’s Fiery Chair: An Interview with Wood Craftsman Catriel Sugarman

One of the last Jewish artifacts to be spirited out of the Jewish Quarter before its fall in the 1948 War of Independence was a wrapped bag containing the remnants of Rav Nachman’s chair.

Anti-Semitism Is Not Funny, It Never Is: An Interview with Dov Hikind

I don’t think cancel culture is healthy for anyone. I mean, you look at someone the wrong way and you get canceled.

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try And Try Again: An Interview with Itamar...

How long must Jews be second class citizens in our own Jewish homeland?

The Charedi Rabbi Who Changed His Mind On Zionism: An Interview With Rabbi Moshe...

The sole purpose of all the afflictions which smite us in our exile is to arouse us to return to our Holy Land….

Shabbos, Yarmulkes, And Kiddush Hashem – An Interview with David Schoen

An interview with David Schoen, Donald Trump’s orthodox impeachment lawyer.

Young Lawyer Enters Race For NYC Council District 48

I feel our community needs someone who can keep up the mantle of Chaim Deutsch and really push for what we need.

Stuck In Germany For Five Years – After Surviving Hitler: An Interview with Professor...

One of the reasons I wrote this book is because the years 1945-1950 are absolutely critical for the history of Zionism and the Jewish people, and we know nothing about them.

Nourished By Holiness – Israel’s Unusual Fruits: An Interview with Rav Shmuel Eliyahu, Chief...

Heaven forbid to judge the Children of Israel in a less than positive fashion, but, to our sorrow, this is the situation.

Millions Of Jews In… Afghanistan? An Interview with Nadav Sofy

Today, even in Afghanistan and Pakistan, many people have Internet. We have a page on Facebook, and we receive many comments from Afghans who trace their lineage back to Yaakov Avinu.

Where Does The Foreign Affairs Committee’s New Chairman Stand On Israel?

Let’s be clear: the MOU [memorandum of understanding with Israel] that the Obama administration entered into is non-negotiable. None of that money can be taken off the table. Israel has the right to defend itself and that money is non-negotiable.

Beit El, Arutz 7, And A Reluctant Netanyahu: An Interview with Baruch Gordon and...

Everyone and his brother thinks he’s already the prime minister and that everyone else is completely incompetent.

Old-Time Jews – Was Their Judaism Superior To Ours? An Interview with Professor Moshe...

They were very old-fashioned and very unashamed about their Judaism…. And they weren’t tormented by the kinds of questions that torment people today.

Morocco – The Land Where Kings Honor Jews

Soulika requested that she be given metal clips…which she dug into her flesh and tied to her garment so that her naked body wouldn’t be exposed to the public.

Not Your Grandmother’s Kosher Cheese

In halacha, the foods that require the most supervision are meat, wine, and cheese. Now, within the cheese category, not everything is as difficult to make as my cheeses.

Does The Government Have The Right To Micromanage Our Lives? An Interview with Prominent...

There seems to be unlimited power that the judicial branch has completely failed to protect us from.

‘We Need To Investigate And Prosecute Hate Crimes’: An Interview with Manhattan DA Candidate...

I can always imagine…what my life would have been like if we had not left Iran. So, it was natural for me to build my career around wanting to deliver those things for other people.

Interview with Mike Pompeo: ‘Trump Administration Will Continue to be a Force for Good’

“You can see nations all across the world coming to understand that the Palestinians have rejected reasonable offers to negotiate time and time again. And the leadership has simply failed its own people,” says U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Are Claims Of Election Fraud Credible? An Interview with Bruce Abramson, PhD

The folks claiming only a lunatic would inquire about fraud are used-car salesman denigrating a customer who wants to pop the hood.

Mourning After

Bebinyan Yerushalayim nenucham. (In the rebuilding of Jerusalem shall we be comforted.)

‘The Media Hated Him, They Painted Him As A Madman’: A Interview in Honor...

Like many people who’ve heard him speak, I walked out of that room a different person than when I entered.

Is American Greatness Built On Jewish Ideas? An Interview with Rabbi Dr. Mitchell Rocklin

As a chaplain in the army, I have met countless Christians who quote the verse from Lech Lecha to me, “And I [G-d] will bless those who bless you..."

US Amb. to Israel David Friedman: Mideast is ‘Exploding with Good Opportunities’ Under Trump

“We've done more for the cause of peace within this region than any administration in the history of the United States. And, I think those opposing us just are not seeing the situation clearly,” America’s envoy to the Jewish state tells JNS in a wide-ranging interview.

‘Netanyahu Works Virtually Every Waking Minute Of The Day’: An Interview with Aaron Klein,...

If it looks like a witch-hunt, swims like a witch-hunt, and quacks like a witch-hunt, then it’s probably a witch-hunt.

Rav Shmuel Eliyahu: It’s Forbidden For A Rabbi To Remain Silent

Rav Kook called upon all lovers of Judaism to write articles in opposition to the preachers of secularism.

Zoom, Masks, Safe Distances… What About Homeschooling? – An Interview with Mrs. Rebecca Masinter

I don't think you necessarily learn healthy social skills by being thrown into the pack with everybody.

Doctor Says Proper Breathing Can Be Key To Treating Covid-19

The medical team at the hospital reported that his situation was dangerous. Then he began using our Kinor Lev method according to my telephone instructions.

‘We Are Endeavoring To Bring The Bible To Life’: An Interview with the City...

Since 1986, we’ve been working to uncover the ancient site of the City of David via archeological digs in conjunction with the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Did The Vilna Gaon’s Students Pave The Way For Modern Israel?

One of the Gra's students moved to Tzfat where he dressed as a Sefardic Jew and learned Arabic.

Serving Jews – In The United Arab Emirates: An Interview with Rabbi Levi Duchman

We have shuls in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. In addition to the 2,000-3,000 Jews who live here, we now have thousands of Jewish tourists who are already starting to come.


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