Jewish Military Veteran And Former Trump Aide Takes On Congress

I believe our recruiting numbers prove that our military loved Trump more than Biden. The only branch that isn’t down in recruitment is the Marines and it’s a direct result of this administration’s policies and the way men and women feel.

Broken Hearts, Not Broken Spirits – Interview with Chemi Goldin, Brother of Hadar...

Eight years later, Hamas still holds on to the bodies if Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, Hy”d.

RJC Amplifies Voice Of American Jews In Conservative Politics

It speaks volumes that Kevin McCarthy, the next Speaker of the House, has said he will kick Omar off the House Foreign Affairs Committee - and he’s going to keep that promise.

Only A Strong NATO Prevents WWIII

atvian President Egils Levits speaks about his visit to Israel to strengthen security ties against the backdrop of the Ukraine war as his country – and fellow Baltic states Lithuania and Estonia – fear they might be next.

‘Peace will start at the Temple Mount’

Interview with tthe founder of ,Inon Dan Kehati:

‘No Problem with Having a Halachic State’

The elder rabbi of the national religious sector talks about conversions, gay rights, and the states of Israel’s Supreme Court in a no-holds-barred interview.

Mike Pompeo: Anti-Zionist Bias in Biden WH

In an interview with JNS, the former secretary of state chides Biden for policies on Israel, calls the FBI probe of Shireen Abu Akleh’s death “political” and says Netanyahu has the right to choose his cabinet ministers “full stop.”

Meet Religious Zionist Simcha Rothman, Ben Gvir’s Moderate Ally

“We want to restore the system through evolution, not revolution.”

Fact: Israeli Firebrand Itamar Ben-Gvir is Soaring in the Polls. Why?

Speaking to JNS, the controversial right-wing Israeli politician said, “Our Tanach [Bible] teaches us that we are from here, we have come back to our land. I am not a racist, I do not hate Arabs, I hate terrorists.”

Ehud Olmert Opposes Netanyahu Win, Says Putin Unlikely To Go Nuclear

Did he expect to be sued by Netanyahu after calling him “mentally ill?” It is extremely rare and bizarre for a former prime minister to sue another.

Dov Hikind Is Not Taking It Anymore

Perpetrators don’t have to be concerned to … attack Jews … there are no repercussions.

Orthodox Survivor of 9/11 And Author Talks About His Ordeal and His Emunah

9/11 survivor and author Ari Schonbrun has shared his inspiring story with people across the globe.

How a Tech Titan in Israel Became ‘The Job Whisperer’

I always try to look at it as how can you strive higher to be a better person and a better worker. With health and wealth, you can always look at it and say it could be much worse.

Noor Dahri: Pakistani-born Muslim, Counter-Terrorism Expert … and ZIONIST

He is gathering research for his next book on Israeli security threats, traveling along Israel’s often tense borders with Gaza, Syria and Lebanon. Details of his trip, including visits to the Temple Mount, the Al-Aqsa mosque compound and the Western Wall have made waves on social media.

Moscow’s ‘Rebel Rabbi’ says Russian Jewish Community Being Held ‘Hostage’

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt served as chief rabbi of Moscow for over 30 years, until the morning after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, when he woke up to a frightening reality that reminded him of the “dark days of the Iron Curtain.”

The People’s Judge: Ruchie Freier’s Crusade To Become Boro Park’s Voice On Brooklyn Supreme...

I love campaigning outside the chasidic community. It provides me with the opportunity to create a Kiddush Hashem as I share our traditions and values with people who have questions and may be unfamiliar with our practices.

Brian Robinson: A Moderate For New York’s District 10

Any politician in Borough Park who supports Bill de Blasio does not represent the people.

The Radio Show Must Go On: Jewish Icon Nachum Segal Is Undaunted After Studio...

Every possible strategy seemed to go through my mind that day and during the subsequent days. I don’t think I ever considered giving up, but I did think of just how difficult it would be to start from scratch and rebuild.

Rabbi Chaim Ingram – From London To Sydney And Music To The Rabbinate

What they did not realize is that they did far more for us than we for them! What we later experienced on that trip gave us a very small taste of the fear under which they lived on a daily basis.

Help For Mental Illness After Covid And Beyond

Obviously, pregnant women want to minimize the risk of getting Covid, but if they do, the good news is it appears, at least from this study, that their child doesn’t do any differently than the mothers who didn’t develop Covid during pregnancy.

Congressman Ritchie Torres: The Pro-Israel Progressive

Zelensky is a source of pride for all of us, but especially for the Jewish community. There are only two Jewish heads of state in the world and one of them is Zelensky.

Tackling Jewish Stereotypes On The Screen

Media is such a powerful tool for good and bad. We are affected so deeply by the messages that permeate society.

One Israeli Couple’s Goal: To Spread the Word about Aphasia

The condition, which prevents those who have it from communicating, is relatively unknown, despite being more common than Parkinson’s disease.

Truth And Consequences – Interview With Ambassador David Friedman

I hope and pray that what we accomplished will endure. The changes we made in U.S.-Israel policy were in the best interests of both nations and brought much peace and prosperity to the region.

Building Jewish Pride In South Africa And Beyond: An Interview With Chief Rabbi Warren...

We’re all craving connection right now – within our families, with friends, with communities, with ourselves, with G-d. It’s so amazing that Shabbat, which was created at the beginning of time, turns out to be the perfect formula for everything we need in modern life.

Preparing for Life in Hesder

"You take the tools you were given at the Hesder in order to prepare and equip yourself to be amongst a diverse group of society in order to maintain your spiritual well-being and create a kiddush Hashem."

Exclusive Interview with UAE Senior Rabbi

Israeli President Isaac Herzog and his wife Michal met with representatives of the UAE Jewish community on the first evening of their two-day visit to the Gulf State.

Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi: ‘The Knesset Won’t Decide Who is a Jew’

"We need to distinguish between citizenship and Judaism," says Chief Rabbi David Lau, following much public criticism.

Rabbi Dr. Avraham J. Twerski (ZT”L) May His Memory be for a Blessing

Personal responsibility is the foundation of a human being.  Rabbi Twerski lived a life according to this fundamental principal.


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