The Jewish Press urges New York City voters to choose Nicole Malliotakis over the incumbent, Bill de Blasio. Although you wouldn’t know it from Mayor de Blasio’s campaign rhetoric, New York City faces major issues including mushrooming public spending and taxation; meager job growth; declining economic  infrastructure; failing educational and transit systems; wholly inadequate housing stock; increasing numbers of homeless people sleeping in the streets and the subways; and extraordinary public negativity toward the critical work of the NYPD, fueled in good measure by Mr. de Blasio.

Indeed, these are the very themes Ms. Malliotakis continues to sound in her campaign. But rather than focusing on the real issues facing our city, the mayor seems more interested in burnishing his credentials as a card-carrying member of the political hard left, with its incessant and indiscriminate challenges to anything and everything emanating from the Trump White House.

Further, New York City is home to the largest concentration of Jews outside of Israel and its mayors have consistently used the office as a bully pulpit in support of the Jewish state. Yet Mayor de Blasio went all out in his support of Congressman Keith Ellison for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. Never mind Mr. Ellison’s past association with Rev. Louis Farrakhan, the outspokenly anti-Israel Nation of Islam leader, or Mr. Ellison’s opposition to U.S. funding for Iron Dome, or Mr. Ellison’s support for the BDS movement and his efforts to get the Obama administration to force Israel to unilaterally ease the Gaza blockade.

Support for Mr. Ellison was a particularly egregious act on the part of the mayor, especially given the emergence of a vigorous anti-Israel wing in the Democratic Party and the spread of anti-Israel animus across college campuses.

A vote for Nicole Malliotakis should be an easy decision for New Yorkers worried about the direction of the city and Mr. de Blasio’s hard left inclinations and policy preferences.

Borough President

Bronx: Ruben Diaz Jr. 
Brooklyn: Eric L. Adams

District Attorney

Kings County (Brooklyn)

The Jewish Press endorses Eric Gonzales. As acting DA since the untimely death of Kenneth Thompson, Mr. Gonzales has demonstrated his ability to administer the huge prosecutorial effort that is the Brooklyn DA’s office. He is a  respected veteran prosecutor and it is no surprise that crime is down considerably in Brooklyn. His efforts to combat gun trafficking from the South has set a nationwide standard.

NYC Council


4th Council District: The Jewish Press endorses Rebecca Harary (Republican) in the race for the NYC Council in the 4th CD. Ms. Harary has a reputation as a problem solver and someone not given to seeing issues through political or ideological lenses. She has a wealth of experience in building both for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises from the ground up, so she seems well prepared for the complicated and multi-dimensional problems she will face as a member of the City Council.

In the course of her campaign she has discussed her ideas on a whole range of significant issues facing New York City. She impresses not only with the breadth of her interests but also the creativity with which she approaches them. She will make a fine member of the City Council.


35th Council District: Laurie A. Cumbo (Democrat)
40th Council District: Mathieu Eugene (Democrat)

44th Council District: For City Council in the 44th CD, comprised of parts of Boro Park, Kensington, and Midwood, The Jewish Press strongly endorses Yoni Hikind (Our Neighborhood Party) to succeed the retiring David Greenfield. Although this is his first political outing, Mr. Hikind has a compelling record of public service to commend him to voters.

At a time when public office is increasingly sought for personal publicity and fame and as a means to become part of the political game, it is refreshing that Mr. Hikind’s selfless role for years as a professional social worker, counseling countless troubled individuals, has been largely under the radar. To speak with him, as we did at length during a Jewish Press interview, is to be impressed with his dedication, humility, and great potential for addressing the needs of the residents of the 44th. Yoni Hikind is the real deal. He is by far the best choice on November 7.

46th Council District: Alan N. Maisel (Democrat)
47th Council District:  Mark Treyger (Democrat) 

48th Council District: In the 48th CD we endorse Chaim M. Deutsch (Democrat) for reelection. When it comes to constituent services, he wrote the book, and he continues as a role model for other elected officials.


23rd Council District:  Barry S. Grodenchik (Democrat)
24th Council District:  Rory I. Lancman (Democrat)
32nd Council District: Eric A. Ulrich (Republican)


Justice of the Supreme Court, 2nd Judicial District, Kings County: The Jewish Press heartily endorses the Hon. Bruce M. Balter for reelection. A veteran jurist, he has long been a credit to the bench.

Judge of the Civil Court, Kings County

Robin K. Sheares  (Democrat )
John K. O’Hara (Reform)
Connie M. Melendez (Democrat)
Patria Frias-Colon (Democrat )
Patrick J. Hayes (Reform )


County Executive

For Nassau County Executive, The Jewish Press endorses Jack Martin (Republican), a former NYS senator and mayor of Mineola. By all accounts, Nassau County is at a critical point in its efforts to shake off the financial restrictions imposed by NYS as the result of years of mismanagement by prior county administrations that have stunted the county’s growth for years.

Mr. Martin appears to be the right fit to lead the county to economic and financial independence. In his prior posts in government he came up with innovative management plans and played leading roles in capping property taxes, lowering state taxes on middle class families, and adopting on-time budgets. He was instrumental in the erection of an eruv in Mineola and has fought the BDS movement. He has also been a vocal advocate for non-public school parents.

Nassau County District Court Judge, 2nd District

We support  Judge Gary F. Knobel (Republican, Conservative, Independence party lines). Judge Knobel was first elected to the Nassau County District Court in 2005 (reelected in 2011) and has served as an acting county court judge. He has held a series of nuts-and-bolts positions in federal and state courts, giving him a wide range of practical experience.

New York City Comptroller

For New York City comptroller we urge the reelection of Scott Stringer. He has done a solid job holding city agencies accountable in terms of spending and the efficient delivery of services. He has conducted more than 255 audits, rooted out waste and fraud, and restructured New York City’s debt, saving the city an estimated $1.7 billion.

Manhattan Borough President

For Manhattan borough president we endorse the incumbent, Gail Brewer. In addition to her impressive record of addressing the concerns of her constituents, she has worked closely, and well, with the Jewish community on such issues as security for religious institutions, affordable housing, and safe streets.


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