Rambam Press Makes Rambam More Accessible For All Ages

“Writing a summary is always challenging since the compiler must accurately captures the key points of the text he feels should be highlighted,” Rabbi Tayar told The Jewish Press.

On Target

There was one man in a wheelchair, and some of the assembled were uneasy about leaving him behind. If they would begin pushing the chair, they would surely not make it to shelter quickly enough.

Does Beis Din Have The Authority?

Mr. Chovel interjected, "But beis din is not halachically authorized nowadays to adjudicate cases of bodily injury!"

Sleep No More?

There’s a chance that your children have too much stimulation, but the more likely culprit is that bedtime is too late!

Start Daf Yomi – It’s A Lifesaver (Part II)

I remember learning the daf in the emergency room of Maimonides Hospital as I stayed with a choleh. The daf followed me as I flew on planes and when I went on vacation.

A Shul With A Story: Shomrei Emunah – Keepers of The Faith

One sign of the vitality of Shomrei Emunah today can be seen in the success of its numerous daily shiurim.

Loving Our Brothers And Sisters

Just as Aharon had no envy toward his brother, Moshe, so Moshe had no resentment about the job given to Aharon.

Rabbi Dr. Solomon Schonfeld, Hero of the Kindertransport: An Interview with Riki Goldstein, author...

Schonfeld didn’t just save the children from a distance, but got involved in their struggles. “He was a father figure and had a personal relationship with many of the children,” Riki says.

Some Leadership Lessons From Moshe

We do not expect those elected to be Moshe Rabbeinu. Still, the parshi’ot that will accompany the election campaign in the weeks ahead should remind us of how, ideally, those in leadership roles should conduct themselves.

Daf Yomi

What About Ma’ariv? ‘The Bridegroom Is Exempt From Kerias Shema’ (Berachos 16a)

Who Could Be Moshiach?

Was R’ Simcha Bunim justified in not bringing Moshiach because of the distress of one individual?

Q & A: Saying ‘Amen’ Right Before Shema (Part III)

Question: Should the congregation say “Amen” after the berachah of “habocher b’amo Yisrael b’ahavah” (right before Shema)? I have seen different shuls do different things.M. Goldman

Torah Education: Everyone’s Responsibility

We don’t seek out faults in people to tell them off, but we should always look for ways to help set people on the right path while we ourselves serve as shining personal examples.

Dealing With Anti-Semitism

If a person would sense that he is a noble dignified person, it would help him avoid falling prey to the yetzer hara.

Moshe – A Man Of Action

When everyone else was a bystander, Moshe takes action and defends the Ivri.

Yeshiva Boys Choir’s Greatest Hits

The viewer/listener is treated to a mix of older, beloved soloists as well as some new voices. Since this is a Gerstner production, it of course has a 2020 flash and modern sound.

Driverless Trucks Coming Your Way?

The company claims it can reduce average purchased transportation costs by 30 percent, and it has secured some of the most coveted customers in the industry.

Items From The Late Rhodesia

In the 1930s, many Jews left Rhodes (which belonged to Italy since 1912) after Benito Mussolini decided to make an alliance with Hitler and anti-Semitism increased.

Newsweek Changed Its Article About Me, But…

Dear Newsweek and other disingenuous LEFTISTS: "Bring back the feathers.

I Don’t Want To Marry A ‘Learning’ Boy

When there is someone who leans toward one group, but doesn’t tick every box, people may still encourage them to accept the label in order to expedite the dating process.

Anyone Can See The Bad. Let’s Look For The Good

Human nature is such that when times are good – when we have gezunt and mazal and beracha – it's easy to forget the source of our blessings. Let's remember who sent them

How Jewish Is The ‘Jerusalem Program’?

Can a frum Jew confidently assert that it's “the common responsibility of the Jewish people” to maintain Israel as a democracy?

Yesha Council CEO Hails West Bank Construction

Overnight, the Arabs and Bedouins erect a few tents and shacks on a piece of deserted land, then claim that their grandparents lived there for hundreds of years.

Faith In The Future

When G-d said, “I will be what I will be,” He was telling us something not only about G-d but about us when we are open to G-d and have faith in His faith in us.

Stop Harassing Settlers

Administrative detention is a necessary weapon in fighting actual terrorism – e.g., plots to carry out suicide bombings and the like. But Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria may be served with administrative orders for nothing more than being active in the settler cause –

Am Yisrael Chai

I am not qualified to know if they’re right, but as we drove into Ben Gurion airport, I saw that someone had sprayed on a wall, “Am Yisrael Chai!” That graffiti is absolutely right.

Why Do Neoconservatives Support Israel?

Israeli leaders do not share the neoconservatives’ pro-democracy perspective. Israel aims to develop good relations with authoritarian regimes to avoid conflict, and, in the Arab world, Israeli leaders are often more frightened by the prospect of a democratic government led by antagonistic political factions than they are of iron-fisted dictators who prefer to avoid hostilities with Israel.


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