The Stinkers

I recall him telling me of the morning he walked into Moscow’s Great Synagogue to pray. Sitting behind separate desks at the back, wearing tallis and tefillin, were the Jews known as “the Stinkers.”

The Furor Over Rav Firer

All Rav Firer asked is that the performers at a concert devoted to honoring him and his organization – at which he would be sitting front and center – not include female singers. But as soon as this request became known, an explosion of vitriol ensued

Where Are You?

Rabbi Wertheimer writes that "ayeh" is used when one has no inkling where something is, while "eifo" is used when one does have a general sense of where it is.

Going To Galveston, Texas?

Between 1907-1914, approximately 10,000 Jewish immigrants arrived at the entry port in Galveston, at a time when the entire population of Galveston was 37,000 and the entire state was home to fewer than 400,000 people.

Reb Shlomo: Singer, Composer, Teacher – And Uncle: A Personal Tribute by His Niece...

I think we kind of understood then - though we now understand completely - that Shlomo could not be our own private uncle. He was, in a sense, everyone's uncle.

Powerful Seeds

The seed alone cannot produce the tree, it needs earth, or soil. And these two components alone cannot either produce a tree, they require water, sun and other nutrients.

Q & A: Idol Worship? (Part III)

Question: What did our sages mean when they said that anyone who resides outside the Land Israel is like an idol worshipper? Is that what all of us residing outside Israel are – idol worshippers?M. Goldblum

Constructive Criticism

They believe that if they inundate me with beautiful gifts, it will be difficult for me to be angry with them.

Shopping – On Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

I Don’t Want To Repeat My Parents’ Rocky Marriage

Your self-awareness and your ability to worry over their influence will only aid you in this process.

Want To Be Young? Serve Others

Even a cursory reading of the pesukim leaves the reader in awe of the speed Avraham exhibited in performing the mitzvah.

A Simple Transaction

He had deposited Shlomo’s real, original check into his account, and when it had cleared he had made up this weird story to get an additional 3,600 shekels out of Shlomo!

Negative Capability

A pattern is beginning to emerge: Avraham was learning that there is a long and winding road between promise and fulfillment. Not because G-d does not keep His word, but because Avraham and his descendants were charged with bringing something new into the world

A Point Of No Return For The Democrats?

The Democratic Party is fast reaching the point where it must either succumb to the new radical leftist positions on Israel or return to its traditional support Israel

What’s Going On In Brooklyn? An Interview with Dov Hikind on the Anti-Jewish Crime...

The first thing we have to do is recognize the problem. How do you solve a problem if you don’t even recognize where it’s coming from?

George Gershwin’s Jewish Music

Until George Gershwin, serious American orchestral composers were predominantly influenced by European schools of music. By composing original musical works based upon the rhythms,...

While Anti-Semitic Attacks Surge, New York Is Busy Placating Al Sharpton

According to several accounts, he insisted that no one should be held on bail because of an inability to come up with the required cash.

Why Wouldn’t The Democrats Want The President To Have Due Process?

If they fear that their case may be undermined by what the Republicans might bring to the table, then that only means their case against the president is not a valid one.

That Bloomberg “Centrist” Bloomlet

The United States is seized with issues that old style American liberalism simply couldn’t get its arms around.

Spreading Judaism On Television: An Interview with Kiruv Enthusiast, Rabbi Zamir Cohen

Everyone knows a secular person or two. Why not invite them to experience the beauty of a Shabbat?

A ‘Prophet In Our Time’ – Rabbi Meir Kahane On His 29th Yahrzeit

Whenever people called him a racist, he would answer, “I don’t hate Arabs – I love Jews.”

Cooking Outside The Box

I know, after all of those Yom Tov meals, you may still be on hiatus from kitchen duty, but these two cookbooks might have you rethinking that decision.

Roasted Zaatar Chicken

While we were there, we explored the shuk. The sights, smells and delicious food are unmatched by any other marketplace I have ever been to.

Reflections From A Former Conservative Jew

If you practice nothing, that's all Judaism will mean to you – nothing.


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