Teshuva, Tefillah And Tzedakah

Although I sincerely asked for mechila on every subsequent visit, she refused to accept my money or my apology. Instead she unequivocally announced, I don’t want to talk to you! and proceeded to ignore me.

Dementia Diary – Chapter 92

Because our aide needs time off to be with her husband and to recuperate from Hubby’s constant requirements, she replaces herself with female friends from her social circle. Hubby doesn’t really mind, as they are young and usually lovely.

Kids Called Nerds: Can They Succeed Socially?

What is the nature of these social disabilities and what, if anything, can parents do to help their children and adolescents fit in?

Daf Yomi

Within His Grasp ‘Title…Is Established In Three Years [Of Occupancy] From Day To Day’ (Bava Basra 28a)

Why I Love Being Jewish

I love the closeness Jews instinctively have towards one another during tough times like shiva, illnesses, and tragedies, and I love the joy we share celebrating in each other’s semachot.

The Destination And The Journey

In the human experience, there’s no guarantee of a safe and successful landing and return. What is critical is not the ultimate destination, but the values we bring to the journey of life.

Q & A: Tying Knots On The Sabbath (Part III)

My son recently stopped wearing a necktie and lace-up shoes on the Sabbath. He explained that otherwise he fears transgressing the prohibition against tying knots on the Sabbath. Is he correct in this matter? A Mother in Israel Via E-mail

Dear Dr. Yael

I know that we have little control in our life other than how we will handle the challenges that Hashem gives us. We can only work on ourselves.

Muhammad Deif & Donald Trump – Making Sense Of What Happened

When you feel that the world is going mad, it is important to return to our sources. Our Torah portion this week reminds us that what we are experiencing today has occurred before.

Israel’s Under-12 Baseball Team Has Undefeated Preliminary Round In Poland

All of our kids have gotten along really well with the other teams, he said. He added that it was heartwarming to see players take pictures with those from other countries.

Each Of Us Matters

Part of what makes each of us so important is that we are all unique... Hashem created us this way because we each have unique missions in this world.

Moshe’s Lost Book

Parashat Balak is a very interesting parasha in that it relates an incident that none of Am Yisrael observed directly.

The Sin Detector

Balak realized that the land of the Amorites, including the strip of land between the Arnon River and the Yabbok river which formerly belonged to Moav, was eventually destined to be taken over by the Jews in accordance with G-d’s promise to Avraham.

Do No Harm…Unless!

The number of incidents is way too long to cite in this article. But there is little doubt that the world of medicine has become sick.

The Power Of Our Enemies To Harm Us

Bilaam’s hope is to reduce the power of Israel by carving away at our fighting men through spiritual means, so that they will be removed from the army as they are condemned to perdition for their transgressions.

Jewish Tax In The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire, which gained prominence and world power in the 14th and 15th centuries and on, had a significant effect on the Jews of the era, and for many centuries served as a relative safe haven for its Jews.


Not only is our disposition and attitude critical in disquieting circumstances, but every word we utter during challenging times is significant.

Too Good To Be True

Sometimes we want something so much that we negate things that typically matter to us.

Life Lessons From The Royal Game Of Chess (Part III)

As you get better in chess, you just can’t rely on your opponent to make a mistake. Better players won’t make mistakes.

Daf Yomi And The Assassination Attempt

Imagine how different things would have been earlier this week had the walls supporting the roof of the structure on which the assassin was perched not have been at a height from which the assassin could have peered into the area around the podium where former President Trump was standing.

The Four Great Villians Of The Dreyfus Affair

The focus of the miscarriage of justice against Dreyfus has always been upon the fraudulently-obtained Dreyfus handwriting sample, but it may have been du Paty de Clam’s bogus telegram that was outcome determinative in Dreyfus’s conviction by the tribunal.

Avoid The Rush

Someone once noted that a goal without a time frame is usually a mere fleeting dream. Even the best of intentions and aspirations are nebulous unless there is a manageable goal within a specific time frame.

State Lawmakers Decry Inciteful Rhetoric, Vow Hearings On Security Fails

While pointing out that [t]he responsibility for this act is that deranged, demonic shooter who did not have the benefit of a good upbringing, New York State Senate Deputy Minority Leader Andrew Lanza said it is important to understand what may have contributed to this moment.

Belief In Redemption, Belief In Every Jew

For numerous reasons our mesorah intentionally avoids excessive scrutiny of Yemot HaMashiach (Messianic matters). Too much focus on the future can lead to runaway messianic fervor, raising unrealistic expectations which, when unfulfilled, can be dispiriting.

Balancing Your Individuality With The Larger Purpose Of Klal Yisrael

When you look at a beautiful sunset on the beach, where exactly is the location of beauty? Is it the sunset? The reflection on the water? The contrast of the beach against the sunset? It’s none of them and all of them.

The Trump Assassination Attempt: Some Questions Must Be Addressed

We had rather thought that Secret Service protocol required a sweep of areas surrounding where the person to be protected was scheduled to be and from where he or she would be in sniper range. Yet the Trump shooter was armed with a rifle and perched on a roof top within 300 feet of the former president.


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