On Oxygen Masks And Self-Care

Our time, energy and resources are our own personal oxygen mask.

Mayor Adams Addresses Anti-Semitism At Holocaust Remembrance Event

We will push back against this rise in antisemitism and hate, and together we say ‘never again.’ – Mayor Eric Adams

Two 20th Century American Inventors With The Most Individual Patents: One A Jew, One...

There is also evidence that Edison's financial legacy helped to fuel the Institute for Historical Review, a movement dedicated to denying that the Holocaust ever occurred.

Dig Deep

If you would dig beneath the basement of my house, I’m not sure you’d find anything too intriguing.

Scribal Culture

The Hebrew and Latin terms for scribe are similar to each other in that both are cognate with the word for book in their respective languages (sofer and sefer, libellarius and liber).

A Trope By Any Other Name

Yes, historically, there have been unflattering associations between Jews and money. We are all painfully aware of the caricatures.

Word Prompt – SHMOOZING – Yitzchak Sprung

A good shmooze reveals ourselves to others and reveals others to us; it is a learning experience.

Word Prompt – SHMOOZING – Yehuda Pryce

It’s been said that the Chofetz Chaim enjoyed a good schmooze, with the understanding that the halachos of lashon hara can and should be adhered to so that a schmooze can still serve the function of us maintaining a connection to Hashem.

Word Prompt – SHMOOZING – Nachum Segal

Some shmoozes result in important decisions being made, points of view being changed and relationships being solidified.

Word Prompt – SHMOOZING – Sari Kopitnikoff

It’s the little light bulb moments, the pithy nuggets of wisdom, and the sharing of life perspective that came about during those teacher shmoozes.

Word Prompt – SHMOOZING – Ziona Greenwald

The origin of the word confirms this negative association: Shmooze comes from the Yiddish shmuessen, which in turn derives from the Hebrew sh’muah, meaning tidings or rumor (read: juicy gossip).

What Customs And Prayers Should Be Observed On A Yahrzeit? (Part II)

It is a virtually universal practice to light a 24-hour memorial candle on the evening before the yahrzeit so that it burns throughout the yahrzeit. It is said that the soul derives pleasure when candles are lit in its honor.

Should a person who wants to make aliyah do so even if his or...

The decision will ultimately be based on a variety of factors, depending on the reason for the parents’ disapproval. Perhaps their disapproval is temporary or based on unwarranted concerns.

COJO Flatbush Tax Prep Puts Money Back in People’s Pockets

The point about accuracy warrants elaboration. All VITA/TCE volunteers who prepare returns must pass tax-law training that meets or exceeds IRS standards.

Not Even Half Of The Story

We learned from the media that nine Palestinians were killed in last week’s Jenin raid, including at least one civilian – but the fact that the remaining fatalities were members of various terrorist groups we actually learned from Palestinian media.

My Zaidy Sholom

My grandfather used to call me his precious little Michali and I cherished those words every time I saw him.

What The Mann Was All About

While the mann was an enormous chesed that Hashem did for Bnei Yisrael in the midbar, its main purpose was to be a lesson in faith.

A Mona Lisa Of My Very Own

We met some other young women and discussed how we would spend our short time there. They unanimously chose to go to the Eiffel Tower and see it lit up at night. I preferred another destination.

If Tefillin Are Discovered To Be Pasul – Who Is Responsible?

If the parshiyos are pasul, that should be the sofer's problem! Mr. Rosenblum exclaimed. He wrote them. Please let me speak with him.

Dementia Diary – Chapter 19

Hubby's avoidance tactics were so frustrating, that I began drawing a big heart on our paper calendar every time he was willing to enter the bathroom and face the ‘trauma’ of a shower.

Avot 1:13 – Mastery Orientation

When you work towards a learning goal, are you motivated for better grades, looking smarter, outperforming others?

Setting Teachers Up for Success

Every classroom needs rules, but instead of writing, No calling out, frame the rules in positive terms as Raise your hand before speaking.

Daf Yomi

In Short – Just One Day! “I Am Hereby A Nazir” (Nazir 5a,7a-8a)

Bring Out The Telescope

He could easily have found a hundred rationalizations for marrying this girl. The fact that she was wealthy and he was struggling didn't make the decision any easier for him, and let's not forget that she was willing to keep Shabbos.


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