Reb Yoel

Reb Yoel was the master who knew exactly how to make the Rebbe's teachings accessible to everyone.

Dear Dr. Yael

Communicating will strengthen your relationship and bring you closer to each other if done correctly. Remember, stay positive, non confrontational, and use “I feel” messages so your husband doesn’t feel blamed at all.

Q & A: Calling One’s Parent By Name (Part I)

Dear Rabbi Klass, I hope this finds you well. In a recent Daf Yomi Highlights column (1-15-21), you explain that Yitzchak was permitted to bless Yaakov by saying: “May Hashem grant you the blessings of Avraham” even though one is forbidden from using a parent’s first name, since the name Avraham itself is a “respectful title.” But this raises the question: How could Yaakov say to Yosef: “The G-d before whom my fathers Avraham and Yitzchak walked... bless the lads ... and may my name be declared upon them, and the names of my forefathers, Avraham and Yitzchak.” (Genesis 48:15-16). Your explanation would explain why it was proper for him to use the name Avraham (presumably one is not permitted to call a grandparent by a first name just as one is forbidden to call a parent by his first name) but it seems Yitzchak is no more a respectful title than any other name, so how did Yaakov use his father’s first name twice? Leonard Ziegler Via email

How To Grow Up

I love the unstated hashkafa underlying the book. At a time when some communities are turning more toward rabbinic guidance as all encompassing, a voice urging autonomy is a wonderful call and is a true reflection of a modern hashkafa.

Mezonot Rolls

If it looks like bread, tastes like bread, and is used like bread, then it must be treated like bread, regardless of its level of sweetness.

Call Of The Wolf: David Ze’ev, The Voice Of Israel

The truth is that if we weren’t in the midst of Covid-19, I would have sat down to hear his story. Instead, I simply told him that I am honored to live with him in the same city in the Jewish State.

As Chasidic Jews Increasingly Become Targets, One Self-Defense Program Teaches Them To Fight Back

“I felt safer fighting in England because I wasn't worried someone would pull out a gun. Here, you never know."

‘Be Extremely Protective Of Your Lives’

If we were so concerned about every patient on a ventilator, scrupulously counted every coronavirus patient and victim, and carefully adhered to social distancing and wearing masks – how could this pandemic not have taught us to have greater appreciation for life under all circumstances?

Palestinian Terrorists Houses Must Be Demolished

Palestinians love repeating the line that house demolitions don’t deter attacks on their own. The answer is that house demolitions together with other policies combine to create a terror shield.

Morrie Arnovich – A Star In 20th Century Big League Baseball

While Jewish fans were concentrating on Hank Greenberg's efforts to pass Babe Ruth's single season home run record of 60 in 1938 Jewish baseball history was made on August 20, 1938.

The Litmus Test Of Yiras Shamayim

In a very real way, davening is one of the final frontiers of Jewish life. Many learn a lot, engage in significant charity and have fine families, but their prayer is still very subpar.

Travel Ban

You don’t need to fly anywhere of course if you don’t want to. Perhaps, though, you can take a moment to reflect on your unwillingness to travel outside of your comfort zone.

Bonding With Hashem

It is difficult to understand why prayer not in fact a definitive mitzvah in the Torah.

On Friendship And More

Rebbetzin Twerski does spend many pages considering the dynamics between friends, but she also includes chapters and anecdotes with more of a focus on the relationship between parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, husband and wife, siblings, and more.

The Crucial Split-Second Decision

As we are seeing with our own eyes, there is a direct correlation between disempowering and defunding the police and increased violent crime.

Treasured Teachings Of The AriZal

A handful of books, all exceedingly rare, were printed in the 16th century in Fez, Morocco, and possibly in Egypt by Jewish exiles from the Iberian Peninsula. Following that brief period, no Hebrew books were published until the Chok Leyisrael in 1740.

Not Forsaken

Hashem is our go'el, our redeemer. The congregation of Israel was banished from the marital home because she had betrayed her Divine husband, but He never severed from her and He has been waiting for her repentance so that she could return.

The Power Of Listening

The tension between the counselors and the rabbis grew almost to the point of crisis, so much so that we had to stop the course for an hour while we sought some way of reconciling what the counselors were doing with Torah.

Building Your Resume (Part I)

Unless you are in academia and even then, this week’s key takeaway is that less is more.

Does The Shema Command Us To Speak Hebrew?

It is interesting to note that the Shulchan Aruch in Orach Chaim (Chapter 307) rules that whereas it is not appropriate to read certain types of literature on Shabbos, if they are written in Hebrew, they may be read on Shabbos.

Shabbat Is Shabbat

Inside, the store was a disaster. There was much broken glass, and empty showcase boxes had been thrown all around.

Jackie Mason’s Last Interview? The Famous Comedian Spoke At Length about his Long Relationship...

“Yes. You have to realize that Jackie’s father was one of the gedolim of the last generation, on the level of Rav Moshe himself!” Rav Singer stressed. While some may be tickled at such information, I could not help but feel a tinge of melancholy.

What the Media Tell You to Believe

It is hard to imagine greater proof than that comment of the power of mass media and of the left. That a normal woman would celebrate her daughter’s choice not to be a mother and not to make her a grandmother can only be described as deranged.

Louis Brandeis’s Passionate Belief In Aliyah As Necessary To Jewish Survival

The purpose of the Menorah Movement, which originated at Harvard University in 1906, was to win for the field of Jewish history and culture its rightful place at Harvard...

In Wake Of Rising Anti-Semitism, Black-Jewish Coalitions Emerge

Washington’s IBSI is not a religious organization. Its signature program is called the PEACE Initiative (Plan for Education, Advocacy, and Community Engagement).

Constant Construction

There exists an unfair balance in our world between building and destroying. While building needs planning and painstaking attention, and is accomplished step by step and layer by layer, destroying is easier and quicker.

Finally An Olympic Moment Of Silence For Israeli Victims Of Munich Massacre

We are seldom surprised at the double standard applied to things Jewish, but there was something especially irksome about the tortuous path to last week’s welcome development.

A Growth Mindset For Life

Knowing that our brain cells are not fixed into unalterable patterns, people can understand that change is possible.


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