Our Need For Personal Growth

We are not created as a finished product, but, rather, with the need and responsibility to develop ourselves properly.

Q & A: Coins, Sculptures, And Graven Images (Part III)

Question: Is one allowed to go to Madam Tassaud’s Wax Museum? Is this not a violation of the Torah’s prohibition of graven images? Ben Moseson Via email

The Pintela Yid Never Dies

In front of me the story of Am Yisrael came alive. The world may proclaim our end but here we are. One must only kindle the flame. The spark is never extinguished.

Yankel And Leah – Chapter Twenty-Five

Leah’s father yawned and sat up and banged a hand on the dashboard. This car, zul’n zein a kapara – should be an atonement for all my sins.

Summertime, A Time For Yiddishkeit

The guiding factor is that Hashem did not make anything without a reason. If a certain reality exists, then it must be another opportunity to add in avodas Hashem – the service of G-d.

Dear Dr. Yael

I cannot say one definitive thing that will end the shidduch crisis, but we definitely have to work on being open minded and stopping to pigeon hole everyone.

Nature, Nurture, And Human Effort

Some commentators state that it is simply a way of complimenting his fine character. Others connect the praise more directly to his mother. But why should his mother get the credit for his character?

The Kaf Hachaim, A Mentor To Chacham Ovadia Yosef

While it is often compared to the Mishnah Berurah, as it served as the alternative to the Mishnah Berurah throughout the Sephardic world, it differs greatly both in structure and approach to halacha.

Tefillah: An Adventure Of The Soul

One important thought is that tefillah is not about the amount or how many times we pray, but the quality of the words we say.

The Dedication Of The Mishkan On The Day Of Its Anointing

Each of the leaders of the tribes brings a gift which is identical to the gifts of every other one. The Torah relates the gift of each and every tribe in detail, in spite of the fact that they are all the same.

From Despair To Hope

To be a Jew is to seek to make a difference, to change lives for the better, to heal some of the scars of our fractured world. But people don’t like change.

Soon By You!

I think singles everywhere can safely assume that when we encounter them, we are all truly hoping and praying that they meet their right match soon.

Never ‘Get Over It’

For someone with historical consciousness, these epic events happened last year, and they happened fifty years ago to our parents, and they will keep on happening, every year, in the very same manner and on the exact same date.

Berachos And Klalos: Bounty And Boundaries (Part II)

Only when we negate our egos and acknowledge that the goodness and beracha in our lives comes not from our own independent efforts but from Hashem, can we then receive more beracha.

Adolf Jellinek And The Rise Of Reform Judaism

Despite his traditional upbringing, Jellinek began to question some of the traditional practices of Judaism, particularly the emphasis on ritual and the strict adherence to Jewish law.


A person should walk in the ways of Hashem and accord mercy and kindness to people and other members of Creation.

Rabbi Cohen’s Odyssey To The East

After deeply exploring Eastern religion and philosophies, mastering the martial arts, and dedicating years in search of truth, self-discipline and character refinement, Rav Dov Ber Cohen recognized all these things when he encountered Torah true Judaism.

Revitalizing Our Prayers (Part Ten)

It would seem to me that the controversy centers on why we should say ‘please’ or ‘now’ just by this blessing and not by the other requests in our Shemone Esrei, such as to forgive us, or to cure us.

Mazel Tov Judah!

In honor of my grandson’s bar mitzvah, and in honor of what I hope and pray will be a long lifetime of his putting on tefillin every day, I have selected for this article some of my favorite bar mitzvah and tefillin items from my collection.

Long, Long Thoughts

When we think of people who, in a healthy state, go through radical changes and stages, we know of whom we think, and it is not the middle aged or retirees.

State Capitol Ceremony Honors Fallen EMS Workers

Eight names were added last week bringing the total to 120 names of emergency medical service technicians. Each one has a touching story relating the pain of the family the medical personnel left behind.

The Biden Plan To Counter Anti-Semitism: A Case Of Giving With One Hand And...

The plan also goes on to say, however, that the Administration welcomes and appreciates the Nexus Document and notes other such efforts.

The Meaning And Various Categories Of Semicha – Rabbinic Ordination (Part II)

It is noted that in past generations there were very few individuals who had semicha, let alone were practicing rabbis, while today everyone seems to have semicha.

Word Prompt – NAZIR – Solly Hess

While my allergies and mop-top may have me feeling like a nazir, the fact is I’m far from it. Without Sefira and migraines, I’d be asking for a pair of scissors and a corkscrew!

Word Prompt – NAZIR – Michael Helfand

Faced with the breakdown of society’s moral and ethical norms, Chazal anticipated the innate human desire to flee from the world.

Word Prompt – NAZIR – Rachel Brand

By raising ourselves up to a higher spiritual level, we not only protect ourselves from temptations, but we should do so in a manner that fosters shalom, whether it is between husband and wife, between neighbors and friends, between the nations of the world or finding inner peace.

Word Prompt – NAZIR – Dovid M. Cohen

Whether good or bad, and Chazal have diverse opinions on the topic, the nazir is different. In truth, everyone is unique; we are each holy individuals at the core.


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