Title: Pride & Preference

One of the themes prevalent in Jewish ethics is to judge others favorably even when their behavior seems to indicate otherwise.

The Gift Of My Daughter’s Wedding

In the grand room where the chuppah would be held, chairs were spaced apart. In spite of this needed distance, we felt only closeness from our guests.

Daf Yomi

Mazal Tov! ‘They Recited Shema Yisrael’ (Pesachim 56a)

Dear Dr. Yael

Helping divorced couples remarry may seem unorthodox, but I have actually been involved in such cases and have, with siyatta d'Shmaya, helped divorced couples, who wanted to reconcile, remarry each other successfully.

But He Likes Me!

Second guessing your decision when it comes to shidduchim is so difficult where clarity is the greatest gift you can ask for.

21-Year-Old YU Student Designs Shoes For Professional Athletes

I love art and I love creating. I created my own graphic design business and was working locally, doing ads, flyers and bar mitzvah logos.

The Rambam’s Fame As A Doctor

A traditional prayer used by many doctors and pharmacists to this day is attributed to the Rambam and attests to his devotion to his patients.

A Successive Tribute For The Lion Of Justice, Norman Rosenbaum, z”l (Part 4)

Norman responded, “Captain, nobody is going to storm City Hall, but go and tell the mayor that he’s got to come out and see all of us.”

What Is Judaism’s View On Women?

One has to wonder about the intentions of some Jewish women who insist they be given a greater role.

Advice From Rav Hirsch and Rabbanit Mizrahi

Advice for this stressful time: Rav Shlomo Wolbe said that we should pray at the start of the day over crises that we know will come.

Q & A: Why Does Hallel Come Before Keriat HaTorah? (Part I)

On those days that we recite Hallel, why do we do so before Keriat HaTorah? Shouldn’t the Torah reading come first based on the rule that whenever two matters face us, we do the more frequent one first (tadir v’she’eino tadir, tadir kodem)? Menachem

Silver Lining? Pandemic Pushes Parents To Transfer Their Kids To Yeshiva

With interest in Jewish day schools reaching record-breaking highs, outreach organizations like Oorah and CHAZAQ are stepping up to help parents capitalize on the trend.

The Moment In Time That Defines Us

When looking back into our history we often find examples of people being in the right time and place, and making history that gave meaning and purpose to their entire existence.

Dr. Judea Pearl Addresses Anti-Zionism On Zoom Panel

The world is divided today between “those who see Israel as a G-d promised land, and those who see Israel as an embarrassment, if not a disaster,” he said.

It’s All A Matter Of Will

All three individuals can do what was previously thought unachievable because their will and resolve unearth hidden strengths.

Yet Another Lockdown

Despite the chaos, it's clear that the government is committed to trying to keep us safe while allowing life to continue as much as possible.

Solving The Covid Challenge Through Capsules To Continue Learning

Even though there is competition over recruiting students, there is no competition about making life good for the students, and that has been the same way for years; we share information. There are no secrets here, no intellectual property.

Devotion In Prayer: Central To Yiddishkeit

Although I don't know you... I have heard about you that the spirit of G-d shines in you.

How To Fight Pro-BDS Academics More Effectively

Giffey announced she would no longer be using her doctor’s title. In the public eye she is now profoundly associated with an academic scandal.

Marshes, Marshes, Marshes

Rabbi Pappenheim writes that “achu” refers to the brotherhood between the different animals that join up in fertile land to feast on its produce.

Millions Of Jews In… Afghanistan? An Interview with Nadav Sofy

Today, even in Afghanistan and Pakistan, many people have Internet. We have a page on Facebook, and we receive many comments from Afghans who trace their lineage back to Yaakov Avinu.

Overcoming Setbacks

Leadership, even of the very highest order, is often marked by failure.

What True Leaders Do

As a young man, raised with royal treatment in Pharaoh’s palace, Moshe Rabbeinu didn’t allow himself to relax in splendor. Rather, he went out to his suffering brethren and shared in their fate.

The ‘Good American’

The American left used the Capitol mob…as an excuse to subjugate its conservative enemies.

Why I Got Vaccinated

One thing that 2020 and the Covid-19 experience has made clear to me is that I am not in charge.

Pharaoh’s Confirmation Bias

Pharaoh’s refusal to believe in the miraculous power of G-d is evident even before the plagues begin.


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