Raincoats Of Yore And The Glory Of Raindrops

As the rain dripped upon the bag atop my head, and my toes began to wrinkle inside my drenched socks, I could only marvel at the appreciation Rabbi Miller had for every aspect of creation.

Word Prompt – MONEY – David Hoffman

We are encouraged to perform hiddur mitzvah, putting aside the cost, to some extent, to glorify serving Hashem.

Word Prompt – MONEY – Inna Vernikov

In the Torah each person is obligated to use their money to pursue justice. The common meaning of the word tzedaka is charity, but a more true definition is justice.

Word Prompt – MONEY – Chaim Saiman

Almost everyone “believes in” money, and even the “monetary atheists” who dream of returning to the gold-standard usually lead their lives as if money really exists.

Word Prompt – MONEY – Rivka Press Schwartz

When we talk about problematic influences from the world around us, we are likely to think about matters of ideology, entertainment and mass culture, or dress.

Word Prompt – MONEY – Rochelle Brand

Our approach to money should be understanding that our financial status is determined by G-d.

The Death Of Shireen Abu Akleh And The Imploding Palestinian Cause

As would be expected, the Palestinian Authority and the usual anti-Israel cabal in the UN and European Union were quick to blame Israel and not Palestinian gunmen for the journalist’s death – even before the facts were in.

Shhhh! Schmoozing Forms Backdrop To Speeches At COJO Flatbush Breakfast

This breakfast goes back more than 40 years where the community relies on this event for mingling and seeing their elected officials on a yearly basis, Louis Welz, COJO CEO, told The Jewish Press.

In Israel, Tzaddikim Are Buried All Around

It’s possible to fit in a visit to a tzaddik’s or tzaddeket’s grave on almost any day trip throughout the country – and each one is purported to offer segulot, whether for children, marriage, healing, or learning.

The New Biden Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre

This is a time of serious antisemitism. Attacks against Jews commonplace... The enormity of the Lufthansa episode is as breathtaking as it is ominous and provides critical context.

Is It Proper To Use Video Streaming Apps Even If They Offer Non-Kosher Movies...

Halacha demands that we live a disciplined life. We must develop our self-control. Kosher apps are fine but the devious, non-kosher mind will find a way around them too.

Delaying Aid To Ukraine Would Be Unconscionable

Inflation is, of course, real, and it will doubtless be worsened by our sending out all of that money. It is also a reality that when $40 billion is on the table, there will inevitably be fraud, waste, and other abuses.

With Baby Formula Shortage Expected To Last Into The Summer, Crowdsourcing And Gemachs Emerge...

Everyone is frantic, because this isn’t like hand sanitizer where you can just use a different brand, said Bernstein.

Where Is Another Begin When We Need Him?

A government that is diverse, but whose diversity prevents improvement, is a poor government and has lost its mandate to govern.

When The Time Was Right

When Jewish genealogical records became available online, his wife found the gravestones of his paternal great-grandfather and of the great-grandfather’s brother. Both tombstones clearly said “ha-Levi” on them!

Exercise Your Willpower

Even small, day-to-day acts of self-control such as maintaining good posture can reinforce longer-term self-control in activities that have nothing to do with your posture.

Daf Yomi

No Fault Lines “…His Father And Mother Were In Prison…’ (Yevamos 71b)

Q & A: How Does One Observe Pesach Sheni? (Part II)

Question: Why do some people eat matzah on Pesach Sheni? Harry Koenig

Q & A: How Does One Observe Pesach Sheni? (Part I)

Question: Why do some people eat matzah on Pesach Sheni? Harry Koenig

The Case Of The Missing Shopping Cart

I didn't mean for it to be taken, said Mr. Fisher. I was just getting it out of the way. Still, you should have moved it aside to a safe place, replied his wife, not on the curb on pick-up day.

A Pirkei Avot From A Forgotten Jewish Community In Maine

While little of it remains today, Maine's larger cities as well as many nearby towns had thriving Orthodox Jewish Communities in the early 20th century.

The Sophisticated Chassidic Sound Of Nemouel’s ‘Alef’

The first song he sang was “Racheim,” and when he opened his mouth, the band was in shock: they didn't know this kid could actually sing.

The Hardest Choices

I have been blessed to experience, four times over, the moment when the theoretical child that has been growing in your belly looks up at you, blinking, and leans against your heart.

Q & A: More Sefirat HaOmer Questions (Part I)

Question: What if one counted the omer but forgot to utter the blessing – has the obligation been fulfilled? Why do we recite a blessing for this counting, when we find that for the zayin nekiyim – the seven clean days – there is no such blessing? Is the counting not similar? M. Goldman Miami Beach, FL

My Grandson Donny – A True Korban Olah

Everything he intended and needed to do was laid out in advance so that he didn’t miss a beat and accidentally skip over something he wanted to get done – including calling his grandma, my wife, each and every Thursday evening.


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