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Daf Yomi

A Bride and Groom On Their Wedding Day ‘Except for the Day after Yom Kippur’ (Kereisos 25a)

A Prayer From A Woman In Labor

The text of the prayer is riddled with grammatical irregularities and comprises odd mix of verses and pleas.

Q & A: Who Was Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNes? (Part III)

Question: I’ve always been intrigued by the large assemblage that gathers at the gravesite of R. Meir Ba’al HaNes in Tiberias on his yahrzeit, the 14th of Iyar. Why is such attention directed to his gravesite, in particular? F. Hager

Marijuana Legalization Advocates Gain Victory; Rabbis Weigh In

Administered property by doctors, marijuana could be a samah shel chaim [potion of life]. Freely used by people at large, it could well be a samah shel maves [potion of death].

Fighting Anti-Semitism, Promoting Zionism: An Interview with WZO Vice Chairman Yaakov Hagoel

Our starting point is that every Jew belongs in Eretz Yisrael. Not out of fear, but out of strength and free choice.

Are Our Prayers Repulsive?

I watched the teller, who clearly did not appreciate this person’s lack of etiquette. ... It was then that I realized what the Mesilas Yesharim meant.

The Equation That Explains Evil

GI – W = E: Good Intentions (GI) minus Wisdom (W) leads to Evil (E).

Forget About It

Rabbi Hirsch writes that “shachach” implies forgetting as a result of focusing on something else while “nashah” is forgetfulness that results from a weakened memory.

The Ben Franklin Effect

One is allowed, and perhaps even obligated, to hate someone whom one has seen transgress a commandment.

The Five Themes Of Elul

These three verses point to Elul as a time for reinforcing the “three pillars upon which the world stands: Torah, service [of Hashem through prayer], and kind deeds” (Avos 1:3).

Saints And Sinners

Although the chacham and rasha are completely dissimilar, they still share a bond as brothers.

Little-Known Holocaust History – Bolivia: The Country That Saved 20,000 Jews

In the late 1930s, Bolivia’s president, German Busch, desperately sought ways to revitalize his country’s economy. Mauricio (Moritz) Hochschild – a Jewish business tycoon and a friend of the president – convinced Busch that Jewish refugees could be of help in this effort.

Noam Vows To Continue Fighting, Doesn’t Trust Likud

This material fosters positive perspectives on homosexuality, same-gender parenting, and Arab-Jewish marriages – all approved by former Minister of Education Naftali Bennett.

The Target Is Chassidim, Not Overdevelopment

The actions of the political class and many locals in Rockland prove that overdevelopment is not their real issue. They oppose chassidim in general due to their dress code, religion, family size, and a number of other reasons that can be properly called fake news.

Who Will Stop The Anti-Semitism?

Most of us were not around before the last World War began, but from what we know it shared many shocking similarities with the events occurring right now.

How Different Is The U.S. From Pre-War Germany?

Is it really inconceivable for such evil to unfold here in the U.S.? Most would dismiss the question out of hand as ludicrous, arguing that we are blessed by a constitution and a politically-moderate electorate. But so was Germany – until it wasn’t.

Can A Partnership Charge Interest?

David called Rabbi Dayan and asked, "Can a non-Jew and Jew form a partnership and lend money to Jews with interest?"

COJO Flatbush Leads Way In New SYEP Teen Program

More than 350 teens participated through the auspices of COJO Flatbush.

Does The Torah Care About Animal Welfare?

Animals are part of G-d’s creation. They have their own integrity in the scheme of things. This would not have been news to the heroes of the Bible.

Why G-d Chose The Early Zionists

Rav Teichtal then cites a tradition from the Gemara (Chullin 63a) that the redemption will be heralded by impure birds – a reference to sinful Jews.

Name Shame

It is disturbing that so many boys and girls continue to be careless with their casual chatter about the people they have dated.

Convicted For Sending A Smiley Emoji

Context needs to be taken into consideration as well. Some emojis have specific meanings in certain industries and no meaning in others.


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