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The Small Black Bag

If it ain't yours, you gotta give it to Lost and Found. Here, I'll take it fer you, he offered as he grabbed the bag. Tali jerked the bag away from him. I'll do it myself, thank you. Where is this Lost and Found office?

Daf Yomi

Appreciating His Infinite Mercy ‘I Am He Before The Person Sins…’ (Rosh Hashanah 17b)

Days Off For Yom Tov In America

So you people just have holidays all week every week? Don’t you people ever work three days in a row? And, no, I never heard of ‘Tabernacles.’ I thought that’s the Mormons.”

Raising Bookworms

Children use their brain the most when they are engaged in free play. Try not to over-schedule your kids – leave a few afternoons a week empty so that your child can play at home.

Post-Dated Check

I'm willing to take responsibility for the check, offered Yossi. If the issuer defaults, I will remain obligated to you.

Is There A Constitutional Right To Cheesecake?

Curiously, the plaintiffs asserted that their faith requires them to consume both a meat and a dairy meal on the Sabbath and Jewish holidays.

Table That Thought

Laughing together at a Shabbos table helps bring the family together and allows the beautiful kedusha of the seudah to penetrate more and be more memorable.

Dear Dr. Yael

I know of toxic situations where children had to cut off from their parents and this was advice they actually received from a Rav. This is generally not the norm.

Q & A: Kiddush Levana (Part III)

Question: Why do we say Shalom Aleichem at Kiddush Levana, when we bless the new moon, and why do we do so three times? Is it because we have not seen a new moon for a whole month? Can you explain a little more about this mitzvah? Ira Warshansky Philadelphia, PA

COJO Flatbush Joins In Honoring 99-Year-Old WWII Vet

Though Fletcher should have received a Purple Heart – the medal awarded to military personnel wounded or killed in combat – black service members were routinely overlooked for commendation at a time when the military was still segregated.

Getting Closer To Korbanot

With the easy-reading quality of the book and the tradition of Brisker Chasidic scholars being devoted to studying the laws of korbanot, the title of the book was born.

Avrohom’s Approach Still Works

For the most part, you will be able to see something – such as a small change in attitude, a keener interest in tradition, or a positive comment.

Aliyah: No Pain, No Gain, But Oh, The Gain!

Whether they’ve walked thousands of miles over the burning hot sands of the African desert or walked on to a charter flight from New York, every Jew who has followed Avraham’s path has a story.

The Message Of Tefillin – For Old And Young

When a Jew of any age or condition begins his day with tefillin, he takes the two most important forces in life and points them in the right direction.

Inclusion Of All People

How can anyone rebuff Almighty G-d when receiving a directive to perform a task? What motivated Moshe to refuse this mission?

Off The Derech (Part II)

Makom, a branch of the organization Jew In The City (JITC), was founded in 2014 by Allison Josephs, to help Jews who feel they no longer want to stay in their community of birth find a new community of choice – instead of leaving Judaism altogether in frustration.

Avraham and Sarah’s ‘Debate’

If we are expected to pray for someone and we neglect to do so, we are robbing them of something that is rightfully theirs.

The Internet Crossroads

While I don’t have access to the daily calendars of most angels, it’s just possible that they may have some spare time on their hands.

People Don’t Look And People Don’t Think

Interestingly, Rooney’s last novel was published by a Chinese State-approved publishing house. Hmm! One million Muslim Chinese in concentration camps doesn’t seem to trouble Ms. Rooney in the slightest.

The Rishon You Never Knew

The Oral Law helps in the proper understanding of the Written Law and the Written Law helps in the understanding of the Oral Law.

Creating Profiles

When judging others, Avraham Avinu did not compare the status of the tzaddik to himself. Rather, he expanded the definition of a tzaddik.

Nacho Business!

You have not asked for sympathy, guidance or their opinion. Yet, you are not sure how you can stop the onslaught without calling more negative attention to yourself.

The Problem With ‘Trying’

Rebbe Nachman is telling us that we can overcome any obstacle we face if we really want to. The lie of the yetzer hara is to tell us we can't.

The Revolution That Began With The Akeida

The test was not whether Abraham would sacrifice his son but whether he would give him over to G-d.

Best Chore And Homework Apps For Children

For some parents, motivating their children and organizing routines and household chores is second nature. Others find it more challenging.

Rabbi Dr. Tendler’s Greatest Influence: The Unified Truth Of Torah And Science

Certainly, one could debate the halachic consequences of these scientific fact, but never their undergirded truth.

How Terrible To Overturn The Laws Of Nature

A story is told in the Gemara (Shabbat 53b) of a man whose wife died, leaving him an infant son. The man was too poor to afford a wet nurse to feed his baby, so he miraculously grew breasts and nursed the baby himself.

A Haggadah With A Map

The map was created for an earlier edition of this Haggadah, first printed in 1695, a birth of a new trend of Haggadot publications, with illustrations and iconography.


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