Daf Yomi

Removing Mezuzos When The Lease Is Up ‘For Therein Was A Residence For The High Priest’ (Yoma 10a)

The Media’s ‘Fake Jews’

I ask that both Jewish and non-Jewish publications please verify the stories of people who make ridiculous claims about frum Jews as if they represent us or have anything to do with us.

R’ Yaakov Emden’s Siddur – First Edition

The Yaavetz was unusual for a man of his stature, not holding a rabbinical position but rather supporting himself by publishing books.

Why Is The Left Ignoring The Murder Of A Pakistani Immigrant?

The mainstream media have a mission that has nothing to do with reporting truth.

It’s All In The Numbers

The computations of the sofrim were not restricted to gematria alone. There are myriads of number-related secrets in the Torah.

Dear Dr. Yael

Once he understood the importance of respecting authority, he began to listen more appropriately to his Rebbeim, teachers, and the Menahel, understanding that they ultimately are seeking to help him succeed in life.

Modern Orthodox Boys: It’s Time To Become Men

There's nothing more beautiful than a true eshas chayil.

Counting The Omer And Early Shabbos

In order to nullify one’s acceptance of Shabbos we must weigh all of the affects it will have and determine whether it is beneficial for him.

Not Just A Kidney Revolution

This is greatness. Not to be content with an individual solution that is beneficial only to yourself, but rather to change the accepted way things are done so that all may benefit from your experience.

Was Theodor Herzl Hashem’s Shliach? An Interview with The Jewish Press’s Tzvi Fishman

There was a picture of Herzl on his wall along with pictures of his father and the Vilna Gaon and Baal HaTanya.

A Winged Menorah & A Ketubah From Afar

I did some extensive research on where other examples of your Chanukah menorah may be found, and lo and behold, I located two other examples.

Moshiach – It’s Up To Us!

If the Rebbe did everything he could, why didn’t Moshiach come? And if he didn’t succeed in bringing Moshiach, how can we?

High-End Herring – With Hisorerus

I asked the guy for the recipe, and he started telling me: "First, you have to dance with the fish, then say a little Tehillim, then go to the mikveh, and then learn Likutei Moharan with the fish."

The Definition Of A Jew

While someone who is born Jewish is undoubtedly according to Jewish law deemed as Jewish, there is still the underlying prerequisite that ones actions also and perhaps equally, define a person’s Judaism.

(Not So) Great Expectations

Leading however, with the notion that you are dating below your standards, or beneath your “criteria” is certainly something that your dates would feel.

How To Praise

Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai was a great teacher because five of his students became giants in their own right. The mishnah is telling us how he did it: with focused praise.

Q & A: How Does One Observe Pesach Sheni? (Part I)

Question: Why do some people eat matzah on Pesach Sheni? Harry Koenig

Cool Car Tech

Trying to prove that an accident is the other driver’s fault is difficult and frustrating. Dash cams provide the necessary proof, thus saving money, time, and heartache.

The Power Of Seeing Good In Others

One who wishes to avoid lashon hara and its consequences will constantly seek to find the good in others.

Why I Love The Far-From-Perfect Israel

Does this government – and the system running it – need a major overhaul? For sure! But it’s my imperfect government, so I take the good with the bad.

Iran: A Lot Of Moving Parts

To be sure, Israel denies having acted in this instance but it is widely believed to have been responsible.

The State Of Israel Is Born!

The historic vote was followed with unmatched excitement by Jews around the world, and news of the vote brought tens of thousands of people out onto the streets to dance and celebrate the great moment.

The Last 7 Days in Israel

Prime Minister Netanyahu, after receiving the mandate to form a coalition government from President Rivlin, continues to try to do just that.

My Mother, Ruth Ballabon, a”h

A surprised friend remarked, “I didn’t know your mother was a shadchan.” She wasn’t. She just instinctively helped everyone she could in the way it was most needed – and sometimes that was a shidduch.

King Andrew The First?

It is even being alleged that he undercounted because he was intent on keeping his image as the anti-Covid leader intact and he also wanted to avoid diminishing the sales of a book he wrote on the topic.

Is It Proper…? Some people insist that Hebrew and Lashon HaKodesh are two different...

Some people insist that Hebrew and Lashon HaKodesh are two different languages. Is the assertion correct and is the motivation behind making this assertion commendable?


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