The Beautiful Things In Life

My mother insisted that I give this woman a hug. I refused. My mother continued to coax me to hug her and I resisted. Little by little my mother got me to go to her. I don’t exactly know how long it took but I eventually gave her a hug.

Daf Yomi

No Trespass ‘Two Gardens, One Above The Other…’ (Bava Metzia 118b)

Dementia Diary – Chapter 88

Those of you who know me will be frightened by what I am writing, but I must insert here that I do not hate Hubby. I forgive him, over and over and over. I am fortunate that he still expresses his love for me, and when he does, I see glimpses of the man I cherished for most of our time together.

The Lost Hat

The primary means of hashavas aveidah, returning lost items, is through simanim, identifying features, replied Rabbi Dayan.


Jew-hatred, is a welcoming, diverse and inclusive sort of evil. Its very inclusivity helps to make it particularly popular in woke circles. People will find fellow Jew-haters from every conceivable background and class.

Q & A: Manoach’s Wife (Part I)

Question: Recently we read the haftara of Parashat Naso. I am puzzled by the fact that the wife of Manoach was given to see things her husband did not see, yet only his name is mentioned. What was the name of Manoach’s wife? Yossy Guttman Via Email

The Rebbe’s View On Vacation

As we are approaching vacation time, this is a letter by the Rebbe to the children of the graduating class and their parents. It was sent to various Jewish educational institutions throughout the United States.

Two Types Of Leadership

Adaptive leadership is called for when the world is changing, circumstances are no longer what they were, and what once worked works no more.

Rabbi Dr. Bernard Bergman

Bergman's dedication to unearthing rare rabbinic texts was complemented by his passion for antique books. He built one of the largest private collections, which included many items dating back centuries, including antique manuscripts.

When We Lose Faith In Ourselves

The Jews assumed that Hashem hated them because they saw themselves as unworthy of His love.

Very, Very Humble

Presumably, even the lowly of spirit according to Maimonides is not purposefully self-denigrating and contains a healthy sense of self-worth (contingent on an awareness of G-d, not one’s own accomplishments).

The Age Of Discontent

Prolonged cultural dizziness doesn’t often end well. WWI completely washed away the existing world order, obliterating empires and redrawing the maps of Europe.

Time To Teach The Science: Jews Are Indigenous To The Land Of Israel

As genetic testing is used more widely to diagnose rare diseases, the awareness of shared genetic variants among Jews and Arabs is increasing among physicians.

Stealing Time (Parshas Behaaloscha)

The seven stems of the Menorah symbolize the seven wisdoms of the world. They all emanate from the central wisdom of the divine Torah and they have purpose only when they too contribute to the Torah.

Will You Marry My Parents?

Of course, you both feel torn when faced with their concerns. They are your parents and you are conditioned to agree with them. At the same time, their disagreements are not yours, and are creating painful conflict between a couple that otherwise feels just right.

Facing The Menorah

These entities differ profoundly from one another, but they join together when they face the Menorah, the single individual divine source of all wisdom.

The Jewish Soul

How could Hashem imply that the essence of every Jew is good (made of pure gold like the menorah) if there were sinners among them?

Comic Relief

Modi performs all over the world, and since the events of October 7, he has ended each show with Hatikvah, including in front of audiences in Germany, Holland, and at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Tips For A Sweeter And More Productive Summer

Swimmers should be cautioned about the absolute need for proper supervision and the great danger of going solo to the pool. Also, remember that long exposures to the sun can be unhealthy. Use a sun blocker!

Do Away With The Middleman

On practical level, we must ask ourselves: Aren’t there halachot that are more serious than others? No legal or moral system can operate by treating everything with equal priority (see Tosafos Yom Tov on Avos 2:1).

The Jewish Sea Captain And Other Miscellaneous Judaica

One particularly memorable item was a photocard of himself and his crew standing in front of the Sphinx on which he has written In Mitzraim just at the right time of year; expect to be in Palestine for Pesach.

Honest Plea

When it comes to parenting/teaching we don’t like to watch children make mistakes. We also don’t like having to take the time and energy to enforce the consequences of those mistakes.

Clothing: The Battle For True Beauty

When used properly, clothing mitigates the shame of our physical bodies and helps us express our higher, dignified selves in the world. When misused, clothing can hide our spiritual core, portraying ourselves as completely physical beings.

Jewish Press June 25 Primary Election Endorsements

In these divisive and highly partisan times, with hateful anti-Israel and antisemitic rhetoric on the rise in the halls of government and misbegotten values on the ascendancy, it is more important than ever that members of our community come out and vote.

Congestion Pricing Stalled For Now – Will Congress Fill MTA’s Budget Gap?

By the end of the session (June 7 for the Senate and June 8 for the Assembly), when the air was sucked out of the room by Hochul’s last-minute surprise, lawmakers had no desire to continue their debates and all the talking that still needs to happen now.

Word Prompt – POPSICLE – Cheryl Kupfer

Popsicles came in varying colors and flavors. Vanilla white, lime green, chocolate, banana yellow, cherry red, etc. Yet they are all labeled as popsicles.


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