The Four Great Villians Of The Dreyfus Affair

The focus of the miscarriage of justice against Dreyfus has always been upon the fraudulently-obtained Dreyfus handwriting sample, but it may have been du Paty de Clam’s bogus telegram that was outcome determinative in Dreyfus’s conviction by the tribunal.

Avoid The Rush

Someone once noted that a goal without a time frame is usually a mere fleeting dream. Even the best of intentions and aspirations are nebulous unless there is a manageable goal within a specific time frame.

State Lawmakers Decry Inciteful Rhetoric, Vow Hearings On Security Fails

While pointing out that [t]he responsibility for this act is that deranged, demonic shooter who did not have the benefit of a good upbringing, New York State Senate Deputy Minority Leader Andrew Lanza said it is important to understand what may have contributed to this moment.

Belief In Redemption, Belief In Every Jew

For numerous reasons our mesorah intentionally avoids excessive scrutiny of Yemot HaMashiach (Messianic matters). Too much focus on the future can lead to runaway messianic fervor, raising unrealistic expectations which, when unfulfilled, can be dispiriting.

Balancing Your Individuality With The Larger Purpose Of Klal Yisrael

When you look at a beautiful sunset on the beach, where exactly is the location of beauty? Is it the sunset? The reflection on the water? The contrast of the beach against the sunset? It’s none of them and all of them.

The Trump Assassination Attempt: Some Questions Must Be Addressed

We had rather thought that Secret Service protocol required a sweep of areas surrounding where the person to be protected was scheduled to be and from where he or she would be in sniper range. Yet the Trump shooter was armed with a rifle and perched on a roof top within 300 feet of the former president.

The Anti-Avraham

Many aspects of human nature have changed, and one cannot take pedagogical advice from the Gemara alone, any more than one can decide halacha from the Gemara alone.

Word Prompt – REGRET – Yitzy Spinner

The secret is to use that regret to strive for more. To learn from mistakes. To make sure that when confronted with a similar situation, the best path will be clear.

Word Prompt – REGRET – Sara Blau

There is a healthy regret that is one of the three steps of teshuva. There is a regret that can be transformed into an engine, a desire and decision to improve the relationship and do better next time.

Word Prompt – REGRET – Yisroel Picker

Healthy regret arises from a conscious evaluation of a past misstep. It compels us to learn and grow.

Word Prompt – REGRET – Cecelia Margules

With maturation, and a greater understanding of her pain and suffering, I realized that she taught me and others so much.

Word Prompt – REGRET – Bin Goldman

Regret, or charata, is crucial in the process of teshuva. The Alter Rebbe offers a profound insight, linking the word charata with charita (engraving). This suggests that acknowledging our regrets helps engrave lessons learned, preventing repetition of past mistakes.

JD Vance As Republican Nominee For Vice President Is A Promising Choice

Vance has also said that Israel is key to the economic development of the Middle East and to the creation of a military bulwark against Iran. He emphasized his belief that the best vehicle for bringing all of this about are the Abraham Accords.

Baby Steps Toward Joining The IDF

The charedi opposition to army service often stems from the belief that Torah study protects the country as much as, if not more than, military service – a debatable point.

Bilaam’s Own Pitfalls

Yes, he looks rather ridiculous as he makes one poor decision after another, and that is rather the point.

Some Dems Just Can’t Tolerate A Level Playing Field In The Trump Cases

In truth, reasonable arguments can be made for both positions which is why appeals court were created – to choose between and among different approaches. And thereby hangs a tale.

Is It Proper To Go On A Family Outing During The Three Weeks?

There is no question that at least for the Ashkanazim the three weeks are a time for contemplation and introspection. That being said, the majority feeling among poskim is that vacations and family outings are permitted during this time at least for the weeks prior to Rosh Chodesh Av, when the nine days begin before Tisha B’Av.

Chabad Facial Recognition Software

I couldn’t believe that I found myself among thousands of people and that that moment in time had been preserved, said Stern.

Saved Without Knowing

How many times does Hashem save us without our even knowing? Most of the time our bodies function, our appliances work, things go smoothly, and we aren’t even aware.

Dementia Diary – Chapter 91

In our home, I have tried many different responses to the questions about a loved one having passed away. Bear in mind that whatever response I decide to utter is forgotten within a couple of minutes by Hubby.

How To Calculate A Sixth

The simplest calculation is a 1/6 variance from the fair market value, whether underpayment or overpayment, replied Rabbi Dayan. Thus, for an item worth $60, a sales price of $50 or $70 – a variance of $10 – is considered 1/6 onaah and warrants adding the $10 underpayment or returning the $10 overcharge (C.M. 227:2).

Just A Regular Kid

Now, watching her daughter’s forlorn profile through the window, Miriam thought, Riki was once a good, happy kid. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m going to find a way back to that place. There has to be a way.

Daf Yomi

Beyond The Letter Of The Law ‘He May Be Replaced By One Who Teaches More [Faster] …’ (Baba Basra 21a)

Q & A: Tying Knots On The Sabbath (Part II)

My son recently stopped wearing a necktie and lace-up shoes on the Sabbath. He explained that otherwise he fears transgressing the prohibition against tying knots on the Sabbath. I am concerned, as I do not wish that he appear slovenly especially on the Sabbath, which might not reflect well on him regarding possible shidduchim. Is he correct in this matter? A Concerned Mother Via E-mail


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