Pending Supreme Court Ruling May Allow Public Funds For Yeshiva Tuition

As Lewin has noted, “It is difficult to imagine any comparable pressure in American law. When is someone who complies with a legal mandate punished for doing so in a manner that complies with his or her religious observance?”

Cold And Colder

Shoresh Yesha connects the tzinah as coldness to the tzanuah/tzniut (modesty), explaining that like a modest person is not ostentatious or flamboyant but prefers to remain reserved or reticent, so is the cold winter a time for retreating into one’s abode and not venturing outside.

De Blasio’s Sweeping Vax Mandate Sparks Backlash In The Jewish Community

Many key community leaders publicly complained that the De Blasio administration did not consult or even inform them before the mayor’s Monday announcement.

Iran: We’ve Talked The Talk And It’s Time To Walk The Walk

We are at a loss to understand the official administration reaction to last Thursday’s breakup of the negotiations due to Iran’s continuing to make patently unacceptable, irrational demands and even walking back on things it had already agreed to.

Donuts For Life

The intense darkness of Egypt was the result of the fact that ‘no man could see his brother.’ They were too busy caring only for themselves.

The Shooting Of An Arab Terrorist At The Damascus Gate

Seems to us like the clearest case of police doing their job, particularly by making sure that the assailant could cause no further harm.

The Hasmoneans Of Our Generation

All they knew about her was that she was an older immigrant from the former Soviet Union. And then they discovered who she was: Ruth Alexandrovich, the famous prisoner of Zion.

The Vihi Noam Prayer

Vihi noam and v’atah kadosh should be recited slowly and prolonged somewhat. This is because punishment in Gehennom is suspended from the beginning of Shabbat until the end of Ma’ariv after Shabbat.

Is It Proper To Embark On A Long Trip (whether by car or otherwise)...

A person who embarks on a two-hour journey 90 minutes before Shabbat starts is an obvious sinner. He cannot claim that pikuach nefesh (preservation of life) justifies his subsequent Shabbat violations.

Yosef Within You

Yosef's story is filled with so much emotion that almost everyone can relate to it; love, hate, hardship, loneness, and salvation.

Albany Beat – December 10, 2021

She also has to keep up her mantra of being responsible for the most transparent state government New Yorkers have ever seen. This goal appears to be a work in progress.

Paying Back The Chesed

How would Liat and her husband cope with this double bris over Rosh Hashanah? Who would help them?

Teens And Honesty

A teen might never feel that he is truly part of the group if he is constantly hiding parts of himself.

Will The Real Jew Please Stand Up

‘When you fight a war, you don't attack it with soldiers alone. You require a navy, air force, marines, special ops with everything in between, each designated with specific tasks and talents necessary to win the war.’ – The Chofetz Chaim

Of Bottles And Debts

Although had Zvi not bought additional drink the class would have had to manage without, since the talmidim are all considered partners, when Zvi spent to cover Shimon's share of the partnership, he is entitled to reimbursement.

Daf Yomi

Ancient Cities, Ancient Walls ‘A Dwelling House Sold In A Walled City’ (Megillah 3b-4a)

Re-Examining Our Ideological Battle Against the Greeks

The greatest victory over the Greeks wasn't to simply prove that transcendent Torah exists; it was to reveal that ... even limited human beings can connect to the infinite.

A Textbook On Emunah

This is not a book for light armchair reading or one you can read in one sitting. It is an undertaking that can change your life and how you see the world.

Q & A: The Chanukah Candles And Danger

Question: We learn that the proper placement is by the side of the outside door, but if there is danger one may place them on his table inside the house. If the danger is that hostile gentiles might persecute him, isn’t there the same worry if the menorah is placed indoors?... How would one light in such a circumstance? Menachem Via e-mail

Dear Dr. Yael

It appears that you are afraid of your own child. However, by doing nothing, you are hurting your son's ability to merit Olam HaBa.

The Inside Story of Chanukah

A simple reading implies that the Yevanim wanted the Jews to stop observing Torah and mitzvos. The physical existence of the Jewish nation didn’t bother the Yevanim – only their religious rituals.

Chanukah Miracles: The Little Dreidel

Step into my library and you see countless reminders that miracles surround us, here, there, and everywhere. No matter where we look, our lives are touched by miracles. Our lives are miracles.

The Exodus – The Novel, The Film, And The Reality

Witnessing the British brutality was an exclamation point for UNSCOP. Wherever the delegates went in Palestine they saw elaborate military precautions, barbed wire, armored patrol cars, searchlight beams at night – all compelling evidence of a doomed political entity.

Chanukah Thoughts From A Gadol

They sing a little, eat a little something, but fail to see what the holiday is teaching us: It's about the power of individuals and the power of faith.

Best Chanukah Gifts EVER!

We fill their space with toys and gadgets instead of moments together. Do we ever get down on the floor to enjoy the games we bought? Parenting is about more presence and less presents.


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