Dear Dr. Yael

The fact that she has been diagnosed and is taking medication can be a positive thing as it may show that she is someone who takes care of issues and overcomes challenges.

Red Flags

The hothead gets angry because “nobody else knows how to drive!” and loses control when accidents happen (ie. a spilled drink).

Daf Yomi

Elevated Train Tracks As An Eruv ‘Pi Tikra Reaches’ (Eruvin 94b)

Celebrating Rain?

Not a day goes by here in Israel that we don't think about water.

6,000 Volunteers Responding To 600,000 Emergencies

Eli Beer: Of our more than 6,000 volunteers, only 200 or so contracted the disease since the beginning of March, and most of them caught it from family members, co-workers, or their children’s school, not while not responding to medical emergencies.

Making Souls

In order to be successful in outreach, one must first accommodate the person’s physical needs.

Point / Counterpoint: To Mask Or Not To Mask

The Torah does not give us, as individuals, the right to do whatever we want wherever we want.

Are Our Children All Zoomed Out?

In addition to the challenge of making lessons interesting, it’s difficult for teachers to gage the progress of students.

Secret Soviet Interrogations (Part III)

The investigation has established that you took part in a religious ritual – circumcision. Do you confirm?

Don’t Be Surprised When The Pogroms Begin

3 ways the escalating tensions between New York’s Jews and the authorities can play out...

The Democrats And The Jewish Vote

Which Biden are we to believe: the one threatening Israel in 1982 or the current incarnation running for president?

The ‘Danger’ Of Showing A PragerU Video

Leftists fear that five minutes of conservative thought will undo four years of left-wing teaching.

The Courage Not To Conform

Abraham is the supreme example in all of history of influence without power.

Teaching Strategies To Develop Good Middot

As with any program, if you can involve the parents as active participants, then the chances of success increase exponentially.

Fleet Of Planes Say ‘Thank You’ To Israel’s Heroes

The lead pilot Shion told The Jewish Press that he contacted the heads of each medical facility by telephone as he circled overhead to thank them and all their health professionals on behalf of the people of Israel.

Yeshiva University Launches Updated Version Of The Lamm Heritage Archive

Timeless Torah also has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feed that all share these sermons.

Leading Rabbis Send Historic Letter Praising Trump

A week before the November 3 presidential election, the Admorim of Pupa, Bobov, Munkach, Vishnitz, Skver, Rachmanstrivka, and Satmar, and a dayan of the...

Abraham Accords Deliver Body Blow To Anti Semitism & BDS

Is there anything that runs more counter to BDS than the Abraham Accords?

The Last 7 Days in Israel

As his detention has continued without charges being filed, the terrorist went on a hunger strike. He has now been on that hunger strike for over 90 days!

Additional Endorsements For Nov. 3 Elections

Additional Endorsements For Nov. 3 Elections

‘Netanyahu Works Virtually Every Waking Minute Of The Day’: An Interview with Aaron Klein,...

If it looks like a witch-hunt, swims like a witch-hunt, and quacks like a witch-hunt, then it’s probably a witch-hunt.

A Sign Of Things To Come?

There was much anger at the hearings despite the fact that the debate was an intellectual one over the appropriate approach a justice on the Supreme Court must take.

A Laughing Matter

In four places in Tanach, the middle patriarch is referred to as "Yischak," not "Yitzchak."

The Jewish Prisoners Of Cyprus

The experience of surviving both the Holocaust and imprisonment on Cyprus only strengthened the resolve of the Jews to get to Eretz Yisrael, who began referring to Cyprus as “erev Eretz Yisrael” (the eve of being in Israel).

Is It Proper…? Is it okay for a young man to leave his parents’...

Is it okay for a young man to leave his parents’ mesorah and join another (e.g., for a chassid to become yeshivish, for a dati le’umi/Modern Orthodox Jew to become black-hat, etc.)?

In Our Father’s Footsteps

Each and every one of us is part of Am Yisrael, and we are made up of many souls and many missions that we are expected to fulfill.

A Most Unusual President: An Interview with Political Consultant Jeff Ballabon

When you call somebody a racist or a Nazi, civility has ended.

Israel Cancels Jewish Learning Program For Russian Youth

For three decades, the Russian-speaking program at Machon Meir has made menschen out of thousands of Jews.


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