Why You Must Wear A Mask

Every infectious disease doctor – without exception – has stated that keeping apart from one another and wearing masks will significantly decrease the spread of this horrible disease.

Teens & Sleep

Without enough sleep, teens can feel like they are walking around in a perpetual haze. And this haze can lead to disastrous consequences.

Daf Yomi

Damsel In Distress ‘A Woman In Labor Is Considered Critically Ill’ (Shabbos 129a)

What Do U.S. Jews Really Think About Annexation?

Yoffie says American Jews all agree with him in opposing annexation. Maybe he’s right. Maybe he’s wrong. The only way to know is to take a poll.

Everything Is Done For A Reason

The Jews told Yirmiyahu that they understood that they had to do teshuvah, but they did not believe that a churban was imminent.

What Should We Do?

What do we do in the face of this corona that has not disappeared as we expected?

Learn How To Pray

It’s difficult to connect with G-d. That’s why prayer is called work. It’s avodah shebalev (work of the heart).

A Leader Must Care

Yehoshua humbled himself with purity of heart for the sake of Heaven, and engaged in the menial tasks of setting up chairs and preparing the beis medrash.

Q & A: Making Up For What We Missed (Part XII)

Question: The Covid-19 pandemic has put an end to almost all public gatherings; hence, much of Jewish congregational ritual has come to a halt. Is there a way to make up for everything we missed? M. Goldman

Shiva Asar B’Tammuz – A Yom Tov?

Now is an excellent opportunity for whoever has not yet participated in this rewarding study to start, thereby uniting with hundreds of thousands of other Jews around the world.

A Murdered Rabbi’s Sefer

It is always an emotional moment for me when I find a book whose owner was a Holocaust victim as it may serve as the only tangible memory of the deceased's existence.

What If You Find Money In The Wall?

He approached Mr. Stein. "Did you hide money in the wall by any chance?" "No, why?" laughed Mr. Stein. “Because I just found this envelope with $50,000 cash in it," replied Mr. Hyman.

Leading Man

They take out the trash themselves, unstuff the toilet, and shlep their own luggage. These women don’t need a man, but they must not forget that they still want one.

The Power Of Our Words

Even a single negative word or phrase, when focused on for extended periods of time, can damage key brain structures that regulate memory and emotion.

Dear Dr. Yael

She seems to be feeling overworked and overwhelmed, and unfortunately appears to be taking it out on you.

Take A Breather (Part II)

Rabbeinu Yonah notes that the nefesh and ruach represent man’s instinct for thriving and surviving in a physical or material way.

Opening A Bank Account

I wish I could say it has been smooth sailing since then, but the banking system here is more complicated than I can do justice to here.

Rabbi Levi Welton: On A Wing And A Prayer

When you wear a yarmulka or a sheitel, you are wearing a uniform of sorts that represents your service to a higher power. That type of pride carries over perfectly into the pride of being a representative of the Air Force.

Lessons From Pinchas For The Coronavirus

We have moral duties as individuals, and we make political decisions as nations. The two are different.

Close to 160,000 K-12 Students Studied In New York Jewish Schools Last Year

The increase in Jewish school enrollment last year is the slowest that it has been in a while and reflects a mass exodus to New Jersey, says Yossi Gestetner, a co-founder of OJPAC.

The Virus Returns – What Went Wrong? An Interview with Professor Arnon Afek of...

A main reason for this was that all through the initial wave, the public was bombarded with catastrophic scenarios in which tens of thousands would die.

Thank You, NYPD

He must be such a diplomat that he can settle differences between individuals so that each will think he won.

Yasher Koach To Julius Berman

He served for many years as the rav’s confidant and has been instrumental in the publication of his works.

Calvin Coolidge And The Jews

The official opening of the Community Center was on Washington’s birthday, February 22, 1926, and it went on to become the meeting place for several Jewish organizations, including B’nai Brith, Hadassah, and the American Jewish Committee.

The Last 7 Days In Israel

Prime Minister Netanyahu just extended the head of the Mossad's term by another 6 months, so I think we can reasonably expect a continuation of Israel putting Iran in its place.

Is It Proper…? May one enjoy good food or is the ideal to not...

May one enjoy good food or is the ideal to not care what one eats as long as it gives one strength to serve Hashem?


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