The Pulse Of Life

They breath the air filled with the words of their own speech and are influenced accordingly.

Affording College: Important Considerations For Every Parent

Any college-bound person should fill out the FAFSA a year prior to matriculation. Remember, your family doesn’t need to have a low income to qualify for assistance.

Idol Talk

The reference was absolutely intended to lure unsuspecting individuals to foreign worship, a practice that dated back to biblical times.

The Perilous Journey To Publication

Printing a sefer in centuries past took extraordinary effort and commitment; the stories behind the printing of many of these books tell tales of immense self-sacrifice.

Be Consoled, Be Consoled

If a father has to punish his son, he always holds back a measure of what the boy deserves because he loves him. After the punishment he still worries that maybe it was too harsh.

The Right And The Good

There are important features of the moral life that are not universal but have to do with specific circumstances and the way we respond to them.

The Protestant Cutting Edge Of Demonization Of Israel And The Jewish People

The American Jewish community in our hometowns will label us as antisemitic, because we are. – Rev. Todd Stavrkos

A Jewish Family Through The Centuries

This isn’t a novel set during a five-year period or within the context of a war, some pogroms, or even a specific historical event. It takes place within a span of nearly 200 years – That is a lot of Jewish and German/Prussian and British and Israeli history to research.

Be Interesting – And Other Reflections On 40 Years As A Talk Show Host

Ironically, talking to so many people has made me aware how many people do not have friends, people with whom they can freely share their thoughts.

Numbers To Live By

To paraphrase, bird offerings and niddah are the main course; and the sciences are the spices, the flavoring – nice, but not necessary.

Fantasy or Reality: The Ultimate Challenge

We have so much potential in our lives, but only by transforming the limitless possibilities into something real can we ever accomplish anything.

Food That Is Simply Gourmet

If you’re the type of home cook who wants a collection of no-fail, impressive, easy-to-make recipes that you can pull out for any occasion, this book will be of interest.

The Art of Being A Caretaker (Part II)

As much as possible, it is also important to give the patient as much hope as possible. When caring for someone with a specific disease, try to find someone who battled it successfully and have them visit your patient to give them encouragement.

In Tribute To My Beloved Brother, Jacob M.M. Graff

Nothing was more important to Jacob than his family. He treasured each one of his children and grandchildren and was in turn endeared to all of them in full measure.

Amidst A Wave Of Antisemitism, Nassau County Becomes The First Region To Recognize ‘End...

Recently, Goldstein has noticed a dangerous trend of blatant antisemitism that is being sanctioned by medical institutions, universities and online platforms, where Jews are purged just for being Jewish.

Was Isaac Leib Peretz A Zionist?

Peretz doubted that an ancient tongue could be revived or that an ancient country could be reborn.

The Consolation Of Bats

Just as the bat can navigate through the darkness by utilizing echolocation, so too must we learn how to navigate the darkness of exile using the ‘echolocation’ provided for us by the Torah and our leaders.

Jewish Press Endorsements For August 23rd New York Primary Elections

In the New York primary elections scheduled for August 23rd to choose the candidate who will run in the November general election, The Jewish Press endorses the following candidates...

Of Thorns and Thistles (Part I)

The famous Burning Bush where Hashem introduced Himself to Moses was called a sneh, and that word appears a total of six times in the Bible.

The Pelosi Taiwan Caper

It doesn’t take a proverbial rocket scientist to appreciate that something will have to be done to enhance U.S. military capabilities in order to confront either, or Heaven forbid, both powers at the same time.

Word Prompt – BABY – Ruchama Feuerman

We see and project and imagine such possibility onto the blank slate of a baby's pudgy punim.

Word Prompt – BABY – Avi Ganz

Life begins with our willingness to use the faculties with which we've been entrusted, as well as to open ourselves up to input from the outside.

Word Prompt – BABY – Eli Lebowicz

Thank G-d, both of my kids were born healthy and we could bring them each home from the hospital after a couple of days. We checked the mailbox and amazingly there was already a bill for yeshiva tuition.

Word Prompt – BABY – Kylie Ora Lobell

The best things in life – practicing Judaism, being married, having children – can be very difficult. But without the struggles, we wouldn’t appreciate the joys.

Word Prompt – BABY – Allison Josephs

As I thought about how the child who stole our sleep had become the child who guarded our sleep, the verse from Tehillim echoed in my head: Those who sow in tears will reap in joy.

Justice Done: Jackson Center Showcases Historic Nuremberg Trials

Jackson not only had to create the court from the ground up and define all the processes and the crimes but he had to actually convince people that a trial should occur.

Israel’s Propitious Move Against Islamic Jihad: A Stitch In Time…

There are some significant takeaways from this latest exchange of pleasantries. Despite the fact that it fired approximately 4,000 rockets in last year’s war with Israel, Hamas did not join in Islamic Jihad’s fight.

Is It Proper For A Man To Not Wear A White Shirt On Shabbos?

When we make a big deal out of a Shabbos it allows the message of the holy day to make a bigger difference in our lives and in our connection to Hashem and His Torah.


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