The Pilgrimage To Jerusalem

Rabi Yehoshua attempted to reassure the hesitant man, “Fear not, my son. Your home and your possessions will be safe..."

Dear Dr. Yael

The more love we share and the more confidence we build in our families, the safer they will feel.

Parshat Vaeira

Among Custer's character flaws was his inability to look inward. When a problem arose he blamed others.

The 10th Of Shevat – A Glorious Day

From the Rebbe’s absolute devotion to his father-in-law, chassidim have learned what the measure of their own devotion – what chassidim call hiskashrus – to their Rebbe should be.

Moshe, The Stutterer

"Moshe's life is inspiring and reassuring to children with learning disabilities and to their parents

Women Who Learn Daf Yomi Should Be Celebrated

My wife’s learning has not transformed us into rabid feminists. Quite the contrary. Over the past 15 years, our home has become a place filled with Torah learning and discussion day and night. The more my wife learns, the more she – like most of the other 25 women in her Daf Yomi class – comes to humbly appreciate and venerate the giant stature of our rabbis down through the ages.

Hashem Has Other Plans

Their assumption was predicated on the theory that Hashem operates based on middas hadin.

Al Jazeera Says No To Iranian ‘Liberation’ Of Jerusalem

In June 2015, a survey carried out by the PA-based Palestinian Center for Public Opinion found that 52 percent of Arabs living in eastern Jerusalem said they would prefer to be citizens of Israel. Note that this counts only those who weren’t afraid to reply to the pollster.

The First Hebrew Shakespeare Translations

Smolenskin, learning of Salkinson’s knowledge of English and talents as a translator, convinced him to translate English classics to Hebrew.

Q & A: Saying ‘Amen’ Right Before Shema (Part IV)

Question: Should the congregation say “Amen” after the berachah of “habocher b’amo Yisrael b’ahavah” (right before Shema)? I have seen different shuls do different things.M. Goldman

23 Tips For Daf Yomi Learners (Part I)

If the shiur has a set time – for example, 40 minutes before Shacharis or 45 minutes before Maariv – it’s imperative for you to keep your questions to a minimum.

Daf Yomi

No Cell Phones, Please! ‘A Kerchief Designated For Storing Tefillin’ (Berachos 23)

Running On Willpower

A number of commentators explain that “chefetz” is a strong, physical type of desire while “ratzon” is a more subtle desire to do the right thing.

Machine Matzah Today: Better Or Worse?

The amount of time machine matzah spends in the oven should give us serious pause.

Israeli Ingenuity + Tikkun Olam + Tzedakah

The continuous combat Israel has had to be engaged in to defend itself since 1948 has brought about striking ingenuity and significant inventions, which have carried over to civilian adaptation.

‘They Can Destroy Our Homes, But Not Our Spirits’

How do you explain to a child that a Jewish government in the Jewish homeland destroyed the homes of Jews?

Mitzvos And Miracles

She would give them Chanukah gelt and donuts, maybe even latkes, and would try to make the festival as happy as possible. But it wouldn’t be the same without Abba.

Who Pays For The Car Ride?

The two thought the request was unfair, especially since Reuven later got someone else to pay him $10, so they went to Rabbi Dayan to get his opinion.

On Henry VIII And His Desire For A Male Heir

Meanwhile, America, which has treated us so well and has consistently stood uniquely with Israel, has merited glorious achievements. G-d’s hand guides history; we need only look carefully to see the remarkable but unmistakable.

Every Year, This Auschwitz Survivor Marks The Holocaust By Eating A Falafel

Over the weeks, we saw thousands of children taken away from the ramp where the trains arrived and marched straight to the crematorium. No one ever walked out of those buildings.

Keep The Feeling Alive

Hashem wanted us to “seize the moment” and remember how we felt when we left slavery, in order to enable us to set our slaves free later on.

From Shortness Of Breath

While the Midrash does not state explicitly what caused this anger, perhaps they were upset that they had been promised redemption but nothing subsequently changed.

Second Chances

Right after you stop dating someone, especially someone you have gone out with for a while, it is normal to still think about that person.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets

The Family Hub also performs a variety of traditional “smart assistant” tasks, such as coordinating schedules, playing songs, and playing your favorite shows.

Two Words, Two Worlds

Hakarat Hatov – which means gratitude, is one of the biggest actions we can take to please Hashem.

Was Eugene O’Neill An Anti-Semite?

In a postscript to the manuscript of Tomorrow sent (ironically) to Jewish editor, Waldo Frank, O’Neill referred to a booking agent as a “fat little Jew.”


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