Tales From Volozhin

The agent’s plan proved to be successful. Rich people began to respect him more and more. They increased the size of their donations. One wealthy patron, however, refused to give him any money at all.

LeKavod Shabbos Kodesh Nachamu

Why should we rejoice on Shabbos like those who received the Torah?

Greatness Lies In All Us

Not only is a person capable of saying Shema while being tortured and killed; he must do so.

Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish

It seemed they didn’t feel like they needed to talk much to me, so I wasn’t put on the spot, and I felt I fulfilled my duty properly.

Assemblywoman Malliotakis Visits Israel As She Kicks Off Congressional Campaign

It left a permanent mark on my conscience that we, as Americans, must be at the forefront of the fight against anti-Semitism and any other form of religious discrimination or hate.

Daf Yomi

The Sons Stirred Within Her ‘The Fetus Is a Limb of Its Mother’ (Temurah 30b)

Can Pro Bono Work Count As Maaser?

Accordingly, the obligation to give maaser kesafim may be fulfilled not only through money, but also through goods and services.

Our National Weapon (Part Four)

The gematria of shira, another form of prayer, is also 515, conveying the idea that when singing to Hashem we can repeatedly have the same specific thing in mind.

Anti-Semites Can Stay Out

The notion that a democracy must lay out the welcome mat to all comers defies logic. Israel’s democratically elected government made a decision that it believed to be in the country’s best interest.

We’ve Fought Education Reformers Before

In the modern era, many nations introduced compulsory education and in the process tried compelling Jews to change their curricula.

Brain Freeze

When you find that flavor, whether it’s cookies and cream or butter pecan, you need to order the cone.

The Shining Sea Of Galilee

It’s possible that this body of water actually does not have its own name and is identified instead by the most prominent city on its banks.

Requiem For A Bookstore

Judaica was everywhere: crammed on glass shelves, teetering atop narrow display cases, peeking from behind cardboard boxes in the store’s sprawling interior.

Jamaican-Born Republican Has Sights On Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Seat

Being welcomed here in America and going through the process of becoming a citizen was not only exciting; it’s something I will always hold dear.

The Legendary Shapiro Shas

The dispute evolved into a fierce fight between chassidim defending the Shapiros and mitnagdim defending the Romm printers.

The ‘Opposite Spies’ Among Us

No matter what leftist Jewish communal organizations promote publicly, the majority of their staff and lay leadership consist of “opposite spies” professing love of Israel loudly yet privately holding Israel in contempt and working to undermine her security, economy, and religiosity.

‘Mike Wallace Is On The Phone And He Sounds Angry’

Wallace's reputation as a fearless investigator did not hold up when it came to coverage of Jews and Israel

Why Is The Jewish People So Small?

Israel defies the laws of history because it serves the Author of history. Attached to greatness, it becomes great. Through the Jewish people, G-d is telling humankind that you do not need to be numerous to be great. Nations are judged not by their size but by their contribution to human heritage.

The Dismantling Of Society

Taking morality apart one issue at a time

Stop Ignoring Middle Eastern Jews

Remember that the Jewish world is centered in the East. It is in the East that the Jewish people began, and where today, in Israel, our peoplehood is maintained and continues to blossom.

The Moon? Aim Closer To Home

“Man reached the moon. But man to man he has yet to reach.”

Estee Lauder Israel Inspires Young Digital Media Stars

As the first of its kind, it aims to provide content creators with innovative, professional tools for success in the world of digital content.

‘Rachel’ Knows: COJO Flatbush Enriches the Lives of Seniors

“Senior services are a vitally important part of the work we do,” said COJO Flatbush CEO Louis Welz.

Do We Have An Excuse For Living In America? (Part II)

“Why don’t all the religious Jews in America move here?” I expected to receive a long lecture on fine halachic points. Instead, the wizened sage held out two fingers, rubbed them together, and said, “Dollarim.”


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