A Legacy Of Leadership And Love: Rabbi Gershon Edelstein’s Enduring Impact

What is it about Rav Edelstein that has prompted hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide to mourn his passing and experience such an immense loss?

Ritual And Relationships: Aharon’s Dual Greatness

No doubt every one of us would follow the details of a Divine command directed specifically at us – does Aharon deserve to be singled out for this?

The ‘Salute To Israel’ Parade

It is ironic that the protesters claim that the changes being pursued will sharply diminish the role of the courts as a check and balance on the Knesset, Israel’s national legislative body, and are therefore a threat to Israel’s democracy.

Is there anything wrong with taking animals from the wild and confining them to...

It could well be that their goal in visiting the zoo was not (only) for simple entertainment or leisure, but to be able there to marvel at the wondrous creation of Hashem’s world.

Rabbi’s Musings (& Amusings)

For best result, ensure plenty of good consistency.

Israel And Saudi Arabia: The Plot Thickens, Part 2

To be sure, officials are insisting that the discussions are ostensibly focused on a possible prisoner exchange and that no new nuclear negotiations are planned. Other events suggest an alternative context, however.

Chance Encounters

It was a wretched situation for my father, my mother and me – an only child – who had left my job to look after my mother; we had no idea where to turn, what to do.

Dementia Diary – Chapter 35

Closer to the truth, however, may be that I am avoiding car-stress. I no longer have the ability to deal with additional, perceived, required, but avoidable, demands placed upon me.

Confiscated Calculator Calculations

Mr. Berger is considered a shomer chinam since he has no gain, even incidental, from guarding the calculator.

Stopping Bullying Before It Starts

When parents talk to their children as if they have a mind of their own and treat their children as individuals, they encourage children to look at others as individuals with their own feelings and emotions.

Daf Yomi

Painting Tefillin Straps Black “He May Go Over the Letters With a Pen” (Gittin 20a)

Our Need For Personal Growth

We are not created as a finished product, but, rather, with the need and responsibility to develop ourselves properly.

Q & A: Coins, Sculptures, And Graven Images (Part III)

Question: Is one allowed to go to Madam Tassaud’s Wax Museum? Is this not a violation of the Torah’s prohibition of graven images? Ben Moseson Via email

The Pintela Yid Never Dies

In front of me the story of Am Yisrael came alive. The world may proclaim our end but here we are. One must only kindle the flame. The spark is never extinguished.

Yankel And Leah – Chapter Twenty-Five

Leah’s father yawned and sat up and banged a hand on the dashboard. This car, zul’n zein a kapara – should be an atonement for all my sins.

Summertime, A Time For Yiddishkeit

The guiding factor is that Hashem did not make anything without a reason. If a certain reality exists, then it must be another opportunity to add in avodas Hashem – the service of G-d.

Dear Dr. Yael

I cannot say one definitive thing that will end the shidduch crisis, but we definitely have to work on being open minded and stopping to pigeon hole everyone.

Nature, Nurture, And Human Effort

Some commentators state that it is simply a way of complimenting his fine character. Others connect the praise more directly to his mother. But why should his mother get the credit for his character?

The Kaf Hachaim, A Mentor To Chacham Ovadia Yosef

While it is often compared to the Mishnah Berurah, as it served as the alternative to the Mishnah Berurah throughout the Sephardic world, it differs greatly both in structure and approach to halacha.

Tefillah: An Adventure Of The Soul

One important thought is that tefillah is not about the amount or how many times we pray, but the quality of the words we say.

The Dedication Of The Mishkan On The Day Of Its Anointing

Each of the leaders of the tribes brings a gift which is identical to the gifts of every other one. The Torah relates the gift of each and every tribe in detail, in spite of the fact that they are all the same.

From Despair To Hope

To be a Jew is to seek to make a difference, to change lives for the better, to heal some of the scars of our fractured world. But people don’t like change.

Soon By You!

I think singles everywhere can safely assume that when we encounter them, we are all truly hoping and praying that they meet their right match soon.

Never ‘Get Over It’

For someone with historical consciousness, these epic events happened last year, and they happened fifty years ago to our parents, and they will keep on happening, every year, in the very same manner and on the exact same date.

Berachos And Klalos: Bounty And Boundaries (Part II)

Only when we negate our egos and acknowledge that the goodness and beracha in our lives comes not from our own independent efforts but from Hashem, can we then receive more beracha.

Adolf Jellinek And The Rise Of Reform Judaism

Despite his traditional upbringing, Jellinek began to question some of the traditional practices of Judaism, particularly the emphasis on ritual and the strict adherence to Jewish law.


A person should walk in the ways of Hashem and accord mercy and kindness to people and other members of Creation.


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