Why Were Charedi Areas Hit So Badly?

The anti-Zionist, anti-state community turns a deaf ear to government pronouncements, whether they come from the Health Department of the Chief Rabbinate, which they consider [to be a body] of Reform rabbis.

A Judeo-Arabic Purim Poem

Sephardic and Near-Eastern communities originally recited the entire 82 stanzas of the poem on Shabbat Zachor in the middle of the final beracha before Shemoneh Esrei.

Daf Yomi

For Appearances Sake ‘Moving Forward at the Word of G-d’ (Shabbos 31a)

I Refuse To Get Engaged

You were happily dating when suddenly Covid-19 changed the game and forced you to prematurely think about timelines and wedding dates.

Who Is A Jewish Leader?

A true Jewish leader, however, must be aware of and interested in the lives and problems of individuals and communities.

Sing And Song (Part I)

In what is possibly a separate explanation, the Malbim writes that “shirah” is a more general term that can refer to song both in a religious sense and in a secular sense, while “zimrah” refers specifically to a religious song that speaks of G-d’s praises.

Want To Be Free? Embrace Uncertainty

There is redemption in experiencing uncertainty. It's an opportunity to embrace our vulnerability and realize there is something much bigger than us.

G-d Wants You To Love Others

Fasting is of no use if at the same time you do not act justly and compassionately to your fellow human beings.

Even On Covid-19, Left And Right Are Divided

Hysteria is to the left what oxygen is to biological life.

Pelosi’s Anti-Trump Rant Belied By GAO and Johns Hopkins Studies

Meanwhile, a Johns Hopkins University study in late 2019 ranked the United States the best-prepared country in the world to handle a pandemic.

Mi Bamageifa: What We Are Supposed To Do Now?

Are we really yearning for the geula? Do we daven for it like we daven for other things we feel we need?

Is It Proper…? Is it appropriate to look for, and publicize, gematrias and Torah...

Is it appropriate to look for, and publicize, gematrias and Torah codes related to the current coronavirus pandemic?

Who Gets Treated First?

The doctor has precedence. A king does not have precedence over a doctor who can save the lives of many others.

The Silence Of The Dems

We take the refusal of the media to raise the intern’s case with Biden as confirmation that politics drove the Kavanaugh dispute.

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis: Daring To Care: An Interview With Her Daughter, Rebbetzin Slovie...

My mother believed in the pinteleh Yid that exists in every Jew. And she would never ever, ever allow herself, or anyone else, to give up hope on any neshamah.

The Samaritan Paschal Sacrifice

Before King Solomon built the Beit HaMikdash in Jerusalem in the mid-10th century BCE, Jews did have other places where they worshipped.

Preparations for Pesach

I go to sleep hoping things will change in the morning and this big nightmare will be over and then the morning comes and all I hear are new restrictions regarding this crazy epidemic.

Governmental Overreach

While the article says the data is stripped of identifying information – like the name of the phone’s owner – privacy advocates are concerned that this could easily change...

Corona Cancellations – Should You Be Refunded? (Part I)

Regarding hotel or apartment cancellations: This issue is more complicated.

Getting Married In The Shadow Of Covid-19

At 8:30pm that evening Shmuel and his wife came to see their apartment. They were thrilled. It was more than perfect.

Q & A: Moses, The Haggadah, And Yetziat Mitzrayim (Part I)

Question: First, why aren’t we obligated to recite Shema on Pesach night? Second, why does the Haggadah not mention Moses, the greatest Jew who ever lived and who was instrumental in our delivery from Egypt? Zvi Kirschner

What The Bookseller Taught Me

She called the woman over and asked her to wait. Mrs. H. went into a room and returned with a large bag, which she handed to the customer, telling her that she had already paid for it.

Crowns And Quarantines: From Purim to Pesach 5780

One young mother I met bemoaned the fact that due to the general shutdown of air travel, she will be forced to stay home and actually make Pesach this year.

Battling the Bolsheviks – From The Fifth Rebbe To The Sixth

Local secret police in Rostov hounded the Rebbe and even arrested him once. They closed his yeshiva and in 1924 forced him to leave his home in Rostov.


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