The Dance Of Love

In the spirit of Yom Kippur, I publicly apologized to this person as I realized my words had obviously caused him pain. This interaction seems simple yet it wasn’t.

Academic Freedom Isn’t An Excuse For Antisemitism

A Palestinian event featuring Jew-haters at the University of Pennsylvania shows that in the age of DEI loyalty pledges, some forms of prejudice are tolerated on campuses.

Yom Kippur: Forgive Us For Forgetting

Every sin is rooted in a deep-seated character flaw. Ignoring these flaws and focusing our teshuva solely upon actions or behavior increases the likelihood of recidivism.

The Spirituality Of Song

As music connects note to note, so faith connects episode to episode, life to life, age to age in a timeless melody that breaks into time.

1800s New Orleans Jewry

He also gave thousands of dollars each to existing 23 Jewish congregations in 14 states – especially the Newport, RI synagogue, where he endowed the cemetery in which he was laid to rest, the final surviving member of the Touro family line.

More Than Just Kapparah

Most of us are familiar with the process and stages of teshuva. But how do we purify ourselves?

There’s Always Hope!

Although it is difficult to imagine, it seems that Dovid HaMelech – the exalted individual, leader of the Jewish nation, fearless warrior of Hashem – was afraid that he had possibly accrued so many sins that he could no longer repent.

Mi Casa Su Casa

When your family, the shadchan, or a friend, offers you information about a potential match - inquire about her home life and the type of house she grew up in.

Taking Torah On The Road

Whether nature is vanity or just lower on the values hierarchy than Torah study, both of these approaches seem to agree that nature disrupts the learning process, and presumably, if possible, learning should be done inside, with minimal distractions from the natural world.

The Messages And Power Of L’Dovid Hashem Ori (Part II)

Many of us, after making an honest and blunt cheshbon hanefesh, a personal reevaluation of our behavior during the past year, might be filled with despair and despondency at our chances for a good judgment.

What’s Teshuva All About?

To analyze the entire book in such a short review is to attempt the impossible, so I will instead focus on a particular question that arises throughout: What, exactly, is teshuva?

Torah Study And General Wisdom

All of this would be true even if it were not so that a general education is required for gaining an appreciation of G-d’s wisdom, philosophy, ethics, and laws.

Yeshayahu In-Depth

It turns out that this book is so remarkable it works for all levels of learning.

Q & A: Prayer And Its Origins (Part III)

Question: The Gemara in Berachot teaches that the Sages authored our prayers. If so, it would seem that we did not pray before this time. Did we pray before their innovation or not? Menachem Via Email

Biting The Hand That Feeds You

The heavens have been programmed by G-d to supply rain. Instructing them not to do so is against their nature. It is only harsh and insistent words that will convince the heavens to go against their own nature.

Agunah Asifa Addresses The Agunah Crisis And Solutions Moving Forward

I created the event with the intent to raise awareness, said Haber-Goldstein. We wanted to show the agunot that as a community we are here for them, and they are not forgotten. It seems we have accomplished both goals, at least [as] a starting point.

The Art Of The Kotel

I present here from my collection several of my favorite artistic depictions of this most sacred Jewish site.

Reading The Paper

There is much good that we do with our cell phones, and they help us in so many ways. But how often do we take them out to look at them during davening in shul, during family meal times, or at any time when we are conversing with another person?

Netanyahu Tells Elon Musk He Hopes The Latter Can ‘Roll Back’ Antisemitism On X

Obviously I’m against antisemitism, Musk told Netanyahu, adding that he’s against anything that promotes hate and conflict.

Let My Teachings Rain Down, My Sayings Soak In As The Dew

Rav Kook examines the opening concepts of the parsha: The heavens should listen, the earth will hear, teachings fall like rain and sayings soak in as the dew. He explains that in our world, we find things in a pure state of nature and we also see them altered by the intervention of men.

Yom Kippur: Flying Amongst Angels

Arguably the most important concept in life, though often misunderstood, is the nature of the soul.

Word Prompt – KITTEL – Moish Warsawsky

It's not the time for individual recognition but to shed our persona and unite in one unified voice of prayer and teshuva.

Word Prompt – KITTEL – Martin Bodek

Fun fact: I originally thought the word prompt said “kvittel,” and I wrote several versions of what the lifecycle of a kvittel is once it’s placed in the Kotel. I noticed my error and did teshuva really quick.

Word Prompt – KITTEL – Sharona Halickman

In Israel, on Yom Kippur, everyone – religious, traditional, secular – is wearing white. We all stand as equals.

Word Prompt – KITTEL – Alexandra Fleksher

When you remember the kittel has no pockets, as we can’t bring anything with us at death, the message is apparent: our most meaningful experiences in life have nothing to do with our possessions.

Word Prompt – KITTEL – Rochelle Brand

On all of the occasions that a kittel is worn it symbolizes beginning life again with a clean slate and with the commitment to continue pursuing a higher level of spirituality.

Biden Administration Keeps Trying To Stack The Deck

To be sure, the Biden Administration is seeking Supreme Court review. But isn’t it about time they gave democracy a chance? You know, the kind of government based upon things like the free market place of ideas.


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