Yeshivas Play A Valuable Role In Their Communities

Similar support is given in public schools, where a large segment of the student population may also be English language learners; the only difference is the language being spoken.

Tap Into Your Courageous Super Powers

The Babylonians deliberately took the smartest teens as captives to train them for service in the king’s court, with assimilation as a prerequisite.

The Meanings Of Sacrifice

Shabbat does not only last 25 hours; Shabbat reverberates throughout the entire week and is meant to favorably influence our six days of work and other activities.

The Right Timing And Strategy

My mission was and is to allow people to hear and understand the Jewish people and their story.

Sage Advice

The fact that Shlomo HaMelech was provided with a rationale for the Torah prohibitions actually contributed to his undoing.

The Pursuit Of Meaning

For each of us G-d has a task: work to perform, a kindness to show, a gift to give, love to share, loneliness to ease, pain to heal, or broken lives to help mend.

Worst Dressed

Kudos to you for seeing past an outfit on your dates. You knew immediately that here in fact the clothes don’t make the man” and you understand how precious his character and good middos are.

Revitalizing Our Prayers (Part Five)

In Heaven, everyone is programmed to praise Hashem. Thus, it is not so special that everyone is singing Hashem’s praises.

Leaving Egypt With A Family Of Goats, Lots Of History, And A Graphic Novel

Pesach reminds us of the liberation from Egypt, but also commands us to live through its events as if we were there. Every generation and every Jew, no matter which community they belong to, can, in their own way, relate to the story of Pesach.

A Spiritual Pitfall

The story of Korach is often considered one of rebellion, but it can also be seen as a case of mistaken idealism, a philosophical challenge, or misplaced spiritual yearning.

A New Approach To The Shalosh Regalim

Having exhausted the possible correlations between the three holidays, Rabbi Lauer suggests that it is not the similarities among these three holidays that define them as a unit. Rather, it is the fact that these holidays are all components of a greater whole.

The Season Of Our Freedom

In order for Hashem to defeat the power of Pharaoh and Mizrayim and take us out of our predicament, He had to both overthrow the audacity of Pharaoh and elevate the spiritual sanctity of Israel at once.

Two Great Jewish Animation Luminaries: Friz Freling And Mel Blanc

Freleng, who was self-taught and had no formal training in animation, began his incredible career at United Film Advancement Services at age 17, where he met a fellow animator who later introduced him to Walt Disney, who invited him to join the Disney Studio in California.

Nostalgic Anticipation

Rabbi Wein recounts that they imparted to his generation the need to appreciate being part of the eternal people and the responsibility it entails. He also speaks of our need to pridefully convey those messages to our progeny.

How To Recite Birkat HaMazon

Many individuals have the custom to cover or remove any knives that are on the table before reciting Birkat HaMazon. This is because knives, reminiscent of swords, are items that shorten a man’s life, while the table, which represents the altar of G-d, lengthens it.

Turning The Corner (Part II)

If I understood him correctly, Rabbi Pappenheim differentiates between zavit and pinah by explaining that a zavit refers to the inner part of a corner, while a pinah refers to the outer part of a corner.

A Handful Of Flour

During the seven years of plenty in Egypt and before the seven years of famine, the pasuk says that Yosef divided the land up into Kematzim, which Rashi explains as – stockpiling grains Kometz on Kometz, handful on handful.

Israeli Supreme Court Stops Interior Minister Ben Gvir From Pursuing Equitable Treatment Of Chareidim...

The court’s generalization should not be surprising. With the nationwide turmoil now gripping Israel over proposed reforms by the Netanyahu government, members of the Supreme Court can hardly be counted among the neutral.

Word Prompt – SEVEN – Asher Yablok

Seven is typified by the sanctity of Shabbos. Each week is influenced by the Shabbos that preceded it and by the build up toward the following Shabbos. In other words, seven represents the yearning to infuse the mundane with the spiritual.

Word Prompt – SEVEN – Chaya Sima Koenigsberg

What she produced is a singular work describing the life of a Jewish woman, filled with faith, mussar, and stories that impart lessons to her descendants. At the outset of the project Glikl states that she plans to write seven little books. Why seven?

Word Prompt – SEVEN – Chaim Saiman

There is little consensus on how the Torah’s social vision should apply to our present condition, whether viewed in terms of tilling the soil or understanding what Shemittah means in an economy that runs on high tech rather than agriculture.

Word Prompt – SEVEN – Avi Ganz

As early civilization was arranging the calendar, they weren't looking at the Jewish Bible for direction, they were looking to the universe for their relative place within it.

Word Prompt – SEVEN – Dovid M. Cohen

The Ramban suggests the miraculous is hidden within the mundane. That teva itself is really all miracles. That we wake up, breath, survive and thrive is all miraculous. Nothing can ever be taken for granted.

Is It Proper To Have A Barber Or Hair Stylist Of The Opposite Sex?

In my opinion, what is at stake here is whether one can permit these acts since they represent only a professional interaction with no personal implications.

End-Running President Biden’s Refusal To Enforce Taylor Force Law: Sen. Cotton Introduces New Bill

Notwithstanding the fact that the PA’s slay for pay system is still operating, President Joe Biden restored financial aid to the PA almost immediately after taking office.


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