Learned Optimism: Can You Choose to be Happy?

We all start life the same way – as babies completely dependent on others for even our most basic needs... The older we become, however, the more control we gain. We learn to communicate, move, and interact with others.

A Check On Her Resume

Chava shook her head as if to show she understood, while wondering where this monologue would lead. Was this woman also here for a job interview?!

Tzvi Silberstein’s New Album: Shema B’ni

Silberstein’s target audience is not easily defined, mainly because his style is fluid.

The Haggadah: The Manual To The Geula

In order to properly daven for the geula, one must first notice the magnitude of the situation.

A Letter From R. Chaim Ozer

R. Bakst raised funds for the yeshiva in Cleveland, OH, and its environs, and this letter, requesting assistance, describes the sorry financial state of the yeshiva.

Dear Dr. Yael

While I do agree that the wife and husband should appreciate each other, and constantly praise and validate each other, perhaps it is also unwise to share this praise with their parents.

Daf Yomi

An Expression Unique In Shas ‘I Am Neither Wise…’ (Pesachim 105b)

Finding Light – Choosing Hope

We are a nation of miracles. We have traveled through the four corners of this earth. We have gone through every type of persecution. We were told that we would be vanquished, thrown into the sea.

Texting Etiquette 101

Continuously texting others while spending time with friends or family is generally considered rude.

What Motivates Our Decisions?

Who could ever know if learning with disciples was preferable to pursuing self-growth and attaining spiritual perfection at the feet of the generation’s most respected saint?

Walking Into Freedom – Every Day

We are supposed to prepare for the 14th of Nissan, the day of the Exodus from Egypt. To study the holiday, to go through the Haggadah and, mainly, to go forth into freedom ourselves.

How To Ruin A Red Cow

Although a person is usually liable even for accidental damage, Rabban Yochanan explains that, in this case, he is really completely exempt, but the Sages fined people who purposely damage property so that they won’t do so wantonly.

Q & A: Four Special Torah Readings (Part II)

Question: I would like to know why there are four special readings of the Torah from the beginning of Adar until Pesach. Also, why do we call each of those four Shabbatot by a special name? Finally, when did the practice of reading a parshah every week start? Celia Gluck

My Day, My Way

Perhaps, we are getting closer to the other side and you can’t help but envision a guest-filled wedding day in the location you have always wanted.

Try Being Nice To Your Spouse

We must therefore constantly remind ourselves that it’s the Jewish way to stand by the side of a mate through thick and thin.

Stones To Make You Swoon

I was with my daughter visiting the Natural History Museum in Boston, and we saw all these beautifully cut, crystalized stones. I was so drawn to them, the gradient of colors, and the workings of the stones on the inside

For What Price Will We Sell Our Souls?

Others believe that living in Israel all but assures financial ruin. They know someone who made aliyah, couldn't make a living, and was forced to return to galus.

How Leaders Fail

There are times when you need someone with the courage to stand against the crowd, others when you need a peacemaker.


Stiff-necked people are creatures of habit, and those habits become especially rigid during times of stress.

Is Your Friend A Liberal Or A Leftist?

Would America be better, worse, or the same if all Americans dropped their religion and became secular?

Celebrating Shushan Purim On Masada

While the chag was still nice, it just wasn’t the Adar excitement we had expected. Reflecting on this over Shabbat, my husband and I decided we still had time to make this holiday special.

Hindsight Is 20/20

You won’t understand the logic of events as they occur because “My face may not be seen.”

Restoring Rav Nachman’s Fiery Chair: An Interview with Wood Craftsman Catriel Sugarman

One of the last Jewish artifacts to be spirited out of the Jewish Quarter before its fall in the 1948 War of Independence was a wrapped bag containing the remnants of Rav Nachman’s chair.

Day Schools – The Only Viable Future For The Diaspora

I have always said that when a Jewish day school closes down, there is no future for the local Jewish population, and within just a few years the Jewish community will be compromised.

Israeli High Court Chips Away At The Jewishness Of The Jewish State

It is not usually the case that a court so freely admits to having encroached on legislative prerogatives.

The Evidence Against Frontier Airlines Is Compelling

Airline personnel say they were not fixated on the child but were rather concerned with a wider violation of the rules.


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