Memo To Aliyah Advocates: Stop Being So Smug

Rav Lichtenstein didn’t feel someone who was in klei kodesh in America should come to Israel

Not Just For The Birds

The scene of thousands and thousands of cranes, as well as other birds, was awesome. I thought that would be the climax of our three-day trip up north.

The Chida’s Shem Hagedolim – First Edition

He recorded the information he compiled regarding sefarim and their authors in Shem Hagedolim, which contains an alphabetical list of authors of sefarim followed by a list of known sefarim.

Praying For A Hero

Until he got sick, Yudi, of course, had never missed a day of wearing tefillin since his bar mitzvah.

The Day After

The Torah offers us something new: learning for the sake of learning. In the world of competition this is something exceptional.

The Man Who Wants To Build The Third Beit HaMikdash: An Interview with Activist...

If the State of Israel has a G-d, its name is 'Sheket' - keep quiet. Just leave things the way they are.

Keeping The Peace

Discord and divide in government has trickled down to the everyday man.

The Left Couldn’t Care Less About Blacks

Black murderers and rapists are the only people in America told that no matter what they did, they are not responsible for it.

All People Are Created In G-d’s Image

One can recognize a gadol, a leader of our people, in how that person respects and values all people. A gadol doesn’t judge or offer a disparaging word against people who are not religious, nor does he degrade a non-Jew.

The 26-Inning Game

For the most part, it was a frustrating day for batters on both sides. Only two players had three hits.

Q & A: Making Up For What We Missed (Part VII)

Question: The Covid-19 pandemic has put an end to almost all public gatherings; hence, much of Jewish congregational ritual has come to a halt. Is there a way to make up for everything we missed? M. Goldman

Perfectly Imperfect

While we know that they have no bearing on someone’s character, they can cause friction and uncertainty as you prepare to walk down the aisle.

Are Rabbis Less Deserving Than Michael Cohen And Michael Flynn?

A group of Orthodox Jewish men – many of whom did not expect that violence would be employed – were recruited to assist in the performance of a religiously-encouraged venture.

What If It’s Shabbos There But Not Here?

Asking a factory to stay open on Shabbos local time while one is in a different (earlier) time zone is like asking a non-Jew to work on one’s behalf on Shabbos, which is not allowed.

Buying English Books In Israel

Generally, orders arrive in a matter of weeks. Little did I realize that due to coronavirus-related postal delays, our lift would arrive weeks before the books I ordered from this site!

Should We Head Back To Shul?

We’re expected to take massive precautions when it comes to chillul Hashem. In our world of instant viral media, we cannot afford to make a misstep when it comes to misbehaving in the eyes of the non-Jews.

New York Times More Focused On Annexation Than NYC Riots

It is more concerned with what a foreign nation does with an area 1/180 the size of Texas and 1/23 the area of the adjacent Kingdom of Jordan.

‘There Was An Order To Cease All Fertility Treatments’: An Interview with Dr. Chana...

I agree with Rav Shlomo Aviner that if you enjoy a person's company, and he or she has a reverence for Hashem and Torah, that's reason enough to continue dating.

Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm, Leader of Modern Orthodoxy, Passes Away At 92

Dr. Lamm, the personification of what YU stood for, was the spokesman for its values and had a vision for how to further things along, which he projected to the outside world.

Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm, z”l

A compelling orator, he was a leading pulpit rabbi for many years who was widely acclaimed for the sophistication, erudition and eloquence of his sermons and speeches.

Is It Time For De Blasio To Go – And Maybe Cuomo Too?

Moreover, they took every opportunity to remind everyone of America’s racial history and what they said was the overarching need to speak out against it.

The Jewish Patriots Of Fort McHenry

During a journey down the Nile River, Mendes created a makeshift American flag, flew it from a mast, and persuaded the crew of his vessel to salute it and promise to defend it.

Discrimination At Brooklyn College?

While we were able to put together a body of useful evidence, we recognized that we were far from having the complete picture.

Daf Yomi

Satisfaction Guaranteed ‘The Divine Presence Rests Only On One Who Is Wise, Strong…’ (Shabbos 92a)

Terror On The Streets Of New York: An Interview with Former New York Assemblyman...

Stealing a pair of sneakers has to do with emotions? The people who are doing this are doing it lishmah, in memory of the black victim? Really?

Is It Proper…? For bar mitzvah boys: Should you give them a sefer in...

For bar mitzvah boys: Should you give them a sefer in Hebrew, which they may not be able to read for another five years (or perhaps ever), or should you give them something in English?


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