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Climate Change Week A Dud For New York Legislation

“Resignation does not equal accountability,” Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Flushing, Queens) wrote. “Dr. Zucker’s departure is the absolute minimum needed to restore faith and accountability in government..."

Arba’ah Minim On Consignment

The first option was clearly the cheapest, but Mendy didn't have the $4,000 readily available and didn't know how much he would sell. He considered the other two options and consulted with his chavrusa, who had some experience selling arba’ah minim.

The Minyan Miracle

I was overcome with gratitude to HaKodesh Boruch Hu for making it possible for Daddy to receive the honor that he provided for others, throughout his lifetime.

Daf Yomi

Altered States “Examining A Bechor Is Not The Same As Examining A Tereifa” (Bezah 27a)

To Kiss… To Dance… To Be One

For the Jew, to know G-d is to study His Torah; to love G-d is to love Torah.

Sukkos – Hashem Loves You Even More

Human beings are limited in their understanding of Hashem’s efforts in creation. We fail to see that magnificence of each component of creation, each being imbued with a portion of Hashem.

Simchas Torah: The Jew Becomes The Legs Of The Torah

Almighty G-d, being our Merciful Father – more than a banker – accepts our plea and He gives us hakofos, the credit for the new year. He gives us life and sustenance and happiness and nachas. With G-d’s help, during the year, we make sure that we meet our obligations.

Israel’s Torah Observant Prime Minister

The Israeli Prime Minister walked into the most important office in America proudly displaying his Judaism and his Torah observance.

Q & A: Noy Sukkah – Sukkah Decorations (Part II)

Question: Is decorating the Sukkah part of the mitzvah, or does the mitzvah only require the Sukkah itself? Moshe Jakobowitz Brooklyn, NY

A Balanced Critique?

Believing that the local Arab culture was backward and that they were the harbingers of progress, the Zionist pioneers were sure their endeavors would ultimately be embraced.

Sukkot: Diamonds In The Dust

Hashem in His anger forced us to take the very long way home, and yet, throughout that difficult journey, His holy presence surrounded us and kept us going.

The Not So Simple Willow

Even the most literal mind would be hard pressed not to see the unequivocal connection between my grandfather and the willows that he had planted.

An Auspicious Day

A Jew who recognizes that he may lack merits, like the aravah, yet prays to Hashem because he has the will and desire to cling to Hashem – his prayers will be answered.

To Everything – A Season

The scene etched in my memory reminds me that it’s never too late. The Amshinover community embodies the concept that there’s always more time to do what you love.

‘So Long As He Is Called By The Name Of Israel…’

This raises the question, "Why?" Why would Jews from every background imaginable travel to a distant country to spend Rosh Hashanah at the grave of an early 19th century Hasidic master?

Invisible Or Instagram

Beyond the idealistic lens of TikTok and the like however, their marriages may be struggling, their children may live life in “time-out” chairs, and they may subsist on day-old takeout.

Keeping Our Commitments

Teshuvah mei’ahava is the pure teshuvah where one regrets the transgression itself. It is this type of teshuvah that amazingly can convert a sin into an actual mitzvah.

A Light Unto The Nations

There are unfortunately many people of Jewish extraction who believe the election of the Jews, our “chosenness,” to be a birthright or a guarantee of a sort of superiority over other nations.

Yom Tov Candles: Women and Shehecheyanu

A woman who does not have the custom to drink some of the wine upon which Kiddush was recited is certainly permitted to answer amen to the shehecheyanu blessing.

The Uniqueness Of Sukkot

It is almost as if Sukkot were two festivals, not one. It is. Although all the festivals are listed together, they in fact represent two quite different cycles.

The Role Of Philip Habib, America’s Anti-Israel Diplomat, In The Lebanon War

During his 30-year career as a Foreign Service Officer, he had mostly specialized in Asia but he became instrumental in 1968 in halting the escalation of American involvement in Vietnam.

That $3.5 Trillion Social Policy Bill

”Many of us feel this is the biggest opportunity we will have in our careers to do something deeply structural and transformational to our economy and we should not miss it,” said Representative Donald S. Beyer Jr., Democrat of Virginia.

Lessons From Someone Who Has Seen It All

In his immigrant social circles, he hadn’t even known anyone who went to college, as finishing high school was considered the highest possible achievement for his peers.

U.S. Should Not Reopen Jerusalem Consulate

But, if President Trump moved the consulate into the Embassy now located in Jerusalem, why should the Palestinians desire the reopening, since they still have an official place in Jerusalem to be in contact with the Americans just as before the Trump relocation?


Hashem wants all the Jewish people to return home to Israel and not only for a visit. All the Jews belong in Israel, and there is no better time than now.


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