Cut Yourself Down A Few Notches

This lashon hara led to Bnei Yisrael crying over nothing, which in turn resulted in the divine punishment of bechia l’doros, crying throughout the generations over the destruction of two Temples and many other Jewish calamities.

Bouncing Back From The Covid-19 Crisis

While the virus still affects our daily lives and our futures are uncertain, we can still recognize that there is a lot of work...

Corona Gifts

The day after a wedding is not the best day to get a new air conditioning unit as we were still recovering from all of the wedding expenses, predictable and otherwise.

A Plate With A Proverb & A Silver Subterfuge

I am familiar with the pieces in your set because I have seen them repeatedly over the years, usually offered for sale individually.

Can A Dayan Lie?

What are you going to do? Rabbi Dayan's son asked him. You're outnumbered, but it seems ridiculous that the ruling should follow two kollel students against you!

Dear Dr. Yael

At this point, you may want to first find out what is going on before you involve your ex-husband. Perhaps your son may have actually done this extreme behavior to get you to speak to your ex-husband.

Q & A: Making Up For What We Missed (Part XV)

Question: The Covid-19 pandemic has put an end to almost all public gatherings; hence, much of Jewish congregational ritual has come to a halt. Is there a way to make up for everything we missed? M. Goldman

The New, Strange Baseball Season

We're going to see only a few pitchers this season winning more than seven games and only a few players hitting more than 15 home runs. But we could see a player batting over .400.

#JewishPrivilege – Are We Playing The Wrong Game?

We are not like other nations, and we cannot be allowed, in the long run, to think, talk, or act like them.

Prime Minister Netanyahu: Apply Sovereignty Now

The principle of “Yes to sovereignty, no to Palestine” must lead us in every discussion on sovereignty. One does not make deals on the homeland – not theoretically and certainly practically.

Smart Girls

Being smart is terrific. It is a gift from Hashem, like talent and beauty and the ability to fold bed sheets (obviously). You are smart. You know it, you want others to know it, and you want to marry someone who will mirror that intellect.

It’s Time To Make Aliyah

I have always believed that the guarantee that G-d presented to Abraham was never said to him directly.

What Exactly Are The Protests In Israel About?

At the last demonstration, I strolled through the crowd and recognized agitators who staged protests against Israeli soldiers in Hevron and Samaria.

The Great Consolation

The Lubavitcher Rebbe points out that this powerful exchange between the Jewish people and Hashem emphasizes our extraordinary special relationship with Hashem.

Diamonds Are Everyone’s Best Friend

When working with a client, I always ask them what their budget is, and give them the best value for their budget.

The Infiniti Game

Finite games are played to win. Infinite games are played for their own sake. Finite games are usually performed in front of an audience of some kind. Infinite games are participative.

Even More Harm Than We Think

A Jew has the power to bring merit to all of mankind.

Buying A Car In Israel

While olim are offered a steep discount on taxes associated with purchasing a new car, it comes with many complicated strings attached.

Daf Yomi

Out On A Limb ‘The Halacha Is One May Reset a Fracture’ (Shabbos 148a)

The First Mikraot Gedolot Published By Jews

This “Kehillot Moshe" edition contains an astounding 36 different commentaries on Tanach as well as the complete introductions of each of these commentaries, a feature often lacking in other Mikraot Gedolot editions.

Is Religion Good For You?

In Parshat Vaetchanan, we learn that someone who kills another by accident must flee to a city of refuge for protection. The Talmud contains a fascinating addition to this law: If a student is forced into exile, his teacher must go with him.

Want To Be Happy? Try Crying

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch writes that "tears are the sweat of the soul."

We Don’t Even Realize What We’re Missing

We are like poor people who do not know they are poor and how rich they could be.

Rubbing SALT into A Budgetary Wound

The problem is Mitch McConnell. He’s been unwilling to allow debate on any amount of state and local funding.

Why Are There Riots?

The organizers of these protests, which quickly turn to violent riots, undoubtably seek anarchy, as they openly state.

Freedom Of The Press And Constructive Lashon Hara

If a person who is asked about someone remains silent because he doesn’t know with certainty that a certain rumor is true, the questioner understands from his silence that there is room for concern.

Remembering The Wall (Part I)

Rabbi Pappenheim suggests that “chomah” is related to “milchamah,” as the main purpose of building a city wall is to protect its inhabitants from enemy warfare.


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