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The Message Of Tefillin – For Old And Young

When a Jew of any age or condition begins his day with tefillin, he takes the two most important forces in life and points them in the right direction.

Avraham and Sarah’s ‘Debate’

If we are expected to pray for someone and we neglect to do so, we are robbing them of something that is rightfully theirs.

The Internet Crossroads

While I don’t have access to the daily calendars of most angels, it’s just possible that they may have some spare time on their hands.

People Don’t Look And People Don’t Think

Interestingly, Rooney’s last novel was published by a Chinese State-approved publishing house. Hmm! One million Muslim Chinese in concentration camps doesn’t seem to trouble Ms. Rooney in the slightest.

The Rishon You Never Knew

The Oral Law helps in the proper understanding of the Written Law and the Written Law helps in the understanding of the Oral Law.

Creating Profiles

When judging others, Avraham Avinu did not compare the status of the tzaddik to himself. Rather, he expanded the definition of a tzaddik.

Nacho Business!

You have not asked for sympathy, guidance or their opinion. Yet, you are not sure how you can stop the onslaught without calling more negative attention to yourself.

The Problem With ‘Trying’

Rebbe Nachman is telling us that we can overcome any obstacle we face if we really want to. The lie of the yetzer hara is to tell us we can't.

The Revolution That Began With The Akeida

The test was not whether Abraham would sacrifice his son but whether he would give him over to G-d.

Best Chore And Homework Apps For Children

For some parents, motivating their children and organizing routines and household chores is second nature. Others find it more challenging.

Rabbi Dr. Tendler’s Greatest Influence: The Unified Truth Of Torah And Science

Certainly, one could debate the halachic consequences of these scientific fact, but never their undergirded truth.

How Terrible To Overturn The Laws Of Nature

A story is told in the Gemara (Shabbat 53b) of a man whose wife died, leaving him an infant son. The man was too poor to afford a wet nurse to feed his baby, so he miraculously grew breasts and nursed the baby himself.

A Haggadah With A Map

The map was created for an earlier edition of this Haggadah, first printed in 1695, a birth of a new trend of Haggadot publications, with illustrations and iconography.

Hineini: Abraham’s Test And Our Future

Abraham was shown that his test was not only about his own faith…. By this test, G-d created the means for Abraham’s descendants to survive all adversity.

Financial Planning For Frum Families: There Is Nothing Average About An Orthodox Lifestyle

If you explain to a gentile friend or co-worker the concept of making a Thanksgiving feast twice a week (Shabbos dinner and lunch), they will think you are out of your mind.

The Anti-Nazi Boycott vs. The Haavara Agreement: Still A Provocative Question

The effect of the boycott was particularly profound in the United States, where German imports were reduced by nearly 25 percent, and in Eretz Yisrael, where most doctors refused to prescribe German medicines, resulting in great losses to German pharmaceutical companies.

Exercise On Shabbat

It is permitted to engage in routine activities or movements even if one’s intention might be for the exercise.

A Word By Any Other Name

Rabbi Shlomo Zalman of Hanau writes that the word teivah means "box, chest" and refers to the written word because books that contain written words are stored in a teivah.

Is It Proper Not To Love One’s Spouse?

Obviously, it is at least a Rabbinic mandate to love one's spouse in addition to the love one must have for every other Jew.

Jewish Press Endorsements For NYC General Election, Nov. 2

Adams’s 22 years of service as a member of the NYPD – in several high-ranking positions – has uniquely equipped him to deal with what most polls say is the first order of business in the minds of most New Yorkers: runaway crime.

In Their Light We Stand

Mama Rachel's image gives us strength despite the darkness. It's written that she is constantly crying over her children. Hashem tells her to cease crying, but she never lets up.

‘I Repaid Already!’

"To be honest, I don't remember clearly," replied Mr. Silver. "We did discuss repaying, but I don't remember whether in the end Mr. Kaplan paid. I assume, though, that since I didn't return the loan document to him, the loan was not paid, but cannot say for sure."

Daydreaming Daughters

Many women do not realize they have ADHD until they bring their child in for an evaluation.

Daf Yomi

Sanctified For Its Time… ‘Within Thirty Days Of The Shemittah Year’ (Rosh Hashana 10b)

Q & A: Kiddush Levana (Part II)

Question: Why do we say Shalom Aleichem at Kiddush Levana, when we bless the new moon, and why do we do so three times? Is it because we have not seen a new moon for a whole month? Can you explain a little more about this mitzvah? Ira Warshansky Philadelphia, PA


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