Living The Dream

I like to live on the edge, says Lilach and love for adventure and risk-taking seems to be something that runs in the family. So does life off the beaten track.

The 100-A-Day Challenge

After digging deep and forcing myself to come up with new material to thank Hashem for, I noticed more instances of Divine intervention throughout the week.

The Proud And The Prejudiced (Part II)

You were not allowed to roam those villages anymore, but from time to time we would take the train which was absolutely punishable by death.

From Shame To Pride

The very fact that I now clearly see what we stand for. I saw it before, but for some reason, since October 7, rather than feel ashamed to be a Jew, I feel even prouder.

Q & A: Ner Ish U’Beito – How Many Light The Menorah At Home?...

Question: My husband and I are Ashkenazi, yet my children go to school with Sefardim. My son came home and said that only my husband is to light the Chanukah candles. In my parent’s home, we all lit our own candles on Chanukah to celebrate the great miracle that saved our people for all future generations. Who is correct? Name Withheld Via E-Mail

Financial Planning Checklist: 20 Ideas To Consider Before Year-End

The end of the secular year typically coincides with certain deadlines. It is also a great opportunity to set the stage for a financially successful new year.

Yud Tes Kislev

Torah teaches us that time is extremely precious, and every moment must be used to its fullest advantage. Why then do we use time to repeat things already known?

Dear Dr. Yael

Compliments are gifts of love, but they only work if they are sincere and are given freely, without coercion.

Candles In The Dark

The lighting of the menorah was one mitzvah among many mitzvot, arguably not even the most important mitzvah, that had come to be neglected under the oppression of the Seleucid Greeks.

Yiddish Bibles Prefaced With Arguments

While the Jewish community in Amsterdam was founded first by Jews escaping from Spain and Portugal, the city was relatively tolerant at the time, and became a refuge to many Jews from different lands. In a short time, there was a substantial Ashkenazi community as well.

‘Tis The Season To Be Thankful

We can say Modim for our health. What about for our car and for our phone? Most of us would be crippled, so to speak, if we were missing just one of these. We could also incorporate into our Modim prayer that we are able to pay the mortgage or pay the rent.

Diet For Dates

Sure, I would not be so glib as to deny that our appearance and even size matter in shidduchim. Perhaps there is even a point in being mindful of what we eat regardless of size or weight. Yet, this question impacts you as a whole, your life, and your goals that supersedes dating.

In Those Days, At This Time

The name of this war is Swords of Iron – like the swords the Maccabees fought with – even though Israel’s military technology is ultra-modern and cutting edge.

Drafting Yeshiva Students

Unfortunately today we find ourselves embroiled in a milchemet mitzvah, a national security situation which threatens our very existence and demands everyone’s participation.

Speech Therapy

In the end Joseph and his brothers had to live through real trauma before they were able to recognize one another’s humanity, and much of the rest of their story – the longest single narrative in the Torah – is about just that.

Divine Protection

The potency of a mitzvah lies in the individual’s optimal and enthusiastic execution of the mitzvah with all the proper kavanos (intentions), including mastery of the laws pertaining to this particular mitzvah, and consummating the mitzvah to fulfill the will of Hashem.

Hamas In Jerusalem

Terrorist organizations across the world exploit the liberties and freedoms of democracies to bankroll their cruel operations, promote their evil agendas, and recruit the next generation of terrorists.

Right In The Middle Of Somewhere

Among the delights of this book is the joy he takes in his family – his wife Sharon, their son Yosef and his wife Hillary, their grandchildren – and in observant Jewish life.

The Synogogue: A Mikdash Me’at

Before one prays, one must prepare for the experience. There must be a meditative time in which the individual focuses on the significance of the act that he is about to perform.

The Torah As A Blueprint For Modern Life

Dee shows us that the very foundation of our lives and the precepts we live by, our ethics, morals, and culture, our education, the worlds of physics, and science all emanate from the foundations of the Torah...

Lights, Candles And Action

One excellent way to combat cognitive bias in relationship communication is to constantly work on not jumping to conclusions. No matter what we think we hear, or what we believe we know, we should be careful to ask for clarification before reacting.

Henry Kissinger – No Friend Of The Jews And Israel

In America, Kissinger played down his Jewish roots and sought to assimilate. When he was sworn in as the first Jewish Secretary of State, he took his oath on Shabbat – his observant elderly parents were therefore forced to walk to the swearing-in ceremony – and on a Christian bible.

Mercantile Man

The prophet Zecharia foretells of the Messianic Era – which will occur long after the Canaanites had ceased to exist as a nation – when there will no longer be any c’naani in the Holy Temple (Zecharia 14:21).

Family Court System Is Broken, Say Judges And The Public

In 1962, the legislature created the Family Court and the Family Court Act. For the past several months, the idea of repairing the system has meandered through the New York State Bar Association, State Court of Appeals, legislative hearings, and the family court judicial community.

Playing With Dreidels And Cards On Chanukah

The rules of the dreidel game require each player to contribute some coins to a central fund, the proceeds of which are used to pay out the winners.

Time For President Biden To Tame The Rhetoric

To be sure the implicit admonitions are routinely accompanied by a reiteration of Israel’s right to take Hamas out after Oct. 7 – although that sentiment appears to get more perfunctory with each saying.

American Jews Who Worked For A Secular America Made A Fatal Error

As American society and Americans individually become less religious, i.e., less Christian, the Jews become less significant.


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