Ignorance Is Bliss

The behavior I witnessed, as commonplace as it has become, is unacceptable. One can protest legally, one can have an opinion – but showing a lack of basic decorum is wrong, no matter what you believe.

Light Your Fire

Roi and Adan relayed the horrific happenings of October 7. As they spoke, they often had to stop and collect themselves. Their hands were shaking while recounting coming face to face with terrorists who were shooting at them. One could not help but feel as if you were there with them, hearts pounding, trying to escape death’s door.

Yom HaZikaron For The Fallen Soldiers Of Israel And Victims Of Terror: Let The...

In a Tel Aviv train station, I stood looking at the stickers on the walls. A common theme emerging from these stickers? The importance of remembering to smile.

Old-Time Pitchers

After being hospitalized with heart issues for three weeks Ken Holtzman was 78 when he died.

Q & A: Sefirat HaOmer In The Synagogue (Part II)

Question: In my synagogue, and I assume in most others, we all stand at attention as the rabbi or chazzan recites the blessing of Sefirat HaOmer and then proceeds to count the Omer. How can we recite the blessing afterwards when we already clearly heard it before (and thus, presumably, were yotzei with it)? M. Goldblum Miami Beach, FL

The Great New York Earthquake Of 2024: Lessons For Financial Preparedness

Unpleasant surprises that induce feelings of helplessness can also strike our personal finances. In fact, the likelihood of adverse financial events impacting our nest eggs is far higher than experiencing an earthquake.

Pesach Sheini: Another Opportunity

One of the goals of Judaism is to draw holiness into this world. A more important goal, however, is to elevate the world and the worldly aspects of man.

At The Intersection Of Jew Hatred

This warped cultural narrative creates the ludicrous scene of gay people supporting Hamas murderers, even though Hamas terrorists would gladly toss them off a roof and drag their bodies through the street. But to people blinded by intersectionality, facts don’t matter.

United But Different

A remarkable occurrence is happening in the state of Israel today. The vast majority of the people living there, whether observant or non-observant, ultra-religious or not, observe the holidays as national or religious events in their lives.

Your Opinion Matters! (Just Not To Me)

Sometimes, we need guidance and counsel. Sometimes, we can benefit greatly from advice. Yet, there are times however, when too many voices only cause chaos and pain.

Having Proper Intention

In Chovat HaTalmidim, the longest chapter concerns the struggle against laziness in students of Torah that the Aish Kodesh describes as the greatest blight upon a young mind.

The Duality Of Jewish Time

According to the Torah, the first month of the year is Nissan. This was the day the earth became dry after the Flood (Gen. 8:13). It was the day the Israelites received their first command as a people (Ex. 12:2).

A Lost Letter From Rabbi Haim Palachi

It is dated 1866, and written by the famed Rabbi Haim Palachi (1787-1868), the rabbi of Izmir, and author of over 80 published works and many others lost to the infamous recurring fires in Izmir.

Kiddush Hashem

The Sefer Rishon L’Tzion cites the Medrash Shmuel, in the name of the Meiri, that when a person causes a chillul Hashem it is because he was not careful with the honor of Hashem.

The Toll Of Torture

The Gemara comments that the prophet’s list increases in severity, making captivity the worst, even worse than death or famine.

Revitalizing Our Prayers (Part Thirty-Two)

The ensuing requests also fit nicely for we follow this up with the request, L’ma’an yeichal’tzun yididecha – In order that You deliver Your friends.

The Muddled Zionist Legacy Of Herbert Samuel

When Samuel arrived in Jerusalem to commence his term as High Commissioner, he was deeply moved by his greeting, as the Yishuv welcomed him enthusiastically, calling him “the First of Judea” and greeting him with a seventeen-gun salute and endless words of welcome.

Earning Our Lives

Being up at night without learning Torah is a misuse of the night. We work during the day and have free time at night; we should use this time to sleep or to learn Torah.

Top Panel Addresses Teaching Civics In The Classroom

Civics is about life in our democracy, said Dr. Lester Young, chancellor of the state education department. We are at an incredible moral moment. It is critically important that our young people have access to knowledge skills.

Shabbos Neuroses

The seasons and cycles of the Torah force us to constantly face the passing of time.

Word Prompt – MIRIAM – Rachel Tuchman

Empowerment: She empowered the women to take an active role in the community, recognizing their value and potential.

Word Prompt – MIRIAM – Daniel Finkelman

When the Jews crossed the Sea of Reeds and the Egyptians didn’t, Miriam whipped out her tambourine. She played, sang and danced with the other women.

Word Prompt – MIRIAM – Yitzy Spinner

Rashi teaches us that they were so confident that they were destined to be redeemed that the righteous women of the generation left with their instruments in hand.

Word Prompt – MIRIAM – Shani Taragin

Miriam – a woman of water and wellness, in whose merit a miraculous well provided Bnei Yisrael with water in the wilderness for forty years, sustained the fledgling nation physically and spiritually.

Word Prompt – MIRIAM – Jonathan Shenkman

First, the biblical Miriam. One of the great female prophetesses (Masechet Megillah 14a). She was part of Bnei Yisrael’s leadership team during Yetziat Mitzrayim alongside her brothers, Moshe and Aharon. Her faith never wavered, and she led the women to redemption, tambourine in hand.

Deepening Our Understanding Of Sefiras Ha’Omer And Shavuos

The first night of Pesach was a gift, an experience of transcendence. This night was characterized by the miracles of makkas bechoros and yetzias Mitzrayim, which connected the Jewish people to a higher dimension of existence.

If all of this sounds inconsistent and confusing, it was, especially since even the Biden administration freely concedes that Hamas uses human shields for protection.


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