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Yom Kippur And The Lamb Chop

Lamb chops work for Hoshana Raba too.

Jewish Unity – At Any Cost?

Rav Kook considered some Jews - like Jewish communists who persecuted religious Jews in the Soviet Union - as people who had broken all ties to the Jewish people.

Do We Deserve To Dance?

If we have fallen short, does that mean we shouldn’t dance with the Torah? Of course not. What it does mean, however, is that when we hold onto the Torah, it should be with a renewed commitment to spend more time with it during the coming year.

Why Dance? Why Not Learn?

To cross the infinite gulf separating us – as finite created beings – from the infinite Creator, we need to nullify our sense of self-importance.

Kol Hane’arim

The thunderous, urgently repeated “Ya’amod” precipitated a virtual kibbutz galuyos that made my heart skip a beat and my breath catch in my throat.

An Open Letter To Google’s Co-Founder

Google's arrogance is such that a vast number of Americans – liberals as well as conservatives – are worried that the major conduit of speech in the Free World doesn’t care about free speech.

Decades Later, Burying The Ashes

Jewish law treats human remains with considerable respect, in accordance with a view of the body as the erstwhile dwelling of the soul.

Daf Yomi

Spared Possible Punishments ‘Those Who Are New To The Ketores’ (Tamid 32b-33a)

Studying The Torah

Keriat haTorah, properly understood, is a performative act. It is a weekly recreation of the revelation at Mount Sinai. It is a covenant ratification ceremony like the one Moshe performed at Sinai:

Shade Of Faith

A person only receives the amount of parnassah that was proclaimed for him in Heaven.

Single Sukkos

You’re tired, and I get it. Tired of being the single sibling, tired of helping the most, and tired of everyone treating you like you can’t possibly be OK on your own.

An Interesting Case Of Censorship

The offending text states that this edition of the Talmud was approved by the censors of Russia and Poland.

Can Technology Cure Alzheimer’s?

In a pre-clinical trial, researchers discovered that electromagnetic impulses to stimulate memory and cognitive function prevented memory impairment in young mice and reversed memory impairment in aged mice.

The Wedding Of The Year

The sukkah, like the chupah, is pure and simple. It is symbolic of a strong spiritual connection.

Leftwing UK Activists Erect Sukkah To Highlight Climate Change

And in other UK News, London Teacher Flippantly Threatens To Send Kids to Gas Chambers.

The Judaism Of Harry Houdini

During his career, the great Houdini only failed to escape a pair of cuffs once – when he was presented with a rigged set stuffed with buckshot, rendering the locking mechanism inoperative, even with the key.

‘Israel Is The Greatest Nation Created By G-d’: An Interview with Sebastian Gorka

Believing in man over G-d naturally leads to selfishness, which leads to a society not having children.

Religious Freedom And Secular Morality

Far from preaching religious zealotry, Barr was advocating an appreciation and retention of what has served us well in this country for 250 years.

The Disturbing Impeachment Process

Then there is the significant matter of the hearings by the Intelligence Committee being held in closed session to prevent the public from learning what is being testified to.

The Kuzari – The Original, The Second, The Third, And The New

Rabbi Dickman had great hopes for his Kuzari Shlishi, believing it would help defeat the assimilation and apathy of Jews of his day.

Q & A: Should I Wear Tefillin On Chol HaMoed?

Question: My custom is not to don tefillin on Chol HaMoed. What should I do if I go to a shul that has the opposite custom? M. Jakobowitz

The Pious One

If I angrily punished him for insulting me in his time of bitterness, then people would begin to question my objectivity and my judgment.

Baked Sesame Chicken with Broccoli

I have a friend who absolutely hates cooking. She just texted me a long thank you for this recipe because she was able to follow it, and everybody loved it!


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