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Who Owns Chevron?

The two explanations from Rashi seem to contradict one another. In this week’s parshah he says that Avraham could take the land as its rightful owner, and in parshas Lech Lecha he said that Avraham had not yet acquired the land.

Lost And Found

A neighbor who knows I'm always looking for good stories told me about a shiputznik (a renovator) who had returned 30,000 shekels he had found in a house he was renovating.

Daf Yomi

The Great Switch ‘These Are The Sons Of Leah’ (Niddah 32)

Editing Gemara On Shabbat?

In the Yevamot volume of this edition appears an extraordinary haskamah by the Divrei Chayim, R. Haim Halberstam of Sanz.

Q & A: Idol Worship? (Part IV)

Question: What did our sages mean when they said that anyone who resides outside the Land Israel is like an idol worshipper? Is that what all of us residing outside Israel are – idol worshippers? M. Goldblum

Why Is New York Targeting B&H?

At worst, B&H – and others in the same business – acted out of a particular interpretation of the applicable laws.

William Barr’s Cautionary Speech

Obviously, Barr has been made aware of what both have turned up, and the odds are that he is not just blowing smoke.

Once Again President Trump Has Israel’s Back

Pompeo's announcement was essentially a direct repudiation of the infamous UN Resolution President that Obama allowed to pass, which declared that settlements are “a flagrant violation” of international law.

To Have A Why

The answer again is that to understand a death, we have to understand a life.

Rachel And Shlomo

Rabbi Shlomo is well known for his love of every single Jew and his ability to reach so many souls with his special music and his magnetic personality.

‘I Don’t Have Strength Anymore For The Bomb Shelter’: A Personal Account of Living...

We treated more than 40 people suffering from anxiety attacks, several who had to be hospitalized.

One Very Special Bar Mitzvah

I stood with him during his entire haftorah reading, rarely prompting him (because he really did know it) and it was not just exceptional; it was better than he had ever practiced.

Boomerang’s Tubi Says What Israel’s Government Won’t

We want to create a boomerang effect, whereby the lies of the world boomerang in its face when confronted with the truth.

Open Door Policy

Your strength and desire to change is a testament to their parenting and love.

Banning Political Ads – Good or Bad Policy?

On the whole, leading Democrats seemed to support Dorsey’s decision while some Republicans, specifically President Trump and his supporters, pushed back against it.

Is It Proper…? Is Observing Thanksgiving in Some Manner Praiseworthy or Wrong?

Is observing Thanksgiving in some manner praiseworthy or wrong (or neither)?

The ‘Brazilian Wallenberg’

Luis Martins de Souza-Dantas was a Brazilian diplomat who illegally granted Brazilian diplomatic visas to Jews in Vichy France during the Holocaust, saving a...

Leaving Kids Home Alone

I am a huge proponent of spending quality time with your spouse, as the benefits of strengthening your relationship are huge and long-lasting.

Feedback And Confidence

Parents fight a daily internal battle to “attain a balance between teaching children that they must do their best, and teaching them that they are ‘the best’ regardless of what they do…

Your Attitude Counts Too

More than his guests enjoy the meal, Avraham enjoys fulfilling the mission for which he was created – to help others.

Illegal Arab Construction Can No Longer Be Ignored

This trend spells disaster not only for the Jews in Jerusalem, but for the State of Israel, which is liable to face pressure to divide the city in order to maintain its Jewish majority. If the current rates continue, Jerusalem's Arab population could actually reach parity with the Jewish population within 10-15 years.

The Greatest Charity Of All

One day, a woman came to me to rent my mule. She gave me the few coins I normally charge for its hire. But as she turned away, leading the animal behind her, I heard her sob. I walked over to her and asked why she was crying.


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