When The Time Was Right

When Jewish genealogical records became available online, his wife found the gravestones of his paternal great-grandfather and of the great-grandfather’s brother. Both tombstones clearly said “ha-Levi” on them!

Exercise Your Willpower

Even small, day-to-day acts of self-control such as maintaining good posture can reinforce longer-term self-control in activities that have nothing to do with your posture.

Daf Yomi

No Fault Lines “…His Father And Mother Were In Prison…’ (Yevamos 71b)

Q & A: How Does One Observe Pesach Sheni? (Part II)

Question: Why do some people eat matzah on Pesach Sheni? Harry Koenig

Q & A: How Does One Observe Pesach Sheni? (Part I)

Question: Why do some people eat matzah on Pesach Sheni? Harry Koenig

The Case Of The Missing Shopping Cart

I didn't mean for it to be taken, said Mr. Fisher. I was just getting it out of the way. Still, you should have moved it aside to a safe place, replied his wife, not on the curb on pick-up day.

A Pirkei Avot From A Forgotten Jewish Community In Maine

While little of it remains today, Maine's larger cities as well as many nearby towns had thriving Orthodox Jewish Communities in the early 20th century.

The Sophisticated Chassidic Sound Of Nemouel’s ‘Alef’

The first song he sang was “Racheim,” and when he opened his mouth, the band was in shock: they didn't know this kid could actually sing.

The Hardest Choices

I have been blessed to experience, four times over, the moment when the theoretical child that has been growing in your belly looks up at you, blinking, and leans against your heart.

Q & A: More Sefirat HaOmer Questions (Part I)

Question: What if one counted the omer but forgot to utter the blessing – has the obligation been fulfilled? Why do we recite a blessing for this counting, when we find that for the zayin nekiyim – the seven clean days – there is no such blessing? Is the counting not similar? M. Goldman Miami Beach, FL

Moshiach – It’s Up To Us

But there’s one thing that we have to do ourselves, that no one can do for us. Namely, we have to want Moshiach to come.

Rabbi Chaim Ingram – From London To Sydney And Music To The Rabbinate

What they did not realize is that they did far more for us than we for them! What we later experienced on that trip gave us a very small taste of the fear under which they lived on a daily basis.

In Our Hands Yet All Is Known

Whether this particular Mishnah is making this point or not, we know that Hashem sees not only the present, but also everything in the future.

Dear Dr. Yael

It is always possible to overcome a tough situation through out of the box thinking, and not give in to the only options you think you have to pick from.

See Ya Later Dater

How you present yourself is key. Both your character and your appearance should be refined to reflect who you are accurately and to your highest standard.

Counting Steps To Greatness

Man is a synthesis of his nefesh habahamis (the animal soul), which has physical needs, and his G-dly soul (nefesh haElokis). Man’s mission is to elevate his nefesh habahamis to function in the realm of his nefesh haElokis.

Our Brother

We are accustomed to transitioning from the sadness of Memorial Day to the joy of Independence Day, but how do we transition in the opposite direction, from independence to mourning?

Don’t Give Up! A Sefirah Message

One day Zayda heard the tragic news. Everyone had been killed in the gas chambers. There was no one left. Zayda was the only one who had survived. My mother watched as her father, in one of his most terrible moments of his entire life, gave out an anguished cry to the heavens above.

Why Are There Two Sets of Luchos?

Each individual dibrah on the right parallels the corresponding dibrah on the left. Together, they make up a unified whole of connection to both Hashem and one’s fellow man.

Abortion And Jewish Public Policy

No law can address every situation. Some people will be adversely affected by any law.

The Woman Behind MikvahCalendar.com

One of Bloom’s first guests as a newlywed was a woman who explained that, although she would love to keep taharas hamisphacha, the calculations confused her, and ultimately prevented her from keeping the mitzvah properly.

The Harvard Crimson Normalizes Campus Antisemitism

It is hard to know whether this benighted editorial suffers more from ignorance or bigotry.

Lag Ba’Omer: Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

The reason why the day is called Lag B’Omer and not Lag L’Omer is that Lag B’Omer is the gematria of the word Moshe. This emphasizes the belief that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai was a reincarnation of Moshe Rabbeinu and that he reached the same levels of greatness that Moshe did.

Harvard Students React To The Crimson’s BDS Endorsement

He said, Even though there are these issues… I would not say to Jewish students or Israeli students not to come here… I think they will have an amazing experience. There will be some tough times, but I think it will happen at almost every university in the U.S., sadly.

Beyond Martyrdom: Sanctifying The Name

Having chosen to identify His Name with the people of Israel, G-d is, as it were, caught between the demands of justice on the one hand, and public perception on the other.

The Kohanim Who Are Levi’im

The Arizal teaches that the firstborn ought to have had the priesthood by right, except that Kayin abused this privilege and it was revoked from him as a result of his grave transgression.

Coalition A Failed Experiment With Deadly Consequences

I had believed there was a lot of value to moving away from the inertia-like force that came to characterize Bibi's tenure.

Watching Reb Chaim

In interpersonal relationships, Reb Chaim was reported to shock people upon their initial meetings. He would be able to identify a person based on a Dvar Torah he had read years earlier from that individual.


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