One Pan Chicken Lo Mein

I love Lo Mein, but the thought of boiling the noodles in one pan and then sautéing it together in another means a two-pot mess.

The Haskalah Series – Part VII: Exploring The East

The incidents, which started small, spiraled into something big. Something huge.

Left, Right, What’s the Difference?

The more we know about how our children’s brains work, the better we will be able nurture stronger, more resilient children.

The Power Of Truth

When the first night of Pesach arrived, Rabi Pinchas pleasantly surprised to see his table brilliantly lit up and more food than he had ever seen.

A Culture of Chesed

Our wonderful founding bochurim were now by and large married with children of their own. So it was a magnificent ever-expanding yeshiva family that now populated the alumni gatherings.

The Delicate Balance

The challenge is finding the delicate balance between knowing our calling and not burning ourselves out.

Your Rabbi Is Not Superman

Learn your rabbi’s strengths and figure out how to delegate the rest

Forgotten History – The Torah-Underground Nexus

“It is not widely known that the Irgun’s first leader, David Raziel, studied at the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak HaKohen Kook,” Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen, a teacher at Machon Meir Yeshiva, told The Jewish Press.

Actors, Activists, And Assorted Liars

Those who call for the destruction of the State of Israel, do so in the full knowledge that they are calling for a second Holocaust. They lamely pretend to others and perhaps even to themselves that they mean something else. They are simply acting.

Don’t Stop At Hearing

Only Yisro went deeper into what this all meant to him. He didn’t just hear – he changed.

Seeking Warmth In The Cold: Tzama Nafshi’s Annual Journey in the Footsteps of Tzaddikim

Even when given the chance to rest, most members of the group continued their search for growth, singing, learning, and davening.

When A Judge Can’t Make Up His Mind

If two of you are of the same opinion, the case is effectively decided!

The Angels’ Great Secret

Angels don’t anticipate a reward when they do Hashem’s bidding and therefore the mitzvos they perform are absolute and perfect.

Q & A: Saying ‘Amen’ Right Before Shema (Part VII)

Question: Should the congregation say “Amen” after the berachah of “habocher b’amo Yisrael b’ahavah” (right before Shema)? I have seen different shuls do different things. M. Goldman

Young Settlers Plan Aggressive Strategy In Reaction To Trump Plan

We need to rise up to a new stage of settlement in a positive and productive manner with a new wave of settlement…in Israeli-controlled areas distant from existing yishuvim.

Moshe, The Burning Bush And Jewish Teachers

Rashi states that the fire was a sign that G-d would be with the Jewish people even in hard times when they were slaves in Egypt.

The Fairest Of Them All

Men are attracted to women with a positive attitude; to women who approach life with enthusiasm and grace, packaged in genuine self-confidence.

Daf Yomi

Shehakol Bread? ‘One Recites a Blessing on the Primary Food’ (Berachos 44a)

Using Tech To Fight Superbugs

At least 700,000 people are estimated to die each year due to drug-resistant bacterial infections.

The State Department Lie That Won’t Die

The thesis that peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will “stabilize” the Middle East is without foundation--regardless of who says it or how many times it is repeated.

Chabad’s Innovation On The American Scene

Many don’t realize that standards of Orthodox Jewry here before 1940 were incomparably lower than today.

Why Private Speech Doesn’t Tell Us About a Person’s Character

As a Jew, I don't care what you think about Jews. I only care about how you treat Jews.

Why I Confronted Rashida Tlaib At Rutgers University

I asked Tlaib, “What about your anti-Semitism? What about your blood libel?” Several policemen surrounded me a moment later and led me out of the room. Rashida provided no answer and showed no remorse over her raging anti-Semitism.

Heat With The In-laws

The groom does not join a new family, but rather branches off from his own family, creating a new subdivision of it.


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