Silver Linings In Stormy Clouds

If one can’t watch the simcha live, there is the option to view it in its entirety at a more convenient time.

When We Have A Test

So here he was – a devout rabbi who had traveled far on a mission to save the life of a fellow Jew, and the wife of the only person who could change the accused man's sentence wanted to shake his hand.

Cooling the Flame of Teenage Anger

Out of nowhere, Ruti would feel herself growing annoyed without even understanding why she was upset.

Beauty Bar

It is always a blessing to find someone that you connect with. But in the often-complicated world of shidduchim, your psyche has thrown a wrench at your potential future together.

Sending Siddurim To Persian Jews

As Persian Jews lacked much of a printing press of its own, Morocco became the only country that still had an active Hebrew press that was not under an Iranian trade embargo.

Daf Yomi

Blood On His Hands! ‘It’s Praiseworthy for the Sons of Aaron That They Walk in Blood…’ (Pesachim 65b)

Dear Dr. Yael

One important thing I have learned through making my own mistakes was to not approach single individuals at simchas or coming out of shul.

Can A Person Change His Will?

Ohr Chadash could very much use the additional funds, replied Mr. Klein. But I’m not sure it would be ethical to change the will at the expense of Toras Yisrael. I think it best for you to consult a halachic authority.

Hearing Another’s Cry

In the parshah we just read, G-d says to Moshe Rabbeinu: 'And I, too, heard the groans of the children of Israel, whom the Egyptians are holding in bondage, and I remembered My covenant.'

Why The Left Has To Suppress Free Speech

Race-baiters such as Ibram X. Kendi or Ta-Nehisi Coates or White Fragility author Robin DiAngelo would never debate Larry Elder.

Q & A: Why Does Hallel Come Before Keriat HaTorah? (Part II)

On days that we recite Hallel, why do we do so before Keriat HaTorah? Shouldn’t the Torah reading come first based on the rule that whenever two matters face us, we do the more frequent one first (tadir v’she’eino tadir, tadir kodem)? Menachem

Working From Home: A Permanent Trend?

One of the biggest consequences of this trend is the freedom it provides employees – and companies – to move to different locations. And both employees and companies have taken advantage of it.

You Can Change Your Nature

The Rebbe refused to accept his mishloach manos until he promised to control his temper.

Here Comes The Cold Weather

Those large panoramic windows that facilitate cool cross breezes on hot summer nights? Now they facilitate a less pleasant winter wind – even with the shutters tightly closed.

A Front-Row Seat To History: Advising Ambassador Friedman

Peace doesn’t belong to one party or one religion, says Rabbi Lightstone. It belongs to mankind. But, we live in a region where talk is cheap and action is respected.

Defending Rep. Mary Miller Was A Moral Imperative

Saying that Hitler got one thing right indicates that he got everything else wrong.

Learning By Teaching

He could have stressed the evilness of slavery or underscored the responsibilities of freedom... Instead, though, Moshe spoke about children and education. At that moment, in Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’s words, “the Israelites were told that they had to become a nation of educators.”

A Problem Of Difference

Many countries vigorously tried to suppress and even eliminate the languages of their minorities or the peoples they conquer.

The Far Horizon

Moses’ insight was profound. He knew that you cannot change the world by externalities alone, by monumental architecture, or armies and empires, or the use of force and power.

Fighting For 70 Yesha Communities

If you wanted to give the kids showers, you turned on the boiler and switched off the refrigerator. If you wanted to bake a cake, you turned off the heater.

Let’s Copy Yisro (Part One)

Clearly, the plagues weren’t the result of chance; they pointed to the hand of Hashem.

Tech-Savvy Jews Help Seniors Secure Vaccination Appointments

Why don’t we open this up so we can help more people? Because the evidence was pretty clear. This is not like ordering from Amazon. This is way harder.

Business As Usual Or Roman Rules?

Companies, law firms, and colleges are being pressured to not hire, or to fire, anyone who had been associated with Trump or expressed support for his policies.

Is Sen. Schumer A Ray Of Hope On Iran?

He concluded: “To me, after 10 years, if Iran is the same nation as it is today, we will be worse off with this agreement than without it.”

Making Every Jew An Activist

He thus encouraged everyone to utilize their talents and natural abilities to influence Jews to reinforce and advance their level of Torah observance.

The Assassination Of Lord Moyne

Bet-Zuri and Hakim did use their trial as a means to draw international attention to British atrocities and malfeasance in Eretz Yisrael and to advocate for the justice of a Jewish state...


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