How We Get There

A good friend shares one’s values, goals and sensitivities. A good friendship involves friends who can be trusted with personal information and care about helping one another.

Jewish Pride In Difficult Times

The book's theme is the Jewish star, the Magen David, and it features prominently on the cover and title page of the book.

Just For Once

I was stunned at this sudden change of topic and tone. The warm and cozy shop suddenly seemed cold and threatening.

Peace In The Family – Above All Else

The bottom line from these two instances and a host of different statements by our Sages throughout the Talmud is that shalom bayit is essential, and apparently one can lie or even erase the name of G-d to achieve this.

The Day My Car Was Hijacked – Very Slowly

"Just take me down the road!" A total stranger. An elderly man. It wasn't a question; it was a statement, an instruction.

How Much Do You Sleep?

The second project is 'A Home for Life.' It was established a little more than a year ago. This is a home for girls with special needs. They integrate into the community as they acquire life skills and learn how to live independently.

You Are Always G-d’s Child

A confusing thought may enter your mind, but if you stand firm, G-d will send you another thought to encourage you.

Dear Dr. Yael

The reason I feel so strongly about this safety device, is because I know first hand of very satisfied customers who have told me all sorts of stories on how it has gotten them out of thorny situations.

Q & A: Lenient Or Stringent Ruling From The Rabbi (Part I)

Question: My rabbi recently ruled leniently in a certain matter relating to the laws of mourning. Am I disrespecting my late mother if I follow this advice? Name withheld on request Via email

The Yom Tov Of Rosh Chodesh Kislev

In the face of the Rebbe’s fortitude and steadfast refusal to go to the hospital, the doctors attending him were unsure what to do.


Our sages tell us that the daughters of Tzlafchad had a strong love for the Land of Israel. As such, they were not willing to surrender their father’s portion in the Land of Israel, just because he had died without sons. They therefore came to Moshe to demand his portion.

Is A Molehill A Mountain?

If overall everything seems so great, you wonder, why would you walk away over something small? Sure, there are a number of those “small” items, but surely, they are fixable, workable, or not even applicable in the near future. Still though, something doesn’t feel right.

Shabbos Pointers (Part III)

After announcements, we say Ein Keilokeinu. This prayer contains a lot of words, and sometimes the chazzan rushes through it all too fast. It is for this reason that I’m fond of those who sing the Ein Keilokeinu with its famous chant since it slows people down from the end of davening rush.

A Father’s Love

Isaac surely knew that his elder son was a man of mercurial temperament who lived in the emotions of the moment.

Personal Finance & Thanksgiving: There Is Much To Be Thankful For

I am also thankful that we have a well-established system for handling bankruptcy just in case an investor overextends themselves on any speculative investments. Most people deserve a second chance after they learn from their mistakes.

The Yahrzeits Of Chacham Eliyahu Kubo, Rav Dovid Luria, And Rav Sholom Elchonon Yaffee

When the Volozhin Yeshiva appointed the Netziv and Bais HaLevi as roshei yeshiva, Rav Dovid Luria (RADAL) was asked to be the first to sign the declaration of appointment.

When Selfish Becomes Selfless

Everyone wants to contribute something significant to the world. This desire is an inherent part of being human.

An Interesting Take On The Talmud

While the Talmud is 2,711 pages, in a little over 200 pages, Kirsch does a good job of detailing the main topics and themes of the various tractates.

Geneivat Da’at

Closely related to the concept of geneivat da’at is giving credit where credit is due. The Talmud teaches that whoever reports something in the name of the one who said it brings redemption to the world.

Emunah In The Face Of Adversity

Of Medicine, Miracles, and Mindsets, is a first-person account of Rabbi Elie and Chaya Rochel Estrin and their child Yossi, written mostly from Rabbi Elie’s perspective.

The Filthy Priests Of Debauchery

Malachi warns the nation of Israel not to take lightly the kohanim – past, present, or future – who are tzaddikim, who are worthy of their patrimony and who set an example by their own conduct for the proper characteristics of righteousness.

Dr. Rudolf Ehrmann, ‘Einstein’s Pipe’ And Arthur Miller’s Focus

Almost certainly because of Einstein’s reputation and prestige, McEwen took immediate action, the result of which was that Ehrmann was granted an exit visa to emigrate to the United States, where he arrived in New York via England on September 12, 1939, and was sworn in as an American citizen in 1945.

The First Pesach Seder – Toldot

This is not the first Pesach Seder mentioned in the Torah; that was when the three angels visited Avraham and he instructed Sarah to make matzos.

Testing Challenges

Tests are not measured only based on circumstance, but also based on who the person is. Two people may be faced with the exact same challenge and yet deal with it completely differently.

Toldos: The Doers and Fighters

The Torah recounts a series of incidents between the shepherds employed by Isaac and those employed by Avimelech, the Philistine king of Gerar, in which the former dug wells, and the latter tried to usurp control of those wells.

Governor Hochul Should Clear The Obstacles To The Mayor’s Crime-Fighting Plans

It is revealing that the mayor’s stress on crime is cited as a reason Rep. Zeldin came so close to defeating Gov. Hochul in overwhelmingly Democratic New York.


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