The Soul of Israel: How to Dance in the Field

Is It Safe To Come Out And Be M’sameach?

A wedding invitation? I could feel my heart racing. It felt like getting a jury duty summons.

A Lesson From Mrs. Gafner

Even at the height of personal anguish it's still possible to demonstrate such sensitivity.

Don’t Make Such A Big Deal Of Yourself

The Ammonites are not interested in learning the truth - they only want to destroy Israel.

A Leader Needs A Friend

Moses intervenes on Miriam’s behalf with simple eloquence in the shortest prayer on record with five words: ‘Please, G-d, heal her now.’

Better Late Than Never

Because of the War of Independence and establishment of the state, the event was postponed and never took place. My grandmother would always say that she somehow felt that her life was missing something.

The Incomprehensible Power Of Teshuva

Why must the heifer be red? Scripture likens sin to red because, when a person sins, he forfeits his blood.

Online Anything

It would be convenient for my argument if I could dismiss all the people who offer online rabbinic courses as frauds and all those who take part in them as charlatans, but that would be untrue.

What Is Pure Evil?

If a husband and wife have peace, then they have the Divine Presence in their midst. Therefore, we all should do whatever we can to safeguard the serenity and the tranquility of the home. This also is the best way to model good behavior for our children and grandchildren.

The Moral And Religious Case Against Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is, in the final analysis, a bad secular idea.

With An Eye Towards Heaven

R' Chanina was accustomed to experiencing miracles, and therefore he did not fear the bite of the snake.

Q & A: Should The Bimah Be In The Center Of The Synagogue?

Question: Where I live, in a small out of town community, we have only one Orthodox synagogue, but the bimah is in the front on the stage with the Aron HaKodesh. My question: May one daven in a synagogue in which the bimah is not in the center? Y.S. Via email

End of Legislative Session Leaves Unresolved Issues

Ortt also focused his remarks on the lack of public safety legislation being passed in the Senate.

‘The Luxury Of Being Apolitical’

A Q&A with Dov Lipman, a Voice for Anglos in Israel

List Of Jewish Press Endorsements

Below is a list of candidates endorsed by The Jewish Press for the June 22nd Primary Election.

Eric Adams Leads In Race For NYC Mayor

While he is on record as calling for changes in the NYPD, he strongly opposes defunding the police.

Has The State Of Israel Lived Up To Jewish Values?

The accusations against Israel can be divided into two categories. First, the Jews stole Palestinian land. ... The second category of accusations against Israel is that Israel mistreats Palestinians.

Ra’am’s Leader’s ‘Reclaim Usurped Land’ Comment: A Sign of Things To Come?

Do they really think the world will pause as they engage in their political gamesmanship? Do they think that Mr. Netanyahu will let things lie?

Biblical Refuseniks

A person who pesters another and unrelentingly tries to convince him of something is called misarev (Nedarim 8:7), because he refuses to give up on changing the other person’s mind.

A Good Word

From the time the Jewish people cried out to Moshe Rabbeinu in the desert after the meraglim – spies – came back from the land of Israel, complaining for nothing, we, the children from all generation thereafter, have been crying during these months every year.

The True Success Behind The Abraham Accord

Senior department are also said to have tried to keep the new policy quiet and are “cagey” about explaining it.

The Jews Of Yemen And Their Magic Carpet Ride

Operation Magic Carpet proved to be not only an emotional experience for the rescued Taimanim, many of whom kissed the ground upon their arrival in Eretz Yisrael, but for the Alaska Airlines staff as well.

Once Again, JOWMA Battles An Epidemic

The Women’s Medical Organization Is Leading Efforts To Educate the Community About Vaccines.

The It Factor

If you have just moved or are entering a new community, the section on representing yourself as an individual can shed light on social interactions.

My Childhood Gift

The doctor was too casual for a report as startling as the one he gave over.

Honoring Rabbi Sacks, a”h, In Song

The concept of a tribute to Rabbi Sacks came to Rabbi New shortly after his passing. He was very moved and influenced by his teachings and his life’s story.

Be My Guest

Visitors have to be mindful when they are visiting family in a private house, that they are not in a hotel, where they feel it's ok to leave a mess for someone else to clean up.


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