Yankel And Leah – Chapter 8

He was surprised by her self-possession. Here she seemed smitten by him and yet she was confident. She could just as soon leave him as take him.

Netanyahu Government Must Stop Coddling Qatar

The Netanyahu government turns a blind eye to the shipments of dollars from Doha to Hamas in Gaza. The time has come for Netanyahu to stop the arrival of these suitcases full of protection money supporting terror.

Yud Shevat: A Beginning

There were those who opposed the Rebbe’s point of view. How can we invite ‘them’ to our table, with their Nehru jackets and long hair? They’re going to ruin our children.

A Censored Sefer

Despite its importance, the book was not reprinted from the 16th century until the latter half of the 20th century.

Q & A: Of Windows, Places, And Weather (Part II)

Question: Every winter, we run into the same problem: those of us who sit closest to the windows have to suffer the windows being open because those sitting away from the windows, more to the center of the sanctuary, claim they are too hot from the heat of heating system. Do they have the right to impose their comfort at the expense of our health? Name withheld Via email

Dear Dr. Yael

A great technique I recommend to people who deal with difficult people is to answer a negative with a positive.

The Lowdown On Pesach Programs – PassoverListings.com

With Pesach programs back in full swing this year, food is high on the agenda. And it’s not just tea rooms and buffets – many of the programs listed have multiple restaurants.

Terror, Shabbat, and Consolation

Even the world press spoke differently of this terrorist attack and explained what Shabbat is all about.

All Glory To Hashem

There is another important parallel between the parsha and the haftara – the miraculous victory over an apparently superior enemy with the aid of Hashem.

From Textiles To Torah Crown, A Rare Collection Comes To Auction

While most of the items offered sold within the estimates set by Sotheby’s, quite a few far surpassed them.

Less Mishugas In Israel; It Has Moved West

It cannot be denied that it is hateful to hate one’s enemies. But this is entirely justified, at least on a self and group preservation basis.

Hashem’s Outstretched Arm

We see that the miracle of the Yam Suf was achieved through the righteous ability of conquering the temptations of one’s heart.

Renewable Energy

What Shabbat gave – and still gives – is the unique opportunity to create space within our lives, and within society as a whole, in which we are truly free.

The New Bernie Madoff Documentary And Timeless Lessons For All Investors

As I watched the documentary, reliving what I saw unfold firsthand in 2008, I couldn’t help but note several timeless investing lessons that could be learned from the greatest scam in history.

A Final Chesed

Abba Zayda filled each home with his towering presence, his laughter, his love of life, his never ending patience and his constant wisdom.

From Last To First: The Story Of The Nesiim (Part II)

The ultimate paradigm of proactive chesed was Hashem’s decision to create the world. There was no external recipient when Hashem created the world, there was no “need,” and there was no external force pressuring Hashem to “give” the world existence.

How Modern Orthodoxy Looks In Israel

While formal study is not enough to engage the young person, built into the infrastructure of Modern Orthodox high schools in Israel is that every student has a religious role model as his/her grade dean.

Stories For The Soul

The stories are written in Rabbi Krohn’s inimitable style and their subjects range from Gedolei HaDor to “ordinary” men, women and children; from the shores of America to the epicenter of the Holy Land.

Splitting The Red Sea And G-d’s Chosen People

Our job, as the Jewish people, is to live up to G-d’s instructions and vision and show the rest of the world how to do so as well.

A Helpful Guide For Women And Couples

If you don’t want to read it cover to cover, you can flip through it. Find the question you are looking for as it becomes relevant to your situation or if a case is of interest to you.

On Oxygen Masks And Self-Care

Our time, energy and resources are our own personal oxygen mask.

Mayor Adams Addresses Anti-Semitism At Holocaust Remembrance Event

We will push back against this rise in antisemitism and hate, and together we say ‘never again.’ – Mayor Eric Adams

Two 20th Century American Inventors With The Most Individual Patents: One A Jew, One...

There is also evidence that Edison's financial legacy helped to fuel the Institute for Historical Review, a movement dedicated to denying that the Holocaust ever occurred.

Dig Deep

If you would dig beneath the basement of my house, I’m not sure you’d find anything too intriguing.

Scribal Culture

The Hebrew and Latin terms for scribe are similar to each other in that both are cognate with the word for book in their respective languages (sofer and sefer, libellarius and liber).

A Trope By Any Other Name

Yes, historically, there have been unflattering associations between Jews and money. We are all painfully aware of the caricatures.

Word Prompt – SHMOOZING – Yitzchak Sprung

A good shmooze reveals ourselves to others and reveals others to us; it is a learning experience.


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