Just Breath Through It!

Whether you or your child is suffering from an anxiety disorder or just plain old anxiety, there are still many things you can do in order to help control the anxiety.

She Tried To Find Me A Husband But She Found Me A Job

About two months later, she called to inquire if I want to work for her daughter. My heart danced at her thoughtfulness. Even though the job was not my line of work I enthusiastically accepted.

A Remarkable, But Forgotten, Judeo-Arabic Translator

When Algeria declared its independence from France, the situation for Jews in the country became dangerous almost immediately.

Dear Dr. Yael

It would be a good idea to seek professional help. If your husband refuses to go for help, it would still be helpful for you to seek your own professional help to assist you in navigating your husband’s anger.

Q & A: A Short Shema?

Question: Is it true that one can fulfill the mitzvah of reciting Keri’at Shema merely by saying its first verse? Ariel Schwartz

Financial Help

The tribe of Levi reasoned that since they weren’t enslaved by Pharaoh, they weren’t entitled to share in the booty which was taken as reparations for the harsh labor experienced by their brethren.

Borrowing In Dollars, Repaying In Shekels

He deeply appreciated it but said to his wife that borrowing dollars and returning shekels might be a violation of the laws of ribbis.

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook – A Brief Synopsis

Rav Kook was incensed over the relinquishing of ownership of the Western Wall. "No one," he declared, "possesses that power of attorney."

G-d Isn’t An ATM Machine

After my son, Rabbi Eitam, was murdered with his wife in a terrorist attack, I told my students that no one promised me that G-d is an ATM machine.

Keeping The Flame Alive

Torah was given amidst smoke and fire to teach us that forever we must keep the passion, the flame burning within alive.

Anticipating The Glorious Day

From what spiritual impurity are we being cleansed and how does counting sefirah effect this cleansing?

Mr. Penny Pincher

Is he helping his family financially through a difficult time and has been forced to be careful?

“You Never Know, You Never Know”

Often we look at a person or an event and we are convinced that this is the highest level of sainthood and godliness, not realizing that G-d seeks what is in the hearts and souls of humankind and not their outward appearance.

Daf Yomi

Chapter And Verse? ‘Has The Time For Slaughter Arrived?’ (Yoma 28a)

Stop Aliyah Shaming American Jews

I don’t know anyone who speaks of making Aliyah out of guilt and shame. Why would anyone want to move to a place where the people are judgmental and obnoxious?

We The People

In what sense were the Jews in France and the Jews in Spain responsible for one another? What constituted them as a single nation?

Bringing G-d Into The World

Even before Matan Torah, Jews studied Torah. From the days of Avraham, there never ceased to be a Torah academy among them.

To Be A Rav – With Principles

There is a price to pay. Some of my rabbinic colleagues are scared of me; they maintain their distance. Some speak horribly behind my back.

Meron: Should I Have Been Relieved?

How much I need to work on my Ahavat Yisrael, on my humility. How far I am from truly being an ohev Yisrael.

Settled Citizens

According to Rabbinic tradition, the infinitive verb “la’gur” connotes living in a certain place under a temporary arrangement.

The Meron Tragedy

The heartbreak and grief in so many families is unimaginable.

The Last 7 Days in Israel

We have mentioned the overall incompetence of the Israeli police numerous times in the past, but this is a pretty egregious example.

Yom Yerushalayim, Rubinger’s Photgraph, And Me

Rubinger says that he shot his photos with tears streaming down his cheeks and watched as hardened paratroopers all around him wept.

That Urban Dove Shooting

Sadly, it took the death of 17-year-old African American student Devonte Lewish to underscore the legitimacy of the point.

Is It Proper…? Should a person who desperately wants to make aliyah do so...

Should a person who desperately wants to make aliyah do so even if his or her parents object?


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