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It’s been nearly six months since the Monitor’s last listing of worthwhile websites and blogs. It’s time for an updated list, but this time we’re sticking only to blogs – no conventional websites, newspapers, magazines, etc. As always, there’s no particular order to the list, and the views expressed on the various blogs don’t necessarily reflect those of the Monitor.

Jewish Current Issues (


Neo-Neocon (

Cross-Currents (

Captain’s Quarters (

Jewish Literary Review (

The Oxford Medievalist (

Contentions (

Hirhurim/Musings (

Emes Ve-Emunah (

The Trail (

InstaPundit (

Jules Crittenden (

The Socialism of Fools (

Sultan Knish (

Seraphic Secret (

Rootless Cosmopolitan (

Melanie Phillips’s Diary (

The Jewish Press Blog (

Lazer Beams (

Marc Ambinder (

The Daily Howler (

Snarksmith (

IsraPundit (

Political Mavens (

The Belmont Club (

The Zionist Conspiracy (

Boker Tov, Boulder! (

Power Line (

News Busters (

Pajamas Media (

Smooth Stone (

James Wolcott (

OxBlog (


A Simple Jew (

Decision’08 (

PoliPundit (

AtlanticBlog (

Soccer Dad (

Faith and Fear in Flushing (

Mets Fan Blog (


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