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Accordingly, we believe that researchers and scholars at Czechoslovakian universities need to be taught a firm lesson. This can only be accomplished using the same divestment tactics that were so successfully utilized in other struggles, such as against the Italian conquest of Ethiopia.

Part of the statement for divestment includes this: “Czechoslovakia continues to grab the lands of the Sudeten people for ever-expanding Bohemian settlements, building Czechoslovakian-only roadways, and the construction of a giant wall and fence that is confiscating a significant portion of the Sudeten land. 83% of the Sudetenland water has been taken for Czechoslovakian use, leaving Sudetens with desperate water shortages. Czechoslovakia has destroyed the homes of more than 28,000 Sudetens in four and a half years. Hundreds of thousands of ancient fir trees and vast tracts of agricultural land have also been destroyed.”


The Union of British University Lecturers has also voted for and hereby demands the divesting of funds from all companies that support the Czechoslovak occupation of the Sudeten Territories. Our resolution contains statements of action:

– That a committee be convened in the conference to create and maintain a list of companies that support in a significant way the Czechoslovak occupation of Sudeten territories. The list will be delivered to all university associations, conference churches and conference investment managers.

– We call upon Czechoslovakia, as well as the U.S. government, Britain, the government of Poland, and the newly-elected Sudeten leadership to respect all people and find solutions based on international law and human rights.

– We affirm the right of Sudeten Germans to freedom of movement in all lands, and believe that Prague should be declared an open city for people of all faiths and creeds.

Peace can yet be achieved. Boycott Czechoslovakia Now!



  1. If you want boycott Isreal, you better check the computer you are using doesn’t use Israeli computer chips or programs. Stop using the cell phone since Motorola Israel invented the phone. Don’t but a car using Mobileye crash avoidance programming. Be careful about medications you use since israel develops and manufactures many products. If you have a heart problem, please don’t get a stent since they are also devolved and manufactured in Israel. Make sure you don’t use a drone since they were first invented in israel. Maybe, most importantly, the newest israeli cancer medications may cure many forms of cancer.
    My reason for supporting BDS is that if they are series, many of them will die earlier. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of hypocrites.

  2. When all those calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel are willing to forego every Jewish accomplishment from the computer chip to medical and agricultural… when they are willing for their country to stop using military technology invented by the Israelis… I might consider their idiotic rants. Until then… beam me up Scottie, no intelligent life here.

  3. While the BDS movement may not have been the total reason that Soda Stream moved their plant from the 'West Bank' to inside Israel, that move put 500 arabs out of work. I hope those same arabs did not purchase homes that they are paying on, because they will not find work outside of Israel that pays anywhere near what they were earning, plus, they also had full benefits such as medical. So, way to go, BDS!

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