Those who are kowtowing to the rest of the world and worrying about the plight of the poor Palestinians had better revise their thinking. Otherwise the next time they visit the Holy Land they’ll find that the sign on the door no longer says ‘Israel’ but ‘Greater Palestine.’

I just spoke with a neighbor who’s originally from Lebanon. He’s a Christian and he told me he wishes George Bush would get on the case of Syria. He reminded me that there is no more Lebanon. For many years it’s been Greater Syria and there are almost seven million Lebanese living outside their country since Syria took it over. Well Mr. Bush what about my neighbor’s right of return?


There’s been a lot of talk in the media by Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice along the lines of At this point in time they just don’t want to get bogged down with details and semantics. Haven’t our policy makers in Washington noticed that each time Israel makes another concession the Arabs respond with increased violence and more homicide bombings? Do you think that might be precisely because the other side doesn’t allow itself to get ‘bogged down with details and semantics?’

Hey I’ve never been very good with maps. In fact I wasn’t in school the day they did the north-south thing. I managed to get there on the left-right day. So I can totally understand that there are people who just don’t understand maps. When you have no idea what you’re doingit’s easy to get off course.

But there’s all the difference in the world between getting lost on the highway and fumbling the future of Israel. One slip now and the country could be lost.