Gertrude Stein famously said A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. Meaning that if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck and looks like a duck then sure as shooting it’s a duck. My leftist friends the few I have left consider me a ‘radical.’ I consider my way of thinking logical. If the road map to the sea is going to build a terrorist state around the Jewish state and within its biblical heartland it’s a danger it’s a danger it’s a danger it’s a danger.

I also believe a roach is a roach is a roach is a roach. So if describing as ‘vermin’ those who strive for the demise of Jews and who rush to bomb yeshiva boys and teenagers out for a pizza makes me a radical so be it. But I just wonder if any of those television commentators or experts who are touting the wonderful road to peace with its happily-ever-after ending have ever seen the terrain from which they wish to move the Jews? It might be nice if they visited some hospitals there and saw what those peaceful neighbors plan for the Jews in their neighborhood. 

So as basic as it sounds I just figure there’s nothing wrong in saying to the Arabs: If Jews can’t live in your countries why should your brothers live in Israel? Again that kind of talk makes me a ‘radical.’ I can?t help it; I just see the inconsistency of the Arabs’ cry of  ‘You can’t live among us but we can live among you.’ Why doesn’t the world see the audacity of that position? I had an aunt who came from Egypt. Can she go back and claim her father’s property? Yeah right.


And after the settlements – whose residents I believe to be the true pioneers of Israel – are dismantled G-d help us when millions of displaced Arabs from all over the world start pouring into the tiny country to reclaim their land.

Does anyone actually believe that Hamas or any other of the other terrorist entities waiting in line to be rewarded for their bloodbaths against the Jews will be satisfied once the Jews leave the ‘occupied territories’? To them the entire country is occupied and they won’t be content until they have every last inch of Israel.

And please excuse me if I don’t hold a lot of confidence in our country’s promises. The rest of the world for the most part just doesn’t understand nor does it really care but long after our president has retired and Ariel Sharon has gone to his eternal reward the damage will remain. 

I remember when my daughter was just a little girl and she broke her front tooth in a swimming accident. Oh the neighbors and a couple of my friends pooh-poohed the incident and then went home and made dinner for their families. But I was her mother and I knew the problems it would create in future years. It near broke my heart. And that was just a tooth!

The bottom line is that we all better get involved. Because if Israel falls so do the Jewish people. And all those wonderful caring Europeans and self-hating leftists will (maybe) just shed a crocodile tear or two and go merrily on their way.