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Rabbi Yaakov Spivak

My Fellow Jews:

Being that you are in a marketplace of ideas, and in light of the fact that your experience in academia is supposed to help you understand the difference between propaganda and reality, I would like to share a few ideas for your consideration.


You have undoubtedly come across newsreel footage of German youth of the 1930s. They were an idealistic bunch who wanted to change the world. They put their trust in a leader who promised them the future was theirs, and he would watch their backs. That was propaganda. Reality was that he sent them into an impossible-to-win two front war.

Instead of surrendering when all was lost, he caused millions of the gullible youth who adored him to be slaughtered. Instead of watching their backs, he put 13-year-old children in front of his bunker, hiding behind them like the cowardly fraud he was. He took the easy way out by his suicidal hand, while his devoted child disciples were crushed under Russian T-34 tanks.

If you are told in your academic circles that hiding behind children is confined to the Nazi past, you are being victimized by propaganda. Hamas did the very same thing last year when it put children in front of the missiles it was firing into Israeli civilian areas.

I wonder how many of you would have the courage to write the above fact on an exam given by one of your “enlightened” professors (whose academic chair may have been established by an Arab country that sponsors terrorism). I think you know the chances of passing that exam under those circumstances would be slim to none.

The university setting is supposed to be a place where your mentors are educators, not indoctrinators; professors, not propagandists. Instead, politically correct clichés are spouted by these pretenders to the lecture throne, all the while selling their pitiful excuse for a pedagogic soul to the highest terrorist bidder.

Minds are all too easily shaped by professors who hold the threat of a bad grade over the heads of students. The Nazis realized their country’s future was shaped in academia, so the first thing they did was remove Jews from university faculties and replace them with Nazi party stooges. Control the youth and you control tomorrow. That is why an inordinate amount of money is being spent by Islamic countries on the intellectual seduction of campus youth, especially Jews.

I know the scene. Years ago I was the Jewish chaplain at Farleigh Dickinson University. I watched as young men were sent by their Arab countries to indoctrinate young Jews on campus. Now I see these Arab countries attempting to make your professors into puppets.

Today the situation is far worse than what I saw at FDU. While the Jewish people have experienced apathy in the past, it is hard to remember when our youth were so hostile to their own heritage, as some of your contemporaries are. With the help of well-meaning but misguided Jews, the same scenes from the past are being rewritten today.

You are idealistic; you mean the best for mankind. But know that you are being used and manipulated. Ultimately, those propagandists who profess friendship for you will one day condemn you as an infidel. They believe it is part of their religious doctrine to make a short-term peace so that they can buy time to marshal their forces in order to ultimately crush and bury you.

Their propaganda tells you they are your comrades. Reality says that Hitler at Munich had nothing on them. These propagandists operate in Gaza and on your campus. They convince their children to stand in front of their missiles. My fervent prayer is that you not let them also make fools out of you.

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